March in History  
 March 24
'Fatty' [Roscoe Conkling] Arbuckle - Actor
Keystone Comedies, Mabel & Fatty
Mar. 24, 1887Born: Smith Center, Kansas
Jun. 29, 1933Died from heart failure at 46

Clyde [Chesnut] Barrow - Bank robber
of Bonnie & Clyde fame
Mar. 24, 1909Born: Telico, Texas

Richard Conte [Nicholas Conte] - Actor
Four Just Men, 13 Rue Madeleine, Hotel, Jean Arthur Show
Mar. 24, 1910Born: Jersey City, NJ

Joseph [Roland] Barbera - Animator
Mar. 24, 1911Born: New York, NY
Dec. 18, 2006Died of unspecified natural causes at 95

Lilli Palmer [Lillie Marie Peiser] - Actress
Boys From Brazil, Sebastian
Mar. 24, 1914Born: Posen, Germany

Gene Nelson [Leander Eugene Berg] - Actor
This is the Army, Tea For 2, Oklahoma, directed episodes of Star Trek TOS
Mar. 24, 1920Born: Seattle, WA,

Murray Hamilton - Actor
The Spirit of St. Louis, The Twilight Zone, Rich Man Poor Man
Mar. 24, 1923Born: Washington, NC

Lois Andrews [Lorraine Gourley] - Actress
Ganster, Rustlers, Desert Hawk
Mar. 24, 1924Born: Huntington Park, CA

Norman Fell [Norman Feld] - Actor
Mr Roper on '3's Company', The End, Graduate
Mar. 24, 1924Born: Philadelphia, PA,

Mai Zetterling - Actress
Hidden Agenda, Ringer
Mar. 24, 1925Born: Vaeras, Sweden

Vanessa Brown [Smylla Brynd] - Actress
My Favorite Husband
Mar. 24, 1928Born: Vienna, Austria

Kenneth Nelson - Actor
Captain Video and His Video Rangers, Henry Aldrich on 'Aldrich Family'
Mar. 24, 1930Born: Rocky Mount, NC

'Steve' [Terrence Steven] McQueen - Actor
Wanted, Dead or Alive, Blob, Bullitt
Mar. 24, 1930Born: Beech Grove, Indiana

William Smith - Actor
Rich Man Poor Man, Hawaii Five-0, the Marlboro Man
Mar. 24, 1932Born: Columbia, MO

Nicholas Campbell - Actor
Nick on 'The Insiders'
Mar. 24, 1952Born: Toronto, Canada

Louie Anderson - Comedian
Ratboy, Wrong Guys, Life with Louie
Mar. 24, 1953Born: Minneapolis, MN,

Robert [Reed] Carradine - Actor
Slim on 'The Cowboys', Wavelength, Revenge of the Nerds
Mar. 24, 1954Born: Los Angeles, CA,

Donna Pescow - Actress
Angie, Out of this World, Rainbow
Mar. 24, 1954Born:, Brooklyn

Kim [Johnston] Ulrich - Actress
Diana on 'As the World Turns'
Mar. 24, 1955Born: Ripon, CA

Terrell Anthony - Actor
Rusty on 'Guiding Light', Spiderman
Mar. 24, 1959Born:, Illinois

Kelly LeBrock - Actress
Weird Science, Woman in Red
Mar. 24, 1960Born: New York, NY,

University of Michigan -
holds 1st "Teach-in"
Mar. 24, 1967After the bombing of North Vietnam

Lara Flynn Boyle - Actress
The Practice, The Temp, Twin Peaks
Mar. 24, 1970Born: Davenport, IA,

Olivia Burnette - Actress
Mar. 24, 1977Born: San Clemente, CA

Luke [Daniel] Edwards - Actor
Newsie, Jeepers Creepers 2
Mar. 24, 1980Born: Nevada City, CA

Sam Jaffe - Actor
Dr Zorba on 'Ben Casey'
Mar. 8, 1891Born: New York, NY
Mar. 24, 1984Dies of cancer at 93

Sarah [Lucie] Cunningham - Actress
Nurse Andrews on 'Trapper John MD'
Mar. 24, 1986Dies at 67

Ray Goulding - Comedian
Bob & Ray
Mar. 20, 1922Born: Lowell, MA
Mar. 24, 1990Dies from kidney failure at 68

Robert [Martin] Culp - Actor
I Spy, Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice, Greatest American Hero
Aug. 16, 1930Born: Oakland, California
Mar. 24, 2010Died after a fall that took place outside his Los Angeles home

 March 23
Fannie [Merritt ] Farmer - Actress
namesake of a candy company
Mar. 23, 1857Born: Boston, MA

Philip Ober - Actor
North by Northwest, From Here to Eternity, General Stone on 'I Dream of Jeannie'
Mar. 23, 1902Born: Fort Payne, AL,

Joan Crawford [Lucille Fay LeSueur] - Actress
Mildred Pierce, What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?
Mar. 23, 1908Born: San Antonio, TX,
May. 10, 1977Dies at 69

Dixie Cup -
Mar. 23, 1908first called 'Health Kup'

Kenneth Tobey - Actor
The Thing From Another World, Chuck on 'Whirlybirds', Star Trek DS9
Mar. 23, 1917Born: Oakland, California

Patricia Burke - Actress
Mar. 23, 1917Born: Milan, Italy

James Brown - Actor
Lieutenant Rip Masters on 'Rin Tin Tin'
Mar. 23, 1920Born: Desdemona, TX

Jimmy Edwards [James Keith O'Neill] - Comedy actor
Mar. 23, 1920Born: Barnes, London, England

Marty Allen - Comedian
Allen & Rossi
Mar. 23, 1922Born: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Ugo Tognazzi - Actor/director
La Cage Aux Folles
Mar. 23, 1922Born: Cremona, Italy

James Maxwell - Actor/director
Traitors, Pyt Potter, Otley
Mar. 23, 1929Born: Worcester, Massachusetts

Mark Rydell - Actor
Havana, Punchline, Long Goodbye
Mar. 23, 1934Born: New York, NY

Barry [Charles] Cryer - Comedian/writer
Hosted 'Joker's Wild', All You Need is Cash, I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue
Mar. 23, 1935Born: Leeds, Yorkshire, England

Tariq Yunus - Actor
Bollywood, Ashanti, Deceivers
Mar. 23, 1940Born: Karachi, India

Amanda [Michael] Plummer - Actress
Hotel New Hampshire, Dollmaker
Mar. 23, 1957Born: New York, NY

Teresa Ganzel - Actress
Teachers Only, Duck Factory
Mar. 23, 1957Born: Toledo, OH

Terry Sweeney - Writer/comedian
Saturday Night Live
Mar. 23, 1960Born: St Albans, NY

Peter Lorre [László Löwenstein] - Actor
Casino Royale
Jun. 26, 1904Born: Rózsahegy, Austria-Hungary
Mar. 23, 1964Died from a stroke at 59

Richard Grieco - Actor
21 Jump Street, Booker
Mar. 23, 1965Born: Waterton, NY

Mae Murray [Marie Adrienne Koenig] - Actress
Bachelor Apartment
Mar. 23, 1965Dies of heart ailment at 75

Sandra Ferguson [Reinhardt] - Actress
Amanda on 'Another World', Illegal in Blue
Mar. 23, 1967Born: Pittsburgh, PA

Duncan Macrae - Actor
Casino Royale, Kidnapped
Mar. 23, 1967Dies at 61

'Ken' [Kenneth Olin] Maynard - Cowboy actor
Saturday Roundup
Mar. 23, 1973Died at the age of 77

Keri [Lynn] Russell - Actress
Mickey Mouse Club, Lottery, Daddy Girls
Mar. 23, 1976Born: Fountain Valley, California

Josh Ackerman - Actor
Mickey Mouse Club
Mar. 23, 1977Born: St. Paul, Minnesota

Nicholle Tom - Actress
Beethoven, Maggie on 'Nanny', Beverly Hills 90210
Mar. 23, 1978Born: Hinsdale, IL

Philip Bourneuf - Actor
Big Night, Frankenstein
Mar. 23, 1979Dies at 71

Mona Maris [Mona Maria Emita Cap de Vielle] - Actress
Camila, Berlin Correspondent
Mar. 23, 1991Dies at 88

Elizabeth [Rosemond] Taylor - Actress
Lassie Come Home, National Velvet, Cleopatra
Feb. 27, 1932Born: Hampstead, London, England
Mar. 23, 2011Died related to congestive heart failure

 March 22
'Chico' [Leonard] Marx - Comedian
Marx Brothers
Mar. 22, 1887Born: New York City, New York

Joseph Schildkraut - Actor
Flame of Barbary Coast, Joseph Schildkraut Presents
Mar. 22, 1895Born: Vienna, Austria

James Westerfield - Actor
Jungle Heat, Lucky Johnny
Mar. 22, 1913Born: Nashville, TN

Karl Malden [Mladen Sekulovich] - Actor
Mike on 'Streets of San Francisco', American Express spokesman
Mar. 22, 1913Born: Gary, Indiana

Paul Rogers - Actor
Looking Glass War, Billy Budd, The Homecoming
Mar. 22, 1917Born: Plympton Devon, England

Ross Martin [Martin Rosenblatt] - Actor
Mr Lucky, Wild Wild West
Mar. 22, 1920Born: Grodek,Poland,
Jul. 3, 1981Dies at 61

William [Alan] Shatner - Actor
Star Trek, T J Hooker
Mar. 22, 1931Born: Montral, Canada,

M[ichael] Emmet Walsh - Actor
Alice's Restaurant, Wildcats, War Party
Mar. 22, 1935Born: Ogdensburg, NY

May Britt [Maybritt Wilkens] - Actress
Young Lions/wife of Sammy Davis Jr
Mar. 22, 1936Born: Lidinga, Sweden

Bruno Ganz - Actor
Strapless, Wings of Desire
Mar. 22, 1941Born: Zurich, Switzerland

George Benson - jazz/blues guitarist
Breezin', This Masquerade
Mar. 22, 1943Born: Pittsburgh, PA.

Veleka Gray - Actress
Young & Restless
Mar. 22, 1947Born: New Orleans, LA

Fanny [Marguerite Judith] Ardant - Actress
Australia, Confidentially Yours
Mar. 22, 1949Born: Saumur, Maine-et-Loire, France

Mary Tamm - Actress
Odessa File, Doctor Who
Mar. 22, 1950Born: Dewsbury Yorkshire, England

Lena [Maria Jonna] Olin - Actress
Enemies, A Love Story
Mar. 22, 1956Born: Stockholm, Sweden

Stephanie Mills - Singer/actress
Mar. 22, 1957Born: Brooklyn, New York

Matthew [Avery] Modine - Actor
Full Metal Jacket, Pacific Heights
Mar. 22, 1959Born: Loma Linda, CA

Dax Griffin - Actor
Tim Truman on 'Sunset Beach'
Mar. 22, 1975Born: Atlanta, GA

Kellie Shanygne Williams - Actress
Laura on 'Family Matters'
Mar. 22, 1976Born: Washington, DC

Charles Starrett - Actor
Silver Streak, Jungle Bride
Mar. 22, 1986Dies at 82

Walter [Benjamin] Lantz - US cartoonist
Woody Woodpecker
Apr. 27, 1900Born: New Rochelle, New York
Mar. 22, 1994Dies at 93 in Burbank, California of heart failure

'Bill' [William Denby] Hanna - Animator
Jul. 14, 1910Born: Melrose, New Mexico
Mar. 22, 2001Died of throat cancer at 90

James Tiberius Kir - Captain of USS Enterprise
Star Trek
Mar. 22, 2233Born: Riverside , Iowa

 March 21
Carmelita Geraghty - Actress
My Best Girl, Texas Ranger
Mar. 21, 1901Born: Rushville, IN

Carl Jaffe - Actor
1st Man in Space, Escapement
Mar. 21, 1902Born: Hamburg, Germany

Peter [Cecil] Bull - Actor/author
Executioner, Tom Jones, Dr Strangelove, Scrooge
Mar. 21, 1912Born: London, England

Lois Collier [Madelyn Jones] - Actress
Mary on 'Boston Blackie', Slave Girl
Mar. 21, 1919Born: Salley, SC

Logan Ramsey - Actor
Star Trek TOS, Head, Joy Sticks, Say Yes
Mar. 21, 1921Born: Long Beach, CA

Philip Abbott - Actor
Arthur Ward on 'The FBI'
Mar. 21, 1923Born: Lincoln, NE

Virginia [Inna Indelheid] Weidler - Actress
Babes on Broadway
Mar. 21, 1926Born: Hollywood, CA

James Coco - Actor
Man of La Mancha, Murder by Death
Mar. 21, 1929Born: Bronx, NY

'Al' [Albert Cornelius] Freeman Jr - Actor
One Life to Live, My Sweet Charlie
Mar. 21, 1934Born: San Antonio, TX

Kathleen Widdoes - Actress
Without a Trace, As the World Turns
Mar. 21, 1939Born: Wilmington, DE

Franoise Dorlac - Actress
That Man From Rio
Mar. 21, 1942Born: Paris, France

Marie Christine Barrault - Actress
Stardust Memories
Mar. 21, 1944Born: Paris, France

Timothy [Peter] Dalton - Actor
James Bond on 'Living Daylights', License to Kill
Mar. 21, 1946Born: Colwyn Bay, Wales, UK

Eddie Money [Edward Joseph Mahoney] - Singer/guitarist
Take Me Home Tonight
Mar. 21, 1949Born: Brooklyn NY,

Jean Marie Hon - Actress
Jane on 'Man From Atlantis', Ark II
Mar. 21, 1955Born: San Francisco, CA

Sabrina Le Beauf - Actress
Sondra on 'Crosby Show'
Mar. 21, 1957Born: New Orleans, LA,

Brad Hall - Comedian
Saturday Night Live
Mar. 21, 1958Born: Santa Barbara, CA

Gary [Leonard] Oldman - Actor
Sid & Nancy, Criminal Law, State of Grace
Mar. 21, 1958Born: New Cross, London, England

Kassie DePaiva [Katherine Virginia Wesley] - Actress
Chelsea on 'Guiding Light', Evil Dead 2, One Life to Live
Mar. 21, 1961Born: Morganfield, KY

Matthew Broderick - Actor
Inspector Gadget, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, WarGames, Biloxi Blues
Mar. 21, 1962Born: New York, NY,

'Rosie' [Roseann] O'Donnell - Comedienne
League of Their Own, Flintstones, Rosie
Mar. 21, 1962Born: Commack, Long Island, New York

Dean Paul Martin - Actor
Billy on 'Misfits of Science'
Nov. 17, 1951Born: Santa Monica, Calif
Mar. 21, 1987Dies at 35

Robert Preston [Meservey] - Actor
Harold Hill on 'Music Man', Victor/Victoria, The Last Starfighter
Jun. 8, 1918Born: Newton, MA,
Mar. 21, 1987Dies from lung cancer at 68

Milton Frome - Actor
The Shaggy D.A, Batman, Family Jewels
Mar. 21, 1989Dies

John [Benjamin] Ireland - Actor
Jan. 30, 1914Born: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Mar. 21, 1992Dies of leukemia at 78

'Dack' [Norman] Rambo - Actor
Jack Ewing on 'Dallas'
Mar. 21, 1994Dies from AIDs at 52

 March 20
Today is 1st Day of Sprin
st Day of Spring
Mar. 20

[William] Edgar Buchanan - Actor
Uncle Joe on 'Petticoat Junction'
Mar. 20, 1902Born: Humansville, MO,
Apr. 4, 1979Dies at 77

'Ozzie' [Oswald George] Nelson - Actor
Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet
Mar. 20, 1906Born: Jersey City, NJ,
Jun. 3, 1975Dies at 69

Michael [Scudamore] Redgrave - Actor
Browning Version, The Lady Vanishes
Mar. 20, 1908Born: Bristol, England

Judith Evelyn - Actress
13th Letter, Tingler, Miss Lonely Heart in ;Rear Window'
Mar. 20, 1913Born: Seneca, SD

Ray Goulding - Comedian
Bob & Ray
Mar. 20, 1922Born: Lowell, MA
Mar. 24, 1990Dies from kidney failure at 68

Carl Reiner - Comedian/actor
2000 Year Old Man, Dick Van Dyke Show
Mar. 20, 1922Born: Bronx, NY,

Jack Kruschen - Actor
Cape Fear, Papa on 'Webster', Busting Loose
Mar. 20, 1922Born: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada,

'Mister' [Fred McFeely] Rogers - Children's television host
Mr Roger's Neighborhood
Mar. 20, 1928Born: Latrobe, PA,

Hal Linden [Harold Lipshitz] - Actor
Barney Miller, Blacke's Magic, Rothchild
Mar. 20, 1931Born: Bronx, NY,

Ted Bessell - Actor
Don on 'That Girl', Frankie on 'Gomer Pyle'
Mar. 20, 1935Born: Flushing, Queens, NY,

Jerry Reed [Hubbard] - Singer/actor
Gator, Bat 21, Smokey & the Bandit
Mar. 20, 1937Born: Atlanta, GA,

John de Lancie - Actor
Eugene Bradford on 'Days of our Lives', Q on Star Trek TNG, Stargate SG-1
Mar. 20, 1948Born: Philadelphia, PA.

'Chip' [Jerome Herbert] Zien - Actor
Love Sidney, Reggie
Mar. 20, 1949Born: Milwaukee, WI

William Hurt - Actor
Big Chill, Children of a Lesser God
Mar. 20, 1950Born: Washington, DC,

'Spike' [Shelton Jackson] Lee - Director
Mo Better Blues, Jungle Fever, Malcolm X
Mar. 20, 1957Born: Atlanta, GA,

Holly Hunter - Actress
The Piano, Broadcast News, Roe vs Wade
Mar. 20, 1958Born: Conyers, GA,

Bryan Genesse - Actor
Bold & Beautiful
Mar. 20, 1967Born: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

[Marvel] Marilyn Maxwell - Actress
East of Sumatra
Aug. 3, 1921Born: Clarinda, Iowa
Mar. 20, 1972Died at 51

Jane March [Horwood] - Actress
Mar. 20, 1973Born: Edgeware, England

Michael Goodliffe [Lawrence Michael Andrew Goodliffe] - Actor
Gorgon, 7th Dawn, Way Out
Mar. 20, 1976Dies at 61

 March 19
Arthur Hoyt - Actor
Gold Dust Gertie, Goldie Get Along
Mar. 19, 1874Born: Georgetown, CO

'Betty' [Eleanor Luicime] Compson - Actress
Big City, Docks Of New York
Mar. 19, 1897Born: Beaver, Utah

Roy Roberts [Roy Barnes Jones] - Actor
Petticoat Junction, Lucy Show
Mar. 19, 1900Born: Tampa, Florida
May. 28, 1975Dies at 75

[Frank] Kent Smith - Actor
Peyton Place, Invaders
Mar. 19, 1907Born: New York, NY

Louis Hayward [Seafield Grant] - Actor
Lone Wolf, Survivors
Mar. 19, 1909Born: Johannesburg South, Africa

Patricia Morison - Actress
Peyton Place, Dressed to Kill
Mar. 19, 1914Born: New York City, New York

Tige [Tiger] Andrews - Actor
Captain Adam Greer on 'Mod Squad'
Mar. 19, 1920Born: Brooklyn, NY

Pamela Britton [Armilda Jane Owen] - Actress
Blondie, My Favorite Martian
Mar. 19, 1923Born: Milwaukee, WI.
Jun. 17, 1974Dies at 50

Patrick [Joseph] McGoohan - Actor
#6 on 'The Prisoner', Secret Agent
Mar. 19, 1928Born: Astoria, NY,

Michael Ryan - Actor
John Randolph on 'Another World'
Mar. 19, 1929Born: Kansas

Burt Metcalfe - Actor/director
Father of the Bride, Perry Mason, , writer & producer for series 'M*A*S*H'
Mar. 19, 1935Born: Saskatchewan, Canada

Phyllis Newman - Actress
Coming of Age, TW3
Mar. 19, 1935Born: Jersey City, NJ

Renee Taylor [Wexler] - Actress
Jack Paar Show, Mary Hartman, Nanny
Mar. 19, 1935Born: New York, NY

Ursula Andress - Actress
Dr No, She, Sensuous Nurse
Mar. 19, 1936Born: Ostermundigen, Berne, Switzerland

Glenn Close - Actress
The Big Chill, Fatal Attraction
Mar. 19, 1947Born: Greenwich, CT,

Denny Albee - Actor
Dr Janssen on 'One Life to Live'
Mar. 19, 1949Born: Oklahoma City, OK

[Walter] Bruce Willis - Actor
Moonlighting, Die Hard
Mar. 19, 1955Born: PennsGrove, NJ

Shelly Burch - Actress
Delila on 'One Life to Live', Identity Crisis
Mar. 19, 1959Born: Tucson, AZ

Dalton James - Actor
My Father the Hero, Mark on 'Beverly Hills 90210'
Mar. 19, 1971Born: Sacramento, California

Edward Platt - Actor
Chief on 'Get Smart'
Feb. 14, 1916Born: Staten Island, New York
Mar. 19, 1974Dies at 58

Rachel [Elise] Blanchard - Actress
Cher Horowitz on 'Clueless'
Mar. 19, 1976Born: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

'Al' [Albert] Hodge - Actor
Captain Video
Mar. 19, 1979Dies at 65

Richard [Arthur] Beckinsale - Actor
Doing Time, Porridge, Lovers
Mar. 19, 1979Dies at 31 of heart attack

Jon Lormer - Acto
Star Trek TOS, Creepshow, Perry Mason
May. 7, 1906Born: Canton, Ohio
Mar. 19, 1986Died at the age of 79

Cesare Danova [Cesare Deitinger] - Actor
Cleopatra, Viva Las Vegas
Mar. 1, 1926Born: Bergamo, Lombardy, Italy
Mar. 19, 1992Dies from a heart attack at 66

Calvert [Grant] DeForest - Comedian
Larry 'Bud' Melman
Jul. 23, 1921Born: Conestoga, NY.
Mar. 19, 2007Died at the age of 85

 March 18
Edward Everett Horton - Actor/narrator
Bullwinkle Show
Mar. 18, 1886Born: Brooklyn, NY

[Friedrich] Robert Donat - Actor
Goodbye Mr Chips, Citadel
Mar. 18, 1905Born: Withington Manchester, England

Peter Graves [Peter Aurness] - Actor
James Phelps on 'Mission Impossible', Airplane, Airplane II, Men in Black II
Mar. 18, 1926Born: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Mar. 14, 2010Died of a heart attack at 84

George [Ames] Plimpton - Sports writer
Paper Lion
Mar. 18, 1927Born: New York, NY,

Carl Gottlieb - Comedian
Ken Berry Wow Show
Mar. 18, 1938Born: New York, New York

'Shashi' [Balbir Raj] Kapoor - Actor
Shalimar, Heat & Dust
Mar. 18, 1938Born: Calcutta, India

Kevin Dobson - Actor
Kojak, Knots Landing, Shannon
Mar. 18, 1943Born: Jackson Heights, NY

Brad [Claude] Dourif - Actor
Ragtime, Eyes of Laura Mars, Fatal Beauty, Lord of the Rings
Mar. 18, 1950Born: Huntington, WV

Irene Cara [Irene Escalera] - Actress/singer
Fame, DC Cab, Certain Fury
Mar. 18, 1959Born: Bronx New York, NY

Claudia Udy - Actress
Out of Control, Nightforce
Mar. 18, 1960Born: Albuquerque, NM

Richard Biggs - Actor
Marcus on 'Days of Our Lives', Babylon 5
Mar. 18, 1960Born: Columbus, OH

Geoffrey Owens - Actor
Elvin on 'Cosby Show'
Mar. 18, 1961Born: Brooklyn, New York

Poppin' Fresh Pillsbury Dough Boy -
1st ntroduced
Mar. 18, 1961Voice of Paul Frees was used

Thomas Ian Griffith - Actor
Vampires, Catlin on 'Another World'
Mar. 18, 1962Born: Hartford, Connecticut

Vanessa [Lynn] Williams - Actress
Rhonda Blair on 'Melrose Place'
Mar. 18, 1963Born: Brooklyn, NY,

Barbara Bates - Actress
Kathy on 'It's a Great Life', All About Eve
Aug. 6, 1925Born: Denver, CO,
Mar. 18, 1969Died in her garage from carbon monoxide poisoning at 44

Queen Latifah [Dana Elaine Owens] - Rap singer/actress
Khadijah James on 'Living Single'
Mar. 18, 1970Born: Newark, NJ

'Peggy' [Mary Margaret] Wood - Actress
One Life to Live, Mama
Feb. 9, 1892Born: Brooklyn, New York
Mar. 18, 1978Dies at 86

'Bill' [William Britton] Baird - Puppeteer
Kukla Fran & Ollie, Muppet Show
Aug. 15, 1904Born: Grand Island, Nebraska,
Mar. 18, 1987Died at 83

Natasha [Jane] Richardson - Actress
Gothic, Handmaid's Tale
May. 11, 1963Born: London, England
Mar. 18, 2009Died from a head injury during a skiing lesson

Fess [Elisha] Parker - Actor
Davy Crockett, Old Yeller
Aug. 16, 1924Born: Fort Worth, TX,
Mar. 18, 2010Died at age 85 of natural causes

 March 17
St Patrick
Patron St of Ireland
Dec. 16, 385Born: Roman Britain
Mar. 17, 493Dies in Saul (according to legend)

Today is St. Patrick's Day -
Feast day
Mar. 17Annually celebrates Saint Patrick (386-493), the patron saint of Ireland

1st official St Patrick's Day
Mar. 17, 1766in New York

Rubber band -
Patented by Stephen Perry of London
Mar. 17, 1845in some regions known as a binder, elastic band, lackey band, or gumband

Shemp Howard [Samuel Horwitz] - Comedian/actor
3 Stooges, Bank Dick
Mar. 17, 1895Born: Brooklyn, NY,

Brigitte Helm [Eva Gisela Schittenhelm] - Actress
Gloria, Gold
Mar. 17, 1906Born: Berlin, Germany

'Nat King' [Nathaniel Adams] Cole - Singer
Unforgettable, Mona Lisa
Mar. 17, 1919Born: Montgomery, AL,

[John Keith] Patrick Allen - Actor
Roman Holiday, Dial "M" for Murder
Mar. 17, 1927Born:, Malawi

Eunice Gayson - Actress
Dr No, From Russia With Love
Mar. 17, 1931Born: London, England

Adam Wade - Actor/singer
Kiss Me Goodbye, Crazy Joe
Mar. 17, 1935Born: Pittsburgh, PA

Don [Michael] Mitchell - Actor
Mark on 'Ironside'
Mar. 17, 1943Born: Houston, TX

Patrick Duffy - Actor
Man from Atlantis, Bobby on 'Dallas'
Mar. 17, 1949Born: Townsend, MT,

Kurt [Vogel] Russell - Actor
Thing, Overboard, Mean Seasons
Mar. 17, 1951Born: Springfield, MA,

Lesley Anne Down - Actress
A Little Night Music, Moonraker
Mar. 17, 1954Born: London, England

Bill Beyers - Actor
Wally McCandless on 'Capitol'
Mar. 17, 1955Born: Lake Success, Long Island, New York

Gary [Alan] Sinise - Actor
Apollo 13, Forrest Gump
Mar. 17, 1955Born: Blue Island, Illinois

Fred Allen [John Florence Sullivan] - Comedian
Colgate Comedy Hour, Fred Allen Radio Show
Mar. 17, 1956Dies at 61

Vicki Lewis - Actress
Beth on 'Newsradio'
Mar. 17, 1960Born: Cincinnati, OH

Rebeca Arthur - Actress
Mary Anne on 'Perfect Strangers', Opposites Attract
Mar. 17, 1963Born: Cumberland, Maryland.

Golda Meir [Golda Mabovitch] -
A Milwaukee, Wisconsin high school teacher
Mar. 17, 1969Took office as Israel's 4th Prime Minister,

Amelia Heinle - Actress
Stephanie Brewster on 'Loving/The City'
Mar. 17, 1973Born: Phoenix, Arizonia

Merritt Butrick - Actor
Johnny on 'Square Pegs', Star Trek II and Star Trek III, Star Trek TNG
Sep. 3, 1959Born: Gainesville, FL
Mar. 17, 1989Died from AIDS related brain cancer at 30

Capucine [Germaine Lefebvre] - Actress
Rendez on 'Vous de Juillet', Curse of the Pink Panther
Mar. 17, 1990Commits suicide in Lausanne, Switzerland by jumping from her 8th-floor apartment window.

Charles Rea - British actor
Ipcress File
Mar. 17, 1992Dies at 69

Helen Hayes - Actress
Csar & Cleopatra, Happy Birthday
Mar. 17, 1993Died from congestive heart failure at 92

'Rick' [Richard Anthony] Aviles - US comic/actor
Mar. 17, 1995Dies of AIDS

Rosetta LeNoire [Rosetta Olive Burton] - Actress
Grandma Winslow on 'Family Matters'
Aug. 8, 1911Born: New York, NY.
Mar. 17, 2002Died at 90

 March 16
Charles Halton - Actor
Dr Cyclops, Tugboat Annie Sails Again
Mar. 16, 1876Born: Washington, DC

Henry [Brazeale] Walthall - Actor
Birth of a Nation, Klondike
Mar. 16, 1878Born: Shelby City, AL

Sydney Chaplin [Sidney John Hill] - Actor
Mar. 16, 1885Born: South, Africa

Isobel Elsom - Actress
My Fair Lady, Love From a Stranger
Mar. 16, 1893Born: Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England

Conrad Nagel - Actor
Celebrity Time
Mar. 16, 1896Born: Keokuk, IA

Morgan Conway - Actor
Dick Tracy
Mar. 16, 1903Born: Newark, New Jersey

Clive Morton - Actor
Goodbye Mr Chips, Moonraker
Mar. 16, 1904Born: London, England

'Henny' [Henry] Youngman - Comedian
Take my wife please
Mar. 16, 1906Born: London, England

'Leo' [Reginald] McKern - Actor
Blue Lagoon, Help, Mouse that Roared, The Prisioner
Mar. 16, 1920Born: Sydney, Australia

Jerry Lewis [Joseph Levitch] - Comedian
Martin and Lewis comedy team, Nutty Professor, The Bellboy, Nuts
Mar. 16, 1926Born: Newark, NJ,

Karlheinz Bhm - Actor
Face of Fear, Peeping Tom, Unnatural
Mar. 16, 1927Born: Darmstadt, Germany

Olga San Juan - Actress
Variety Girl, 1 Touch of Venus
Mar. 16, 1927Born: New York, NY

Erik Estrada - Actor
CHiPs, Cross & Switchblade, Lightblast
Mar. 16, 1946Born: New York, NY,

Victor [Joseph] Garber - Actor
Days & Nights of Molly Dodd
Mar. 16, 1949Born: Montral Qubec, Canada

'Kate' [Patricia Colleen] Nelligan - Actress
Bethune, Eye of the Needle
Mar. 16, 1951Born: London, Ontario

Jimmy Nail [James Michael Aloysius Bradford] - Singer / Actor
Evita, Spender, Howling II
Mar. 16, 1954Born: Gleneagles Close, Benton, Newcastle upon Tyne, England

Arthur [Morton Leo] Godfrey - Radio, TV host
Arthur Godfrey's Talent Scout
Aug. 31, 1903Born: New York, NY,
Mar. 16, 1983Died at 80

 March 15
Mar. 15, 18671st state to tax property to support a university

George Brent [George Brendan Nolan - Actor
42nd St, Jezebel
Mar. 15, 1899Born: Dublin, Ireland

Zarah Leander [Zarah Stina Hedberg] - Singer / Actress
Mar. 15, 1902Born: Karlstad Vmanland, Sweden

Joe E Ross - Comedian
Gunther Toody on 'Car 54', Ritzik on 'Phil Silvers Show'
Mar. 15, 1905Born: Manhattan, NY
Aug. 13, 1982Died at 68

Berthold Graf Schenk von Stauffenberg
Attempted to assassinate Hitler
Mar. 15, 1905Born: Stuttgart, Germany

'Jimmy' [James Douglas] McPartland - Jazz Trumpeter / Actor
Magic Horn
Mar. 15, 1907Born: Chicago, Illinois

Lex Goudsmit - Dutch Actor
Fiddler On The Roof
Mar. 15, 1913Born: Brussels

[Edward ] MacDonald Carey - Actor
One Life To Live, Dream Girl
Mar. 15, 1913Born: Sioux City, IA

Richard Ward - Actor
Beacon Hill
Mar. 15, 1915Born: Glenside, PA

Lawrence Tierney - Actor
Abduction, Dillinger, Star Trek TNG, DS9
Mar. 15, 1919Born: Brooklyn, New York

Walter Gotell - Acto
Bond Movies, Star Trek TOS
Mar. 15, 1924Born: Bonn, Germany

Judd Hirsch - Actor
Alex on 'Taxi', Dear John, Ordinary People
Mar. 15, 1935Born: Bronx, NY,

Brenda Scott - Actress
Midge on 'Road West'
Mar. 15, 1943Born: Cincinnati, OH

Sly Stone [Sylvester Stewart - Rocker
Sly & the Family Stone 'Everyday People'
Mar. 15, 1944Born: Dallas, Texas

John Duttine - Actor
Day Of The Triffids
Mar. 15, 1949Born: Barnsley, Yorkshire, England

Angelina Fiordellisi - Actres
Star Trek TNG
Mar. 15, 1955Born: Detroit, Michigan

Park Overall - Actress
Laverne on 'Empty Nest', Mississippi Burning
Mar. 15, 1957Born: Greeneville, Tennessee

'Jimmy' [James Joseph] Baio - Actor
Billy Tate on 'Soap', Brass, Playing For Keeps
Mar. 15, 1962Born: Brooklyn, NY

Chris Bruno - Actor
Michael on 'All My Children', Dennis on 'Another World', The Dead Zone
Mar. 15, 1966Born: Milford, Connecticut

Caitlin [Elizabeth] Wachs - Actress
Chloe Waters on 'Profiler'
Mar. 15, 1989Born: Eugene, Oregon

'Ron' [Ronald Arthur] Silver - Actor
Entity, Silkwood, Best Friends
Jul. 2, 1946Born: New York, NY,
Mar. 15, 2009Died of esophageal cancer at 62

 March 14
Today is Pi Da
i Day
Mar. 14Commemorating the mathematical constant Pi

Mary Carr - Actress
Forbidden Trail, Pack Up Your Troubles
Mar. 14, 1874Born: Germantown, Pennsylvania

Albert Einstein -
E=mc/Theory of Relativity, Nobel 1921
Mar. 14, 1879Born: Ulm, Wrttemberg, Germany

Dennis Patrick [Harrison] - Actor
Dear Dead Delilah, Dallas, Rituals
Mar. 14, 1918Born: Philadelphia, PA

Michael Caine [Maurice Joseph Micklewhite, Jr.] - Actor
Blame It On Rio, Alfie, Educating Rita
Mar. 14, 1933Born: Rotherhithe, London, England

Eleanor Bron - Actress
Women In Love, Bedazzled
Mar. 14, 1940Born: Stanmore, Middlesex, England

Rita Tushingham - Actress
Green Eyes, Doctor Zhivago
Mar. 14, 1942Born: Liverpool, England

'Anne' [Annelies Marie] Frank
The Diary of Anne Frank
Mar. 14, 1945Died from typhus epidemic at age 15

'Tim' [Timothy John] Rossovich - Actor
When The Whistle Blows
Mar. 14, 1946Born: Palo Alto, CA

'Steve' [Steven Francis] Kanaly - Actor
Fleshburn, Ray Krebbs-Dallas
Mar. 14, 1946Born: Burbank, CA

Billy Crystal [William Jacob] - Comedian
Soap, Saturday Night Live, City Slickers
Mar. 14, 1947Born: Long Beach, NY,

Adrian Zmed - Actor
TJ Hooker, Dance Fever
Mar. 14, 1954Born: Chicago, IL

Russell Todd [Goldberg] - Actor
Dr Jamie Frame on 'Another World', Friday the 13th
Mar. 14, 1958Born: Albany, New York

Tamara Tunie - Actress
Jessica on 'As The World Turns'
Mar. 14, 1959Born: McKeesport, Pennsylvania

Penny Johnson Jerald - Actres
Star Trek DS9, The Larry Sanders Show, 24
Mar. 14, 1961Born: Los Angeles, California

Melissa Reeves [Brennan] - Actress
Jennifer on 'Days Of Our Lives'
Mar. 14, 1967Born: Eatontown, NJ

Megan [Elizabeth Laura Diana] Follows - Actress
Chase, Anne Of Green Gables
Mar. 14, 1968Born: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Laura Leighton [Miller] - Actress
Sydney on 'Melrose Place', The Other Woman
Mar. 14, 1969Born: Iowa City, Iowa

Meredith [Dawn] Salenger - Actress
Dream A Little Dream, The Kiss
Mar. 14, 1970Born: Malibu, California

Susan Hayward [Edythe Marrenner] - Actress
I Want to Live, Tulsa
Jun. 30, 1918Born: Brooklyn, NY,
Mar. 14, 1975Died at 57 of brain cancer

Kate [Elizabeth Cameron] Maberly - Actress
Secret Garden
Mar. 14, 1982Born: Surrey, England

Ralph James - Actor
Orson - Mork & Mindy
Mar. 14, 1992Dies at 67

Peter Graves [Peter Aurness] - Actor
James Phelps on 'Mission Impossible', Airplane, Airplane II, Men in Black II
Mar. 18, 1926Born: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Mar. 14, 2010Died of a heart attack at 84

 March 13
Paul Fix - Actor
Mar. 13, 1901Born: Dobbs Ferry, NY

Frank Wilcox - Actor
John Brewster on 'Beverly Hillbillies', Perry Mason
Mar. 13, 1907Born: DeSoto, MO

Peter Breck - Actor
Maverick, Black Saddle, Big Valley, Benji
Mar. 13, 1929Born: Rochester, NY,

Robert [Sosebee] Woods - Actor
Bo on 'One Life To Live', Deadly Love
Mar. 13, 1950Born: Maywood, CA

William [Hall] Macy - Actor
Homicide, Water Engine
Mar. 13, 1950Born: Miami, FL

Deborah [Iona] Raffin - Actress
Ransom, Demon, 40 Carats
Mar. 13, 1953Born: Los Angeles, CA

Glenne [Aimee] Headly - Actress
Dick Tracy, Making Mr Right
Mar. 13, 1955Born: New London, CT

Dana [Welles] Delany - Actress
Colleen McMurphy on 'China Beach', Exit To Eden
Mar. 13, 1956Born: New York, NY

Christopher Collett - Actor
Manhattan Project
Mar. 13, 1968Born: New York, NY

Tracy Wells - Actress
Heather on 'Mr Belvedere'
Mar. 13, 1971Born: Encino, California

Janos Prohaska - Actor
"The Cookie Bear" on The Andy Williams Show, Star Trek TOS stuntman
Mar. 13, 1974Dies at 52

Jean Del Val - Actor
Sainted Devil, Flying Deuces, Fantastic Voyage
Mar. 13, 1975Dies At 83

[Lois] Maureen Stapleton - Actress
Airport, Coccoon, Plaza Suite
Jun. 21, 1925Born: Troy, NY,
Mar. 13, 2006Died of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease at 80

 March 12
House Peters - silent film actor
Kansas Territory
Mar. 12, 1880Born: Bristol, England

Inez Courtney - actress
13th Man, Crime Ring, Raven
Mar. 12, 1908Born: New York, NY

'Tony' [Dominic Anthony] Galento - Boxer / Actor
On the Waterfront
Mar. 12, 1910Born: Orange, NJ

'Googie' [Georgette Lizette] Withers - Actress
1 of Our Aircraft is Missing
Mar. 12, 1917Born: Karachi, Pakistan

[Albert] Gordon MacRae - Singer / Actor
Oklahoma, Carousel
Mar. 12, 1921Born: East Orange, NJ

Gudrun Ure - Actress
The Crow Road, Lady MacBeth, BBC Sorcerer
Mar. 12, 1926Born: Campsie, Strathclyde, Scotland

'Billie' [William] Thomas Jr - Actor
Buckwheat on 'Little Rascals'
Mar. 12, 1931Born : Los Angeles, California

Millie Perkins - aActress
Diary of Anne Frank, Table for 5, Shooting
Mar. 12, 1938Born: Passaic, New Jersey

Barbara Feldon [Hall] - Actress
Agent 99 on 'Get Smart'
Mar. 12, 1939Born: Butler, PA,

Liza [May] Minnelli - Singer/actress
Sterile Cuckoo, Cabaret
Mar. 12, 1946Born: Hollywood, CA,

Sara Lane - Actress
Elizabeth Grainger on 'The Virginian'
Mar. 12, 1949Born: New York, NY

Jon Provost - Actor
Timmy on 'Lassie'
Mar. 12, 1950Born : Los Angeles, California

Charlie "Bird" Parker
Jazz saxophonist
Mar. 12, 1955Dies in New York, NY at 34 from pneumonia and a bleeding ulcer.

Jerry Levine - Actor
Born on 4th of July
Mar. 12, 1957Born: New Brunswick, NJ

Josephine Hull [Sherwood - actress
Mar. 12, 1957Dies at 71

Belinda Lee - Actress
Joseph & his Brethren
Mar. 12, 1961Dies in car crash at 25

Julia Campbell - Actress
Opportunity Knocks
Mar. 12, 1963Born: Huntsville, AL

John [Holland] Cazale - actor
Dog Day Afternoon, Deer Hunter
Mar. 12, 1978Dies at 41

Maurice [Herbert] Evans - Actor
Bewitched, MacBeth
Jun. 3, 1901Born: Dorchester, England
Mar. 12, 1989Dies at 87

 March 11
Dorothy Gish [Elizabeth de Guiche] - Stage & Silent film actress
Orphans of the Storm
Mar. 11, 1898Born: Dayton, Ohio

Lawrence Welk - Orchestra leader
Lawrence Welk Show
Mar. 11, 1903Born: Strasburg, ND,
May. 17, 1992Dies of pneumonia at 89

Jessie Matthews - Actress
Gangway, First a Girl
Mar. 11, 1907Born: London, England

Alan Gifford - Actor
Time Lock, Up Periscope
Mar. 11, 1911Born: Boston, MA

Al Eben - Actor
Doc Bergman on 'Hawaii Five-0'
Mar. 11, 1918Born: Philadelphia, PA

Terence Alexander - actor
Tony on 'Behind the Scenes'
Mar. 11, 1923Born: London, England

Albert Salmi - actor
Daniel Boone, 79 Park Avenue
Mar. 11, 1928Born: Brooklyn, NY

Valerie French - actress
Jubal, The Hard Man, The Prisoner
Mar. 11, 1932Born: London, England

Peter Eyre - actor
Mar. 11, 1942Born: New York, New York

Brigitte Fossey - actress
Man Who Died Twice
Mar. 11, 1946Born: Tourcoing, France

Dominique Sanda [Dominique Mari -Françoise Renée Var] - Actress
1900, First Love, Inheritance, Beyond Good & Evil
Mar. 11, 1947Born: Paris, France

Jerry Zucker - Director
Airplane, Naked Gun
Mar. 11, 1950Born: Milwaukee, WI.

Florence Arliss - Actress
Mar. 11, 1950Dies at 78

Douglas [Nol] Adams - Author
Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Mar. 11, 1952Born: Cambridge, England,

Susan Richardson - actress
Susan on '8 is Enough'
Mar. 11, 1952Born: Coatesville, PA

[Kater] Nina Hagen - actress
Blue Angel
Mar. 11, 1955Born: East Berlin German Democratic, Republic

Peter Berg - actor
Chicago Hope
Mar. 11, 1962Born: New York, New York

Nancy Sloan - actress
Katie on 'Bold & Beautiful'
Mar. 11, 1965Born: Chattanooga, Tennessee

Geraldine Farrar - soprano/actress
Such Sweet Compulsion
Feb. 28, 1882Born: Melrose, Massachusetts
Mar. 11, 1967Dies at 85

John [Scott] Barrowman - Actor
Peter Fairchild on 'Central Park West'
Mar. 11, 1968Born: Glasgow, Scotland

Vincent Edwards [Vincent Edward Zoino III] - Actor
Dr Ben Casey, Death Stalk, Firehouse
Jul. 7, 1928Born: Brooklyn, NY,
Mar. 11, 1996Dies at 68

'Gene' [Eugene Wesley] Roddenberry -
Ashes of Star Trek creator Launched into space
Aug. 19, 1921Born: El Paso, TX,
Mar. 11, 1997

Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami -
a 9.0 magnitude undersea megathrust earthquake off the coast of Japan
Mar. 11, 2011

 March 10
Stuart Holmes - actor
Prisoner of Zenda
Mar. 10, 1884Born: Chicago, IL

Barry Fitzgerald [William Joseph Shields] - actor
Going My Way
Mar. 10, 1888Born: Dublin, Ireland

Warner Anderson - actor
Doctor, Lineup, Matthew on 'Peyton Place'
Mar. 10, 1911Born: Brooklyn, NY

'Cec' [Cecil] Linder - actor
Mar. 10, 1921Born: Galica, Poland

Adam Kennedy - actor
Dion on 'Californian'
Mar. 10, 1922Born: Lafayette, IN

Pamela Mason - actress
Navy vs Night Monsters
Mar. 10, 1922Born:, London

Marina Vlady [Marina de Poliakoff Baidaroff] - actress
Conjugal Bed, The Hunt
Mar. 10, 1938Born: Clichy, France

'Chuck' [Carlos Ray] Norri - Martial arts / Actor
Walker Texas Ranger, Missing in Action
Mar. 10, 1940Born: Ryan, OK,

Angelique Pettyjohn - actress
Body Talk, Star Trek
Mar. 10, 1943Born: Los Angeles, CA

Shannon [Lee Tweed] -
Playmate of the year 1981 Actress (Meatballs 3
Mar. 10, 1957Born: St Johns, Newfoundland

Sharon [Vonne] Stone - actress
Basic Instinct, Sliver, Casino
Mar. 10, 1958Born: Meadville, PA

Jasmine Guy - actress
Whitley on 'Different World'
Mar. 10, 1963Born: Boston, MA

Stephen Mailer - actor
Red Meat, League of Their Own, War & Love
Mar. 10, 1966Born: New York, NY

Ray Milland [Alfred Roger Jones] - actor
Lost Weekend, Dial M for Murder
Mar. 10, 1986Dies at 81

Lloyd [Vernet] Bridges
Actor: Sea Hunt, Roots, Airplane
Jan. 15, 1913Born: San Leandro, CA
Mar. 10, 1998Died of natural causes at the age 85

 March 9
Frank Puglia - Actor
Black Orchid, Jungle Book
Mar. 9, 1892Born: Sicily, Italy

Will Greer [William Auge Ghere] - Actor
Grandpa Walton
Mar. 9, 1902Born: Frankfort, Indiana

'Fred' [Frederick Leonard] Clark - Actor
Burns & Allen, Auntie Mame, Hazard
Mar. 9, 1914Born: Lincoln, California

Marguerite Chapman - Actress
Spy Smasher, Flight to Mars
Mar. 9, 1918Born: Chatham, New York

Carl Betz - Actor
Alex Stone on 'Donna Reed Show'
Mar. 9, 1920Born: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Taina Elg - Actress
Hercules in New York, Les Girls
Mar. 9, 1931Born: Helsinki, Finland

Joyce [Benignia] Van Patten - Actress
Good Guys, Don Rickles Show
Mar. 9, 1934Born: Queens, New York

Joe Gallison - Actor
PT-109, Neil on 'Days of our Lives'
Mar. 9, 1935Born: Houston, Texas

Glenda [May] Jackson - Actress
Hopscotch, Touch of Class
Mar. 9, 1936Born: Birkenhead, Cheshire, England

Raul Julia [Ral Rafael Juli y Arcelay] - Actor
Addams Family, Kiss of the Spider Woman, Eyes of Laura Mars
Mar. 9, 1940Born: San Juan, Puerto Rico

Trish Van Devere [Patricia Dressel] - Actress
Changeling, Movie Movie, Hearse
Mar. 9, 1943Born: Englewood Cliffs, New Jersy

'Jamie Lyn' [Norma Marvhne] Bauer - Actress
Young & Restless, Centerfold Girls
Mar. 9, 1948Born: Phoenix, Arizonia

William Kirby Cullen - Actor
How the West Was Won, Air Wolf
Mar. 9, 1952Born: Santa Ana, California

Ornella Muti [Francesca Romana Rivelli] - Actress
Flash Gordon, Most Beautiful Wife
Mar. 9, 1955Born: Rome, Italy

Barbie Doll
Mar. 9, 1959over 800 million sold

Kato [Brian] Kaelin - Actor
Beach Fever/OJ houseguest/witness
Mar. 9, 1959Born: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Lonny Price - Actor
Muppets Take Manhattan
Mar. 9, 1959Born: New York, New York

Linda Fiorentino - Actress
Jade, Last Seduction, Moderns
Mar. 9, 1960Born: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Ford Mustang -
American Automotive classic
Mar. 9, 19641st one rolls off the assembly line

Juliette Binoche - Actress
English Patient, Unbearable Lightness of Being
Mar. 9, 1965Born: Paris, France

Emmanuel Lewis - Actor
Mar. 9, 1971Born: Brooklyn, New York

Faye [Margaret] Emerson - Actress
I've Got a Secret
Jul. 8, 1917Born: Elizabeth, La.
Mar. 9, 1983Died of stomach cancer at 65

 March 8
Sam Jaffe - Actor
Dr Zorba on 'Ben Casey'
Mar. 8, 1891Born: New York, NY
Mar. 24, 1984Dies of cancer at 93

Louise Beavers - Actress
Beulah on 'Beulah', Made for Each Other
Mar. 8, 1898Born: Cincinnati, Ohio

Claire Trevor [Claire Wemlinger] - Actress
Murder My Sweet, Marjorie Morningstar
Mar. 8, 1909Born: Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, New York

Eileen Herlie [Eileen Herlihy] - Actress
Myrtle Fargate on 'All My Children', Hamlet
Mar. 8, 1920Born: Glasgow, Scotland

Eva Dahlbeck - Actress
Dreams, Lesson in Love
Mar. 8, 1920Born: Saltsjo-Duvnas, Sweden

Alan Hale [MacKahan] Jr - Actor
Skipper Jonas Grumby on 'Gilligan's Island'
Mar. 8, 1921Born: Los Angeles, CA,

Cyd Charisse [Tula Ellice Finklea] - Dancer/actress
East Side West Side, Brigadoon
Mar. 8, 1921Born: Amarillo, Texas
Jun. 17, 2008Died of heart attack at 86

Booth Colman - Actor
Zaius on 'Planet of the Apes'
Mar. 8, 1923Born: Portland, Oregon

Sean McClory - Actor
Jack on 'Californians', My Chauffeur
Mar. 8, 1924Born: Dublin, Ireland

'Paco' [Francisco] Rabal - Actor
Holy Innocents, Camorra
Mar. 8, 1926Born: Aguilas, Spain

Alan [Grigsby] Sues - Actor / Comedia
Laugh-In, Oh Heavenly Dog
Mar. 8, 1926Born: Ross, California

Sue Ane Langdon - Actress
Bachelor Father, Arnie
Mar. 8, 1936Born: Paterson, New Jersey

Susan Clark - Actress
Night Moves, Webster
Mar. 8, 1942Born: Sarnia, Ontario,

Lynn [Grigsby] Redgrav - Actress
Georgie Girl
Mar. 8, 1943Born: London, England,

'Mickey' [George Michael] Dolenz - Actor/ Singer
Monkees, Circus Boy
Mar. 8, 1945Born: Los Angeles, CA,

Rita Walter [Rita McLaughlin] - Actress
As the World Turns
Mar. 8, 1951Born: Brooklyn, New York

Cynthia Rothrock - Actress
Lady Dragon, Honor & Glory
Mar. 8, 1957Born: Wilmington, Delaware

Aidan Quin - Actor
Legends of the Fall, Michael Collins, Benny & Joon, Reckless
Mar. 8, 1959Born: Chicago, Illinois

Kathy Ireland - Model/actress
Alien From LA, Side Out
Mar. 8, 1963Born: Santa Barbara, California

John F Bothwell - Actor
Freckles on 'Our Gang'
Mar. 8, 1967Dies at 46

Andrea Parker - Actress
Miss Parker on 'The Pretender'
Mar. 8, 1969Born: Monterey County, California

Harold [Clayton] Lloyd - Comic/actor
Why Worry
Mar. 8, 1971Died of cancer at 77

Freddie [James] Prinze Jr - Actor
I Know What You Did Last Summer
Mar. 8, 1976Born: Los Angeles, California

James Van Der Beek - Actor
Dawson's Creek
Mar. 8, 1977Born: Cheshire, Connecticut

Henry Hull [Henry Vaughan] - Actor
Werewolf of London, Boys Town
Mar. 8, 1977Dies at 86

Edward Andrews - Actor
Broadside, Harry on 'Supertrain'
Oct. 9, 1914Born: Griffin, Georgia
Mar. 8, 1985Died of a heart attack at 71

'Peggy' [Mary Margaret] Cass - Actress/TV panelist
To Tell the Truth, Auntie Mame
May. 21, 1924Born: Boston, MA
Mar. 8, 1999Died of heart failure at the age of 74

 March 7
Raymond Largay - Actor
April in Paris, Variety Girl
Mar. 7, 1886Wisconsin

'Heinz' [Heinrich William] Ruehmann - Actor/director
Der Hauptmann von Kpenick
Mar. 7, 1902Essen, Germany

Virginia Downing - Actress
Gig, Butterfield 8
Mar. 7, 1904Washington, DC

Anna Magnani - Actress
Rose Tattoo, Miracle
Mar. 7, 1908Rome, Italy

Davis Roberts - Actor
Mr Johnson on 'Boone'
Mar. 7, 1917Mobile, Alabama

James Broderick - Actor
Brenner on 'Brenner', Doug on 'Family'
Mar. 7, 1927Born: Charlestown, New Hampshire

Monopoly -
The board game
Mar. 7, 1935Patented

Janet Guthrie
Race car driver, 1st woman to race in Indy 500
Mar. 7, 1938Born: Iowa City, Iowa

'Daniel J' [Danielo Giovanni] Travanti - Actor
Frank Furillo on 'Hill St Blues'
Mar. 7, 1940Born: Kenosha, WI,

John Heard - Actor
Cat People, Cutter's Way, CHUD
Mar. 7, 1945Born: Washington, DC,

Lewis J Stadlen - Actor
John on 'Benson', Savages, Windy City
Mar. 7, 1947Born: Brooklyn, New York

'Richard' [Rickey Lee] Lawson - Actor
Eddie on 'The O'Neills'
Mar. 7, 1947Born: Loma Linda, California

Donna Loren - Actress / Singer
Beach Blanket Bingo
Mar. 7, 1947Boston, Massachusetts

Mark Pinter - Actor
Karl on 'Behind the Screen', Another World
Mar. 7, 1950Born: Decorah, Iowa

Linda Gibboney - Actress
Search for Tomorrow, Jessica on 'Generations'
Mar. 7, 1951New York, New York

Mary Beth Evans - Actress
Katherine on 'General Hospital', Kayla on 'Days of our Lives'
Mar. 7, 1961Pasadena, California

Cameron [Peter] Daddo - Actor
Brian Petersen on 'Models Inc'
Mar. 7, 1965Born: Melbourne, Australia

Ben Blue [Benjamin Bernstein] - Actor
Accidental Family, Frank Sinatra Show
Sep. 12, 1901Born: Montreal, Quebec
Mar. 7, 1975Died at 74

Stanley Kubrick - Director
2001, Dr Strangelove, Lolita
Jul. 26, 1928Born: New York, NY,
Mar. 7, 1999Died at 71

'Charles' [Donald Marshall] Gray - Actor
Clay on 'Rawhide', Diamonds Are Forever
Mar. 7, 2000Died of cancer at 72

Charles Gray [Donald Marshall Gray] - Actor
Clay on 'Rawhide', Diamonds Are Forever
Aug. 29, 1928Born: Bournemouth, England
Mar. 7, 2000Died of cancer at 70

 March 6
[Hector Savinien de] Cyrano de Bergerac - Dramatist
A Voyage to the Moon
Mar. 6, 1619Born: Paris, France

'Davy' [David Stern] Crockett - US pioneer
Mar. 6, 1836Killed in battle at Battle of the Alamo at 49

Victor [Arthur] Kilian - Actor
Gentleman's Agreement
Mar. 6, 1891Born: Jersey City, New Jersey

Jay C Flippen - Actor
Ensign O'Toole, Jet Pilot, Killing, Thunder Bay
Mar. 6, 1899Born: Little Rock, Arkansas

Ludwig Donath - Actor
Torn Curtain, Sirocco
Mar. 6, 1900Born: Vienna, Austria

'Bob' [James Robert ] Wills - Actor
Lone Prairie, Tornado in the Saddle
Mar. 6, 1905Born: Kosse, Texas

'Lou' [Louis Francis] Costello - Comedian/actor
Abbott & Costello
Mar. 6, 1906Born: Paterson, NJ,

Ella Logan [Annabelle Armour Allan] - Actress
52nd Street, Goldwyn Follies
Mar. 6, 1913Born: Glasgow, Scotland

Stewart Granger [James Lablache Stewart] - Actor
Saraband for Dead Lovers
Mar. 6, 1913Born: London, England

Rochelle Hudson - Actress
That's My Boy
Mar. 6, 1914Born: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Harry Wesley Coover, Jr.
Inventory of Super Glue
Mar. 6, 1916Born: Newark, Delaware
Mar. 27, 2011Died at the age of 94

'Frankie' [Francis Alick] Howerd - Actor/comedian
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, That Was The Week That Was
Mar. 6, 1917Born: York, England

Lewis Gilbert - Actor / Director
You Only Live Twice
Mar. 6, 1920Born: London, England

'Ed' [Edward Peter Leo] McMahon - TV host
Johnny Carson Show, Star Search
Mar. 6, 1923Born: Detroit, MI,

'Allison' [Mary Jane] Hayes - Actress
Attack of the 50 Foot Woman
Mar. 6, 1930Born: Charleston, West Virginia

Jean Boht [Jean Dance] - Actress
Arthur's Hallowed Ground
Mar. 6, 1936Born: Liverpool, England

David Spielberg - Actor
Jessica Novak, The Practice
Mar. 6, 1939Born: Weslaco, Texas

Joanna Miles - Actress
Star Trek TNG, Cross Creek, Delta County USA
Mar. 6, 1940Born: Nice, France

'Ben' [Benjamin E.] Murphy - Actor
Name of the Game, Winds of War
Mar. 6, 1942Born: Jonesboro, Arkansas

'Rob' [Robert Singer] Reiner - Actor/director
All in the Family, Stand By Me
Mar. 6, 1945Born: Bronx, NY,

Martin Kove - Actor
Victor on 'Cagney & Lacey'
Mar. 6, 1947Born: Brooklyn, New York

'Judy' [Judith M.] Loe - Actress
Singles, Meaning of Life
Mar. 6, 1947Born: Urmston, Manchester, England

Anna Maria Horsford - Actress
Thelma Frye on 'Amen'
Mar. 6, 1948Born: Harlem, New York

'Jackie' [Jacklyn] Zeman - Actress
Bobbie on 'General Hospital'
Mar. 6, 1953Born: Englewood, New Jersey

'Tom' [Thomas Dwaine] Arnold - Comedian
Roseanne, True Lies
Mar. 6, 1959Born: Ottuwa, IA,

Suzanne Crough - Actress
Tracy Partridge on 'Partridge Family'
Mar. 6, 1963Born: Fullerton, California

Nelson [Ackerman] Eddy - Actor/ Baritone
Great Duets with Jeanette MacDonald
Jun. 29, 1901Born: Providence, Rhode Island
Mar. 6, 1967Died of a cerebral hemorrhage at 65

Connie Britton [Constance Womack ] - Actress
Nikki on 'Spin City'
Mar. 6, 1968Born: Boston, Massachusetts

Andrea Elson - Actress
Lynn on 'Alf', Alice on 'Whiz Kids'
Mar. 6, 1969Born: New York, New York

Amy Pietz - Actress
Annie on 'Caroline In the City'
Mar. 6, 1969Born: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

William [DeWolf] Hopper - Actor
Paul Drak on 'Perry Mason'
Jan. 26, 1915Born: New York City, New York
Mar. 6, 1970Dies at 55

[Muriel] Teresa Wright - Actress
Pride of the Yankees
Oct. 27, 1918Born: Harlem, New York City, New York
Mar. 6, 2005Died of a heart attack at 86

 March 5
Walter Long - Actor
Moby Dick, Sheik, Sea Devils, Dragnet Patrol
Mar. 5, 1879Born: Nashua, New Hampshire

Henry Daniell - Actor
Camille, Philadelphia Story, Body Snatchers
Mar. 5, 1894Born: London, England

'Rex' [Reginald Carey] Harrison - Actor
My Fair Lady, Dr Doolittle
Mar. 5, 1908Born: Huyton, Lancashire, England

Joseph Tomelty - Actor / Playwright
Bedevilled, Moby Dick, Melba
Mar. 5, 1911Born: Portaferry, Ireland

Joan Sterndale Bennett - Actress
Those Fantastic Flying Fools
Mar. 5, 1914Born: London, England

Virginia Christine [Kraft] - Actress
The Mummy's Curse, Tales of Wells Fargo, Invasion of the Body Snatchers
Mar. 5, 1920Born: Stanton, Iowa

James Noble - Actor
Governor Gatling on 'Benson'
Mar. 5, 1922Born: Dallas, Texas

Joan Shawlee - Actress
The Dick Van Dyke Show, Prehistoric Women
Mar. 5, 1926Born: Forest Hill, New York

'Jack' [John Joseph Edward] Cassidy - Actor
Oscar/Jetman on 'He & She'
Mar. 5, 1927Born: Richmond Hill, NY,

Arlen Dean Snyder - Actor
Trauma Center
Mar. 5, 1933Born: Rice, Kansas

James [Barrie] Sikking - Actor
Hill St Blues, Star Trek 3, Doogie Howser
Mar. 5, 1934Born: Los Angeles, CA,

Paul Sands [Paul Sanchez] - Actor / Comedia
SCTV, Story Theater, St Elsewhere
Mar. 5, 1935Born: Santa Monica, California

[Robert] Dean Stockwell - Actor
Quantum Leap, Blue Velvet
Mar. 5, 1936Born: Hollywood, CA,

Samantha Eggar [Victoria Louise Samantha Marie Elizabeth Therese Eggar] - Actress
Collector, Dr Doolittle
Mar. 5, 1939Born: Hampstead, London

Michael Warren - Actor
Bobby Hill on 'Hill Street Blues'
Mar. 5, 1946Born: South Bend, Indiana

Eddie Hodges - Actor/singer
High Hopes, Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
Mar. 5, 1947Born: Hattiesburg, Mississippi

Marsha Warfield - Actress / Comedian
Roz on 'Night Court'
Mar. 5, 1954Born: Chicago, Illinois

Penn [Fraser] Jillette - Magician
Penn & Teller
Mar. 5, 1955Born: Greenfield, Massachusetts

'Andy' [Andrew Roy] Gibb - Singer / TV host
Solid Gold
Mar. 5, 1958Born: Manchester, England

Patsy Cline [Virginia Patterson Hensley] - Country singer
Crazy, I Fall To Pieces
Mar. 5, 1963Died in a plane crash at 30

Kevin Connolly - Actor
Beverly Hillbillies, Rocky V, Angus
Mar. 5, 1974Born: New York, New York

Niki [Nicole Renee] Taylor - Supermodel
Elle, Marie Claire
Mar. 5, 1975Born: Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Kimberly McCullough - Actress
Robin on 'General Hospital'
Mar. 5, 1978Born: Bellflower, California

Jay Silverheels [Harold J. Smith] - Actor
Tonto on 'Lone Ranger'
May. 26, 1919Born: Six Nations Indian Reserve in Brantford, Ontario, Canada
Mar. 5, 1980Dies at 60

John [Adam] Belushi - Comedian
Sat Night Live
Jan. 24, 1949Born: Chicago, Illinois
Mar. 5, 1982Dies of drug overdose at 33

William [Horatio] Powell - Actor
Thin Man, My Man Godfrey
Jul. 29, 1892Born: Pittsburgh, PA,
Mar. 5, 1984Died of cardiac arrest at 91

Whit [Whitner Nutting] Bissell - Actor
Time Tunnel
Mar. 5, 1996Dies at 86

 March 4
Today is Fat Tuesda
at Tuesday
Mar. 4Mardi Gras

Pearl [Fay] White - Actress / Stunt woman
Perils of Pauline
Mar. 4, 1889Born: Green Ridge, Missouri

Edgar Barrier - Actor
Cobra Woman, Macbeth, Rocky, War of the Worlds,Snow White and the Three Stooges
Mar. 4, 1907Born: New York City, New York

John Garfield [Jacob Julius Garfinkle] - Actor
Air Force, Destination Tokyo, Juarez
Mar. 4, 1913Born: New York City, New York

Joan Greenwood - Actress / Director
Amorous Mr Prawn, The Importance of Being Earnest
Mar. 4, 1921Born: Chelsea, England

Thayer David [David Thayer Hersey] - Actor
Eiger Sanction, Rocky, Nero Wolfe, Savages
Mar. 4, 1927Born: Medford, Massachusetts

Anne Haney [Ryan Thomas] - Actress
Evelyn on 'Lime Streets', Star Trek TNG, DS9
Mar. 4, 1934Born: Memphis, Tennessee

Barbara McNair - Singer / Actress
Barbara McNair Show
Mar. 4, 1934Born: Chicago, Illinois

Paula Prentiss [Ragusa] - Actress
Parallax View, He & She
Mar. 4, 1939Born: San Antonio, Texas

Kaz Garas - Actor
Hamlyn on 'Strange Report'
Mar. 4, 1940Born: Kaunas, Lithuania, Soviet Union

John Aprea - Actor
Lucas on 'Another World', Godfather 2
Mar. 4, 1941Born: Englewood, New Jersey

John Hancock - Actor
Black Marble, Traxx, Houston Knights
Mar. 4, 1941Born: Hazen, Arkansas

Ji Tu Cumbuka - Actor
Roots, Man Called Sloane
Mar. 4, 1942Born: Helena, Alabama

Jaime Tirelli - Actor
Orlando Lopez on 'Ball Four', Girlfight
Mar. 4, 1945Born: New York City, New York

Gwen Welles [Goldberg] - Actress
Desert Hearts, Sticky Fingers, Angel On My Shoulder
Mar. 4, 1947Born: Chattanooga, Tennessee

'Ronn' [Ronald Montague] Moss - Actor
Ridge on 'Bold & Beautiful', Santa Barbara
Mar. 4, 1952Born: Los Angeles, California

Kay [Ann] Lenz - Actress
Moving Violations, Rich Man Poor Man
Mar. 4, 1953Born: Los Angeles, California

Catherine [Anne] O'Hara - Comedienne
Beetlejuice, SCTV
Mar. 4, 1954Born: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Patricia [Helen] Heaton - Actress
Debra on 'Everybody Loves Raymond'
Mar. 4, 1958Born: Bay Village, Ohio

Kelly [Colleen] Lynch - Actress
Drugstore Cowboy
Mar. 4, 1959Born: Golden Valley, Minnesota

Lucille [Désirée] Ball - Actres
I Love Lucy
Mar. 4, 1960Files for divorce from Desi Arnaz
Apr. 26, 1989Dies at 78

Steven Weber - Actor
Brian Hackett on 'Wings'
Mar. 4, 1961Born: Queens, New York

Stacy Edwards - Actress
Santa Barbara
Mar. 4, 1965Born: Glasgow, Montana

Patsy [Patricia Jude Frances] Kensit - Actress
Lethal Weapon 2, 21, Hanover St
Mar. 4, 1968Born: Hounslow, Middlesex, England

Chastity [Sun] Bono - Actres
Mar. 4, 1969Born: Los Angeles, California

John [Franklin] Candy - Actor
SCTV, Uncle Buck
Oct. 31, 1950Born: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Mar. 4, 1994Dies from a heart attack at 43

Minnie Pearl [Sarah Ophelia Colley Cannon] - Actress
Grand Old Opry, Hee-Haw
Oct. 25, 1912Born: Centerville, Tennessee
Mar. 4, 1996Died at 83

 March 3
Alexander Graham Bell - Inventor
Mar. 3, 1847Born: Edinburgh, Scotland,

Edmund [Dantes] Lowe - Actor
Black Sheep, Front Page Detective,Dillinger
Mar. 3, 1890Born: San Jose, California

Juanita Hansen - Actress
Fast Company, Broadway Love
Mar. 3, 1895Born: Des Moines, Iowa

Edna Best - Actress
Key, Calendar, Escape, Intermezzo
Mar. 3, 1900Born: Hove, East Sussex, England

Canada Lee [Lionel Cornelius Canegata] - Actor
Lost Boundaries, Lifeboat
Mar. 3, 1907Born: New York City, New York

Jean Harlow [Harlean Harlow Carpenter] - Actress
Dinner at 8
Mar. 3, 1911Born: Kansas City, Missouri

James [Montgomery] Doohan - Actor
Montgomery Scott on 'Star Trek'
Mar. 3, 1920Born: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Diana Barrymore [Blanche Barrymore Blythe] - Actress
Nightmare, Lady Courageous, Fired Wife
Mar. 3, 1921Born: New York City, New York

Time magazine
Mar. 3, 1923Debuts

Joe Conley - Actor
Ike on 'The Waltons'
Mar. 3, 1928Born: Buffalo, New York

Gia Scala [Giovanna Scoglio] - Actress
Angry Hills, Don't Go Near the Water
Mar. 3, 1934Born: Liverpool, England

Hattie [Mae] Winston - Actress
Nurse, Electric Company
Mar. 3, 1945Born: Lexington, Mississippi

Tim Kazurinsky - Comedian
Saturday Night Live, Police Academy 2, 3, 4
Mar. 3, 1950Born: Johnstown, Pennsylvania

Darnell Williams - Actor
All My Children
Mar. 3, 1955Born: London, England

Miranda [Jane] Richardson - Actress
Damage, Crying Game
Mar. 3, 1958Born: Southport, Merseyside,England

Lou Costello [Louis Francis Cristillo] - Actor
Abbott & Costello
Mar. 3, 1959Dies at 52

Mary Page Keller - Actress
Duet, Scared Stiff, Baby Talk
Mar. 3, 1961Born: Monterey Park, California

Jacqueline Sheen - Actress / Playmate
July, 1990
Mar. 3, 1963Born: Dallas, Texas

Laura [Elena Martnez] Herring - Actress
Miss USA-1985 , Carla on 'General Hospital'
Mar. 3, 1964Born: Los Mochis, Sinaloa, Mexico

'Alice' [Alicia] Pearce - Comedienne
Gladys Kravitz on 'Bewitched'
Oct. 16, 1917Born: New York City, New York
Mar. 3, 1966Dies at 52

William [Clement] Frawley - Actor
Fred Mertz on 'I Love Lucy'
Feb. 26, 1887Born: Burlington, Iowa
Mar. 3, 1966Dies at 89

Heidi Swedberg - Actress
Seinfeld, Star Trek DS9
Mar. 3, 1966Born: Honolulu, Hawaii

Christian Oliver - Actor
Baby Sitters Club, Brian on 'Saved by the Bell'
Mar. 3, 1972Born: Celle, Germany

Jared [Michael] Rushton - Actor
Big, Honey I Shrank the Kids
Mar. 3, 1974Born: Provo, Utah

David Faustino - Actor
I Had 3 Wifes, Bud on 'Married With Children'
Mar. 3, 1974Born: Los Angeles, California

Moonlighting -
With Cybill Shepard & Bruce Willis
Mar. 3, 1985Premieres

Danny Kaye [David Daniel Kaminsky] - Comedian
Danny Kaye Show
Jan. 18, 1913Born: Brooklyn, New York
Mar. 3, 1987Dies at 74

Arthur Murray [Moses Teichman]
Dance instructor
Mar. 3, 1991Dies at 95 of pneumonia

 March 2
Felix Bressart - Actor
Ninotchka, Escape, Crossroads
Mar. 2, 1892Born: East Prussia, Germany

'Dr Seuss' [Theodore Seuss Geisel] - Author
Green Eggs and Ham, Horton Hears a Who!
Mar. 2, 1904Born: Springfield, Massachusetts

Marjorie Weaver - Actress
Young Mr Lincoln
Mar. 2, 1913Born: Crossville, Tennessee

Lona Andre [Launa Anderson] - Actress
WAMPAS Baby Stars, School For Girls
Mar. 2, 1915Born: Nashville, Tennessee

Desi Arnaz [Desiderio Alberto Arnaz y de Acha III] - Singer/actor
Ricky Ricardo on 'I Love Lucy'
Mar. 2, 1917Born: Santiago, Cuba,
Dec. 2, 1986Died from lung cancer at 69

Eddie Lawrence [Lawrence Eisler]
Mar. 2, 1919Born: Brooklyn, New York

Jennifer Jones [Phyllis Lee Isley] - Actress
Farewell to Arms, For Whom the Bell Tolls
Mar. 2, 1919Born: Tulsa, Oklahoma

John Cullum - Actor
Hamlet, Hawaii, Holling Vincoeur on 'Northern Exposure'
Mar. 2, 1930Born: Knoxville, Tennessee

'Al' [Albert Samuel] Waxman - Actor
Cagney & Lacey, Meatballs 3, Spasms
Mar. 2, 1935Born: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Barbara Luna - Actress
Star Trek TOS, 5 Weeks in a Balloon, Gentle Savage
Mar. 2, 1939Born: Manhattan, New York City, New York

Lou Reed - Vocalist/guitarist
Walk on the Wild Side, Velvet Underground
Mar. 2, 1942Born: Brooklyn, New York

Katherine Crawford - Actress
Captains & Kings, Gemini Man
Mar. 2, 1944Born: Los Angeles, California

Joy Garrett - Actress
Star Trek TNG, Jo-Days of Our Lives
Mar. 2, 1945Born: Fort Worth, Texas

[Cheryl] Gates McFadden - Actress
Beverly Crusher on 'Star Trek Next Generation'
Mar. 2, 1949Born: Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

Karen [Anne] Carpenter - Vocalist/drummer
We've Only Just Begun
Mar. 2, 1950Born: New Haven, CT,

Silly Putty -
A wartime accident
Mar. 2, 1950Debuts

Molly Cheek - Actress
Garry Shandling Show
Mar. 2, 1950Born: Bronxville, New York

Matthew [William] Laurance - Actor
Mel on 'Beverly Hills 90210', Ben on 'Duet'
Mar. 2, 1950Born: Queens, New York

Mitchell Laurance - Acto
LA Law, Not Necessarily the News
Mar. 2, 1950Born: Queens, New York

Cassie Yates - Actress
McMillan and Wife, The Bionic Woman, Osterman Weekend, Dynasty
Mar. 2, 1951Born: Macon, Georgia

Laraine Newman - Comedienne/actress
Saturday Night Live
Mar. 2, 1952Born: Los Angeles, CA,

Amber Smith - Actress
Faithful, Funeral, Mirror Has 2 Faces
Mar. 2, 1972Born: Tampa, Florida

Paul Popowich - Actor
Star Trek DS9, Tommy Tricker & Stamp Traveler
Mar. 2, 1973Born: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

'Sandy' [Sandra Dale] Dennis - Actress
Up the Down Staircase
Apr. 27, 1937Born: Hastings, NE,
Mar. 2, 1992Dies of cancer at 54

 March 1
Lionel Atwill - Actor
Mystery of the Wax Museum
Mar. 1, 1885Born: Croydon, Surrey, England

[Alton] Glenn Miller - Bandleader
Glenn Miller Orchestra - 'In the Mood'
Mar. 1, 1904Born: Clarinda, Iowa

Paul Hartman - Actor
Emmett Clark on 'The Andy Griffith Show', Bert on 'Petticoat Junction'
Mar. 1, 1904Born: San Francisco, California

'David' [James David Graham] Niven - Actor
Casino Royale, Eye of the Devil
Mar. 1, 1909Born: Kirriemuir, Angus, Scotland,
Jul. 29, 1983Died at age 73

Lois Moran [Lois Darlington Dowlin] -Actress
Mom on 'Waterfront'
Mar. 1, 1909Born: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Terrence de Marney - Actor
Case Thomas on 'Johnny Ringo'
Mar. 1, 1909Born: London, England

'David' [James David Graham] Niven - Actor
Around the World in Eighty Days, The Guns of Navarone, The Pink Pa
Mar. 1, 1910Born: London, England
Jul. 29, 1983Died at age 73

Roger Delgado [Caesar Marius Bernard de Delgado Torres Castillo Roberto] - Actor
Agent 8 3/4, The Master on 'Dr. Who'
Mar. 1, 1918Born: Whitechapel, London, England

Robert Clary [Robert Max Widerman] - Actor
LeBeau on 'Hogan's Heroes'
Mar. 1, 1926Born: Paris, France,

Cesare Danova [Cesare Deitinger] - Actor
Garrison's Gorillas
Mar. 1, 1926Born: Bergamo, Lombardy, Italy
Mar. 19, 1992Dies from a heart attack at 66

'Harry' [Harold George] Belafonte - Calypso singer
Buck & the Preacher
Mar. 1, 1927Born: Harlem, New York, NY,

Raymond St Jacques [James Arthur Johnson] - Actor / Director
Cotton Comes to Harlem, Mr Moses
Mar. 1, 1930Born: Hartford, Connecticut

Robert Conrad [Conrad Robert Falk] - Actor
Hawaiian Eye, Wild Wild West, Baa Baa Black Sheep
Mar. 1, 1935Born: Chicago, IL,

Jed Allan [Brown] - Actor
Days of our Lives, C C on 'Santa Barbara', Beverly Hills 90210, Spin City
Mar. 1, 1937Born: New York City, New York

Captain America - Comic Her
Created by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby
Mar. 1, 19411st appears in comic book

Dirk Benedict [Dirk Niewoehner] - Actor
A-Team, Battlestar Galactica
Mar. 1, 1944Born: Helena, MT,

Roger [Harry ] Daltrey - Rocker/Actor/Producer
The Who - 'Tommy'
Mar. 1, 1944Born: Hammersmith, London, England,

Lana Wood [Svetlana Gurdin] - Actress
Diamonds are Forever
Mar. 1, 1946Born: Santa Monica, Calif

Richard Shoberg - Actor
Tom on 'All My Children', Edge of Night, Somerset
Mar. 1, 1947Born: Grand Rapids, Michigan

Alan Thicke [Alan Willis Jeffrey] - Actor / Host
Thicke of the Night, Growing Pains
Mar. 1, 1947Born: Kirkland Lake, Ontario, Canada

Catherine Bach - Actress
Daisy Duke on 'Dukes of Hazzard'
Mar. 1, 1954Born: Warren, OH,

'Ron' [Ronald William] Howard - Actor / Director
The Andy Griffith Show, American Graffiti, Happy Days
Mar. 1, 1954Born: Duncan, Oklahoma

[James] Timothy Daly - Actor
Joe on 'Wings', Almost Grown, Diner, Made in Heaven
Mar. 1, 1956Born: New York City, New York

Titus Welliver - Acto
Star Trek VOY
Mar. 1, 1961Born: New Haven, Connecticut

K Mart -
America's DIscount Store
Mar. 1, 19621st opens in Garden City, Michigan

Maurice Bnard [Mauricio Jose Morales] - Actor
Sonny Corinthos on 'General Hospital', Nico Kelly on 'All My Children'
Mar. 1, 1963Born: Martinez, California

John David Cullum - Actor
Star Trek TNG, 1776, Sweet Country, Day After
Mar. 1, 1966Born: New York City, New York

Tawnni Cable - Playmate
June 1989 / Actress
Mar. 1, 1967Born: Salem, Oregon

Rick Worthy - Acto
Star Trek DS9, VOY
Mar. 1, 1967Born: Southfield, Michgian

Jim Morrison -
Doors Arrested for exposing himself at Dinner Key Auditorium
Mar. 1, 1969

Mark Paul [Harry] Gosselaar - Actor
Zack on 'Saved by the Bell', NYPD Blue
Mar. 1, 1974Born: Panorama City, California

'Jackie' [John Leslie] Coogan -Actor
Uncle Fester on 'Addams Family'
Mar. 1, 1984Dies at 69

Edwin [Herbert] Land - Inventor
instant photography (Polaroid
May. 7, 1909Born: Bridgeport, Connecticut
Mar. 1, 1991Died at the age of 81

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