June in History  
 June 26
Peter Lorre [László Löwenstein] - Actor
The Man Who Knew Too Much, Casablanca, Beast with 5 Fingers
Jun. 26, 1904Born: Rózsahegy, Austria-Hungary
Mar. 23, 1964Died from a stroke at 59

Eleanor [Jean] Parker - Actress
Caged, Detective Story, Hans Brinker
Jun. 26, 1922Born: Cedarville, Ohio

Pamela Bellwood [Pamela King] - Actress
Ellen on 'W.E.B.', Claudia on 'Dynasty'
Jun. 26, 1951Born: New York, NY

Robert Davi - Actor
Raw Deal, Stargate Atlantis, The Goonies
Jun. 26, 1954Born: Astoria, Queens, New York

 June 25
'George Orwell' [Eric Arthur Blair] - Satirist/author
Animal Farm, 1984
Jun. 25, 1903Born: Motihari, Bihar, India
Jan. 21, 1950Dies at 47

Roger Livesey - Actor
Drums, Life & Death of Col Blimp
Jun. 25, 1906Born: Barry, South Wales
Feb. 4, 1976Died from colorectal cancer at the age of 69

June Lockhart - Actres
Lassie, Lost in Space, Petticoat Junction
Jun. 25, 1925Born: New York, NY

George Murdock -Actor
Barney Miller, Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek TNG
Jun. 25, 1930Born: Salina, Kansas

Carly [Elisabeth] Simon - Singer
Anticipation, You're So Vain
Jun. 25, 1945Born: New York, NY

'Jimmie' [James Carter] Walker - Comedian
JJ on 'Good Times', At Ease
Jun. 25, 1949Born: Bronx, NY,

Jacques [Yves] Cousteau - Marine explore
PBS TV producer; co-inventor of Aqua-Lung
Jun. 11, 1910Born: Saint André de Cubzac, France
Jun. 25, 1997Died at age of 87

 June 24
[Wonga] Phil Harris - Singer/actor
Anything Goes
Jun. 24, 1904Born: Linton, Indiana
Aug. 11, 1995Died of a heart attack at 91

'Al' [Albert] Molinaro - Actor
Odd Couple, Happy Days
Jun. 24, 1919Born: Kenosha, Wisc,

Michele Lee [Dusick] - Actress/singer
Karen on 'Knots Landing', Love Bug
Jun. 24, 1942Born: Los Angeles, CA,

Georg Stanford Brown - Actor
Terry Webster on 'Rookies'
Jun. 24, 1943Born: Havana, Cuba

Peter [Frederick] Weller - Actor
Robocop, 1st Born, Of Unknown Origin
Jun. 24, 1947Born: Stevens Point, Wisconsin

Nancy [Anne] Allen - Actress
Carrie, 1941, Robocop, Dress to Kill
Jun. 24, 1950Born: New York, NY,

'Joe' [Joseph Edward] Penny - Actor
Jake & the Fatman
Jun. 24, 1956Born: London, England,

Danielle Spencer - Actress
Dee Thomas on 'What's Happening'
Jun. 24, 1965Born: Bronx, NY,

'Jackie' [John Herbert Walton] Gleason - Actor
Feb. 26, 1916Born: Brooklyn, NY,
Jun. 24, 1987Dies at 71 in Fort Lauderdale

Brian Keith [Robert Keith Richey, Jr.] - Actor
Bill on 'Family Affair', Loneliest Runner
Nov. 14, 1921Born: Bayonne, New Jersey
Jun. 24, 1997Died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound at 75

 June 23
Mary Livingstone [Sadye Marks] - Actress
Jack Benny Show
Jun. 23, 1905Born: Seattle, WA,
Jun. 30, 1983Dies at 75

Larry Blyden [Ivan Lawrence Blieden] - Acto
Harry's Girls, What's My Line
Jun. 23, 1925Born: Houston, TX,
Jun. 6, 1975Died at the age of 49

'Ted' [Theodore Tillman] Shackelford - Actor
Dallas, Knots Landing, Space Precinct
Jun. 23, 1946Born: Oklahoma City, Okla,

Bryan [Neathway] Brown - Acto
Breaker Morant, Blame It on the Bellboy, F/X series, Dead in the Water
Jun. 23, 1947Born: Sydney, Australia

Frances [Louise] McDormand - Actres
Fargo, Blood Simple, Mississippi Burning, The Wonder Boys, Almost Famous
Jun. 23, 1957Born: Chicago, Ill,

Duane Whitaker - Acto
Pulp Fiction, Hobgoblins, Puppet Master 5: The Final Chapter
Tales from the Hood
Jun. 23, 1959Born: Abilene, Texas

'Billy' [William E] Wirth - Acto
The Lost Boys, Body Snatchers, Venus Rising, Space Marines
Jun. 23, 1962Born: New York, NY,

Selma Blair [Beitner] - Actres
In & Out, Cruel Intentions, Kill Me Later, The Sweetest Thing
Jun. 23, 1972Born: Southfield, Michigan

Maureen [Paula] O'Sullivan - Actress
Tarzan, Pride & Prejudice
May. 17, 1911Born: Boyle, County Roscommon, Ireland
Jun. 23, 1998Died of complications from heart surgery at 87

Peter [Michael] Falk - Actor
Colombo, Scared Straight
Sep. 16, 1927Born: New York City, New York
Jun. 23, 2011Died at the age of 83

 June 22
John [Herbert] Dillinger
American bank robber
Jun. 22, 1903Born: Indianapolis, Indiana

'Paul' [Solomon Hersh] Frees - Animation voice
Boris Badenov, and many, many more
Jun. 22, 1920Born: Chicago, Ill,

Ralph Waite - Actor
Last Summer, Cool Hand Luke, 5 Easy Piece, Waltons
Aug. 12, 1928Born: White Plains, NY.
Jun. 22, 1929Born: White Plains, NY

'Kris' [Kristoffer] Kristofferson - Singer/actor
Amerika, Millenium, Blade
Jun. 22, 1936Born: Brownsville, TX.

David Lander [David Landau - Actor
Squiggy on 'Laverne & Shirley'
Jun. 22, 1947Born: Brooklyn, NY,

Lindsay [Jean] Wagner - Actress
Bionic Woman, Paper Chase, Nighthawks
Jun. 22, 1949Born: Los Angeles, CA,

'Meryl' [Mary Louise] Streep - Actress
French Lieutenant's Woman, Sophie's Choice
Jun. 22, 1949Born: Summit, New Jersey

Freddie Prinze [Frederick Karl Pruetzel] - Comedian/actor
Chico & the Man
Jun. 22, 1954Born: New York, NY
Jan. 29, 1977Died at the age of 22 , Suicide

'Tim' [Timothy Darrell] Russ - Actor
Death Wish 4, Tuvok on 'Star Trek VOY'
Jun. 22, 1956Born: Washington, DC

Tracy [Jo] Pollan - Actress
Family Ties
Jun. 22, 1960Born: New York, NY,

Judy Garland [Frances Ethel Gumm]
Jun. 10, 1922Born: Grand Rapids, Minnesota
Jun. 22, 1969Dies in London at 47

Alicia [Linda] Goranson - Actress
Becky on 'Roseanne'
Jun. 22, 1974Born: Evanston, Ind,

Fred Astaire [Frederick Austerlitz]
May. 10, 1899Born: Omaha, NE,
Jun. 22, 1987Dies at Century City Hospital in LA at 88

Dennis Day [Owen Patrick Eugene McNulty] - Irish tenor/comedian
Jack Benny Show, Danny Boy
May. 21, 1917Born: New York, NY
Jun. 22, 1988Died of Lou Gehrig's disease at 72

Dolores Gray [Stein] - Singer/actress
Designing Woman, Kismet
Jun. 7, 1924Born: Chic, Ill,
Jun. 22, 2002Died of a heart attack at 78

George [Denis Patrick] Carlin - Comedian
7 words you can't say on television, AM & FM, Carwash
May. 12, 1937Born: Bronx, NY,
Jun. 22, 2008Died of heart attack at 71

 June 21
Dorothy Stickney - Actress
And So They Were Married
Jun. 21, 1903Born: Dickinson, North Dakota
Jun. 2, 1998Died at the age of 101

'Al' [Albert] Hirschfeld - Caricaturist
1975 Tony Award
Jun. 21, 1903Born: St. Louis, Missouri
Jan. 20, 2003Died of natural causes at 99

Jane Russell [Ernestine Jane Geraldine Russell] - Actres
The Outlaw
Jun. 21, 1921Born: Bemidji, MN,
Feb. 28, 2011Died from respiratory failure

Judy Holliday [Judith Tuvim] - Comedienne/actress
Born Yesterday, Adam's Rib
Jun. 21, 1922Born: New York, NY,
Jun. 7, 1965Died from breast cancer at 43

[Lois] Maureen Stapleton - Actress
Airport, Coccoon, Plaza Suite
Jun. 21, 1925Born: Troy, NY,
Mar. 13, 2006Died of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease at 80

'Bernie' [Bernard Morton] Kopell - Actor
Love Boat, Get Smart, That Girl
Jun. 21, 1933Born: New York, NY,

Monte Markham - Actor
Second Hundred Years, Dallas
Jun. 21, 1935Born: Manatee, Fla,

'Ron' [Ronald Pierce] Ely - Actor
Tarzan, Doc Savage
Jun. 21, 1938Born: Hereford, Tx,

Joe Flaherty - Comedian
SCTV, Blue Monday
Jun. 21, 1940Born: Pittsburgh, PA,

'Mariette' [Mary Loretta] Hartley - Actress
Star Trek TOS, Marooned
Jun. 21, 1940Born: Weston, Connecticut

Meredith Baxter Birney - Actress
Family Ties, Bridget loves Bernie
Jun. 21, 1947Born: South Pasadena, California

Michael Gross - Actor
Family Ties
Jun. 21, 1947Born: Chicago, Ill,

Leigh McCloskey - actor
Mitch on 'Dallas', Brian on 'Executive Suite'
Jun. 21, 1955Born: Los Angeles, CA,

[John] Carroll O'Connor - Actor
All in the Family, Heat of the Night
Aug. 2, 1924Born: New York, NY,
Jun. 21, 2001Died at 77

 June 20
'Buddha' [Siddhartha Gautama] - Spiritual leader
founded Buddhism, Buddha meaning awakened one
Jun. 19, 563Born: Lumbini, Nepal (India)
Jun. 20, 483Died Kushinagar, Nepal (India)

Errol [Leslie Thomson] Flynn - Actor
Captain Blood, Robin Hood, Against All Flags
Jun. 20, 1909Born: Hobart, Tasmania
Oct. 14, 1959Died of a heart attack. at 45

Audie [Leon] Murphy - WWII hero/actor
To Hell and Back, Joe Butterfly
Jun. 20, 1924Born: Kingston, Tx,
May. 28, 1971Died in a plane crash at 46

Martin Landau - Actor
Mission Impossible, Space 1999, Tucker
Jun. 20, 1928Born: Brooklyn, NY,

Olympia Dukakis - Actress
Jun. 20, 1931Born: Lowell, Massachusetts

Danny [Louis] Aiello - Actor
Moonstruck, Radio Days, Hudson Hawk
Jun. 20, 1933Born: Brooklyn, NY,

Brian [Douglas] Wilson - Singer
Beachboys-In My Room
Jun. 20, 1942Born: Hawthorne, Calif,

[Morna] Anne Murray - Singer
Snow Bird
Jun. 20, 1945Born: Springhill, Nova Scotia, Canada

Lionel [Brockman] Richie - Singer
Commodores, Hello, Penny Lover
Jun. 20, 1950Born: Tuskegee, AL

John [Stephen] Goodman - Actor
Roseanne, Everyone's All American
Jun. 20, 1952Born: Affton, Missouri

Chuck Wagner - Actor
Jun. 20, 1958Born: Nashville, Tn.

Mary Treen - Actress
Its A Wonderful Life, 'Aunt Clara' on "The Dukes of Hazzard."
Mar. 27, 1907Born: St Louis, MO
Jun. 20, 1989Died at the age of 82

 June 19
'Buddha' [Siddhartha Gautama] - Spiritual leader
founded Buddhism, Buddha meaning awakened one
Jun. 19, 563Born: Lumbini, Nepal (India)
Jun. 20, 483Died Kushinagar, Nepal (India)

Charles [Douville] Coburn - Actor
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
Jun. 19, 1877Born: Macon, Ga.
Aug. 30, 1961Died from a heart attack at 84

Moe Howard [Moses Harry Horowitz] - Comedian
3 Stooges
Jun. 19, 1897Born: Bensonhurst, New York
May. 4, 1975Dies at 77

Nancy Marchand - Actress
Beacon Hill, Margaret on 'Lou Grant'
Jun. 19, 1928Born: Buffalo, NY
Jun. 18, 2000Died of emphysema and lung cancer at 71

'Gena' [Virginia Cathryn] Rowlands - Actress
Gloria, Tempest, Brinks Job
Jun. 19, 1936Born: Cambria, Wisc,

Phylicia Rashad [Phylicia Ayers Allen] - Actress
Jun. 19, 1948Born: Houston, TX,

[Mary] Kathleen Turner - Actress
Peggy Sue Got Married
Jun. 19, 1954Born: Springfield, Missouri

Garfield the Cat
Animated 27 lb fictional protagonist
Jun. 19, 1978Born: in the kitchen of Mama Leone's Italian Restaurant

Jack Warden [John H. Lebzelter] - Actor
NYPD, Crazy Like a Fox, Norby
Sep. 18, 1920Born: Newark, New Jersey
Jun. 19, 2006Died of heart and kidney failure and other medical problems at 86

 June 18
[Sarah] Blanche Sweet - Actress
Home Sweet Home, Avenging Conscience
Jun. 18, 1895Born: Chicago, Ill,
Sep. 6, 1986Died of a stroke at 90

Jeanette [Anna] MacDonald - Actress/singer
When I'm Calling You
Jun. 18, 1903Born: Philadelphia, PA,
Jan. 14, 1965Died at the age of 61

Keye Luke - Actor
Across the Pacific, Yangtse Incident
Jun. 18, 1904Born: Canton, China
Jan. 12, 1991Died of a stroke at 86

E.G. Marshall [Everett Eugene Grunz] - Actor
The Defenders, The Bold Ones
Jun. 18, 1910Born: Owatonna, Minn,
Aug. 24, 1998Dies at 88

Avon Long - Actor
Roots: Next Generation
Jun. 18, 1910Born: Baltimore, MD,
Feb. 15, 1984Died from cancer at 73

Richard [Allen] Boone - Actor
Paladin on 'Have Gun Will Travel', The Alamo, Big Jake, The Shootist
Jun. 18, 1917Born: Los Angeles, CA,
Jan. 10, 1981Died from pneumonia while suffering from throat cancer at 63

[James] Paul McCartney - Rocker
Jun. 18, 1942Born: Liverpool, England

Linda Thorson [Linda Robinson] - Actress
Tara on 'TheAvengers', Thriller, Return of the Saint
Jun. 18, 1947Born: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Constance McCashin - Actress
Laura on 'Knots Landing'
Jun. 18, 1947Born: Chicago, Ill,

'Carol' [Carolyn Laurie] Kane - Actress
Dog Day Afternoon, Simka on 'Taxi'
Jun. 18, 1952Born: Cleveland, OH,

Miriam Flynn - Actress
Tim Conway Show, Maggie
Jun. 18, 1952Born: Cleveland, OH,

Isabella [Fiorella Elettra Giovanna] Rossellini - Actress
Blue Velvet, Tough Guys Don't Dance
Jun. 18, 1952Born: Rome, Italy

Brian Benben - Acto
Gangster Chronicles, HBO sitcom 'Dream On'
Jun. 18, 1956Born: Winchester, Va,

Ethel Barrymore [Ethel Mae Blythe] - Actress
Constant Wife, Corn is Green
Aug. 15, 1879Born: Philadelphia, PA,
Jun. 18, 1959Died of cardiovascular disease at 79

'Bumper' [Larry C.] Robinson - Actor
Webster, Night Court
Jun. 18, 1974Born: Cleveland, OH,

Nancy Marchand - Actress
Beacon Hill, Margaret on 'Lou Grant'
Jun. 19, 1928Born: Buffalo, NY
Jun. 18, 2000Died of emphysema and lung cancer at 71

 June 17
Ralph [Rexford] Bellamy - Actor
Air Mail, Dive Bomber, Trading Places
Jun. 17, 1904Born: Chicago, Ill,
Nov. 29, 1991Died from a lung ailment at 87

Beryl [Elizabeth] Reid - Actress
Joseph Andrews, Psycho Mania, Yellowbeard
Jun. 17, 1920Born: Manchester, England
Oct. 13, 1996Died from complications following knee surgery at the age of 77

Barry Manilow [Barry Alan Pincus] - Singer
I Write The Songs, Mandy and Copacabana At The Copa
Jun. 17, 1943Born: Brooklyn, NY

'Joe' [Joseph Charles John] Piscopo - Comedian
SNL, Dead Heat, Star Trek TNG
Jun. 17, 1951Born: Passaic, NJ.

Mark Linn Baker - Actor
Larry Appleton on 'Perfect Strangers'
Jun. 17, 1954Born: St Louis, MO,

Jason Patric [Miller] - Actor
Lost Boys, Solar Babies
Jun. 17, 1966Born: Queens, NY,

Pamela Britton [Armilda Jane Owen] - Actress
Blondie, My Favorite Martian
Mar. 19, 1923Born: Milwaukee, WI.
Jun. 17, 1974Dies at 50

Cyd Charisse [Tula Ellice Finklea] - Actres
Ballet Russes as "Celia Siderova", Singin' in the Rain
Mar. 8, 1921Born: Amarillo, Texas
Jun. 17, 2008Died of heart attack at 86

 June 16
Stan Laurel [Arthur Stanley Jefferson] - Comedian
Laurel & Hardy
Jun. 16, 1890Born: Ulverston, Cumbria, England
Feb. 23, 1965Dies of heart attack at 74

'Jack' [Jonathen George] Albertson - Actor
Thin Man, Chico & the Man
Jun. 16, 1907Born: Malden, Mass,
Nov. 21, 1981Died from colorectal cancer at 74

Frances Rafferty - Actress
Abbott & Costello in Hollywood
Jun. 16, 1922Born: Sioux City, Iowa
Apr. 18, 2004Died at the age of 81

Faith Domergue - Actress
House of 7 Corpses
Jun. 16, 1924Born: New Orleans, LA.
Apr. 4, 1999Died from cancer, aged 74

Joan Van Ark - Actress
Valene on 'Dallas', Knots Landing
Jun. 16, 1943Born: New York City, NY.

Ian Buchanan - Actor
General Hospital, Gary Shandling Show
Jun. 16, 1957Born: Hamilton, South Lanarkshire, Scotland

George Reeves [George Keefer Brewer] - Actor
Adventures of Superman, Gone With the Wind
Jan. 5, 1914Born: Woolstock, Iowa
Jun. 16, 1959Death by gunshot, officially ruled suicide, doubts persist

 June 15
Belinda Lee - Actress
Who Done It, Runaway Bus
Jun. 15, 1935Born: Budleigh Salterton, England
Mar. 12, 1961Dies in car crash at 25

Aron Kincaid [Norman Neale Williams II] - Actor
Warren on 'Bachelor Father', Ski Party
Jun. 15, 1943Born: Los Angeles, CA,
Jan. 6, 2011Died at the age of 70

'Jim' [James Albert] Varney - Actor
Ernest Goes to Jail
Jun. 15, 1946Born: Lexington, KY,
Feb. 10, 2000Died from lung cancer at 50

'Jim' [James Adam] Belushi - Comedian
Sat Night Live, Trading Places, According to Jim
Jun. 15, 1954Born: Chicago, Ill,

Polly [Carey] Draper - Actress
Ellyn on '30 Something', Hooters
Jun. 15, 1956Born: Palo Alto, Calif,

Helen [Elizabeth] Hunt - Actress
Jill on 'Amy Prentiss', Lisa on 'It Takes Two'
Jun. 15, 1963Born: Los Angeles, CA,

Courteney [Bass] Cox Arquette - Actress
Family Ties, Cocoon II, Friends
Jun. 15, 1964Born: Birmingham, AL,

Neil Patrick Harris - Actor
Doogie Howser, Starship Troopers, How I Met Your Mother
Jun. 15, 1973Born: Albuquerque, NM,

Victor [Edwin] French - Actor
Highway to Heaven
Dec. 4, 1934Born: Santa Barbara, California
Jun. 15, 1989Dies at 54 of cancer

Ella [Jane] Fitzgerald - Jazz singer
The First Lady of Song, Is it live or Memorex, A-Tisket A-Tasket
Apr. 25, 1917Born: Newport News, VA,
Jun. 15, 1996Died at the age of 79

Stan Winston - Special effects / Make-up artist, Director
Terminator series, Jurassic Park series, Aliens
Apr. 7, 1946Born: Arlington, Virginia
Jun. 15, 2008Died At 62, after suffering for seven years with multiple myeloma

 June 14
May Allison - Actress
Youth for Salem Men of Steel
Jun. 14, 1890Born: Rising Fawn, GA
Mar. 27, 1989Dies at 99

Burl [Icle Ivanhoe] Ives - Folk singer/actor
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
Jun. 14, 1909Born: Hunt, Ill,

'Lash' [Alfred] La Rue - Cowboy actor
Lash of the West, Wyatt Earp
Jun. 14, 1917Born: Gretna, La,

Dorothy [Hackett] McGuire - Actress
Old Yeller, Summer Magic
Jun. 14, 1918Born: Omaha, Neb,

'Sam' [Samuel] Wanamaker - Actor
Holocaust, Competition, Raw Deal
Jun. 14, 1919Born: Chic, Ill,

Gene Barry [Eugene Klass] - Actor
Bat Masterson, Name of the Game, Burke's Law
Jun. 14, 1921Born: New York, NY,

Marla Gibbs - Actress
Florence on 'Jeffersons', Mary on '227'
Jun. 14, 1931Born: Chicago, Ill,

Trish Stewart - Actress
Melanmie on 'Salvage 1'
Jun. 14, 1946Born: Hot Springs, Ark.

Eddie Mekka [Edward Mekjian] - Actor
Carmine on 'Laverne & Shirley'
Jun. 14, 1952Born: Worcester, Mass,

Will Patton - Actor
No Way Out, Ballzaire the Cajun
Jun. 14, 1954Born: Charleston, SC,

Alan Reed [Teddy Bergman] - Actor
Mr Adams & Eve / Voice of Fred Flintstone
Aug. 20, 1907Born: New York, NY.
Jun. 14, 1977Dies at 69

[Richard] Marlin Perkins
Host of Wild Kingdom
Jun. 14, 1986Dies near St Louis at 81

'Henry' [Enrico Nicola] Mancini - Composer / Conductor
Pink Panther
Apr. 16, 1924Born: Cleveland, Ohio
Jun. 14, 1994Died of pancreatic cancer

Richard [Hanley] Jaeckel - Actor
3:10 to Yuma, Sands of Iwo Jima
Oct. 10, 1926Born: Long Beach, New York
Jun. 14, 1997Died after a three year battle with melanoma at 70

Montgomery Edward Scot - Chief Engineer
Star Trek
Jun. 14, 2222Born: Aberdeen, Scotland

 June 13
William Butler Yeats - Poet
Wild Swans at Coole-Nobel 1923
Jun. 13, 1865Born: Sandymount, County Dublin, Ireland
Jan. 28, 1939Died at the age of 73

[Philip St. John] Basil Rathbone - Actor
Sherlock Holmes
Jun. 13, 1892Born: Johannesburg, S Africa
Jul. 21, 1967Dies at 75

Mary Wickes [Mary Isabelle Wickenhauser] - Actress
Dennis the Menace, Julia, Doc, White Christmas
Jun. 13, 1912Born: St Louis, Mo,
Oct. 22, 1995Died at the age of 85

Ben Johnson - Actor
Chisum, Battle Force, Dillinger
Jun. 13, 1918Born: Foraker, Okla,
Apr. 8, 1996Died from a heart attack at 77

Paul [Edward] Lynde - Comedian
Uncle Arthur on 'Bewitched'
Jun. 13, 1927Born: Mt Vernon, Ohio
Jan. 10, 1982Died from a heart attack at 55

Malcolm McDowell [Malcolm John Taylor] - Actor
Clockwork Orange, Caligula
Jun. 13, 1943Born: Leeds, West Yorkshire

Richard [Earl] Thomas - Acto
John Boy on 'Waltons', Last Summer, Johnny Belinda
Jun. 13, 1951Born: New York, NY,

'Ally' [Alexandra Elizabeth] Sheedy - Actress
St Elmo's, Short Circuit, Maid to Order
Jun. 13, 1962Born: New York, NY,

Darla [Jean] Hood - Actress
Little Rascals
Nov. 8, 1931Born: Leedey, Oklahoma
Jun. 13, 1979Dies at 58

Ashley [Fuller] Olsen - Actress
Full House
Jun. 13, 1986Born: Sherman Oaks, California

Mary Kate Olsen - Actress
Full House
Jun. 13, 1986Born: Sherman Oaks, California

'Benny' [Benjamin David] Goodman
Clarinet King of Swing
May. 30, 1909Born: Chicago, IL,
Jun. 13, 1986Dies in NY at 77

Jimmy [Ray] Dean - Actor/singer
Jimmy Dean Show, Diamonds are Forever
Aug. 10, 1928Born: Plainview, Texas
Jun. 13, 2010Died of natural causes at 81

 June 12
Priscilla Lane - Actres
Varsity Show, Million Dollar Baby, Arsenic and Old Lace
Jun. 12, 1915Born: Indianola, Iowa
Apr. 4, 1995Died at the age of 79

Uta [Thyra] Hagen - Actres
The Country Girl, Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?,The Boys from Brazil
Jun. 12, 1919Born: Gttingen, Germany
Jan. 14, 2007Died at the age of 84

'Anne' [Annelies Marie] Frank
The Diary of Anne Frank
Jun. 12, 1929Born: Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Mar. 14, 1945Died from typhus epidemic at age 15

'Jim' [James Thurston] Nabors - Acto
Gomer Pyle U.S.M.C., The Andy Griffith Show, The Jim Nabors Hour
Jun. 12, 1930Born: Sylacauga, AL

Timothy Busfield - Acto
Thirtysomething, Byrds of Paradise, Little Big League, Field of Dreams
Revenge of the Nerds
Jun. 12, 1957Born: East Lansing, Michigan

Jenilee Harrison - Actres
Threes Company, Dallas, Fists of Iron, Prime Target, Curse 3: Blood Sacrifice
Jun. 12, 1959Born: Northridge, California

Paula Marshall - Actres
The Wonder Years, Snoops, Cupid, Spin City, Chicago Sons, The Single Guy
Jun. 12, 1964Born: Rockville, MD

[Edith] Norma Shearer - Actress
Divorcee, Idiot's Delight
Aug. 10, 1902Born: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Jun. 12, 1983Died from pneumonia and Alzheimer's disease at 80

[Eldred] Gregory Peck - Actor
To Kill a Mockingbird, MacArthur
Apr. 5, 1916Born: La Jolla, CA,
Jun. 12, 2003Died from bronchopneumonia

 June 11
Jacques [Yves] Cousteau - Marine explore
PBS TV producer; co-inventor of Aqua-Lung
Jun. 11, 1910Born: Saint André de Cubzac, France
Jun. 25, 1997Died at age of 87

'Vince' [Vincent Thomas] Lombardi - Pro Football Coach
Green Bay Packers: Super Bowl I, II
Jun. 11, 1913Born: Brooklyn, NY,
Sep. 3, 1970Died from anaplastic carcinoma cancer at 57

Gene Wilder [Jerome Silberman] - Acto
Young Frankenstein, Blazing Saddles, Willie Wonka
Jun. 11, 1933Born: Milwaukee, WI,

Chad Everett [Raymond Lee Cramton] - Acto
Medical Center, The Dakotas, The Singing Nun
Jun. 11, 1936Born: South Bend, IN

Adrienne [Jo] Barbeau - Actres
Swamp Thing, Maude, Cannonball Run
Jun. 11, 1945Born: Sacramento, California

Pamela Gidley
Actress: C.S.I., The Pretender, Angel Street
Jun. 11, 1965Born: Salem, NH

Frank Silvera - Actor
High Chaparral
Jul. 24, 1914Born: Kingston, Jamaica
Jun. 11, 1970Died in a freak accident at his house by electrocution

[Jackson] DeForest Kelley - Actor
Dr Leonard McCoy on 'Star Trek'
Jan. 20, 1920Born: Atlanta, Georgia
Jun. 11, 1999Dies at 79

William [Horace] Marshall - Actor
Blacula, Something of Value
Aug. 19, 1924Born: Gary, IN,
Jun. 11, 2003Died at 79

 June 10
June Haver [Beverly Jane Stovenour] - Actress
Dolly Sisters, Girl Next Door
Jun. 10, 1826Born: Rock Island, Illinois
Jul. 4, 2005Died from respiratory failure at 79

Judy Garland [Frances Ethel Gumm] - Actress/singer
Wizard of Oz
Jun. 10, 1922Born: Grand Rapids, Minnesota
Jun. 22, 1969Dies in London at 47

F [Francis] Lee Bailey Jr - Attorney
Sam Shepard case
Jun. 10, 1933Born: Waltham, Mass,

Ron Glass - Actor
Ron on 'Barney Miller', New Odd Couple, Star Trek VOY, Firefly
Jun. 10, 1945Born: Evansville, Ind,

Andrew Stevens [Herman Andrew Stephens] - Actor
Seduction, Boys in Company C, Fury
Jun. 10, 1955Born: Memphis, Tn,

Timothy Van Patten - Actor
White Shadow, Master
Jun. 10, 1959Born: Brooklyn, NY.

Spencer [Bonaventure] Tracy - Actor
Father's Little Dividend, Adam's Rib
Apr. 5, 1900Born: Milwaukee, WI,
Jun. 10, 1967Died of a heart attack

Michael Rennie [Eric Alexander Rennie] - Actor
Klaatu on 'The Day the Earth Stood Still'
Aug. 25, 1909Born: Idle, Bradford, Yorkshire, England
Jun. 10, 1971Dies at 61

 June 9
Robert Cummings [Charles Clarence Robert Orville Cummings] - Actor
Love that Bob, Dial M For Murder
Jun. 9, 1908Born: Joplin, Mo,
Dec. 2, 1990Died at the age of 80

Les Paul [Lester William Polsfuss] - Guitarist/inventor
Les Paul guitar
Jun. 9, 1915Born: Waukesha, Wi,
Aug. 12, 2009Died of complications from pneumonia at 94

Jackie Mason [Yacov Moshe Maza] - Comedian
The World According to Me, Chicken Soup
Jun. 9, 1930Born: Sheboygan, Wisconsin

Donald [Fauntleroy] Duck
Animated cartoon and comic book character from Walt Disney Productions.
Jun. 9, 1934Donald Gets Drafted, The Wise Little Hen

Joe Santos [Joseph Minieri] - Actor
Rockford Files, AKA Pablo, Shamus
Jun. 9, 1934Born: Brooklyn, NY,

Jeffrey [Carter] Kramer - Actor
Ted Stein on 'Struck by Lightning', Jaws
Jun. 9, 1945Born: New York, NY,

Michael J Fox [Michael Andrew Fox] - Actor
Family Ties, Back to the Future, Teen Wolf
Jun. 9, 1961Born: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

'Johnny' [John Christopher] Depp - Actor
21 Jump Street, Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy
Jun. 9, 1963Born: Owensboro, Ky.

Alexis Smith [Gladys Smith] - Actress
Of Human Bondage, Jessica on 'Dallas', Follies
Jun. 8, 1921Born: Penticton, BC, Canada
Jun. 9, 1993Died of brain cancer at 72

 June 8
Frank Lloyd Wright
Master Builder / Architect
Jun. 8, 1867Born: Richland Center, Wisc,
Apr. 9, 1959Died at the age of 91

Robert Preston [Meservey] - Actor
Music Man, Mame, Last Starfighter
Jun. 8, 1918Born: Newton, MA,
Mar. 21, 1987Dies from lung cancer at 68

Alexis Smith [Gladys Smith] - Actress
Of Human Bondage, Jessica on 'Dallas', Follies
Jun. 8, 1921Born: Penticton, BC, Canada
Jun. 9, 1993Died of brain cancer at 72

George Kirby - Comedian
Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In, ABC Comedy Hour
Jun. 8, 1924Born: Chicago, Ill.
Sep. 30, 1995Died from complications from Parkinson's disease

'Jerry' [Gerald] Stiller - Comedian/actor
Stiller & Meara, Hairspray
Jun. 8, 1929Born: New York, NY,

Dana [Dagmar] Wynter - Actress
Airport, Invasion of the Body Snatchers
Jun. 8, 1931Born: Berlin, Germany
May. 5, 2011Died from congestive heart failure at 79

Joan Rivers [Joan Sandra Molinsk] - Comedian
The Late Show, Hollywood Squares
Jun. 8, 1933Born: Brooklyn, New York

Millicent [Mary Lillian] Martin - Actress
Alfie, Nothing but the Best
Jun. 8, 1934Born: Romford, England

James Darren [James William Ercolani] - Actor
TJ Hooker, Diamond Head, Venus in Furs, Star Trek DS9
Jun. 8, 1936Born: Philadelphia, PA.

'Bernie' [Bernard Terry] Casey - Actor
Boxcar Bertha, Rent-a-Cop
Jun. 8, 1939Born: Wyco, WV,

Don Grady [Agrati] - Actor
Robbie Douglas on 'My 3 Sons'
Jun. 8, 1944Born: San Francisco, CA.
Jun. 27, 2012Died at 68 after a long battle with cancer

'Kathy' [Katherine Whitton] Baker - Actress
Right Stuff, 16 Candles, Picket Fences
Jun. 8, 1950Born: Midland, Tx,

[Thomas] Griffin Dunne - Actor
American Werewolf in London, Who's That Girl, Johnny Dangerously
Jun. 8, 1955Born: New York, NY.

Keenen Ivory Wayans - Comedian
In Living Color
Jun. 8, 1958Born: New York, NY.

Robert Taylor [Spangler Arlington Brugh] - Actor
Death Valley Days
Aug. 5, 1911Born: Filley, Neb.
Jun. 8, 1969Died of lung cancer (he was a chain smoker) at the age of 57

 June 7
Robert the Bruce
Leader of the Scots from 1306 until his death in 1329
Jul. 11, 1274Born: Turnberry Castle in Ayrshire
Jun. 7, 1329Dies at 53

[Sarah] Hope Summers - Actress
Clara on 'Andy Griffith Show'
Jun. 7, 1896Born: Mattoon, Illnois
Jul. 22, 1979Dies at 83

Jessica [Alice] Tandy - Actress
Birds, Cocoon, Batteries Not Included
Jun. 7, 1909Born: London, England
Sep. 11, 1994Died from ovarian cancer at 85

Marion Martin [Marion Suplee] - Actres
B Movies
Jun. 7, 1909Born: Philadelphia, PA
Aug. 13, 1985Dies at 67

Dean Martin [Dino Paul Crocetti] - Singer/comedian
Dean Martin Show, Matt Helm, partner with Jerry Lewis
Jun. 7, 1917Born: Steubenville, Ohio
Dec. 25, 1995Died from acute respiratory failure resulting from emphysema at 78

Dolores Gray [Stein] - Singer/actress
Designing Woman, Kismet
Jun. 7, 1924Born: Chic, Ill,
Jun. 22, 2002Died of a heart attack at 78

Virginia McKenna - Actress
Born Free, Gathering Storm
Jun. 7, 1931Born: London, England

Tom Jones [Thomas Jones Woodward] - Singer
What's New Pussycat
Jun. 7, 1940Born: Pontypridd, Wales

Ken Osmond - Actor
Eddie Haskel on 'Leave it To Beaver'
Jun. 7, 1943Born: Glendale, California

Bill Rafferty - Comedian
Laugh-In, Real People
Jun. 7, 1944Born: Queens, NY.

Gary Graham - Actor
All the Right Moves, The Last Warrior, Robot Jox, Running Woman
Money on the Side
Jun. 7, 1960Born: Long Beach, CA,

Judy Holliday [Judith Tuvim] - Comedienne/actress
Born Yesterday, Adam's Rib
Jun. 21, 1922Born: New York, NY,
Jun. 7, 1965Died from breast cancer at 43

Signe Hasso [Signe Eleonora Cecilia Larsson] - Actress
The Seventh Cross, Johnny Angel, A Scandal in Paris, Double Life
Aug. 15, 1910Born: Stockholm, Sweden
Jun. 7, 2002Died from pneumonia at 86

 June 6
Walter Abel - Actor
Suspicion, Dream Girl
Jun. 6, 1898Born: St Paul, Mn,
Mar. 26, 1987Died at the age of 88

Billie Whitelaw - Actress
Omen, Adding Machine
Jun. 6, 1932Born: Coventry, Warwickshire, England

Sandra Bernhard - Comedian/actress
The King of Comedy, Hudson Hawk, The Apocalypse, Roseanne
Jun. 6, 1955Born: Flint, Mi.

Amanda Pays - Actress
Max Headroom, Off Limits
Jun. 6, 1959Born: London, England

Max Casella [Max Deitch] - Actor
Vinnie on 'Doogie Howser', The Sopranos
Jun. 6, 1967Born: Washington, D.C

Staci Keanan [Anastasia Love Sagorsky] - Actress
Nicole on 'My 2 Dads'
Jun. 6, 1975Born: Devon, Penn

Larry Blyden [Ivan Lawrence Blieden] - Acto
Harry's Girls, What's My Line
Jun. 23, 1925Born: Houston, TX,
Jun. 6, 1975Died at the age of 49

'Johnny' [John Morey] Downs - Actor
Our Gang, Manhattan Showcase
Jun. 6, 1994Died died of cancer at 80

Anne Bancroft [Anna Maria Louisa Italiano] - Actress
Sep. 17, 1931Born: Bronx, New York
Jun. 6, 2005Died of uterine cancer aged 73

[Ibson] Dana Elcar - Actor
Baretta, Baa Baa Black Sheep
Oct. 10, 1927Born: Ferndale, Michigan
Jun. 6, 2005Died due to complications from pneumonia at 78

 June 5
William [Lawrence] Boyd - Cowboy
Hopalong Cassidy
Jun. 5, 1895Born: Cambridge, Ohio
Sep. 12, 1972Died from complications from Parkinson's disease and heart failure at 77

Robert Lansing [Robert Howell Brown] - Actor
Star Trek TOS, 12 oclock High, The Equalizer
Jun. 5, 1928Born: San Diego, Calf
Oct. 23, 1994Died from cancer at 66

Nancy [Elizabeth] Stafford - Miss Florida
1977 / Actress (Joan on 'St Elsewhere'
Jun. 5, 1954Born: Wilton Manors, Florida

Chad Allen [Lazzari] - Actor
St. Elsewhere, Webster, Dr. Quinn Medicin Woman, Star Trek TNG
Jun. 5, 1974Born: Long Beach, CA,

'Mel' [Melvin Howard] Torme - Jazz singer
Known as 'The Velvet Fog', Jet Set, Night Court
Sep. 13, 1925Born: Chicago, ILL
Jun. 5, 1999Died at the age of 73

Ronald [Wilson] Reagan - Actor/ US President 1981-1989
Bedtime for Bonzo
Feb. 6, 1911Born: Tampico, Illinois
Jun. 5, 2004Died at 93

 June 4
Rosalind Russell - Actress
Mame, Take a Letter Darling
Jun. 4, 1907Born: Waterbury, Conn.
Nov. 28, 1976Died after a long battle with breast cancer

[William] Dennis Weaver - Actor
Jun. 4, 1924Born: Joplin, Missouri
Feb. 24, 2006Died of complications arising from cancer at the age of 81

Priscilla Morrill - Actress
Edie Grant on 'Mary Tyler Moore'
Jun. 4, 1927Born: Medford, Mass.
Nov. 9, 1994Died of complications of a kidney infection

John Drew [Blyth] Barrymore Jr - Actor
Pantomine Quiz
Jun. 4, 1929Born: Beverly Hills, Calif,
Nov. 29, 2004Died from cancer at 72

Bruce [MacLeish] Dern - Actor
Coming Home, Silent Running, Tatoo
Jun. 4, 1936Born: Winnetka, Ill,

Michelle Phillips [Holly Michelle Gilliam] - Singer/actress
Mamas & Papas
Jun. 4, 1944Born: Long Beach, CA,

Parker Stevenson [Richard Stevenson Parker] - Actor
Hardy Boys, Falcon Crest, Stroker Ace
Jun. 4, 1952Born: Philadelphia, PA.

Stephen [Horace Vincent] McNally - Actor
Split Second, 30 Seconds over Tokyo
Jul. 29, 1913Born: New York, NY
Jun. 4, 1994Died of heart failure at 80

 June 3
Robert [Adolph Wilton] Morley - Actor
High Road to China, African Queen
May. 26, 1908Born: Semley Wiltshire, England
Jun. 3, 1992Died from a stroke aged 84

Maurice [Herbert] Evans - Actor
Maurice on 'Bewitched', 'The Puzzler' on Batman
Jun. 3, 1901Born: Dorchester, England
Mar. 12, 1989Dies at 87

George [Henry] Sanders - Actor
All About Eve, Academy Award 1950
Jun. 3, 1906
Apr. 25, 1972Died from a overdose of five bottles of Nembutal at 65

Ellen Corby [Ellen Hansen] - Actress
Grandma Walton on 'The Waltons'
Jun. 3, 1913Born: Racine, Wisc,
Apr. 14, 1999Died at the age of 87

Colleen Dewhurst - Actress
The Dead Zone, Murphy Brown, When a Stranger Calls
Jun. 3, 1924Born: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Aug. 22, 1991Dies of cancer at 67

Tony Curtis [Bernard Schwartz] - Actor
Some Like It Hot, Trapeze
Jun. 3, 1925Born: Brooklyn, NY,
Sep. 29, 2010Died of a cardiac arrest at 85

Scott [Eugene] Valentine - Actor
Nick on 'Family Ties', My Demon Lover
Jun. 3, 1958Born: Saratoga Springs, New York

'Ozzie' [Oswald George] Nelson - Actor
Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet
Mar. 20, 1906Born: Jersey City, NJ,
Jun. 3, 1975Dies at 69

Leon Askin [Leon Aschkenasy] - Actor
General Burkhalter on 'Hogan's Heroes', Pierre on 'Charlie Farrell Show'
Sep. 18, 1907Born: Vienna, Austria
Jun. 3, 2005Died at 97

[Eddi] Rue McClanahan - Actress
Maude, Golden Girls
Feb. 21, 1934Born: Healdton, Oklahoma
Jun. 3, 2010Died after she suffered a brain hemorrhage at 76

James [King] Arness - Actor
Marshal Matt Dillon on Gunsmoke
May. 26, 1923Born: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Jun. 3, 2011Died from heart failure at age 88

'Jack' [Jacob] Kevorkian - Doctor
Right-to-die activist, know as Dr. Death, for helping with assisted suicides
May. 26, 1928Born: Pontiac, MI
Jun. 3, 2011Died from complications from kidney problems and pneumonia

 June 2
John Weissmuller [János Weißmüller] - Actor / 100m swimmer
Tarzan, Olympic-gold-1924, 28
Jun. 2, 1904Born: Timisoara, Romania
Jan. 20, 1984Died from pulmonary edema at 79

Milo O'Shea - Actor
Barbarella, Romeo & Juliet
Jun. 2, 1926Born: Dublin, Ireland

Sally [Claire] Kellerman - Actress
Star Trek, M*A*S*H, Back to School
Jun. 2, 1936Born: Long Beach, Cal,

[Walter] Stacy Keach - Actor
Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer
Jun. 2, 1941Born: Savannah, Ga,

Charles [Maurice] Haid - Actor
Andy Renko on 'Hill St Blues', Altered States
Jun. 2, 1943Born: San Francisco, CA.

Jerry Mathers - Actor
Beaver on 'Leave It To Beaver'
Jun. 2, 1948Born: Sioux City, Iowa

Joanna Gleason [Hall] - Actress
Morgan on 'Hello Larry'
Jun. 2, 1950Born:Toronto, Canada

Dennis [Dexter] Haysbert - Actor
Code Red
Jun. 2, 1954Born: San Mateo, Calif,

Dana [Thomas] Carvey - Comedian
Sat Night Live doing 'The Church Lady' and 'George Bush'
Jun. 2, 1955Born: Missoula, Montana

Stephen Boyd [William Millar] - Actor
Fantastic Voyage, Ben-Hur
Jul. 4, 1928Born: Glengormley, County Antrim, Ireland
Jun. 2, 1977Died of a heart attack at the age of 45 while playing golf.

'Jim' [Dana James] Hutton - Actor
Ellery Queen
May. 31, 1934Born: Binghamton, NY,
Jun. 2, 1979Died from liver cancer at 45

Jack Gilford [Jacob Aaron Gellman] - Actor
Save the Tiger, Cocoon, Arthur 2, Cracker Jack commercials
Jul. 25, 1907Born: New York, NY,
Jun. 2, 1990Died at 81

Dorothy Stickney - Actress
And So They Were Married
Jun. 21, 1903Born: Dickinson, North Dakota
Jun. 2, 1998Died at the age of 101

'Mel' [Melchior Gaston] Ferre - Actor
Longest Day, Eaten Alive, 5th Floor
Aug. 25, 1917Born: Elberon, NJ.
Jun. 2, 2008Died as a result of heart failure at 90

 June 1
Andy [Samuel] Griffith - Actor
Andy Griffith Show, Matlock
Jun. 1, 1926Born: Mount Airy, NC,
Jul. 3, 2012Died from a heart attack at 86

Marilyn Monroe [Norma Jeane Mortenson] - Actress
Some Like It Hot
Jun. 1, 1926Born: Los Angeles, CA,
Aug. 5, 1962Died of apparent self-inflicted drug overdose

Edward [Albert Arthur] Woodward - Actor
Breaker Morant, Wickerman
Jun. 1, 1930Born: Croydon, Surrey, England
Nov. 16, 2009Died at the age of 79

'Pat' [Charles Eugene Patrick] Boone - Singer/actor
April Love, Cross & Switchblade
Jun. 1, 1934Born: Jacksonville, Fl.

Morgan Freeman - Actor
Driving Mrs Daisy
Jun. 1, 1937Born: Memphis, TN.

Superman Comics
Jun. 1, 19381st launched

Cleavon [Jake] Little - Actor
Blazing Saddles, Toy Soldiers
Jun. 1, 1939Born: Chickasha, Okla,
Oct. 22, 1992Died of colorectal cancer at 53

Rene [Murat] Auberjonois - Actor
Clayton on 'Benson', McCabe & Mrs Miller, Star Trek DS9
Jun. 1, 1940Born: New York, NY.

Diana Canova [Diana Rivero] - Actress
Corrine on 'Soap'
Jun. 1, 1953Born: West Palm Beach, Fla,

Lisa Hartman - Singer/actress
Tabitha, Knots Landing
Jun. 1, 1956Born: Houston, Tx,

Helen [Adams] Keller
Deafblind American author, activist and lecturer
Jun. 27, 1880Born: Tuscumbia, Alabama
Jun. 1, 1968Dies at 87

Richard [Marius Joseph] Greene - Actor
Adv of Robin Hood
Aug. 25, 1918Born: Plymouth, England
Jun. 1, 1985Died of complications from a brain tumour at 66

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