August in History  
 August 20
Alan Reed [Teddy Bergman] - Actor/voice
Fred Allen Show, Fred Flintstone
Aug. 20, 1907Born: New York, NY.
Jun. 14, 1977Dies at 69

Radio Station in Detroit, MI.
Aug. 20, 1920Begins radio transmissions

Sam Melville - Actor
Mike Danko-Rookies, Roughnecks
Aug. 20, 1936Born: Fillmore, Utah

Isaac [Lee] Hayes - Singer/Acto
Shaft, South Park
Aug. 20, 1942Born: Covington, Tennessee
Aug. 10, 2008Died at 65

Robert [Anthony] Plant - Rocker
Led Zeppelin-Stairway to Heaven
Aug. 20, 1948Born: West Bromwich, West Midlands

Peter Horton - Actor
Gary on '30 Something'
Aug. 20, 1953Born: Bellevue, Wash.

Jay Acovone - Actor
Det Rado-Hollywood Beat
Aug. 20, 1955Born: Mahopac, NY.

Jonathan Ke Quan [Ke Huy Quan] - Actor
Sam on 'Together We Stand', Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
Aug. 20, 1971Born: Saigon, Vietnam

Phyllis Diller [Phyllis Ada Driver] - Comedienne
Boy Did I Get a Wrong Number
Jul. 17, 1917Born: Lima, Ohio
Aug. 20, 2012Died at the age of 95

 August 19
Orville Wright
Aviation pioneer
Aug. 19, 1871Born: Millville, Indiana
Jan. 30, 1948Dies at 76

'Marie' [Katherine Elisabeth] Wilson - Actress
My Friend Irma
Aug. 19, 1916Born: Anaheim, Calif.
Nov. 23, 1972Died from cancer at age 56

'Gene' [Eugene Wesley] Roddenberry - Executive producer
Star Trek
Aug. 19, 1921Born: El Paso, TX,
Oct. 24, 1991Died at 70

William [Horace] Marshall - Actor
Blacula, Something of Value
Aug. 19, 1924Born: Gary, IN,
Jun. 11, 2003Died at 79

Debra Paget [Debralee Griffin] - Actress
Anne of the Indies, Love Me Tender
Aug. 19, 1933Born: Denver, CO,

Diana Muldaur - Actress
McCloud, Star Trek Next Generation, LA Law
Aug. 19, 1938Born: New York, NY

Jill St John [Jill Arlyn Oppenheim] - Actress
Diamonds are Forever
Aug. 19, 1940Born: Los Angeles, CA,

'Mac' [Gerald Lee] McRaney - Actor
Simon & Simon, Major Dad
Aug. 19, 1948Born: Collins, Miss,

Randi Oakes - Actress
Officer Bonnie Clark-CHiPs
Aug. 19, 1951Born: Randalia, Iowa

Jonathan [Scott] Frakes -Actor
Will Riker - Star Trek Next Generation
Aug. 19, 1952Born: Bellefonte, Pennsylvania

Adam Arkin - Actor
Lenny-Busting Loose, Pearl, Tough Cookies
Aug. 19, 1956Born: Brooklyn, NY,

Valerie Kaprisky - Actress
Breathless, Public Woman
Aug. 19, 1962Born: Neuilly-sur-Seine, France

John [Phillip] Stamos - Actor
General Hospital, Full House
Aug. 19, 1963Born: Cypress, Calif.

Kevin [Brady] Dillon - Actor
Heaven Help Us, Remote Control, Platoon
Aug. 19, 1965Born: Mamaroneck, New York

Matthew [Langford] Perry - Actor
Chazz Russell on '2nd Chance', Chandler Bing on 'Friends'
Aug. 19, 1969Born: Williamstown, Massachusetts

Christian Slater [Christian Michael Leonard Hawkins] - Actor
Legend of Billie Jean, Star Trek VI
Aug. 19, 1969Born: New York, NY

Alastair Sim - Actor
Christmas Carol, Stage Fright
Oct. 9, 1900Born: Edinburgh, Scotland
Aug. 19, 1976Died from cancer at 76

'Groucho' [Julius Henry] Marx - Comedian
Marx Bros
Oct. 2, 1890Born: Upper East Side, New York City
Aug. 19, 1977Dies at 86

Hermione [Youlanda Ruby Clinton] Baddeley - Actress
Mary Poppins, The Belles of St. Trinians, Camp Runamuck, Maude
Nov. 13, 1906Born: Broseley, Shropshire, England
Aug. 19, 1986Dies at 79 of a stroke

 August 18
Alan Mowbray [Alfred Ernest Allen] - Actor
Dante, Colonel Flack
Aug. 18, 1896Born: London, England
Mar. 25, 1969Died of a heart attack at 70

Shelley Winters [Shirley Schrift] - Actress
The Diary of Anne Frank , Poisidon Adventure
Aug. 18, 1922Born: St. Louis, MO.
Jan. 14, 2006Died of heart failure at 85

Roman [Raymond] Polanski - Director
Knife in the Water, Repulsion, Rosemary's Baby, Chinatown
Aug. 18, 1933Born: Paris, France

Gail Fisher - Actress
Peggy on 'Mannix'
Aug. 18, 1935Born: Orange, NJ,
Dec. 2, 2000Died of kidney failure and emphysema brought on by heavy smoking at age 65.

[Charles] Robert Redford - Actor
Sting, Candidate, Natural, Great Gatsby
Aug. 18, 1936Born: Santa Monica, CA,

Christopher [William Frank] Jones - Actor
The Night of the Iguana, Wild in the Streets
Aug. 18, 1941Born: Jackson, TN.

Martin Mull - Actor/comedian
Bad Manners, Flick, Serial
Aug. 18, 1943Born: Chicago, Ill,

Patrick [Wayne] Swayze - Actor/dancer
Dirty Dancing, Ghost, Road House
Aug. 18, 1952Born: Houston, TX,
Sep. 14, 2009Died from pancreatic cancer at 57

Malcolm Jamal Warner - Actor
Theodore-Cosby Show
Aug. 18, 1970Born: Jersey City, NJ,

Persis Khambatta - Actress
Star Trek, Megaforce
Oct. 2, 1950Born: Bombay. India
Aug. 18, 1998Died of a massive heart attack at age 47

 August 17
Samuel Goldwyn [Schmuel Gelbfisz] - Pioneer film maker/producer
Aug. 17, 1882Born: Warsaw, Poland
Jan. 31, 1974Died at 92

'Mae' [Mary Jane] West
Actress, Playwright, Screenwriter, and Sex symbol
Aug. 17, 1893Born: Brooklyn, NY,
Nov. 22, 1980Died of a stoke at 87

Maureen O'Hara [Maureen Fitzsimons] - Actress
Miracle on 34th St
Aug. 17, 1920Born: Dublin, Ireland

Robert [Mario] De Niro - Actor
Bang the Drum Slowly, The Godfather: Part II, Taxi Driver
Aug. 17, 1943Born: New York, NY,

Sean [Justin] Penn - Actor
Fast Times at Ridgemont High, The Thin Red Line , Mystic River
Aug. 17, 1960Born: Santa Monica, CA,

Vivian Vance [Vivian Roberta Jones] - Actress
Ethel Mertz on 'I Love Lucy'
Jul. 28, 1907Born: Cherryvale, Ks.
Aug. 17, 1979Died of Breast Cancer at 70

 August 16
Mae Clarke [Violet Mary Klotz] - Actress
Frankenstein, Nana, Parole Girl
Aug. 16, 1910Born: Philadelphia, PA,
Apr. 29, 1992Died of cancer at 81

Florence Nightingale - Nurse
Crimean War
May. 12, 1820Born: Florence, Italy
Aug. 16, 1910Died at the age of 90 peacefully in her sleep

Fess [Elisha] Parker - Actor
Davy Crockett, Old Yeller
Aug. 16, 1924Born: Fort Worth, TX,
Mar. 18, 2010Died at age 85 of natural causes

Ann [Marie] Blyth - Actress
Kismet, Mildred Pierce
Aug. 16, 1928Born: Mt Kisko, NY.

Robert [Martin] Culp - Actor
I Spy, Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice, Greatest American Hero
Aug. 16, 1930Born: Oakland, California
Mar. 24, 2010Died after a fall that took place outside his Los Angeles home

Eydie Gorme [Edith Gormezano] - Singer
Tonight Show, Bossa Nova
Aug. 16, 1932Born: Bronx, NY,

Julie Newmar [Julie Chalene Newmeyer] - Actress
Catwoman-Batman, Living Doll
Aug. 16, 1933Born: Hollywood, CA,

John [Ronald Leon] Standing - Actor
Edward-Lime Street, The Avengers, The Saint, Space 1999
Aug. 16, 1934Born: London, England

Anita Gillette [Anita Leubben] - Actress
Quincy ME, Marathon, Moonstruck, TV Show Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice
Aug. 16, 1936Born: Baltimore, MD,

Gary Clarke - Actor
Hondo, Virginian, Michael Shayne
Aug. 16, 1936Born: Los Angeles, CA,

Ketty Lester [Revoyda Frierson] - Actress
Hester on 'Little House on the Prairie'
Aug. 16, 1938Born: Hope, Arkansas

Carol Shelly - Actress
Gwendolyn Pidgeon-Odd Couple
Aug. 16, 1939Born: London, England

Robert [Elmer] Balaban - Actor
Absence of Malice, Clockwatchers, Pie in the Sky, Best in Show, Altered States
Aug. 16, 1945Born: Chicago, Ill.

Lesley Ann Warren [Woronoff] - Actress
Cinderella, Mission Impossible, Clue
Aug. 16, 1946Born: New York, NY,

'Babe' [George Herman] Ruth
Baseball legend
Feb. 6, 1895Born : Baltimore MD
Aug. 16, 1948Dies in NY at 53

Reginald Veljohnson [Reginald Vel Johnson] - Actor
Carl Winslow-Family Matters, Die Hard
Aug. 16, 1952Born: Raleigh, North Carolina

Catlin O'Heaney - Actress
Snow White-Charmings
Aug. 16, 1953Born: Whitefish Bay, Wisc.

Jonathan [Alexander] Prince - Actor
Danny on 'Alice'
Aug. 16, 1958Born: Beverly Hills, Ca.

'Madonna' [Louise Ciccone] - Singer/actress
Like a Virgin
Aug. 16, 1958Born: Bay City, Mich.

Timothy Hutton - Actor
Turk 182, Ordinary People
Aug. 16, 1960Born: Malibu, California

Elvis [Aaron] Presley - Acto
All Shook Up, Jailhouse Rock
Jan. 8, 1935Born: East Tupelo, Mississippi
Aug. 16, 1977Dies of heart ailment at Graceland at 42

Amanda Blake [Beverly Louise Neill] - Actress
Feb. 20, 1929Born: Buffalo, NY
Aug. 16, 1989Dies at 60

Jeff Corey - Actor
Getting Straight, Superman & Mole Men
Aug. 10, 1914Born: Brooklyn, NY,
Aug. 16, 2002Died at 88

William Windom - Acto
Star Trek TOS
Sep. 28, 1923Born: New York City, New York
Aug. 16, 2012Died from congestive heart failure at age 88

 August 15
Ethel Barrymore [Ethel Mae Blythe] - Actress
Constant Wife, Corn is Green
Aug. 15, 1879Born: Philadelphia, PA,
Jun. 18, 1959Died of cardiovascular disease at 79

'Bill' [William Britton] Baird - Puppeteer
Kukla Fran & Ollie, Muppet Show
Aug. 15, 1904Born: Grand Island, Nebraska,
Mar. 18, 1987Died at 83

Signe Hasso [Signe Eleonora Cecilia Larsson] - Actress
The Seventh Cross, Johnny Angel, A Scandal in Paris, Double Life
Aug. 15, 1910Born: Stockholm, Sweden
Jun. 7, 2002Died from pneumonia at 86

Julia Child [Julia Carolyn McWilliams] - Chef
French cuisine
Aug. 15, 1912Born: Pasadena, California
Aug. 13, 2004Died peacefully in her sleep of kidney failure at 91

Wendy [Margaret] Hiller - Actress
Major Barbara, David Copperfield, The Elephant Man
Aug. 15, 1912Born: Bramhall, Stockport, Cheshire England
May. 14, 2003Died of natural causes at 90

'Huntz' [Henry] Hall - Actor
Dead End Kids Movies, Cyclone, Gas Pump Girls, The Rating Game
Aug. 15, 1919Born: New York, NY
Jan. 30, 1999Died from congestive heart failure at the age of 80.

Rose Marie [Mazetta] - Actress
Sally Rogers-Dick Van Dyke Show
Aug. 15, 1923Born: New York, NY,

Mike Connors [Kreker Ohania] - Actor
Joe Mannix on 'Mannix', Night Kill
Aug. 15, 1925Born: Fresno, Calf.

Janice Rule - Actress
Alvarez Kelly, Doctor's Wife
Aug. 15, 1931Born: Norwood, Ohio
Oct. 17, 2003Died of cerebral hemorrhage at 72

Jim Lange - TV host
Dating Game, Name the Tune
Aug. 15, 1933Born: St. Paul, Minnesota

Abby Dalton [Marlene Wasden] - Actress
Joey Bishop Show, Hollywood Squares, Falcon Crest
Aug. 15, 1935Born: Las Vegas, Nevada

Barbara Bouchet [Goutscher] - Actress
Moneypenny - Casino Royale
Aug. 15, 1943Born: Liberec, Czech Republic

Ann Ryerson - Actress
Second City, Caddyshack, Pvt Carol Winter-Pvt Benjamin
Aug. 15, 1949Born: Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

Tess Harper [Tessie Jean Washam] - Actress
Amityville 3D, Tender Mercies
Aug. 15, 1950Born: Mammoth Spring, Arkansas

Larry Mathews - Actor
Ritchie-Dick Van Dyke Show
Aug. 15, 1955Born: Burbank, Ca.

Zeljko Ivanek - Actor
Mass Appeal, The Associate, Hannibal
Aug. 15, 1957Born: Ljubljana, Slovenia, Yugoslavia

 August 14
Nehemiah Persoff - Actor
Al Capone, Yentl, Star Trek TNG
Aug. 14, 1919Born: Jerusalem

Alice [Margaret] Ghostly - Actress
Bewitched, With 6 You Get Egg Roll
Aug. 14, 1926Born: Eve, Missouri
Sep. 21, 2007Died at the age of 83

David [Van Cortlandt] Crosby - Rocker
Crosby, Stills & Nash
Aug. 14, 1941Born: Los Angeles, CA,

'Steve' [Stephen Glenn] Martin - Writer/actor
Jerk, Housesitter
Aug. 14, 1945Born: Waco, TX,

Antonio [Juan] Fargas - Actor
Huggy Bear on 'Starsky & Hutch'
Aug. 14, 1946Born: Bronx, NY,

Susan St James [Susan Jane Miller] - Actres
MacMillan & Wife, Kate & Allie, Name of Game
Aug. 14, 1946Born: Los Angeles, CA,

Susan [Marie] Olsen - Actress
Cindy on 'The Brady Bunch'
Aug. 14, 1961Born: Santa Monica, California

Emmanuelle Beart [Emmanuelle Béhart Hasson - Actress
Manon of the Spring, Mission Impossible
Aug. 14, 1965Born: St. Tropez, France

Patrick Magee [Patrick McGee] - Acto
A Clockwork Orange , Tales from the Crypt
Mar. 31, 1922Born: Armagh, Northern Ireland
Aug. 14, 1982Died of a sudden heart attack at age 60.

'Gale' [Edith Holm] Sondergaard - Actres
The Mark of Zorro, My Favorite Blonde, Sherlock Holmes and the Spide
Feb. 15, 1899Born: Litchfield, Minnesota
Aug. 14, 1985Died from cerebral vascular thrombosis at the age of 86

Abbey Lincoln [Anna Marie Wooldridge] - Actress/singer
Nothing But a Man
Aug. 6, 1930Born: Chicago, Ill,
Aug. 14, 2010Died at the age of 80

 August 13
'Monty' [Edgar Montillion] Wooley - Actor
Pied Piper, Man Who Came to Dinner
Aug. 13, 1888Born: New York, NY,
May. 6, 1963Died due to complications with kidney and heart ailments at 74

Alfred [Joseph] Hitchcock - Director
Psycho, Birds, Rear Window
Aug. 13, 1890Born: Leytonstone, London, England
Apr. 29, 1980Dies in Los Angeles CA from renal failure at 80

[John] Regis Toomey - Actor
Burke's Law, Petticoat Junction
Aug. 13, 1898Born: Pittsburgh, PA,
Oct. 12, 1991Died at 93

Charles [Buddy] Rogers - Actor
Aug. 13, 1904Born: Olathe, KS
Apr. 21, 1999Died of natural causes at 94

Gene Raymond [Raymond Guion] - Actor
Paris 7000, Fireside Theater
Aug. 13, 1908Born: New York, NY,
May. 2, 1998Died of pneumonia at 89

John Beal [James Alexander Bliedung] - Actor
Amityville 3D, Darkshadows
Aug. 13, 1909Born: Joplin, Missour
Apr. 26, 1997Died at 87

Kurt Kaszner - Actor
Cmdr Fitzhugh-Land of the Giants
Aug. 13, 1913Born: Vienna, Austria
Aug. 6, 1979Dies at 65

Rita Johnson - Actress
All Mine to Give
Aug. 13, 1913Born: Worcester, Mass.
Oct. 31, 1965Died at 52

Neville Brand - Actor
The Birdman of Alcatraz, Stalag 17, Laredo.
Aug. 13, 1920Born: Griswold, Iowa
Apr. 16, 1992Died from emphysema at 72

'Pat' [Daniel Patrick] Harrington Jr - Actor
Danny Thomas Show, 1 Day at a Time
Aug. 13, 1929Born: New York, NY,

'Don' [Donald Tai Loy] Ho - Singer
Tiny Bubbles
Aug. 13, 1930Born: Kakaako, HI
Apr. 14, 2007Died from heart failure at 76

H.G. Wells [Herbert George Wells] - Author
The Time Machine, The War of the Worlds, The Invisible Man
Sep. 21, 1866Born: Bromley, Kent, England
Aug. 13, 1946Died at 80

Gretchen Corbett - Actress
Beth-Rockford Files
Aug. 13, 1947Born: Camp Sherman, Oregon

[Ellen] Jane Carr - Actress
Pud'n - The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, Louise-Dear John
Aug. 13, 1950Born: Loughton, Essex, England.

Kavi Raz - Actor
VJ Kochar on 'St Elsewhere', Star Trek TNG
Aug. 13, 1955Born: Punjab, India

'Danny' [Dante Daniel] Bonaduce - Actor
Danny on 'Partridge Family'
Aug. 13, 1959Born: Broomall, Pennsylvania

Dawnn Lewis - Actress
Jaleesa on 'Different World'
Aug. 13, 1960Born: Brooklyn, NY,

Quinn Cummings - Actress
Annie-Family, Goodbye Girl
Aug. 13, 1967Born: Los Angeles, CA,

Joe E Ross - Comedian
Gunther Toody on 'Car 54', Ritzik on 'Phil Silvers Show'
Mar. 15, 1905Born: Manhattan, NY
Aug. 13, 1982Died at 68

Marion Martin [Marion Suplee] - Actres
B Movies
Jun. 7, 1909Born: Philadelphia, PA
Aug. 13, 1985Dies at 67

Julia Child [Julia Carolyn McWilliams] - Chef
French cuisine
Aug. 15, 1912Born: Pasadena, California
Aug. 13, 2004Died peacefully in her sleep of kidney failure at 91

 August 12
Ian [Lancaster] Fleming - Author
James Bond
May. 28, 1908Born: Mayfair, London, England
Aug. 12, 1964Died of a heart attack at 56

Cecil B DeMille - Director / Filmmaker
10 Commandments
Aug. 12, 1881Born: Ashfield, Massachusetts
Jan. 21, 1959Died of heart failure at 78

Cantinflas [Fortino Mario Alfonso Moreno Reyes] - Actor
Around World in 80 Days
Aug. 12, 1911Born: Mexico City, Mexico
Apr. 20, 1993Died of lung cancer at 81

Jane [Waddington] Wyatt - Actress
Father Knows Best, Star Trek
Aug. 12, 1912Born: Campgaw, NJ.
Oct. 20, 2006Died of natural causes at 96

Marjorie Reynolds [Marjorie Goodspeed] - Actress
Peggy-Life of Riley
Aug. 12, 1917Born: Buhl, Idaho
Feb. 1, 1997Died at 80

John Derek [Derek Delevan Harris] - Actor/director
10, Annapolis Story
Aug. 12, 1926Born: Los Angeles, CA,
May. 22, 1998Died at 72

Ralph Waite - Actor
John-Waltons, Roots
Aug. 12, 1928Born: White Plains, NY.

George [Stevens] Hamilton - Actor
Love at 1st Bite, Where the Boys Are
Aug. 12, 1939Born: Memphis, Tn

Dana [Robins] Ivey - Actress
Easy Street, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
Aug. 12, 1942Born: Atlanta, GA,

Deborah Walley - Actress
Aug. 12, 1943Born: Bridgeport, Ct,
May. 10, 2001Dies of esophageal cancer at 57

Sam J Jones - Actor
Chris-Code Red, The Highway Man, Flash Gordon
Aug. 12, 1954Born: Chicago, Ill,

Henry [Jaynes] Fonda - Actor
On Golden Pond
May. 16, 1905Born: Grand Island, NE.
Aug. 12, 1982Dies at 77 from heart disease

'Merv [Mervyn Edward] Griffin - TV host
Merv Griffin Show
Jul. 6, 1925Born: San Mateo, Calif
Aug. 12, 2007Died of prostate cancer at 82

Les Paul [Lester William Polsfuss] - Guitarist/inventor
Les Paul guitar
Jun. 9, 1915Born: Waukesha, Wi,
Aug. 12, 2009Died of complications from pneumonia at 94

 August 11
Peter [Wilton] Cushing - Actor
Hound of the Baskervilles, Dracula, Star Wars, Dr Who
May. 26, 1913Born: Kenley Surrey, England
Aug. 11, 1994Died of prostate cancer at 81

Lloyd [Benedict] Nolan - Actor
A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, Peyton Place
Aug. 11, 1902Born: San Francisco, CA,
Sep. 27, 1985Died of lung cancer at 83

Jean Parker [Lois Mae Green] - Actress
Beyond Tomorrow, Little Women
Aug. 11, 1915Born: Deer Lodge, Montana
Nov. 30, 2005Died of a stroke two months after her 90th birthday.

Arlene Dahl - Actress/TV panelist
Aug. 11, 1928Born: Minneapolis, Mn,

Anna [Raymond] Massey - Actress
De Sade, Doll's House
Aug. 11, 1937Born: Thakeham, West Sussex, England
Jul. 3, 2011Died from cancer at 73

Ian Charleson - Actor
Jamie-Master of the Game
Aug. 11, 1949Born: Edinburgh, Scotland
Jan. 6, 1990Died of AIDS at the age of 40

Hulk Hogan [Terrence Gene Bollea] - WWF heavyweight champion
Aug. 11, 1953Born: Augusta, Georgia

Clara Peller - Actress
Where's the Beef
Aug. 4, 1902Born: Chicago, Ill,
Aug. 11, 1987Dies at 86

[Wonga] Phil Harris - Singer/actor
Anything Goes
Jun. 24, 1904Born: Linton, Indiana
Aug. 11, 1995Died of a heart attack at 91

 August 10
[Edith] Norma Shearer - Actress
Divorcee, Idiot's Delight
Aug. 10, 1902Born: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Jun. 12, 1983Died from pneumonia and Alzheimer's disease at 80

Noah [Lindsey] Beery Jr - Actor
Rockford Files, Quest, Doc Elliot
Aug. 10, 1913Born: New York, NY,
Nov. 1, 1994Died of a cerebral thrombosis at 81

Jeff Corey - Actor
Star Trek TOS, The Outer Limits, Getting Straight, Superman & Mole Men
Aug. 10, 1914Born: Brooklyn, NY,
Aug. 16, 2002Died at 88

Rhonda Fleming [Marilyn Louis] - Actress
Spellbound, A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court
Aug. 10, 1923Born: Hollywood, CA,

Martha Hyer - Actress
Day of the Wolves, Night of the Grizzly
Aug. 10, 1924Born: Fort Worth, TX,

Jimmy [Ray] Dean - Actor/singer
Jimmy Dean Show, Diamonds are Forever
Aug. 10, 1928Born: Plainview, Texas
Jun. 13, 2010Died of natural causes at 81

Kate O'Mara [Frances M. Carroll] - Actress
Caress Morell-Dynasty
Aug. 10, 1939Born: Leicaster, England

Daniel Hugh Kelly - Actor
Chicago Story, Hardcastle
Aug. 10, 1952Born: Elizabeth, New Jersey

Rosanna [Lauren] Arquette - Actress
Desperately Seeking Susan
Aug. 10, 1959Born: New York, NY

Isaac [Lee] Hayes - Singer/Acto
Shaft, South Park
Aug. 20, 1942Born: Covington, Tennessee
Aug. 10, 2008Died at 65

 August 9
Charles Farrell - Actor
Vern-My Little Margie
Aug. 9, 1901Born: Onset Bay, Massachusetts
May. 6, 1990Died from a heart attack at 88

Leo [John] Genn - Actor
Affair in Monte Carlo
Aug. 9, 1905Born: Hackney, London
Jan. 26, 1978Died at 73

Robert [Archibald] Shaw - Actor
Deep, Jaws, Sting, Black Sunday
Aug. 9, 1927Born: Westhoughton, Lancashire, England
Aug. 28, 1978Died from a heart attack at 51

Betty Boop
Aug. 9, 1930Made her first appearance in the cartoon 'Dizzy Dishes'

David Steinberg - Comedian/director
The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour,End
Aug. 9, 1942Born: Winnipeg, Canada,

'Sam' [Samuel Pack] Elliot - Actor
Big Chill, Fatal Beauty
Aug. 9, 1944Born: Sacramento, California

Smokey Bear - U.S. Forest Service Fictional Mascot
'Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires'
Aug. 9, 1944Longest running public service campaign in U.S. history

Fat Man -
Atomic Bomb
Aug. 9, 1945Atomic bombing of HNagasaki

Melanie Griffith - Actress
Something Wild, Working Girl, Cherry 2000
Aug. 9, 1957Born: New York, NY

Amanda Bearse - Actress
Marcy Rhoodes on 'Married With Children'
Aug. 9, 1958Born: Winter Park, Florida

Whitney [Elizabeth] Houston - Singer
One Moment in Time
Aug. 9, 1963Born: Newark, NJ,
Feb. 11, 2012Died at the age of 48

Sharon [Marie] Tate - Actres
Mr. Ed, The Beverly Hillbillies,The Fearless Vampire Killers
Jan. 24, 1943Born: Dallas, TX,
Aug. 9, 1969Killed by Charles Manson's gang

Alan Napier [Alan W. Napier Clavering] - Actor
Alfred the Butler on 'Batman'
Jan. 7, 1903Born: Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Aug. 9, 1988Dies at 85

'Jerry' [Jerome John] Garcia - Rocker
Grateful Dead-Uncle Joe's Band
Aug. 1, 1942Born: San Francisco, CA,
Aug. 9, 1995Died from a heart attack at 53

 August 8
Malcolm Keen - Actor
Uncle Chris on 'Mama'
Aug. 8, 1887Born: Bristol, England
Jan. 30, 1970Died at the age of 83

Sylvia Sidney [Sophia Kosow] - Actress
WKRP, Sabotage, Beetlejuice, Demon
Aug. 8, 1910Born: Bronx, NY,
Jul. 1, 1999Died from throat cancer at the age of 88

Rosetta LeNoire [Rosetta Olive Burton] - Actor
Grandma Winslow on 'Family Matters'
Aug. 8, 1911Born: New York, NY.
Mar. 17, 2002Died at 90

Anne Francine - Actress
Harper Valley PTA, Crocodile Dundee
Aug. 8, 1917Born: Atlantic City, NJ
Dec. 3, 1999Died at 82

Esther [Jane] Williams - Actress/swimmer
Dangerous when Wet
Aug. 8, 1921Born: Inglewood, Calif.

Rory Calhoun [Francis Timothy McCown] - Actor
Capitol, Motel Hell, Death Valley Days
Aug. 8, 1922Born: Los Angeles, CA,
Apr. 28, 1999Died at 77

Richard [Norman] Anderson - Actor
Oscar Goldman on '6 Million $ Man'
Aug. 8, 1926Born: Long Beach, NJ,

Keith Barron - Actor
At the Earth's Core
Aug. 8, 1936Born: Mexborough, England

Dustin [Lee] Hoffman - Actor
The Graduate, Tootsie, Kramer vs Kramer
Aug. 8, 1937Born: Los Angeles, CA,

Connie Stevens [Concetta Rosalie Anna Ingoglia] - Singer/actress
Hawaiian Eye, Back to Beach
Aug. 8, 1938Born: Brooklyn, NY

Earl Boen - Actor
Dennis-It's a Living, The Terminator, Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Terminator 3
Aug. 8, 1945Born: New York, NY,

Larry Wilcox - Actor
Lassie, CHiPs
Aug. 8, 1947Born: San Diego, California

Keith [Ian] Carradine - Actor
Young Guns, Pretty Baby
Aug. 8, 1949Born: San Mateo, Calif.

Donny Most - Actor
Ralph Malph on 'Happy Days', Star Trek VOY
Aug. 8, 1953Born: Brooklyn, NY.

Branscombe Richmond - Actor
Heart of the City, Hawaiian Heat, Star Trek III
Aug. 8, 1956Born: Los Angeles, CA,

Harry [Lillis] Crosby - Actor
Friday the 13th
Aug. 8, 1958Born: Los Angeles, CA,

Suzee Pai - Actress
Big Trouble in Little China
Aug. 8, 1962Born: Toledo, Ohio

Matt Shakman - Actor
Graham-Just the 10 of Us
Aug. 8, 1975Born: Los Angeles, CA,

Richard Deacon - Actor
Mel-Dick Van Dyke Show
May. 14, 1921Born: Philadelphia, PA,
Aug. 8, 1984Dies at 62

[Vina] Fay Wray - Actress-
King Kong
Sep. 15, 1907Born: Cardston, Alberta, Canada
Aug. 8, 2004Died at the age of 96 of natural causes

 August 7
Mata Hari [Margaretha Geertruida Zelle] - Dancer / Courtesan / Spy
Aug. 7, 1876Born: Leeuwarden, Netherlands
Oct. 15, 1917Died - executed by firing squad during WWI at the age of 41

'Billie' [Mary William Ethelbert Appleton Burke] Burke - Actress
Good Witch of the North in 'The Wizard of Oz'
Aug. 7, 1884Born: Washington, DC
May. 14, 1970Died at 85

Ann Harding [Dorothy Walton Gatley] - Actress
East is West, Janie
Aug. 7, 1901Born: Fort Sam Houston, Texas
Sep. 1, 1981Died at 80

Anjanette Comer - Actress
Baby, Lepke
Aug. 7, 1939Born: Dawson, Tx.

Marlyn Mason - Actress
Making It, Peyton Place, The Trouble with Girls
Aug. 7, 1940Born: San Fernando, Calf,

David Rasche - Actor
Sledge Hammer
Aug. 7, 1944Born: St. Louis, Missouri

John [Soursby] Glover - Actor
52 Pick-Up, Something Special, Star Trek DS9
Aug. 7, 1944Born: Kingston, NY.

'Oliver' [Norvell] Hardy
Comedian of Laurel & Hardy
Jan. 18, 1892Born: Harlem, Georgia
Aug. 7, 1957Dies at 65

Charlotte Lewis - Actress
Golden Child, Pirates
Aug. 7, 1967Born: Kensington, UK

[Joshua] Andrew Koenig - Actor
Boner on 'Growing Pains', Star Trek DS9
Aug. 7, 1968Born: Los Angeles, CA,
Feb. 14, 2010Died by committing suicide at the age of 41

Peter [Charles Archibald Ewart] Jennings - News anchor
ABC Evening News
Jul. 29, 1938Born: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Aug. 7, 2005Died at 67

 August 6
Lucille [DĂ©sirĂ©e] Ball - Comedienne / Actress
I Love Lucy, Mame
Aug. 6, 1911Born: Jamestown, NY.
Apr. 26, 1989Dies at 78

Robert [Charles Durman] Mitchum - Actor
Cape Fear, Winds of War, North & South
Aug. 6, 1917Born: Bridgeport, Ct.
Jul. 1, 1997Died at 80

Ella [Wallace] Raines - Actress
Janet Dean, Registered Nurse, Phantom Lady, Hail the Conquering Hero
Aug. 6, 1920Born: Sinoqualmie Falls, Wash.
May. 30, 1988Died at 68

Barbara Bates - Actress
Kathy on 'It's a Great Life', All About Eve
Aug. 6, 1925Born: Denver, CO,
Mar. 18, 1969Died in her garage from carbon monoxide poisoning at 44

Andy Warhol [Andrew Warhola]
Pop artist
Aug. 6, 1928Born: Pittsburgh, PA,
Feb. 22, 1987Dies from complications following gall bladder surgery at 58

Abbey Lincoln [Anna Marie Wooldridge] - Actress/singer
Nothing But a Man
Aug. 6, 1930Born: Chicago, Ill,
Aug. 14, 2010Died at the age of 80

Peter Bonerz - Actor
Jerry on 'Bob Newhart Show', 9 to 5
Aug. 6, 1938Born: Portsmouth, NH,

Louise Sorel - Actress
BS I Love You, Crimes of Passion
Aug. 6, 1940Born: New York, NY,

Little Boy -
Atomic Bomb
Aug. 6, 1945Atomic bombing of Hiroshima

Dorian Harewood - Actor
Earl-Glitter, Trauma Center
Aug. 6, 1950Born: Dayton, Ohio

Catherine Hicks - Actress
Star Trek IV, Child's Play
Aug. 6, 1951Born: Scottsdale, Az.

Stephanie Kramer - Actress
Claudia on 'We Got it Made', Hunter
Aug. 6, 1956Born: Los Angeles, CA,

Moosie Drier - Actor
Aug. 6, 1964Born: Chicago, Ill.

De'Voreaux White - Actor
Head of the Class
Aug. 6, 1970Born: Los Angeles, CA,

Soleil Moon Frye - Actress
Punky Brewster
Aug. 6, 1976Born: Glendale, CA,

Kurt Kaszner - Actor
Cmdr Fitzhugh on 'Land of the Giants'
Aug. 13, 1913Born: Vienna, Austria
Aug. 6, 1979Dies at 65

 August 5
Robert Taylor [Spangler Arlington Brugh] - Actor
Death Valley Days
Aug. 5, 1911Born: Filley, Neb.
Jun. 8, 1969Died of lung cancer (he was a chain smoker) at the age of 57

Anita Colby [Anita Counihan] - Model/actress
Pepsi Cola Playhouse
Aug. 5, 1914Born: Washington, DC.
Mar. 27, 1992Died of lung disease, aged 77.

David Brian - Actor
Star Trek TOS, Accussed of Murder, Dawn at Sorocco
Aug. 5, 1914Born: New York, NY
Jul. 15, 1993Died at the age of 78 of heart disease

Selma Diamond - Actress/comedienne
Selma on 'Night Court'
Aug. 5, 1920Born: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
May. 13, 1985Dies of cancer at 64

Don Matheson - Actor
Mark-Land of the Giants
Aug. 5, 1929Born: Dearborn, Mi.

John Saxon [Carmine Orrico] - Actor
Bees, Nightmare on Elm St, Electric Horseman
Aug. 5, 1935Born: Brooklyn, NY,

Ja'net Du Bois - Actress
Willona on 'Good Times'
Aug. 5, 1945Born: Philadelphia, PA,

Jo Collins [Janet Canoy] - Playboy playmate
Dec, 1964
Aug. 5, 1945Born: Lebanon, Oregon

Loni [Kaye] Anderson - Actress
Jennifer on 'WKRP in Cincinnati'
Aug. 5, 1945Born: St. Paul, Minnesota

Erika [Alma Hermina] Slezak - Actress
Viki on 'One Life to Live'
Aug. 5, 1946Born: Hollywood, CA,

Holly Palance - Actress
Thorn Birds, Ripley's Believe It
Aug. 5, 1950Born: Los Angeles, CA,

[Julie] 'Tawny' Kitaen - Actress
Bachelor Party, Witchboard
Aug. 5, 1961Born: San Diego, Calf

Marilyn Monroe [Norma Jeane Mortenson] - Actres
The Prince and the Showgirl, Some Like it Hot
Jun. 1, 1926Born: Los Angeles, CA,
Aug. 5, 1962Died of apparent self-inflicted drug overdose

Jonathan Silverman - Actor
Brighton Beach Memoirs
Aug. 5, 1966Born: Los Angeles, CA,

Ami Foster - Actress
Margaux-Punky Brewster
Aug. 5, 1975Born: Los Angeles, CA,

Richard Burton [Richard Walter Jenkins Jr] - Actor
Cleopatra, The Spy Who Came in from the Cold, 1984
Nov. 10, 1925Born: Pontrhydyfen, Port Talbot, England
Aug. 5, 1984Dies at 58 of cerebral hemorrhage

Alec Guinness [de Cuffe] - Actor
Colonel Nicholson on 'Bridge on River Kwai', Obi-Wan Kenobi on 'Star Wars'
Apr. 2, 1914Born: London, England,
Aug. 5, 2000Died from liver cancer at age 86

Christine Lauren Chapel -
Star Trek
Aug. 5, 2184Born: Davenport Heights, Vermont

Kevin Thomas Riley -
Star Trek
Aug. 5, 2186Born: Tasvennir, Tarsus IV

 August 4
Joseph Calleia - Actor
Jungle Book, Gilda, Touch of Evil
Aug. 4, 1897Born: Saqajja Square, Rabat, Malta
Oct. 31, 1975Dies at 78

'Satchmo' [Louis Daniel] Armstrong - Jazz musician
Hello Dolly
Aug. 4, 1901Born: New Orleans, LA,
Jul. 6, 1971Died of a heart attack at 69

Clara Peller - Actress
Where's the Beef
Aug. 4, 1902Born: Chicago, Ill,
Aug. 11, 1987Dies at 86

Richard [Jay] Belzer - Comedian
How to be a Stand Up
Aug. 4, 1944Born: Bridgeport, Connecticut

Kristoffer Tabori [Christopher Donald Siegel ] - Actor
Rappaccini's Daughter
Aug. 4, 1952Born: Los Angeles, CA,

'Billy Bob' [William Robert] Thornton - Actor
Sling Blade, A Family Thing
Aug. 4, 1955Born: Hot Springs, Ark.

Melvyn Douglas [Melvyn Edouard Hesselberg] - Actor
As You Desire Me, Ninotchka, Two Faced Woman
Apr. 5, 1901Born: Macon, Georgia
Aug. 4, 1981Dies at 80

Walter Burke - Acto
The Lucy Show: Lucy Goes to London, Bonanza: Destiny's Child
The Twilight Zone: The Big Tall Wish
Aug. 25, 1908Born: Brooklyn, NY,
Aug. 4, 1984Died at 76

 August 3
Dolores Del Rio [Dolores Martínez Asúnsolo y López Negrete] - Actress
What Price Glory?
Aug. 3, 1905Born: Durango, Mexico

[Marvel] Marilyn Maxwell - Actress
East of Sumatra
Aug. 3, 1921Born: Clarinda, Iowa
Mar. 20, 1972Died at 51

Gordon Scott [Gordon Merrill Werschkul] - Actor
Tarzan & the Trappers
Aug. 3, 1927Born: Portland, OR,
Apr. 30, 2007Died of lingering complications from multiple heart surgeries at 80

George Memmoli - Actor
Earl on 'Hello Larry'
Aug. 3, 1938Born: New York, NY,
May. 20, 1985Died at the age of 47

Martin Sheen [Ramón Gerardo Antonio Estévez] - Actor
Subject Was Roses, Wall St
Aug. 3, 1940Born: Dayton, Ohio

Martha Stewart [Martha Helen Kostyra] - Cookbook author/actress
Those Two
Aug. 3, 1941Born: Jersey City, NJ,

Jay [Waverly] North - Actor
Dennis the Menace, Maya
Aug. 3, 1951Born: North Hollywood, Calif.

Victoria Jackson - Actress
Casual Sex, SNL
Aug. 3, 1959Born: Miami, FL,

John Femia - Actor
Square Pegs, Hello Larry
Aug. 3, 1967Born: Brooklyn, NY,

Carolyn [Sue] Jones - Actress
Morticia on 'The Addams Family'
Apr. 28, 1929Born: Amarillo, TX,
Aug. 3, 1983Dies at 54 of cancer

James Donald - Actor
Bridge on River Kwai, Vikings
May. 18, 1917Born: Aberdeen, Scotland
Aug. 3, 1993Died at the age of 76

 August 2
'Wild Bill' [James Butler] Hickok
May. 27, 1837Born: Troy Grove, Illinois
Aug. 2, 1876Died when he was shot in Deadwood, Black Hills, Dakota Territory

Myrna Loy [Myrna Adele Williams] - Actress
Rebound, Emma
Aug. 2, 1905Born: Radersburg, Montana
Dec. 14, 1993Died at 88

Beatrice [Whitney] Straight - Actress
Poltergeist, Nun's Story
Aug. 2, 1914Born: Old Westbury, NY.
Apr. 7, 2001Died at 86

[John] Carroll O'Connor - Actor
All in the Family, Heat of the Night
Aug. 2, 1924Born: New York, NY,
Jun. 21, 2001Died at 77

Peter [Seamus] O'Toole - Actor
Lord Jim, Beckett, Lawrence of Arabia
Aug. 2, 1932Born: Connemara, County Galway

Max Wright - Actor
Buffalo Bill, Alf, Misfits of Science
Aug. 2, 1943Born: Detroit, MI,

Joanna [Virginia] Cassidy - Actress
Blade Runner,Mission: Impossible, Falcon Crest, Starsky & Hutch
Aug. 2, 1944Born: Haddonfield, NJ.

Kathryn Harrold - Actress
MacGruder & Loud
Aug. 2, 1950Born: Tarzewell, Va.

Butch Patrick [Patrick Alan Lilley] - Actor
Eddie on 'The Munsters', Real McCoys
Aug. 2, 1953Born: Los Angeles, California

Tim Dunigan - Actor
A-Team, Mr Smith, Wizards & Warriors
Aug. 2, 1955Born: St. Louis, Missouri

Apollonia [Patricia Kotero] - Actress
Purple Rain
Aug. 2, 1959Born: Santa Monica, Ca,

Edward [Walter] Furlong - Actor
John Connor in 'Terminator 2'
Aug. 2, 1977Born: Glendale, California

Felix [Edward] Aylmer - Actor
Anastasia, Hamlet, Iron Duke, Macbeth, St Joan
Feb. 21, 1889Born: Corsham, Wiltshire, England
Aug. 2, 1979Died at 90

 August 1
Henry [Burk] Jones - Actor
Phyllis, Falcon Crest, Gun Shy, Alfred Hitchcock Presents
Aug. 1, 1912Born: Philadelphia, PA,
May. 17, 1999Died at 86

Arthur [Edward Spence] Hill - Actor
Owen Marshall, Glitter, Futureworld
Aug. 1, 1922Born: Saskatchewan, Canada
Oct. 22, 2006Died after a long battle with Alzheimer's disease at 84

'Dom' [Dominick] DeLuise - Comedian, actor
End, Cannonball Run, Fatso
Aug. 1, 1933Born: Brooklyn, NY,
May. 4, 2009Died in his sleep around 6 p.m.

Giancarlo Giannini - Actor
Seduction of Mimi
Aug. 1, 1942Born: La Spezia, Liguria

'Jerry' [Jerome John] Garcia - Rocker
Grateful Dead: Uncle Joe's Band
Aug. 1, 1942Born: San Francisco, CA,
Aug. 9, 1995Died from a heart attack at 53

[Brad] Taylor Negron -Actor
Silvio on 'Detective School'
Aug. 1, 1958Born: Glendale, California

Tempestt Bledsoe - Actress
Vanessa on 'The Cosby Show'
Aug. 1, 1973Born: Chicago, Ill,

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