October in History  
 October 20
Bela Lugosi [Bla Ferenc Dezső Blask] - Horror actor
Dracula, Body Snatcher
Oct. 20, 1882Born: Lugos, Hungary

Margaret Dumont [Daisy Juliette Baker]
Actress-Marx Brothers' foil
Oct. 20, 1882Born: Brooklyn, New York

'Will' [William Vann] Rogers Jr - Actor
Down to Earth
Oct. 20, 1911Born: New York City, New York

John Anderson - Actor
Virgil-Legend of Wyatt Earp, Kevin Uxbridge - Star Trek: TNG
Oct. 20, 1922Born: Clayton, Illinois

Herschel Bernardi - Actor
Peter Gunn, Arnie, Voice of Charlie the Tuna, The Front
Oct. 20, 1923Born: New York City, New York

William Christopher - Actor
Father Mulcahy-M*A*S*H
Oct. 20, 1932Born: Evanston, IL

Timothy West - Actor
Oct. 20, 1934Born: Bradford, Yorkshire, England

'Jerry' [Jerome Bernard] Orbach - Actor
Promises! Promises!, Dirty Dancing, Detective Lennie Briscoe-Law & Order
Oct. 20, 1935Born: Bronx, New York

William Zabka - Actor
Back to School, Karate Kid II
Oct. 20, 1965Born: New York City, New York

[John] Anthony Quayle - Actor
Anne of 1000 Days, Lawrence of Arabia
Sep. 7, 1913Born: Ainsdale, Lancashire, England
Oct. 20, 1989Died from liver cancer at 76

'Burt' [Burton Stephen] Lancaster - Actor
From Here to Eternity, Elmer Gantry
Oct. 20, 1994Died heart attack at 80

Jane [Waddington] Wyatt - Actress
Father Knows Best, Star Trek
Aug. 12, 1912Born: Campgaw, NJ.
Oct. 20, 2006Died of natural causes at 96

 October 19
Robert Beatty - Actor
Amorous Mr Pawn, Dial 999, Doctor Who, Blake's 7, The New Avengers
Oct. 19, 1909Born: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

LaWanda Page [Alberta Peal] - Actress
Aunt Esther on 'Sanford & Sons'
Oct. 19, 1920Born: Cleveland, Ohio

George Nader - Actor
Robot Monster, Away All Boats
Oct. 19, 1921Born: Pasadena, California
Feb. 4, 2002Died of heart Failure at 81

Bernard Hepton - Actor
6 Wives of Henry VIII
Oct. 19, 1925Born: Bradford, England

Robert Reed [John Robert Rietz] - Actor
Mike on 'Brady Bunch', Nurse
Oct. 19, 1932Born: Highland Park, Illinois
May. 12, 1992Dies of AIDs at 59

[Samuel] Lloyd Haynes - Actor
Pete Dixon on 'Room 222'
Oct. 19, 1934Born: South Bend, Indiana
Dec. 31, 1986Died of cancer at 52

Tony Lo Bianco - Actor
Ann Jillian Story, Hizzoner!
Oct. 19, 1936Born: Brooklyn, New York

Divine [Harris Glenn Milstead] - Acto
Pink Flamingos, Female Trouble, Polyester, and Hairspray.
Oct. 19, 1945Born: Towson, Maryland

John [Arthur] Lithgow - Actor
Harry & the Hendersons
Oct. 19, 1945Born: Rochester, NY.

Kenneth Washington - Actor
Sgt Baker on 'Hogan's Heroes', Star Trek TOS, Adam 12
Oct. 19, 1946Born: Unkown

Amy Linker - Actress
Lewis & Clark, Lauren-Square Pegs
Oct. 19, 1966Born: Brooklyn, New York

Martha Raye [Margy Reed] - Actress
Martha Raye Show
Aug. 27, 1916Born: Butte, Mont,
Oct. 19, 1994Died at 78

Joseph Wiseman - Actor
Dr No, MacGyver, L.A. Law, and Law & Order
May. 15, 1918Born: Montréal, Canada
Oct. 19, 2009Died at the age of 91

Roland Mapes Jr - Ren Fester, Vorpal Holder, Friend - Actor
Dr No, MacGyver, L.A. Law, and Law & Order
Oct. 19, 2011Died Committed Suicide

 October 18
Kam Fong Chun - Actor
Hawaii Five-0
May. 27, 1918Born: Honolulu, HI,
Oct. 18, 2002Died of lung cancer at 84

Lotte Lenya [Karoline Wilhelmine Blamauer] - Actor/singer
Appointment, From Russia with Love, Semi Tough
Oct. 18, 1898Born: Vienna, Austria

Victor Sen Yung - Actor
Bonanza, Bachelor Family
Oct. 18, 1915Born: San Francisco, CA
Nov. 9, 1980Died as a result of accidental asphyxiation

Bobby Troup - Pianist/actor
Emergency, Acapulco
Oct. 18, 1918Born: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

'Melina' [Maria Amalia] Mercour - Actress/politician
Never on a Sunday
Oct. 18, 1920Born: Athens, Greece

'Chuck' [Charles Edward Anderson] Berry - Rocker
Roll over Beethoven
Oct. 18, 1926Born: St. Louis, Missouri

George C[Campbell] Scott - Actor
Patton, Bible, Taps, Hardcore
Oct. 18, 1926Born: Wise, Virginia
Sep. 22, 1999Died from a ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm at 71

Inger Stevens [Stensland] - Actress
Katy-Farmer's Daughter
Oct. 18, 1934Born: Stockholm, Sweden
Apr. 30, 1970Died at 36, suicide overdose of sleeping pills

Peter [Lawrence] Boyle - Actor
Joe, Candidate
Oct. 18, 1935Born: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Dec. 13, 2006Died from multiple myeloma and heart disease.

'Joe' [Joseph] Morton - Actor
Hal-Grady, The Brother from Another Planet, Eureka
Oct. 18, 1947Born: New York City, New York

Pam Dawber - Actress
Mindy-Mork & Mindy, My Sister Sam
Oct. 18, 1951Born: Farmington Hills, Michigan

Jean Claude Van Damme [Jean Claude Camille Franois Van Varenberg] - Actor
Kickboxer, No Retreat
Oct. 18, 1958Born: Sint-Agatha-Berchem, Brussels, Belgium

Erin [Marie] Moran - Actress
Happy Days, Joanie Loves Chachi
Oct. 18, 1960Born: Burbank, California

Vincent Spano - Actor
Alphabet City, Maria's Lovers
Oct. 18, 1962Born: Brooklyn, New York

Julie London [Gayle Peck] - Actress
Nurse McCall-Emergency
Sep. 26, 1926Born: Santa Rosa, Calif.
Oct. 18, 2000Died at 74

 October 17
Spring [Dell] Byington - Actress
Lily Ruskin in 'December Bride'
Oct. 17, 1886Born: Colorado Springs, Colorado

Jean Arthur [Gladys Georgianna Greene] - Actress
Shane, Mr Smith Goes to Washington
Oct. 17, 1900Born: Plattsburgh, New York

Irene Ryan [Irene Noblette] - Actress
Granny on 'Beverly Hillbillies'
Oct. 17, 1902Born: El Paso, Texas

Marsha [Virginia] Hunt - Actress
Jennifer in 'Peck's Bad Girl', Jigsaw
Oct. 17, 1917Born: Chicago, Illinois

Rita Hayworth [Margarita Carmen Cansino] - Actress
Gilda, Pal Joey
Oct. 17, 1918Born: Brooklyn, New York

[Edward] Montgomery Clift - Actor
From Here to Eternity
Oct. 17, 1920Born: Omaha, Nebraska

Tom Poston - Actor
Steve Allen Show, Newhart
Oct. 17, 1921Born: Columbus, Ohio

Beverly Garland [Beverly Lucy Fessenden] - Actress
My 3 Sons
Oct. 17, 1926Born: Santa Cruz, California
Dec. 5, 2008Died at 82

'Julie' [Betty May] Adams - Actress
Yancy Derringer, Code Red
Oct. 17, 1926Born: Waterloo, Iowa

Zulu [Gilbert Francis Lani Damian Kauhi] - Actor
Det Kono on 'Hawaii 5-0'
Oct. 17, 1937Born: Honolulu, Hawaii

'Evel' [Robert Craig] Knievel
Motorcycle daredevil
Oct. 17, 1938Born: Butte, Montana

Michael McKean - Actor
Lenny-Laverne & Shirley, Grand
Oct. 17, 1947Born: New York City, New York

George [Robert] Wendt - Actor
Norm on 'Cheers'
Oct. 17, 1948Born: Chicago, Illinois

'Margot' [Margaret Ruth] Kidder - Actress
Lois Lane, Amityville Horror
Oct. 17, 1948Born: Yellowknife, Northwest Territories

Howard E Rollins Jr - Actor
Oct. 17, 1950Born: Baltimore, Maryland

Vincent Van Patten - Actor
Apple's Way, 3 for the Road
Oct. 17, 1957Born: Brooklyn, New York

Janice Rule - Actress
Alvarez Kelly, Doctor's Wife
Aug. 15, 1931Born: Norwood, Ohio
Oct. 17, 2003Died of cerebral hemorrhage at 72

 October 16
Lloyd Corrigan - Actor
Miss Brewster's Millions, It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World
Oct. 16, 1900Born: San Francisco, CA
Nov. 5, 1969Died at 69

'Alice' [Alicia] Pearce - Comedienne/actress
Gladys Kravitz on 'Bewitched'
Oct. 16, 1917Born: New York City, New York

'Max' [Walter William] Bygraves - Actor
Tom Brown's School Days
Oct. 16, 1922Born: Rotherhithe, London, England

'Linda' [Monetta Eloyse] Darnell - Actress
Unfaithfully Yours, 2nd Chance
Oct. 16, 1923Born: Dallas, Texas

Angela [Brigid] Lansbury - Actress
Jessica-Murder She Wrote
Oct. 16, 1925Born: London, England

Michael Conrad - Actor
Delvecchio, Hill St Blues
Oct. 16, 1925Born: New York City, New York
Nov. 22, 1983Died at 58

Lee Montague - Actor
Uncle Sasha-Holocaust
Oct. 16, 1927Born: London, England

Tony Anthony [Roger Pettito] - Actor
Treasure of 4 Crowns
Oct. 16, 1937Born: Clarksburg, West Virginia

Suzanne Somers [Suzanne Marie Mahoney] - Actress
3's Company, Step by Step
Oct. 16, 1946Born: San Bruno, California

Morgan Stevens - Actor
David on 'Fame', Bare Essence
Oct. 16, 1951Born: Knoxville, Tennessee

Daniel Gerroll - Actor
Big Business
Oct. 16, 1951Born: London, England

'Tim' [Timothy Francis] Robbins - Actor
Bull Durham, Cadillac Man
Oct. 16, 1958Born: West Covina, California

Kellie [Noelle] Martin - Actress
Life Goes On
Oct. 16, 1975Born: Riverside, California

Cornel Wilde [Kornel Weisz] - Actor
High Sierra, 5th Musketeer
Oct. 16, 1989Died of leukemia at 74

Shirley Booth [Marjory Ford] - Actress
Hazel on 'Hazel', A Touch of Grace
Dec. 30, 1898Born: New York, NY,
Oct. 16, 1992Died at 94

Audra [Marie] Lindley - Actress
Helen Roper-3's Company, Ropers
Sep. 24, 1918Born: Los Angeles, CA
Oct. 16, 1997Died of leukemia at 79

Rick Jason [Richard Jacobson] - Actor
May. 21, 1926Born: New York, NY
Oct. 16, 2000Died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound at 77

 October 15
Paul Lukas [Pl Lukcs] - Actor
The Lady Vanishes, Watch on the Rhine, Sphynx
Oct. 15, 1951Died at the age of 80

Fritz Feld [Fritz Feilchenfeld] - Actor
Jack Benny Show, At the Circus
Oct. 15, 1900Born: Berlin, Germany

Jan Miner - Actress
Crime Photographer
Oct. 15, 1917Born: Boston, Massachusetts
Feb. 15, 2004Died at 87

Mata Hari [Margaretha Geertruida Zelle] - Dancer / Courtesan / Spy
Dec. 7, 1876Born: Leeuwarden, Netherlands
Oct. 15, 1917Died - executed by firing squad during WWI at the age of 41

Mark Lenard [Leonard Rosenson] - Actor
Sarek on 'Star Trek'
Oct. 15, 1924Born: Chicago, Illinois
Nov. 22, 1996Died of multiple myeloma at 72

[Elizabeth] Jean Peters - Actress
Viva Zapata!, Apache, Deep Waters
Oct. 15, 1926Born: Canton, Ohio
Oct. 13, 2000Died of leukemia at 74

Linda Lavin - Actress
Alice, Barney Miller
Oct. 15, 1937Born: Portland, Maine

[Carole] Penny Marshall - Actress
Odd Couple, Laverne & Shirley
Oct. 15, 1942Born: Bronx, New York

John Getz - Actor
Rafferty, MacGruder & Loud
Oct. 15, 1946Born: Davenport, Iowa

I Love Lucy
Debuts on CBS TV
Oct. 15, 1951October 15, 1951 May 6, 1957

Jere Burns - Actor
Kirk-Dear John
Oct. 15, 1954Born: Cambridge, Massachusetts

Tanya Roberts [Victoria Leigh Blum - Actress
Charlie's Angels, Sheena, Midge on 'That '70s Show'
Oct. 15, 1955Born: Bronx, New York

Oct. 15, 1959October 15, 1959 May 21, 1963

 October 14
Pert Kelton - Actress
Cavalcade of Stars
Oct. 14, 1907Born: Great Falls, Montana
Oct. 30, 1968Died of heart disease at 61

Roger [George] Moore - Actor
Alaskans, Maverick, Saint, 007
Oct. 14, 1927Born: London, England

Udo Kier [Udo Kierspe] - Actor
Warhol Dracula, Warhol Frankenstein
Oct. 14, 1944Born: Cologne, Germany

Harry Anderson - Actor
Judge Harry Stone-Night Court
Oct. 14, 1952Born: Newport, Rhode Island

'Greg' [Gregory Ralph] Evigan - Actor
BJ on 'BJ & the Bear'
Oct. 14, 1953Born: South Amboy, New Jersey

Errol [Leslie Thomson] Flynn - Actor
Captain Blood, Robin Hood, Against All Flags
Jun. 20, 1909Born: Hobart, Tasmania
Oct. 14, 1959Died of a heart attack. at 45

Melanie Wilson [Melina DiGuglielmo] - Actress
Jennifer on 'Perfect Strangers'
Oct. 14, 1961Born: Los Angeles, CA.

'Bing' [Harry Lillis] Crosby - Crooner/actor
White Christmas, Going My Way
May. 3, 1903Born: Tacoma, WA,
Oct. 14, 1977Died suddenly from a massive heart attack after a round of 18 holes of golf

'Bing' [Harry Lillis] Crosby - Crooner/actor
White Christmas, Going My Way
May. 3, 1903Born: Tacoma, WA,
Oct. 14, 1977Died massive heart attack at 74

Kennan Wynn [Francis Xavier Aloysius James Jeremiah] - Actor
Dr Strangelove, Absent Minded Professor
Jul. 27, 1916Born: New York, NY,
Oct. 14, 1986Died at 70

 October 13
Irene Rich [Irene Luther] - Actress
Beau Brummell, Champ
Oct. 13, 1891Born: Buffalo, New York

Cornel [Louis] Wilde - Actor
High Sierra, 5th Musketeer
Oct. 13, 1915Born: New York City, New York

Laraine Day [La Raine Johnson] - Actress
Dr Kildare, I've Got a Secret
Oct. 13, 1917Born: Roosevelt, Utah

'Nipsey' [Julius] Russell - Comedian
Car 54, Barefoot in the Park
Oct. 13, 1920Born: Atlanta, Georgia
Oct. 2, 2005Died at 81

Yves Montand [Ivo Livi] - Actor/singer
Z, Napoleon, Grand Prix
Oct. 13, 1921Born: Monsummano Alto, Italy

Lenny Bruce [Leonard Alfred Schneider]
Comedian, arrested on obscenity charges
Oct. 13, 1925Born: Long Island, New York

Jack Colvin - Actor
Jack-Incredible Hulk
Oct. 13, 1932Born: Lyndon, Kansas
Dec. 1, 2005Died at 73

Cliff Gorman - Actor
Boys in the Band, Angel
Oct. 13, 1936Born: Queens, New York

Melinda [Rose] Dillon - Actress
Close Encounters, Slap Shot
Oct. 13, 1939Born: Hope, Arkansas

Paul [Frederic] Simon - Singer/actor
Kodachrome, 1 Trick Pony
Oct. 13, 1941Born: Newark, New Jersey

Pamela Tiffin [Wonso] - Actress
Viva Max!
Oct. 13, 1942Born: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

[Grady] Demond Wilson - Actor
Sanford & Son, Baby I'm Back
Oct. 13, 1946Born: Valdosta, Georgia

'Sammy' [Samuel Roy] Hagar - Singer-musician
Van Halen-Jump
Oct. 13, 1947Born: Monterey, California

[Olive] Marie Osmond - Singer/actress
Paper Roses, Goin' Coconuts
Oct. 13, 1959Born: Ogden, Utah

Kelly Preston [Kelly Kamalelehua Smith] - Actress
Mischief, Twins, A Tigers Tale
Oct. 13, 1962Born: Honolulu, Hawaii

Bea Benaderet - Actress
Kate on 'Petticoat Junction'
Apr. 4, 1906Born: New York, NY
Oct. 13, 1968Died of lung cancer

'Cady' [Katie] McClain - Actress
Dixie Martin-All My Children
Oct. 13, 1969Born: Burbank, California

'Ed' [Edward Vincent] Sullivan - TV variety show host/gossip columnist
Ed Sullivan Show
Oct. 13, 1974Died of esophageal cancer at 73

Beryl [Elizabeth] Reid - Actress
Joseph Andrews, Psycho Mania, Yellowbeard
Jun. 17, 1920Born: Manchester, England
Oct. 13, 1996Died from complications following knee surgery at the age of 77

[Elizabeth] Jean Peters - Actress
Viva Zapata!, Apache, Deep Waters
Oct. 15, 1926Born: Canton, Ohio
Oct. 13, 2000Died of leukemia at 74

 October 12
Art Clokey [Arthur Farrington] - Pioneer in stop motion clay animation
Gumby, Davey and Goliath
Oct. 12, 1921Born: Detroit, Michigan
Jan. 9, 2010Died peacefully in his sleep at 88

Susan [Ellen] Anton - Actress
Golden Girl, Spring Fever.Cannonball Run 2
Oct. 12, 1950Born: Oak Glen, California

Adam Rich - Actor
Nicholas-8 is Enough, Code Red, Gun Shy
Oct. 12, 1968Born: New York City, New York

Kirk [Thomas] Cameron - Actor
Mike on 'Growing Pains'
Oct. 12, 1970Born: Panorama City, California

Celia Lovsky [Caecilie Lvovsky] - Actress
T'Pau on 'Star Trek TOS', Airport, Harlow
Dec. 21, 1897Born: Vienna, Austria
Oct. 12, 1979Died at 82

'Johnny' [John Leonard] Olson - TV announcer
Price is Right
May. 22, 1910Born: Windom, Minnesota
Oct. 12, 1985Died from a cerebral hemorrhage at 75

Ken Murray [Kenneth Doncourt] - Comedian
Ken Murray Show, Judy Garland Show
Jul. 14, 1903Born: New York, NY,
Oct. 12, 1988Died at the age of 85

[John] Regis Toomey - Actor
Burke's Law, Petticoat Junction
Dec. 13, 1898Born: Pittsburgh, PA,
Oct. 12, 1991Died at 93

David McLean - Actor
Tate on 'Tate', Marlboro television and print ads
May. 19, 1922Born: Akron, OH
Oct. 12, 1995Died of lung cancer at the age of 73

John Denver [Henry John Deutschendorf Jr] - Singer/songwriter/actor
Rocky Mountain High, Oh God
Dec. 31, 1943Born: Roswell, New Mexico
Oct. 12, 1997Died in a plane crash

'Wilt' [Wilton Norman] Chamberlain - NBA great center
LA Laker, 5 time MVP
Aug. 21, 1936Born: Philadelphia, PA,
Oct. 12, 1999Died of a heart attack in his sleep at 63

 October 11
Nancy Guild - Actress
Somewhere in the Night, Abbott and Costello Meet the Invisible Man
Oct. 11, 1925Born: Los Angeles, CA.

Ron Leibman - Actor
Norma Rae, Where's Poppa?, Beauty & Beast
Oct. 11, 1937Born: New York City, New York

David Morse - Actor
St Elsewhere, House, Inside Moves
Oct. 11, 1953Born: Beverly, Massachusetts

Bill Randolph - Actor
Comedy Zone, Trauma Center
Oct. 11, 1953Born: Detroit, Mich,

Chico [Leonard] Marx - Comedian
Marx Brothers
Oct. 11, 1961Died from cardiovascular disease at 74

Joan [Mary] Cusack - Comedienne
Oct. 11, 1962Born: New York City, New York

'Luke' [Coy Luther] Perry - Actor
Dillon on 'Beverly Hill 90210'
Oct. 11, 1971Born: Mansfield, Ohio

Redd Foxx [John Elroy Sanford] - Comedian
Sanford & Son, Redd Foxx Show
Dec. 9, 1922Born: St. Louis, Missouri
Oct. 11, 1991Died heart Failure at 69

Richard Denning [Louis Albert Heindrich Denninger] - Actor
Creature from the Black Lagoon, Hawaii Five-0
Mar. 27, 1914Born: Poughkeepsie, NY
Oct. 11, 1998Died at the age of 84

 October 10
Helen Hayes [Brown] - Actress
Csar & Cleopatra, Happy Birthday
Oct. 10, 1900Born: Washington, DC.

'Johnny' [John Morey] Downs - Actor
Our Gang, Manhattan Showcase
Oct. 10, 1913Born: Brooklyn, New York

Richard [Hanley] Jaeckel - Actor
3:10 to Yuma, Sands of Iwo Jima
Oct. 10, 1926Born: Long Beach, New York
Jun. 14, 1997Died after a three year battle with melanoma at 70

[Ibson] Dana Elcar - Actor
Baretta, Baa Baa Black Sheep
Oct. 10, 1927Born: Ferndale, Michigan
Jun. 6, 2005Died due to complications from pneumonia at 78

Daniel [Raymond] Massey - Actor
Vault of Horror
Oct. 10, 1933Born: London, England
Feb. 25, 1998Died from Hodgkin's disease at 64

Ben Vereen [Benjamin Augustus Middleton] - Actor/dancer
Pippin, Roots, Webster
Oct. 10, 1946Born: Laurinburg, North Carolina

[Walter] Charles Dance - Actor
Plenty, Hidden City, Pascali's Island, ,Alien 3
Oct. 10, 1946Born: Redditch, Worcestershire, England

Tanya [Denise] Tucker - Country singer/actress
Follow that Car
Oct. 10, 1958Born: Seminole, Texas

J. Eddie [John Edward] Peck - Actor
Oct. 10, 1958Born: Lynchburg, Virginia,

Mario Lopez - Actor
Slater-Saved by the Bell
Oct. 10, 1973Born: San Diego, California

'Yul' [Yuliy Borisovich] Brynner - Actor
King & I, West World
Jul. 7, 1915Born: Vladivostok, Russia
Oct. 10, 1985Died at 70

[George] Orson Welles - Actor
Citizen Kane, War of the Worlds
May. 6, 1915Born: Kenosha, WI,
Oct. 10, 1985Died from a heart attack at 70

Christopher [D'Olier] Reeve - Actor
Oct. 10, 2004Died after suffering cardiac arrest at 52

'Alex' [Alexander George] Karras - Actor
Detroit Lion, Blazing Saddles, Webster
Jul. 15, 1935Born: Gary, In
Oct. 10, 2012Died from complications caused by kidney failure

 October 9
Hank Patterson [Elmer Calvin Patterson] - Actor
Fred Ziffel on 'Green Acres'
Oct. 9, 1888Born: Springville, Alabama
Aug. 23, 1975Dies at 87

Alastair Sim - Actor
Christmas Carol, Stage Fright
Oct. 9, 1900Born: Edinburgh, Scotland
Aug. 19, 1976Died from cancer at 76

Wally Brown - Actor
Jed Fame-Cimarron City
Oct. 9, 1904Born: Malden, Massachusetts
Nov. 13, 1961Died at 57

Edward Andrews - Actor
Broadside, Harry-Supertrain
Oct. 9, 1914Born: Griffin, Georgia
Mar. 8, 1985Died of a heart attack at 71

Jason Wingreen - Actor
Harry on 'All in the Family', Star Trek TOS
Oct. 9, 1919Born: Brooklyn, New York

Donald [Alfred] Sinden - Actor
Doctor at Large, Mogambo, Simba
Oct. 9, 1923Born: Plymouth, Devon, England

Daniele Delorme [Danile Girard] - Actress
Pardon My Affair Too
Oct. 9, 1926Born: Levallois-Perret, Hauts-de-Seine, France

John [Winston] Lennon - Beatle
Oct. 9, 1940Born: Liverpool, England
Dec. 8, 1980Died :assassinated at 40 in New York by Mark David Chapman

Gary Frank - Actor
Sons & Daughters, Family
Oct. 9, 1950Born: Spokane, Washington

Richard [John] Chaves - Actor
Cease Fire, Predator
Oct. 9, 1951Born: Jacksonville, Fla.

Robert Wuhl - Actor
Bull Durham, Good Morning Vietnam
Oct. 9, 1951Born: Union City, NJ.

Scott [Stewart] Bakula - Actor
Quantum Leap, Gung Ho
Oct. 9, 1954Born: St. Louis, MO.

Linwood Boomer - Actor
Adam-Little House on the Prairie
Oct. 9, 1956Born: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Michael Pare - Actor
Greatest American Hero, Houston Knights
Oct. 9, 1959Born: Brooklyn, New York

Liz Sagal - Actress
Allison-Double Trouble, Grease 2
Oct. 9, 1961Born: Los Angeles, CA.

Jean Sagal - Actress
Kate-Double Trouble, Grease 2
Oct. 9, 1961Born: Los Angeles, CA.

Louis Nye [Louis Neistat] - Comedian
Steve Allen, Happy Days
May. 1, 1913Born: Hartford, CT,
Oct. 9, 2005Died of lung cancer

 October 8
Ron [Egan] Randell - Actor
Loves of Carmen, I am a Camera
Oct. 8, 1918Born: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Frank [Patrick] Herbert - Sci-fi writer
Oct. 8, 1920Born: Tacoma, Washington
Feb. 11, 1986Died of pancreatic cancer at 65

Paul Hogan - Actor
Crocodile Dundee
Oct. 8, 1939Born: Lightning Ridge, New South Wales, Australia

'Chevy' [Cornelius Crane] Chase - Comedian/actor
SNL, Vacation, Fletch, Caddyshack
Oct. 8, 1943Born: New York City, New York

Sarah Purcell - Actress/TV hostess
Real People
Oct. 8, 1948Born: Richmond, Indiana

Sigourney Weaver [Susan Alexandra Weaver] - Actress
Alien Series, Working Girl, Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters II
Oct. 8, 1949Born: Manhattan, New York City, New York

Michael [Joseph Stephen] Dudikoff - Actor
Star of the Family
Oct. 8, 1954Born: Redondo Beach, California

Stephanie Zimbalist - Actress
Remington Steele, Centennial
Oct. 8, 1956Born: New York City, New York

Joan [Ann] Hackett - Actress
Defenders, Another Day
May. 1, 1933Born: East Harlem, New York, NY,
Oct. 8, 1983Died of ovarian cancer

 October 7
Edgar Allen Poe - Poet / Writer
The Pit and the Pendulum, The Raven, The Fall of the House of Usher
Oct. 7, 1849Died at 40 and attributed to alcohol, drugs, cholera, and rabies

'Andy' [Andrew Vabre] Devine - Actor
Andy's Gang
Oct. 7, 1905Born: Flagstaff, Arizona

Helmut Dantine - Actor
Shadow of the Cloak
Oct. 7, 1914Born: Vienna, Austria

Sarah [Millicent Hermione] Churchill - Actress
All Over Town, Royal Wedding
Oct. 7, 1914Born: London, England

Alfred Drake [Alfred Capurro] - Singer/actor
Kiss Me Kate
Oct. 7, 1914Born: New York City, New York

June Allyson [Ella Geisman] - Actress
Till the Clouds Roll By, Vegas
Oct. 7, 1917Born: Bronx, New York

Diana Lynn [Dolores Marie Loehr] - Actress
Annapolis Story, Easy Come Easy Go
Oct. 7, 1926Born: Los Angeles, CA.
Dec. 18, 1971Died from a stroke at 45

Melinda Fee - Actress
Dr Kate Westin-Invisible Man
Oct. 7, 1942Born: Los Angeles, CA.

American Bandstand
Oct. 7, 1952hosted by Bob Horn

Judy Landers - Actress
Vegas, BJ & the Bear, Madame's Place
Oct. 7, 1958Born: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Alexander [Niver] Polinsky - Actor
Adam on 'Charles in Charge'
Oct. 7, 1974Born: San Francisco, CA

 October 6
Jerome Cowan - Actor
Mr Dithers in Blondie, Tab Hunter Show
Oct. 6, 1897Born: New York City, New York
Jan. 24, 1972Died at 65

Janet Gaynor [Laura Augusta Gainor] - Actress
Sunrise, A Star Is Born
Oct. 6, 1906Born: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Sep. 14, 1984Died at 77

Carol Lombard [Jane Alice Peters] - Actress
My Man Godfrey, In Name Only
Oct. 6, 1908Born: Fort Wayne, Indiana
Jan. 16, 1942Died at 34

Anna Quayle - Actress
Mistress Pamela
Oct. 6, 1936Born: London, England

Ellen Travolta - Actress
Louise-Joanie Loves Chachi
Oct. 6, 1940Born: Englewood, New Jersey

Britt [Marie] Ekland - Actress
Wicker Man, Asylum
Oct. 6, 1942Born: Stockholm, Sweden

Michael Durrell - Actor
Shannon, V, Alice, Chiefs
Oct. 6, 1943Born: Brooklyn, New York

'Bette' [Ruth Elizabeth] Davis - Actress
Of Human Bondage, Jezebel, Gone with the Wind
Oct. 6, 1989Died at 81

Denholm [Mitchell] Elliott - Actor
Alfie, Cuba, Doll's House, King Rat
May. 31, 1922Born: London, England
Oct. 6, 1992Died of AIDS-related tuberculosis

 October 5
John Hoyt - Actor
Star Trek TOS, Gimme a Break, Tom Dick & Mary
Oct. 5, 1904Born: Bronxville, New York

Donald [Henry] Pleasence - Actor
Fantastic Voyage, Halloween
Oct. 5, 1919Born: Worksop, Nottinghamshire, England,
Feb. 2, 1995Died from complications from heart valve replacement surgery

Glynis Johns - Actress
Mary Poppins
Oct. 5, 1923Born: Pretoria, South Africa

Bill Dana [William Szathmary] - Comedian/actor
Jose Jimenez
Oct. 5, 1924Born: Quincy, Mass,

Gail Davis [Betty Jeanne Grayson] - Actress
Annie Oakley
Oct. 5, 1925Born: Little Rock, Arkansas

'Skip' [George Vincent] Homeier - Actor
Beachhead, Dakota Incident
Oct. 5, 1930Born: Chicago, Illinois

Diane Cilento - Actress
Agony & Ecstasy, Wicker Man
Oct. 5, 1933Born: Brisbane, Australia

'Jeff' [Jeffrey Charles William Michael] Conaway - Actor
Taxi, Grease, Babylon 5
Oct. 5, 1950Born: New York City, NY
May. 27, 2011Died from complications attributed his addiction to opiates

Karen [Jane] Allen - Actress
Cruising, Starman, Wanderers
Oct. 5, 1951Born: Carrollton, Illinois

Duncan Regehr - Actor
Wizards & Warriors, The Last Days of Pompeii, Star Trek TNG
Oct. 5, 1952Born: Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada

Karyn Parsons - Actress
Hilary on 'Fresh Prince of Bel Air'
Oct. 5, 1966Born: Los Angeles, CA.

Scott [Eric] Weinger - Actor
Steve Taylor-The Family Man
Oct. 5, 1975Born: New York City, New York

Al Capp [Alfred Gerald Caplin] - Cartoonist
Li'l Abner
Sep. 28, 1909Born: New Haven, Ct.
Oct. 5, 1979Died from emphysema at 70

Rodney Dangerfield [Jacob Cohen] - Comedian
Caddyshack, Back to School
Nov. 22, 1921Born: Babylon, New York
Oct. 5, 2004Died at 83

 October 4
'Buster' [Joseph Frank] Keaton - Actor
The Navigator, Steamboat Bill, Jr
Oct. 4, 1895Born: Vigo County, Indiana

Jan Murray [Murray Janofsky] - Comedian
Treasure Hunt, Who Killed Teddy Bear
Oct. 4, 1916Born: Bronx, New York
Jul. 2, 2006Died at the age of 89

Gabriel Dell [Gabriel Marcel Dell Vecchio] - Actor
East Side Kids/Dead End Kids/Bowery Boys, Steve Allen Show
Oct. 4, 1919Born: Brooklyn, New York

Charlton Heston [John Charles Carter] - Actor
10 Commandments, Ben Hur, Planet of the Apes
Oct. 4, 1924Born: St. Helen, Michigan
Apr. 5, 2008Died Died at 83

Dick Tracy
Oct. 4, 1931Comic strip crimestopper

Clifton [Duncan] Davis - Actor/singer
That's My Mama, Amen
Oct. 4, 1945Born: Chicago, ILL

Susan Sarandon [Susan Abigail Tomaling] - Actress
Rocky Horror Picture Show, The Hunger, Bull Durham
Oct. 4, 1946Born: New York City, New York

Armand [Anthony] Assante - Actor
Private Benjamin, Unfaithfully Yours
Oct. 4, 1949Born: New York City, New York

'Bill' [William] Fagerbakke - Actor
Dauber Dybinski on 'Coach'
Oct. 4, 1957Born: Fontana, California

Leave It to Beaver
Debuts on CBS
Oct. 4, 1957October 4, 1957 June 20, 1963

David W Harper - Actor
Jim Bob-Waltons
Oct. 4, 1961Born: Abilene, Tx,

Janis [Lyn] Joplin
Rock singer
Jan. 19, 1943Born: Port Arthur, Texas
Oct. 4, 1970Died of an overdose of heroin

Alicia Silverstone - Actress
Oct. 4, 1976Born: San Francisco, CA,

 October 3
Gertrude Berg [Edelstein] - Actress
Molly Goldberg on 'The Goldbergs'
Oct. 3, 1899Born: New York City, New York

Michael [Murray] Hordern - Actor
Friar Domingo on 'Shogun'
Oct. 3, 1911Born: Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, England

Madlyn Rhue - Actress
Bracken's World, Executive Suite,Star Trek TOS
Oct. 3, 1934Born: Washington, DC.

Alan Rachins - Actor
Douglas-LA Law
Oct. 3, 1942Born: Cambridge, Massachusetts

Pamela Hensley - Actress
Buck Rogers in 25th Century
Oct. 3, 1950Born: Los Angeles, CA.

'Stevie' [Stephen] Ray Vaughan
Blues guitarist
Oct. 3, 1954Born: Dallas, TX,
Aug. 27, 1990Dies in a helicopter crash at 35

Father Knows Best
Oct. 3, 19543 October 1954 23 May 1960

Mickey Mouse Clu
Oct. 3, 1955October 3, 1955 (first series) March 7, 1996 (last series)

Captain Kangaroo -
Good Morning, Captain!
Oct. 3, 1955Premieres

Hart [Matthew] Bochner - Actor
Supergirl, Die Hard
Oct. 3, 1956Born: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Dick Van Dyke Sho
Premieres on CBS TV
Oct. 3, 1961October 3, 1961 June 1, 1966

Mr E
Oct. 3, 1961Premieres

Tommy Lee [Bass] - Rock drummer
Motley Crew
Oct. 3, 1962Born: Athens, Greece

'Woodie' [Woodrow Wilson] Guthrie - Folk singer
This Land Is Your Land
Jul. 14, 1912Born: Okemah, Oklahoma
Oct. 3, 1967Died of complications of Huntington's disease at 55

'Roddy' [Roderick Andrew Anthony Jude] McDowall - Actor
Planet of the Apes, Lord Love a Duck
Oct. 3, 1998Died from lung cancer at the age of 70

Florence Stanley [Florence Schwartz] - Actress
Bernice on 'Barney Miller' & 'Fish'
Jul. 1, 1924Born: Chicago, Ill,
Oct. 3, 2003Died of complications from a stroke at 79

Janet Leigh [Jeanette Helen Morrison] - Actres
Psycho, Harper
Jul. 6, 1927Born: Merced, California
Oct. 3, 2004Died at her home from vasculitis at age 77

 October 2
'Groucho' [Julius Henry] Marx - Comedian
Marx Bros
Oct. 2, 1890Born: Upper East Side, New York City
Aug. 19, 1977Dies at 86

'Bud' [William Alexander] Abbott - Comedian
Abbott & Costello
Oct. 2, 1897Born: Asbury Park, New Jersey
Apr. 24, 1974Died of cancer at 76

Charles Drake [Charles Ruppert] - Actor
Air Force, Glenn Miller Story
Oct. 2, 1917Born: New York City, New York
Sep. 10, 1994Died at 77

'Spanky' [George Robert Phillips] McFarland - Actor
Little Rascals
Oct. 2, 1928Born: Dallas, Texas
Jun. 30, 1993Died of a heart attack at 64

Moses Gunn - Actor
Amityville II, Good Times, Shaft
Oct. 2, 1929Born: St. Louis, MO.
Dec. 16, 1993Died from the complications of asthma at 64

Rex [Taylor] Reed - Movie critic/actor
Myra Breckinridge
Oct. 2, 1938Born: Fort Worth, Texas

Avery [Franklin] Brooks - Actor
Hawk on 'Spenser for Hire', Star Trek DS9
Oct. 2, 1948Born: Evansville, Ind.

Persis Khambatta - Actress
Star Trek, Megaforce
Oct. 2, 1950Born: Bombay. India
Aug. 18, 1998Died of a massive heart attack at age 47

Romina [Francesca] Power - Actress
Oct. 2, 1951Born: Los Angeles, CA

Sting [Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner] - Rocker
Police-Roxanne/actor (Dune
Oct. 2, 1951Born: Wallsend, England

Lani O'Grady [Lanita Rose Agrati] - Actress
Mary on '8 is Enough'
Oct. 2, 1954Born: Walnut Creek, Calif.

Lorraine Bracco - Actress
Someone to Watch Over Me, Dream Team
Oct. 2, 1955Born: Brooklyn, New York

Twilight Zone
Oct. 2, 1959Premieres on CBS

Ben Casey
Oct. 2, 1961Premieres

Esai [Manuel] Morales - Actor
Bad Boys, La Bamba
Oct. 2, 1962Born: New York City, New York

Rock Hudson [Roy Harold Scherer] - Actor
MacMillian & Wife
Oct. 2, 1985Died at 59 of aids

Harriet Nelson [Peggy Lou Snyder] - Actress
Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet
Jul. 18, 1909Born: Des Moines, IA,
Oct. 2, 1994Died at 85

[Orvon] Gene Autry - Acto
The Phantom Empire, 44 B western films
Sep. 29, 1907Born: Tioga, TX
Oct. 2, 1998Died Lymphoma cancer at 91

'Nipsey' [Julius] Russell - Comedian
Car 54, Barefoot in the Park
Oct. 13, 1920Born: Atlanta, Georgia
Oct. 2, 2005Died at 81

Hamilton Camp - Actor
Andrew-He & She, Star Trek DS9
Oct. 30, 1934Born: London, England
Oct. 2, 2005Died suddenly of a heart attack at 70

Soupy Sales [Milton Supman] - Comedian
Soupy Sales Show
Jan. 8, 1926Born: Franklinton, North Carolina
Oct. 2, 2009Died from cancer aged 83

 October 1
Stanley [Augustus] Holloway - Actor
Higgins on 'Our Man Higgins'
Oct. 1, 1890Born: London, England
Jan. 30, 1982Died at 91

Walter [John] Matthau - Actor
Odd Couple, Bad News Bears
Oct. 1, 1920Born: New York City, New York
Jul. 1, 2000Died of full cardiac arrest at 79

James [Allen] Whitmore - Actor
Give 'em Hell Harry
Oct. 1, 1921Born: White Plains, New York

Lonny Chapman - Actor
Investigator, For the People
Oct. 1, 1921Born: Tulsa, Oklahoma

Tom [Edward] Bosley - Actor
Howard on 'Happy Days', Murder She Wrote
Oct. 1, 1927Born: Chicago, ILL

Laurence Harvey [Zvi Mosheh Hirsh Skikne - Actor
Alamo, Romeo & Juliet
Oct. 1, 1928Born: Joniskis, Lithuania

George Peppard - Actor
Banacek, A-Team, Blue Max
Oct. 1, 1928Born: Detroit, Mich,
May. 8, 1994Died of pneumonia at 65

Richard [St. John] Harris - Actor
A Man Called Horse, singer (MacArthur Park
Oct. 1, 1930Born: Limerick, Ireland
Oct. 25, 2002Died Hodgkin's disease at 72

Julie [Julie Elizabeth] Andrews - Actress/singer
Sound of Music, Mary Poppins
Oct. 1, 1935Born: Walton-on-Thames, Surrey, England

Stella Stevens [Estelle Caro Eggleston] - Actress
Girls! Girls!, Manitou
Oct. 1, 1936Born: Yazoo City, Mississippi

Stephen Collins - Actor
Star Trek I, Tattingers
Oct. 1, 1947Born: Des Moines, Iowa

'Randy' [Randall Rudy] Quaid - Actor
Midnight Express, Vacation, SNL
Oct. 1, 1950Born: Houston, TX

The Lucy Show
Oct. 1, 19621962-1968

Jay Underwood - Actor
The Boy Who Could Fly
Oct. 1, 1968Born: Minneapolis, Mn.

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