December in History  
 December 5
Walter [Elias] Disney - Animator
Mickey Mouse
Dec. 5, 1901Born: Chicago, Illinois

Margaret Hayes - Actress
Robert Montgomery Presents, Blackboard Jungle
Dec. 5, 1916Born: Baltimore, Maryland

'Alvy' [Jack Alvin] Moore - Actor
Mr Kimball on 'Green Acres'
Dec. 5, 1921Born: Vincennes, Indiana
May. 4, 1997Dies at 75

George [Demosthene] Savalas - Acto
Kelly's Heroes, Kojak
Dec. 5, 1924Born: Bronx, New York

Randy Kirby - Actor
Randy-Girl From UNCLE
Dec. 5, 1942Born: Chicago, Illinois

Jeroen [Aar] Krabbé - Actor
Dec. 5, 1944Born: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Lewis Arlt - Actor
Littlest Victims, Ken-Another World
Dec. 5, 1949Born: Kingston, New York

Morgan Brittany [Suzanne Cupito] - Actress
Katherine on 'Dallas'
Dec. 5, 1951Born: Los Angeles, CA.

Connie Needham [Connie Marie Bowen] - Actress
Elizabeth on '8 is Enough'
Dec. 5, 1959Born: Anaheim, California

Carrie Hamilton - Actress
Dec. 5, 1963Born: New York City, New York

'Margaret' [Moran] Cho - Actress/comedienne
Face/Off, Lost Room
Dec. 5, 1968Born: San Francisco, California

Lisa Marie [Smith] - Actress
Mars Attacks
Dec. 5, 1968Born: Piscataway, New Jersey

Ross [Elliot] Bagley - Actor
Nicky on 'Fresh Prince Of Bel Air'
Dec. 5, 1988Born: Los Angeles, CA.

Beverly Garland [Beverly Lucy Fessenden] - Actress
Swamp Women, Not of This Earth, My 3 Sons, Twilight Zone
Oct. 17, 1926Born: Santa Cruz, California
Dec. 5, 2008Died at 82

 December 4
Buck Jones [Charles F Gebhart] - Actor
War Horse
Dec. 4, 1889Born: Vincennes, Indiana

'Jimmy Jewel' [James Arthur Thomas J. Marsh] - Comedia
Nearest and Dearest,Spring and Autumn
Dec. 4, 1909Born: Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England

Michael Bates - Actor
Clockwork Orange, Patton
Dec. 4, 1920Born: Jhansi, British India

Deanna Durbin [Edna Mae Durbin] - Actress/vocalist
100 Men & a Girl
Dec. 4, 1921Born: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Gérard Philipe - Actor
Caligula, Le Diable au Corps
Dec. 4, 1922Born: Cannes, France

Dena Dietrich - Actress
Ethel on 'The Ropers', Chiffon margarines' "Mother Nature".
Dec. 4, 1928Born: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Horst [Werner] Buchholz - Actor
Magnificent 7, Raid on Entebbe, Sahara
Dec. 4, 1933Born: Berlin, Germany

Victor [Edwin] French - Actor
Highway to Heaven
Dec. 4, 1934Born: Santa Barbara, California
Jun. 15, 1989Dies at 54 of cancer

'Wink' [Winston Conrad] Martindale - TV host
Tic-Tac-Dough, Can You Top This
Dec. 4, 1934Born: Jackson, Tennessee

Donnelly Rhodes - Actor
Dutch on 'Soap', Double Trouble, Battlestar Galactica
Dec. 4, 1937Born: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

'Max' [Maximilian Adalbert] Baer Jr - Actor
Jethro on 'Beverly Hillbillies'
Dec. 4, 1937Born: Oakland, Calif.

'Jeff' [Jeffrey Leon] Bridges - Actor
Stay Hungry, Jagged Edge, Against All Odds
Dec. 4, 1949Born: Los Angeles, CA.

Pamela Stephenson - Actress
Superman 3, Sat Night Live, Not the Nine O'Clock News
Dec. 4, 1949Born: Takapuna, Auckland, New Zealand

Patricia Wettig - Actress
Nancy Weston-30 Something
Dec. 4, 1951Born: Cincinnati, Ohio

Marisa Tomei - Actress
My Cousin Vinny
Dec. 4, 1964Born: Brooklyn, New York

Chelsea Noble [Nancy Mueller] - Actress
Kate on 'Growing Pains'
Dec. 4, 1964Born: Buffalo, New York

Tyra [Lynne] Banks - Model/actress
Higher Learning, Fresh Prince of Bel Air
Dec. 4, 1973Born: Los Angeles, CA.

Frank [Vincent] Zappa - Music/composer
Mothers of Invention
Dec. 21, 1940Born: Baltimore, Maryland
Dec. 4, 1993Died of prostate cancer at 52

 December 3
Isabelle Harriet Lucas - Actress/singer
Outland, Comics
Dec. 3, 1927Born: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

'Andy' [Howard Andrew] Williams - Singer
Moon River, Andy Williams Show
Dec. 3, 1930Born: Wall Lake, Iowa

'Jaye P' [Mary Margaret] Morgan - Singer/actress
Gong Show, Night Patrol
Dec. 3, 1931Born: Mancos, Colorado

Nicolas Coster - Actor
Lionel on 'Santa Barbara', Robert Delaney on 'Another World', Electric Horse
Dec. 3, 1934Born: London, England

'Ozzy' [John Michael] Osbourne - Rock vocalist
Black Sabbath-Bark at the Moon
Dec. 3, 1948Born: Aston, Birmingham, England

Heather Menzies - Actress
Jessica-Logan's Run
Dec. 3, 1949Born: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Melody Anderson - Actress
Natalie Dillon-All My Children, Flash Gordon, Brooke-Manimal
Dec. 3, 1955Born: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Hart [Matthew] Bochner - Actor/director
Rich & Famous
Dec. 3, 1956Born: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Julianne Moore [Julie Anne Smith] - Actress
Lost World, 9 Months
Dec. 3, 1960Born: Ft. Bragg, Fayetteville, North Carolina

Daryl [Christine] Hannah - Actress
Splash, Blade Runner
Dec. 3, 1960Born: Chicago, Illinois

Brendan [James] Fraser - Actor
School Ties, 20 Bucks, The Mummy
Dec. 3, 1968Born: Indianapolis, Indiana

Anna Chlumsky - Actress
My Girl
Dec. 3, 1980Born: Chicago, Illinois

Brian Bonsall - Actor
Family Ties, Star Trek Next Generation
Dec. 3, 1981Born: Torrance, California

Kay Elliot - Actres
Star Trek TOS, Bewitched, The Man from U.N.C.L.E. , Gomer Pyle
May. 14, 1929Born: Chicago, Illinois
Dec. 3, 1982Died at the age of 53

Madeline Kahn [Madeline Gail Wolfson] - Actress
Young Frankenstein, High Anxiety
Sep. 29, 1942Born: Boston, Massachusetts
Dec. 3, 1999Died from ovarian cancer at 57

Anne Francine - Actress
Harper Valley PTA
Aug. 8, 1917Born: Atlantic City, NJ
Dec. 3, 1999Died at 82

 December 2
Frank Reicher - Actor
King Kong, Son of Kong
Dec. 2, 1875Born: Munich, Germany

William Gaxton [Arturo Antonio Gaxiola] - Actor
Destry, Convoy
Dec. 2, 1893Born: San Francisco, California

Warren William [Krech] - Actor
Cæsar-Cleopatra, Morgan-Go West Young Man
Dec. 2, 1894Born: Aitkin, Minnesota

Amanda Randolph -Actress
Danny Thomas, Amos n Andy
Dec. 2, 1896Born: Louisville, KY.
Aug. 24, 1967Died at 65 from stroke

Robert F Simon - Actor
Custer, MASH, Man Who Shot Liberty Valance
Dec. 2, 1908Born: Mansfield, Ohio

Rufe Davis - Actor
Cocoanut Grove, Trail Blazers, Gangs of Sonora, Petticoat Junction
Dec. 2, 1908Born: Vinson, Oklahoma

Robert Paige [John Arthur Page] - Actor
Colgate Comedy Hour
Dec. 2, 1910Born: Indianapolis, Indiana

'Ray' [Herman] Walston - Actor
My Favorite Martian, Damn Yankees, Star Trek TNG, VOY
Dec. 2, 1914Born: New Orleans, Louisiana
Jan. 1, 2001Died after a 6 year battle with lupus

Bill Erwi - Actor
Glenn on 'Struck by Lightning', Star Trek TNG
Dec. 2, 1914Born: Honey Grove, Texas

John Bentley - Actor
The Chair, Hammer the Toff
Dec. 2, 1916Born: Sparkhill, Birmingham, England, UK

Leo [Vincent] Gordon - Actor
Circus Boy, Enos, Winds of War
Dec. 2, 1922Born: New York City, New York

Jonathan [Herbert] Frid - Actor
Barnabas Collins on 'Dark Shadows'
Dec. 2, 1924Born: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Julie [Ann] Harris - Actress
Bell Jar, East of Eden
Dec. 2, 1925Born: Grosse Pointe Park, Michigan

Cathy Lee Crosby - Actress
That's Incredible, Wonder Woman
Dec. 2, 1944Born: Los Angeles, CA.

Keith Szarabajka - Actor
Nightlife, The X-Files, Star Trek VOY
Dec. 2, 1952Born: Oak Park, Illinois

'Dan' [Daniel Eugene] Butler - Actor
Bob "Bulldog" Briscoe-Frasier
Dec. 2, 1954Born: Fort Wayne, Indiana

Dennis Christopher - Actor
Breaking Away, California Dreaming, Star Trek DS9
Dec. 2, 1955Born: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Steven Bauer [Esteban Echevarria] - Actor
Scarface, Thief of Hearts
Dec. 2, 1956Born: Havana, Cuba

Rena Sofer - Actress
Eve-Melrose Place, Rocky-Loving, Lois Cerullo-General Hospital
Dec. 2, 1968Born: Arcadia, California

Britney [Jean] Spears - Singer
Baby One More Time, You Drive Me Crazy, Oops I Did It Again
Dec. 2, 1981Born: Kentwood, Louisiana

'Marty' [Martin Alan] Feldman - Comedian
Young Frankenstein
Jul. 8, 1933Born: London, England,
Dec. 2, 1982Died of a heart attack at 49

Desi Arnaz [Desiderio Alberto Arnaz y de Acha III] - Singer/actor
Ricky Ricardo on 'I Love Lucy'
Mar. 2, 1917Born: Santiago, Cuba,
Dec. 2, 1986Died from lung cancer at 69

Robert Cummings [Charles Clarence Robert Orville Cummings] - Actor
Love that Bob, Dial M For Murder
Jun. 9, 1908Born: Joplin, Mo,
Dec. 2, 1990Died at the age of 80

Roxie Roker - Actress
Helen on 'Jeffersons', Roots
Aug. 28, 1929Born: Miami, FL,
Dec. 2, 1995Died of breast cancer at the age of 66.

Gail Fisher - Actress
Peggy on 'Mannix'
Aug. 18, 1935Born: Orange, NJ,
Dec. 2, 2000Died of kidney failure and emphysema brought on by heavy smoking at age 65.

 December 1
Cyril [Trimnell] Ritchard - Actor
Peter Pan, Hans Brinker
Dec. 1, 1897Born: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Joel Fluellen - Actor
Burning Cross, Learning Tree
Dec. 1, 1907Born: Monroe, Louisiana

Mary [Virginia] Martin - Actress
Peter Pan
Dec. 1, 1913Born: Weatherford, Texas

William Tracy - Actor
The Shop Around the Corner, To the Shores of Tripoli
Dec. 1, 1917Born: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Ralph Manza - Actor
Banacek, Mama Malone, Newhart
Dec. 1, 1921Born: San Francisco, California

Paul Picerni - Actor
Agent Lee Hobson on 'The Untouchables'
Dec. 1, 1922Born: New York City, New York

Dick Shawn [Richard Schulefand] - Actor
Producers, Maid to Order, Angel
Dec. 1, 1923Born: Buffalo, New York

David [Fitzgerald] Doyle - Actor
John Bosley on 'Charlie's Angels'
Dec. 1, 1925Born: Omaha, Nebraska

Robert Symonds - Actor
Robert E Lee on 'Blue & Gray'
Dec. 1, 1926Born: Bristow, Oklahoma

Allyn Ann McLerie - Actress
Tony Randall Show, Thorn Birds
Dec. 1, 1926Born: Grand-Mère, Québec, Canada

Keith [Joseph] Michell - Actor
Six Wives of Henry VIII
Dec. 1, 1928Born: Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

'Lou' [Louis Allen] Rawls - Singer
Dean Martin's Gold-diggers, Natural Man
Dec. 1, 1933Born: Chicago, Illinois

Woody Allen [Allen Stuart Konigsberg] - Actor/ Director
Zelig, Annie Hall
Dec. 1, 1935Born: Brooklyn, New York

Richard [Franklin Lennox Thomas] Pryor - Comedian/actor
Lady Sings the Blues, Stir Crazy
Dec. 1, 1940Born: Peoria, Illinois

Bette [Davis] Midler - Singer/Actress
Beaches, First Wives Club
Dec. 1, 1945Born: Honolulu, Hawaii

Richard Keith [Keith Thibodeaux] - Actor
Little Ricky on 'I Love Lucy'
Dec. 1, 1950Born: Lafayette, Louisiana

[Richard] Treat Williams - Actor
Flashpoint, Hair, Dead Heat
Dec. 1, 1951Born: Norwalk, Connecticut

'Bob' [Robert Kuehl] Goen - TV host
Wheel of Fortune, Entertainment Tonight
Dec. 1, 1954Born: Long Beach, Calif,

Charlene Tilton - Actress
Lucy Ewing on 'Dallas'
Dec. 1, 1958Born: San Diego, California

Matthew Laborteaux - Actor
Killing Stone, Deadly Friend
Dec. 1, 1966Born: Los Angeles, CA

Nestor [Gastón] Carbonell - Actor
Luis-Suddenly Susan
Dec. 1, 1967Born: New York City, New York

Jack Colvin - Actor
Jack on 'Incredible Hulk'
Oct. 13, 1932Born: Lyndon, Kansas
Dec. 1, 2005Died at 73

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