April in History  
 April 29
Charles Seel - Acto
Star Trek TOS in 'Spectre of the Gun', The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance
Apr. 29, 1897Born: New York, New York

'Duke' [Edward Kennedy] Ellington
Apr. 29, 1899Born: Washington DC,
May. 24, 1974Dies of cancer at 75

Lane Smith - Actor
Perry on 'Lois & Clark', Chiefs, Nathan on 'V'
Apr. 29, 1936Born: Memphis, TN,

Richard [Hugh] Lynch - Actor
Xavier on 'Battlestar Galactica', Star Trek TNG
Apr. 29, 1936Born: Brooklyn, NY,

Richard Kline [Richard Klein] - Actor
Larry on '3's Company', Dr. Mark Benson on 'Bold & th
Apr. 29, 1944Born: New York, NY,

Deborah [Gale] Van Valkenburgh - Actress
Too Close for Comfort, Star Trek DS9
Apr. 29, 1952Born: Schenectady, New York

'Jerry' [Jerome] Seinfeld - Comedian/actor
Apr. 29, 1954Born: Brooklyn, NY,

'Kate' [Katherine Kiernan] Mulgrew - Actress
Captain Janeway on 'Star Trek VOY, Heartbeat, Mrs. Columbo
Apr. 29, 1955Born: Dubuque, IA,

Eve [Aline] Plumb - Actress
Jan on 'Brady Bunch', I'm Gonna Get You Sucka
Apr. 29, 1958Born: Burbank, CA.

Michelle [Marie] Pfeiffer - Actress
What Lies Beneath, Up Close & Personal, Batman Returns
Apr. 29, 1958Born: Santa Ana, CA,

ABC's "Wide World of Sports"
Apr. 29, 1961Created by Edgar J. Scherick

Uma [Karuna] Thurman - Actress
Baron Munchausen, Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill
Apr. 29, 1970Born: Boston, MA,

Alfred [Joseph] Hitchcock
Master of Suspense
Aug. 13, 1890Born: Leytonstone, London, England
Apr. 29, 1980Dies in Los Angeles CA from renal failure at 80

Ken Curtis [Curtis Wain Gates] - Actor
Ripcord, Festus on 'Gunsmoke'
Jul. 2, 1916Born: Lamar, Colo
Apr. 29, 1991Died in his sleep of natural causes at 75

Mae Clarke [Violet Mary Klotz] - Actress
Frankenstein, Nana, Parole Girl
Aug. 16, 1910Born: Philadelphia, PA,
Apr. 29, 1992Died of cancer at 81

 April 28
Lionel Barrymore [Lionel Herbert Blythe] - Actor
A Free Soul, David Cooperfield, Dr Kildare
Apr. 28, 1878Born: Philadelphia, PA,

Robert Cornthwaite - Actor
Thing, War of the Worlds
Apr. 28, 1917Born: St Helen, OR,

Adele Mara [Adelaide Delgado - Actress/singer
Cool Million, Wheels
Apr. 28, 1923Born: Highland Park, MI

Carolyn [Sue] Jones - Actress
Morticia on 'Addams Family'
Apr. 28, 1929Born: Amarillo, TX,
Aug. 3, 1983Dies at 54 of cancer

Madge Sinclair - Actress
Bell on 'Roots', Trapper John, Star Trek IV, Star Trek TNG
Apr. 28, 1938Born: Kingston, Jamaica

Ann Margret [Olsson] - Actress
Bye Bye Birdie, Carnal Knowledge, Viva Las Vegas, Tommy
Apr. 28, 1941Born: Valsjobya, Sweden

Marcia Strassman - Actress
Julle Kotter on 'Welcome Back Kotter', M*A*S*H
Apr. 28, 1948Born: New York, NY,

'Jay' [James Douglas Muir] Leno - Comedian/talk show host
Tonight Show
Apr. 28, 1950Born: New Rochelle, NY,

Mary McDonnell - Actress
Sneakers, Independence Day, President Laura Roslin in 'Battlestar Galactica'
Apr. 28, 1952Born: Wilkes-Barre, PA,

'Chris' [Christopher Tyler] Young - Actor
Bryce Lynch on 'Max Headroom', Great Outdoors
Apr. 28, 1971Born: Chambersburg, PA,

Simbi Khali - Actress
Nina on 'Third Rock From the Sun'
Apr. 28, 1971Born: Jackson, Mississippi,

Rory Calhoun [Francis Timothy McCown] - Actor
Capitol, Motel Hell, Bill on 'Texan'
Aug. 8, 1922Born: Los Angeles, CA,
Apr. 28, 1999Died at 77

'Dabbs' [Robert William] Greer - Actor
Gunsmoke, Little House on Prairie
Apr. 28, 2007Died after a battle with renal failure and heart disease at 90

 April 27
Walter [Benjamin] Lantz - Animator
Woody Woodpecker's creator
Apr. 27, 1900Born: New Rochelle, New York
Mar. 22, 1994Dies at 93 in Burbank, California of heart failure

Colin Gordon - Actor
The Complete and Utter History of Britain, Casino Royale, #2 on 'The Prisoner'
Apr. 27, 1911Born: Ceylon

Jack Klugman [Jacob Joachim Klugman] - Actor
Oscar on 'Odd Couple', Quincy, Goodbye Columbus
Apr. 27, 1922Born: Philadelphia, PA,
Dec. 24, 2012Died at the age of 90

Robert Donner - Actor
Yancy on 'The Waltons', Exidor on 'Mork & Mindy'
Apr. 27, 1931Born: New York, NY,

Casey Kasem - Radio personality
American Top 40
Apr. 27, 1932Born: Detroit, MI,

Anouk Aimee [Françoise Sorya Dreyfus] - Actress
8½, A Man and a Woman
Apr. 27, 1932Born: Paris, France

'Sandy' [Sandra Dale] Dennis - Actress
Up the Down Staircase
Apr. 27, 1937Born: Hastings, NE,
Mar. 2, 1992Dies of cancer at 54

Douglas Sheehan - Actor
Ben on 'Knots Landing', Joe Kelly on 'General Hospital', Clueless
Apr. 27, 1949Born: Santa Monica, CA

Sheena Easton [Sheena Shirley Orr] - Singer
Morning Train, For Your Eyes Only
Apr. 27, 1959Born: Belshill, Scotland

Schae Harrison [Deborah Schaeffer] - Actress
Seattle Seahawks cheerleader, Darla on 'The Bold and Beautiful'
Apr. 27, 1963Born: Anaheim Hills, CA

David Lascher - Actor
Josh on 'Clueless', Kidz in the Wood, Blossom, Sabrina, the Teenage Witch
Apr. 27, 1972Born: New York, NY

[Jon] André Gower - Actor
Monster Squad, Baby Makes 5, Fathers & Sons, Mr President
Apr. 27, 1973Born: Los Angeles, California

Lynn [Maria] Frederick - Actress
Henry VIII and his Six Wives, Schizophrenia, Space: 1999
Jul. 25, 1954Born: Middlesex, England
Apr. 27, 1994Died at the age of 39 from a suspected suicide

 April 26
William Shakespeare - Author
Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet
Apr. 25, 1564Born:Stratford-on-Avon, England
Apr. 26, 1616Dies on his 52nd birthday

Vic Perrin - Acto
"Control Voice" 0n 'The Outer Limits', Star Trek TOS, Dr. Zin on 'Johnny Quest'
Apr. 26, 1916Born: Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin

Stafford [Alois] Repp - Actor
Chief O'Hara on 'Batman', Plunder Road
Apr. 26, 1918Born: San Francisco, CA.

Carol [Creighton] Burnett - Comedian/actress
Annie, 4 Seasons, The Carol Burnett Show
Apr. 26, 1933Born: San Antonio, TX,

Spice [Marceline Ann] Williams - Actress -
Star Trek V, DS9, VOY
Apr. 26, 1952Born: North Hollywood, California

Joan Chen [Chen Chong] - Actress
Heaven & Earth, Twin Peaks
Apr. 26, 1961Born: Shanghai, China

McKenzie [Kate] Westmore - Actres
Star Trek TNG, VOY, Passions
Apr. 26, 1977Born: San Fernando, California)

Jim Davis [Marlin Davis] - Actor
Jack Ewing on 'Dallas'
Aug. 26, 1909Born: Edgerton, Mo.
Apr. 26, 1981Died at 72

'Count' [William James] Basie - Jazz pianist
Policy Man, Blazing Saddles
Apr. 26, 1984Died at 79

Lucille [Désirée] Ball - Comedienne / Actress
I Love Lucy
Aug. 6, 1911Born: Jamestown, NY.
Apr. 26, 1989Dies at 78

John Beal [James Alexander Bliedung] - Actor
Amityville 3D, Darkshadows
Aug. 13, 1909Born: Joplin, Missour
Apr. 26, 1997Died at 87

 April 25
William Shakespeare - Bard
Hamlet, MacBeth, Julius Csar
Apr. 25, 1564Born:Stratford-on-Avon, England
Apr. 26, 1616Dies on his 52nd birthday

Suez Canal -
a large man-made canal in Egypt
Apr. 25, 1859Ground breaking

Detroit Tiger
Trailing by 13-4
Apr. 25, 1901In last of the 9th, scored 10 runs to win one of the greatest comebacks in baseball (1st game in Detroit)

Ella [Jane] Fitzgerald - Jazz singer
The First Lady of Song, Is it live or Memorex, A-Tisket A-Tasket
Apr. 25, 1917Born: Newport News, VA,
Jun. 15, 1996Died at the age of 79

Al Pacino [Alfredo James] - Actor
And Justice For All, Godfather, Scorpio
Apr. 25, 1940Born: The Bronx, New York, NY,

George [Henry] Sanders - Acto
All about Eve, Academy Award in 1950
Jul. 3, 1906Born: Saint Petersburg, Imperial Russia
Apr. 25, 1972Died from a overdose of five bottles of Nembutal at 65

Art Fleming [Fazzin] - Game show host
May. 1, 1924Born: Bronx, NY,
Apr. 25, 1995Dies at 74

Ginger Rogers [Virginia Katherine McMath] - Actress/dancer
Top Hat, Stage Door
Jul. 16, 1911Born: Independence, Mo.
Apr. 25, 1995Dies at 83

'Bea' Arthur [Bernice Frankel] - Actress
Maude, Dorothy on 'Golden Girls'
May. 13, 1923Born: New York, NY.
Apr. 25, 2009Died from cancer at 86

 April 24
Jack E Leonard [Jack Lebitsky] - Comedian
Disorderly Orderly
Apr. 24, 1911Born: Chicago, IL

J D [John Donovan] Cannon - Actor
Chief Clifford on 'McCloud', Ike, Call to Glory, Alias Smith and Jones
Apr. 24, 1922Born: Salmon, ID

Marilyn Erskine - Actor
Fran on 'Tom Ewell Show', Ironside, Perry Mason
Apr. 24, 1924Born: Rochester, NY

Shirley MacLaine [Shirley MacLean Beaty - Actress
Some Came Running, Irma la Douce, The Apartment
Apr. 24, 1934Born: Richmond, VA

Jill [Dorothy] Ireland - Actress:
Star Trek TOS, Assassination, Death Wish 2, Hard Times; author: Life Wish
Apr. 24, 1936Born: London, England
May. 18, 1990Dies of cancer at 54

Barbra [Joan] Streisand - Singer / Actres
Funny Girl, The Way We Were
Apr. 24, 1942Born: Brooklyn, NY

Eric Bogosian - Actor
Talk Radio
Apr. 24, 1953Born: Woburn, MA

Laura [Ann] Guthrie - Mischief make
brother to the Vorpal Master
Apr. 24, 1958Born: Detroit, Mi

'Bud' [William Alexander] Abbott - Comedian
Abbott & Costello
Apr. 24, 1974Died of cancer at 76

'Pat' [Patrick Layton] Paulsen - Comedian, presidential candidate
Smothers Bros Show
Apr. 24, 1997Died at 70.

 April 23
Duncan Renaldo [Renault Renaldo Duncan] - Actor
Cisco Kid
Apr. 23, 1904Born: Spain

Simone [Thérèse Fernande] Simon - Actress
The Curse of the Cat People
Apr. 23, 1910Born: Béthune, Pas-de-Calais, France
Feb. 22, 2005Died from natural causes at age 94

Shirley [Jane] Temple - Actress
Heidi / Ambassador (UN
Apr. 23, 1928Born: Santa Monica, CA,
Feb. 10, 2014Died of natural causes at the age of 85

Alan Oppenheimer - Actor
6 Million Dollar Man, Eischied, Star Trek TNG, DS9 & VOY
Apr. 23, 1930Born: New York, New York

David Birney - Actor
Brigette Loves Bernie, St Elsewhere
Apr. 23, 1939Born: Washington, DC,

Lee Majors [Harvey Lee Yearly] - Actor
Big Valley, $6,000,000 Man, Fall Guy
Apr. 23, 1939Born: Wyandotte, MI,

Herve [Jean Pierre] Villechaize - Actor "Da Plane! Da Plane!"
Fantasy Island
Apr. 23, 1943Born: Paris, France

Sandra Dee [Alexandria Cymboliak Zuck] - Actress
Gidget, A Summer Place, Tammy and the Doctor, Imitation of Life
Apr. 23, 1944Born: Bayonne, NJ,

[Bonnie] Blair Brown - Actress
Altered States, Molly Dodd
Apr. 23, 1946Born: Washington, DC,

Joyce [Anne] DeWitt - Actress
Janet Wood on 'Three's Company'
Apr. 23, 1949Born: Wheeling, WV,

Jan Hooks - Comedienne actress
Saturday Night Live, Designing Women
Apr. 23, 1957Born: Decatur, GA

Valerie [Anne] Bertinelli - Actres
One Day at a Time, Sydney/ Mrs Eddie Van Halen
Apr. 23, 1960Born: Claymont, Delaware

Melina [Eleni] Kanakaredes - Actress
Dr Sydney Hanson on 'Providence', CSI: NY
Apr. 23, 1967Born: Akron, Ohio

Howard Cosell [Howard William Cohen] - Sportscaster
Monday Night Football
Apr. 23, 1995Dies at 77

 April 22
Eddie Albert [Edward Albert Heimberger] - Actor
Oliver on 'Green Acres', Roman Holiday, The Heartbreak Kid
Apr. 22, 1906Born: Rock Island, IL,

Ralph Byrd - Actor
Dick Tracy TV Show
Apr. 22, 1909Born: Dayton, OH

Hal March [Harold Mendelson] - Actor/TV host
$64,000 Question, Outrage
Apr. 22, 1920Born: San Francisco, CA

Betty [Mae] Page - Playmate
January 1955 / Model (Dark Angel
Apr. 22, 1923Born: Kingsport ,TN,
Dec. 11, 2008Died at 85

George [Edward] Cole - Actor
Minder, Vampire Lovers
Apr. 22, 1925Born: Tooting, London, England

Charlotte Rae [Lubotsky - Actress
Edna on 'Facts of Life'
Apr. 22, 1926Born: Milwaukee, WI

Glen Campbell -Actor/singer
Rhinestone Cowboy, By the Time I get to Phoenix, Galveston, Wichita Lineman
Apr. 22, 1936Born: Delight, AR,

'Jack' [John Joseph] Nicholson - Actor
As Good As It Gets, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, Shining
Apr. 22, 1937Born: Neptune, NJ,

Jason Miller [John Anthony Miller - Actor/writer
Exorcist, Light of Day
Apr. 22, 1939Born: Scranton, PA

Carole Drinkwater - Actress
Father, All Creatures Great & Small
Apr. 22, 1948Born: London, England

Steve Bond [Shlomo Goldberg] - Actor
Jimmy Lee Holt on 'General Hospital', To Die For
Apr. 22, 1952Born: Haifa, Israel

Catherine Mary Stewart [Catherine Mary Nursall - Actress
Passion & Paradise, Riding the Edge
Apr. 22, 1959Born: Edmonton Alberta, Canada

Ryan [Lee] Stiles - Actor
Lewis on 'Drew Carey Show'
Apr. 22, 1959Born: Seattle, WA

Byron Allen [Folks] - Comedian
Real People, Byron Allen Show
Apr. 22, 1961Born: Los Angeles, CA,

Chris Makepeace - Actor
Vamp, My Bodyguard, Meatballs, Oasis
Apr. 22, 1964Born: Toronto Ontario, Canada

Lauri Hendler - Actress
Julie on 'Gimme a Break', The West Wing
Apr. 22, 1965Born: Fort Belvoir, VA

Erma Bombeck [Erma Fiste] - Humorist
The Grass is Always Greener...
Feb. 21, 1927Born: Dayton, Ohio
Apr. 22, 1966Died after long fight with cancers at 69

Sheryl Lee - Actress
Twin Peaks, Love Lies & Murder
Apr. 22, 1967Born: Augsburg, Bavaria, Germany

Ingo Rademacher - Actor
Jasper Jacks on 'General Hospital'
Apr. 22, 1971Born: Iserlohn-Letmathe, West Germany

 April 21
Mark Twain [Samuel Langhorne Clemens] - Author
Tom Sawyer, Huckleberry Finn
Apr. 21, 1910Dies in Redding, CT at 74

Anthony Quinn [Antonio Rodolfo Quinn Oaxaca] - Actor
Zorba the Greek, Lawrence of Arabia
Apr. 21, 1915Born: Chihuahua, México

Silvana Mangano - Actress
Death in Venice, Barabbas
Apr. 21, 1930Born: Rome, Italy

Charles Grodin - Actor
Beethoven, Woman in Red, Lonely Guy, Heartbreak Kid
Apr. 21, 1935Born: Pittsburgh, PA,

Tony Danza [Anthony Salvatore Iadanza] - Acto
Tony Banta on 'Taxi', Tony Micelli on 'Who's the Boss'
Apr. 21, 1951Born: Brooklyn, NY.

Christopher [Chip] Mayer - Actor
Vance on 'Dukes of Hazzard', Glitter
Apr. 21, 1955Born: New York, NY

'Andie' [Rosalie Anderson] MacDowell - Actress
Groundhog Day, Multiplicity, Greystoke
Apr. 21, 1958Born: Gaffney, SC,

John Cameron Mitchell - Actor
Misplaced, Band of the Hand
Apr. 21, 1963Born: El Paso, TX

Charles [Buddy] Rogers - Actor
Aug. 13, 1904Born: Olathe, KS
Apr. 21, 1999Died of natural causes at 94

 April 20
Tiger Stadium in Detroit
Apr. 20, 1912Tigers beat Cleveland Indians 6-5

George [Hosato] Takei - Actor
Hikaru Sulu on ' Star Trek'
Apr. 20, 1937Born: Los Angeles, CA,

James Gammon - Actor
Cool Hand Luke, Nick on'Nash Bridges'
Apr. 20, 1940Born: Newman IL,

[Charles Patrick] Ryan O'Neal - Actor
Love Story, Paper Moon
Apr. 20, 1941Born: Los Angeles, CA,

'Clint' [Clinton] Howard - Actor
Gentle Ben
Apr. 20, 1959Born: Burbank, Ca.

'Benny' [Alfred Hawthorn] Hill - Comedian
Benny Hill Show
Apr. 20, 1992Dies of a heart attack at 67

Cantinflas [Fortino Mario Alfonso Moreno Reyes] - Actor
Around World in 80 Days
Aug. 12, 1911Born: Mexico City, Mexico
Apr. 20, 1993Died of lung cancer at 81

 April 19
May Robson [Mary J Robison] - Actress
Apple Annie, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, A Star Is Born
Apr. 19, 1858Born: Melbourne, Australia

Francoise Rosay [Franoise Bandy de Nalche] - Actress
Interlude, Women in Prison, Saraband
Apr. 19, 1891Born: Paris, France

Vivienne Segal - Broadway actress
Pal Joey
Apr. 19, 1897Born: Philadelphia, PA

Constance Talmadge - Comedienne/actress
Apr. 19, 1898Born: Brooklyn, NY

Eliot Ness - Untouchable
Prohibition Agent for Department of Treasury-Chicago, Untouchables
Apr. 19, 1903Born: Chicago, IL.

Alan Wheatley - Actor
Adventure of Robin Hood
Apr. 19, 1907Born: Tolworth, Surrey, England

Lina Basquette [Lena Copeland Baskette] - Actress
Paradise Park, Pleasure, Goldie
Apr. 19, 1907Born: San Mateo, CA

Frank Fontaine - Comedian
Crazy Guggenheim
Apr. 19, 1920Born: Cambridge, MA

Hugh O'Brian [Charles Krampke] - Actor
Wyatt Earp, Search
Apr. 19, 1925Born: Rochester, NY,

Garfield Morgan - Brtish actor
Odessa File, To Catch a Spy
Apr. 19, 1931Born: Birmingham, England

Dick Sargent - Actor
Apr. 19, 1933Born: Carmel, CA,

Jayne Mansfield [Vera Jayne Palmer] - Actress
Guide for the Married Man, Girl Can't Help It, Too Hot to Handle
Apr. 19, 1933Born: Bryn Mawr, Pa.

Dudley Moore - Actor
10, Arthur, Bedazzled, 6 Weeks
Apr. 19, 1935Born: London, England

Elinor Donahue [Mary Eleanor Donahue] - Actress
Betty Anderson on 'Father Knows Best', Gladys Peterson on 'Get a Life'
Apr. 19, 1937Born: Tacoma, WA

Ellen Weston - Actress
Betty on 'SWAT'
Apr. 19, 1939Born: New York, NY

Tim Curry - Actor
Rocky Horror Picture Show
Apr. 19, 1946Born: Cheshire, England

Cheryl Guthrie
Mrs. Vorpal Master
Apr. 19, 1952Born: Detroit, Mi. USA

Ashley Judd [Ashley Taylor Ciminella] - Actress
Kiss the Girls, Double Jeopardy ,Kuffs, Sisters
Apr. 19, 1968Born: Granada Hills, CA

Hugh "Lumpy" Brannum - Actor
Mr Green Jeans
Apr. 19, 1987Dies at 77

 April 18
Lucretia Borgia - Murderess
poison/daughter of Pope Alexander VI
Apr. 18, 1480Born: Subiaco, Italy

Clarence [Seward] Darrow
Defense attorney at the Scopes monkey trial
Apr. 18, 1857Born: Youngstown, Ohio

[Dewey] 'Pigmeat' Markham - Comedian
Here Comes da Judge on 'Laugh In'
Apr. 18, 1904Born: Durham, NC,

Barbara Hale - Actress
Della Street on 'Perry Mason'
Apr. 18, 1921Born: Dekalb, IL,

Bob Hastings - Actor
McHale's Navy, All in the Family
Apr. 18, 1925Born: Brooklyn, NY,

James [Child] Drury - Actor
Apr. 18, 1934Born: New York, NY,

Hayley [Catherine Rose Vivien] Mills - Actress
Parent Trap, Pollyanna
Apr. 18, 1946Born: London, England,

Cindy Pickett - Actress
Ferris Bueller, Hot to Trot, St Elsewhere
Apr. 18, 1947Born: Norman, OK.

James [Howard] Woods - Actor
Salvador, Against All Odds
Apr. 18, 1947Born: Vernal, Utah

'Rick' [Frederick Alan] Moranis - Comedian
SCTV, Honey I Shrunk the Kids, Spaceballs
Apr. 18, 1953Born: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Eric [Anthony] Roberts - Actor
Pope of Greenwich Village, King of Gypsies
Apr. 18, 1956Born: Biloxi, MS,

Jane Leeves - Actress
Murphy Brown, Daphne Moon on 'Fraiser'
Apr. 18, 1961Born: London, England,

Conan [Christopher] O'Brien - TV host
Late Night
Apr. 18, 1963Born: Brookline, MA,

Bree Koch
Apr. 18, 1974Born: Somewhere in Michigan

Melissa Joan Hart - Actress
Clarissa, Sabrina
Apr. 18, 1976Born: Smithtown, New York

Frances Rafferty - Actress
Abbott & Costello in Hollywood
Jun. 16, 1922Born: Sioux City, Iowa
Apr. 18, 2004Died at the age of 81

'Dick' [Richard Wagstaff] Clark - Hos
American Bandstand,The $10,000 Pyramid, and Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve
Nov. 30, 1929Born: Bronx, NY,
Apr. 18, 2012Died after suffering a heart attack following a medical procedure at 82

 April 17
Arthur Lake [Arthur Silverlake] - Actor
Dagwood Bumstead on 'Blondie'
Apr. 17, 1905Born: Corbin, KY,
Jan. 9, 1987Died of a heart attack

William Holden [William Franklin Beedle Jr] - Actor
Stalag 17, Bridge Over the River Kwai, SOB
Apr. 17, 1918Born: O'Fallon, IL,
Nov. 12, 1981Died fram a severely lacerated forehead and bled to death

Daffy Duc
affy Duck
Apr. 17, 1937First appeared in Porky's Duck Hunt

David [Paradine] Frost - TV host
That Was the Week That Was
Apr. 17, 1939Born: Tenderdon, Kent, England

Charles Frank - Actor
Chisholms, Emerald Point NAS
Apr. 17, 1947Born: Olympia, WA

Olivia Hussey [Olivia Osuna] - Actress
Romeo & Juliet, Death on Nile
Apr. 17, 1951Born: Buenos, Aires

Dennis Dun - Actor
Midnight Caller, Big Trouble in Little China
Apr. 17, 1952Born: Stockton, California

Byron Cherry - Actor
Coy on 'Dukes of Hazzard'
Apr. 17, 1958Born: Atlanta, GA

'Teri' [Teresa] Austin - Actress
Terminal Choice, Knots Landing
Apr. 17, 1959Born: Toronto Ontario, Canada

Lela Rochon - Actress
Waiting to Exhale
Apr. 17, 1966Born : Los Angeles, California

Leslie Bega - Actress
Maria Tomlinson on 'Head of the Class'
Apr. 17, 1967Born: Los Angeles, CA

Timothy Gibbs - Actor
Father Murphy, Santa Barbara
Apr. 17, 1967Born: Burbank, CA

Michael [Jacques Michel André] Sarrazin - Actor
Seduction, They Shoot Horses Don't They
May. 22, 1940Born: Quebec City, Quebec, Canada
Apr. 17, 2011Died after a brief battle with cancer at 70

 April 16
Charlie Chaplin [Charles Spencer Chaplin] - Comedian/actor/director
City Lights
Apr. 16, 1889Born: Lambeth, London, England
Dec. 25, 1977Died in his sleep

Christine [Cecilia] McIntyre - Actress
3 Stooges movies
Apr. 16, 1911Born: Nogales, Arizona

David Langton [Basil Muir Langton Dodds] - Actor
Quintet, St Joan, Abandon Ship
Apr. 16, 1912Born: Motherwell, Lanarkshire, Scotland

Les Tremayne - Actor
Angry Red Planet, War of the Worlds
Apr. 16, 1913Born: Balham, London, London

John Hodiak - Actor
A Bell for Adamo, Lifeboat
Apr. 16, 1914Born: Pittsburgh, PA

'Spike' [Terence Alan Patrick Seán] Milligan - Actor/comedian
Digby, 3 Musketeers
Apr. 16, 1918Born: Ahmednagar, India

Barry Nelson [Robert Haakon Nielsen] - Actor
Airport, My Favorite Husband, Casino Royale
Apr. 16, 1920Born: San Francisco, California

Peter [Alexander Baron von] Ustinov - Actor
Death on Nile, Logan's Run, Billy Budd
Apr. 16, 1921Born: London, England
Mar. 28, 2004Died of heart failure

'Henry' [Enrico Nicola] Mancini - Composer / Conductor
Pink Panther
Apr. 16, 1924Born: Cleveland, Ohio
Jun. 14, 1994Died of pancreatic cancer

Edie Adams [Elizabeth Edith Enke] - Actress/Mrs Ernie Kovacs
Ernie Kovacs Show, It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World
Apr. 16, 1927Born: Kingston, PA

Peter Mark Richman [Marvin Jack Richman] - Actor
Andrew on 'Dynasty', Star Trek TNG 'The Neutral Zone'
Apr. 16, 1927Born: Philadelphia, PA

Joseph Bottoms - Actor
Blind Date, Braker
Apr. 16, 1933Born: Santa Barbara, CA

[Paul] David Graf - Actor
Police Academy 2, 3, 4, 6, Councilman Nash on 'He's the Mayor'
Apr. 16, 1950Born: Lancaster, OH.

Jay [Olcutt] Sanders - Actor
Meeting Venus, V I Warshawski
Apr. 16, 1953Born: Austin, TX

Ellen [Rona] Barkin - Actress
Big Easy, Sea of Love, Switch
Apr. 16, 1954Born: Bronx, NY,

Nick Berry - Actor
Wicksy on 'EastEnders'
Apr. 16, 1963Born: Woodford, Essex, England

Jon Cryer [Jonathan Niven] - Actor
Pretty in Pink, Superman IV, Two and A Half Men
Apr. 16, 1965Born: New York, NY,

Martin [Fitzgerald] Lawrence - Comedian
Apr. 16, 1965Born: Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Lukas Haas - Actor
Mars Attacks, Lady in White, Witness, Music Box, Testament, Leap of Faith
Apr. 16, 1976Born: West Hoolywood, CA

Jesse Tendler - Actor
Nick on 'Ellen Burstyn Show'
Apr. 16, 1980Born: Madison, WI

Scott Brady [Gerard Kenneth Tierney] - Actor
China Syndrome, Gremlins, Johnny Guitar, He Walked by Night
Sep. 13, 1924Born: Brooklyn, New York
Apr. 16, 1985Died from emphysema at the age of 60.

Neville Brand - Actor
DOA, The Birdman of Alcatraz, Stalag 17, Laredo.
Aug. 13, 1920Born: Griswold, Iowa
Apr. 16, 1992Died from emphysema at 72

Michael [George] Stroka - Actor
Aristede on 'Dark Shadows'
May. 9, 1938Born: Passaic, New Jersey
Apr. 16, 1997Dies of cancer at 57

 April 15
Leonardo [di ser Piero] da Vinci
Apr. 15, 1452Born: Vinci, Italy

John Williams - Actor
Niles on 'Family Affair', Dial M for Murder
Apr. 15, 1903Born: The Chalfonts in Buckinghamshire, England

Hans [Georg] Conried - Actor
Bullwinkle Show, Make Room for Daddy
Apr. 15, 1917Born: Baltimore, MD,

Michael Ansara - Actor
Cochise on 'Broken Arrow', Centennial, Star Trek TOS 'Day of the Dove'
Apr. 15, 1922Born: Syria

Elizabeth [Victoria] Montgomery - Actress
Samantha / Serena on 'Bewitched'
Apr. 15, 1933Born: Los Angeles, CA,
May. 18, 1995Dies of colorectal cancer at 62

Roy [Linwood] Clark - Country singer
Hee Haw
Apr. 15, 1933Born: Meherrin, VA,

Claudia Cardinale [Claude Josphine Rose Cardin] - Actress
Blindfold, 8, Pink Panther
Apr. 15, 1939Born: Tunis, Tunisia

Robert Walker Jr - Actor
Ceremony, Don Juan 73, Ensign Pulver, Star Trek TOS 'Charlie X'
Apr. 15, 1940Born: New York, NY

Julie Sommars - Actress
Governor & JJ, Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo
Apr. 15, 1942Born: Fremont, NE.

Amy Wright - Actress
Inside Moves, Accidental Tourist
Apr. 15, 1950Born: Chicago, IL

Sam McMurray - Actor
Tracey Ullman, Raising Arizona, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation
Apr. 15, 1952

Emma Thompson - Actress
Henry V, Howards End, Oscar-1992
Apr. 15, 1959Born: Paddington London, England

Lydie Denier - Actress
Bulletproof, General Hospital, Blood Relation
Apr. 15, 1964Born: St Nazaire, France

Peter Billingsley - Actor
Real People, A Christmas Story
Apr. 15, 1972Born: New York, NY

Greta Garbo [Greta Lovisa Gustafsson] - Actress
Anna Karenina, Camille
Sep. 18, 1905Born: Stockholm, Sweden
Apr. 15, 1990Dies at 84

 April 14
James Stephenson - Actor
The Letter, Espionage Agent, Nancy Drew
Apr. 14, 1889Born: Shelby, England

[William] Lee Tracy - Actor
Martin Kane on 'Martin Kane Private Eye'
Apr. 14, 1898Born: Atlanta, GA

[Arthur] John Gielgud - Actor
Arthur, Ages of Man
Apr. 14, 1904Born: London, England

John Howard [John R. Cox] - Actor
Bulldog Drummond, The High and the Mighty
Apr. 14, 1913Born: Cleveland, OH

Valerie Hobson [Babette Valerie Louise Hobson] - Actress
The Bride of Frankenstein, Great Expectations
Apr. 14, 1917Born: Larne, County Antrim, Ireland

'Rod' [Rodney Stephen] Steiger - Actor
Illustrated Man, Pawnbroker, Chosen
Apr. 14, 1925Born: West Hampton, NY,
Jul. 9, 2002Died from pneumonia

Gloria Jean [Gloria Jean Schoonover] - Actress
Never Give a Sucker an Even Break
Apr. 14, 1927Born: Buffalo, NY

'Dany' [Danielle] Robin - Actress
Follow the Boys, Topaz, Jupiter, Julietta
Apr. 14, 1927Born: Clamart, Hauts-de-Seine, Île-de-France, France

Bradford Dillman - Actor
Piranha, Sudden Impact, Enforcer
Apr. 14, 1930Born: San Francisco, CA,

Jay Robinson - Actor
Born Again, Malibu Bikini Shop, Sid & Marty Krofft's Dr. Shrinker
Apr. 14, 1930Born: New York, NY

Joan Darling [Joan Kugell] - Actress
Owen Marshall: Counselor at Law
Apr. 14, 1935Born: Boston, MA

Julie [Frances] Christie - Actress
Dr Zhivago
Apr. 14, 1941Born: Assam, India

John Shea - Actor
Honeymoon, New Life, Lois & Clark
Apr. 14, 1949Born: North Conway, NH,

Randolph Powell - Actor
Alan on 'Dallas', Logan's Run
Apr. 14, 1950Born: Iowa City, IA,

John D'Aquino - Actor
Varges on 'Wild Side', SeaQuest DSV
Apr. 14, 1958Born: Brooklyn, NY

Anthony Michael Hall [Michael Anthony Thomas Charles Hall] - Comedian
Saturday Night Live, Breakfast Club
Apr. 14, 1968Born: Boston, MA,

Sarah Michelle Gellar - Actress
Kendall-All My Children, Buffy Summers on TV Series 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer'
Apr. 14, 1977Born: New York, NY.

Ellen Corby [Ellen Hansen] - Actress
Grandma Walton on 'The Waltons'
Jun. 3, 1913Born: Racine, Wisc,
Apr. 14, 1999Died at the age of 87

'Don' [Donald Tai Loy] Ho - Singer
Tiny Bubbles
Apr. 14, 2007Died from heart failure at 76

 April 13
Butch Cassidy [Robert Leroy Parker] - Outlaw
Wild Bunch Gang
Apr. 13, 1866Born: Beaver, Utah
Nov. 6, 1908Died by being shot by Bolivian Police

Don Adams [Donald James Yarmy] - Actor / Comedian
Maxwell Smart on 'Get Smart', Check it Out
Apr. 13, 1923Born: New York, NY,
Sep. 25, 2005Died from a lung infection

Lyle Waggoner - Actor
Carol Burnett Show, Wonder Woman
Apr. 13, 1935Born: Kansas City, KS,

Paul [Anthony] Sorvino - Actor
Law and Order, Reds, Goodfellas, A Touch of Class,
Apr. 13, 1939Born: Brookyn, NY,

'Tony' [Anthony Lee] Dow - Actor
Wally on 'Leave it to Beaver'
Apr. 13, 1945Born: Hollywood, CA,

'Ron' [Ronald Francis] Perlman - Actor
Quest for Fire, Beauty & the Beast
Apr. 13, 1950Born: Bronx, NY,

Peter Davison [Peter Moffett] - Actor
Dr Who, Sink or Swim, Fiddlers Three
Apr. 13, 1951Born: London, England

Theda Bara [Theodosia Burr Goodman] - Actress
Under Two Flags, Cleopatra
Apr. 13, 1955Died of stomach cancer at 70

'Rick' [Richard Bartlett] Schroder - Actor
Ricky on 'Silver Spoons', Champ, Earthling
Apr. 13, 1970Born: Staten Island, NY,

Jonathan [Gregory] Brandis - Actor
Lucas Wolenczak on 'SeaQuest DSV', Never Ending Story II
Apr. 13, 1976Born: Danbury, CT,
Nov. 12, 2003Died from injuries he suffered after he hanged himself

 April 12
Jane Withers - Actress
All Together Now, Josephine the plumber
Apr. 12, 1927Born: Atlanta, GA,

Tiny Tim [Herbert Butros Khaury] - Singer
Tip Toe Thru' the Tulips With Me
Apr. 12, 1932Born: New York, NY,
Nov. 30, 1996Dies of heart attack at 64

Charles Napier - Actor
Star Trek TOS 'The Way to Eden', Star Trek DS9 'Little Green Men', Night Stalker
Apr. 12, 1936Born: Scottsville, Kentucky

Frank Bank - Actor
Lumpy on Leave it to Beaver
Apr. 12, 1942Born: Hollywood, CA,

'Ed' [Edward] O'Neill - Actor
Michael Mooney in 'Big Apple', Al Bundy on 'Married with Ch
Apr. 12, 1946Born: Youngstown, OH,

'Dan' [Daniel Joseph] Lauria - Actor
Jack Arnold on 'Wonder Years'
Apr. 12, 1947Born: Brooklyn, New York

David [Michael] Letterman - Comedian
Late Night
Apr. 12, 1947Born: Indianapolis, IN,

David [Bruce] Cassidy - Singer/actor
Keith on 'Partridge Family'
Apr. 12, 1950Born: New York, NY,

Shannen [Maria] Doherty - Actress
Our House, Bev Hills 90210, Charmed
Apr. 12, 1971Born: Memphis TN,

Joe Louis [Joseph Louis Barrow] - World heavyweight boxing champion
May. 13, 1914Born: LaFayette, Alabama
Apr. 12, 1981Died of a heart attack

 April 11
Leonard Mudie - Actor
Magnetic Monster, British Intelligence, Star Trek TOS The Menagerie
Apr. 11, 1883Born: England

James Anthony Bailey [McGuiness] - Circus impresario
Barnum & Bailey
Jul. 4, 1847Born: Detroit, MI,
Apr. 11, 1906Died of erysipelas at 58

Paul Douglas - Actor
Adventure Theater, Clash by Night
Apr. 11, 1907Born: Philadelphia, PA

Carl Franklin - Actor
Fantastic Journey
Apr. 11, 1930Born: Richmond, CA

Joel Grey [Joe Katz] - Actor
Cabaret, Remo Williams, 7% Solution, Star Trek VOY Resitstence
Apr. 11, 1932Born: Cleveland, OH,

Louise Lasser - Actress
Mary Hartman! Mary Hartman!
Apr. 11, 1939Born: New York, NY,

Peter Riegert - Actor
Americathon, Animal House, Crossing Delancey
Apr. 11, 1947Born: New York, NY

'Bill' [William Mills] Irwin - Actor
My Blue Heaven, Scenes From a Mall
Apr. 11, 1950Born: Santa, Monica

Michele Scarabelli - Actress
Jo Santini on 'Airwolf', Alienation, Dallas, Star Trek TNG
Apr. 11, 1955Born: Montréal, Québec, Canada,

John Castellanos - Actor
John Silva on 'Young and Restless'
Apr. 11, 1958Born: San Diego, CA

Ted Decorsia - Actor
Police Chief Hegedorn on 'Steve Canyon', Sea Hunt, 5 Card Stud
Sep. 29, 1903Born: Brooklyn, New York
Apr. 11, 1973Died at 70

Dolores Del Rio [Dolores Martínez Asúnsolo y López Negrete] - Actress
What Price Glory?
Apr. 11, 1983Died from liver disease at 77

 April 10
Dixie [Virginia] Carter - Actress
Designing Women, Edge of Night
May. 25, 1939Born: McLemoresville, Tenn
Apr. 10, 2010Died from complications from endometrial cancer at 70

Safety pin -
patented by Walter Hunt of New York
Apr. 10, 1849Sold rights for $400

George Arliss [George Augustus Andrews - Actor
Devil, Green Goddess, The Man Who Played God
Apr. 10, 1868Born: London, England

RMS Titanic -
an Olympic-class passenger liner
Apr. 10, 1912Sets sail for its 1st & last voyage

Harry Morgan [Harry Bratsburg] - Actor
December Bride, Dragnet, MASH
Apr. 10, 1915Born: Detroit, MI,
Dec. 7, 2011Died at the age of 96

'Chuck' [Kevin Joseph Aloysius] Connors - Actor
Rifleman, Branded, Cowboy in Africa
Apr. 10, 1921Born: Brooklyn, NY,
Nov. 10, 1992Died of pneumonia stemming from lung cancer

Lee Bergere - Actor
Star rek TOS, Joseph on 'Dynasty'
Apr. 10, 1924Born: Brooklyn, NY

Max Von Sydow [Carl Adolf von Sydow] - Actor
Hawaii, Exorcist, Dune, Dreamscape, Flash Gordon
Apr. 10, 1929Born: Lund, Malmöhus län, Sweden

Omar Sharif [Michel Demitri Shalhoub] - Actor
Dr Zhivago, Top Secret
Apr. 10, 1932Born: Alexandria, Egypt,

Hari Rhodes - Actor
Mike on 'Daktari', Roots
Apr. 10, 1932Born: Cincinnati, OH

Delphine [Claire Belriane] Seyrig - Actress
Freak Orlando, Reperages
Apr. 10, 1932Born: Beirut, Lebanon

[Ponciano] Poncie Ponce - Actor
Kazuo Kim on 'Hawaiian Eye', G.I. Joe: The Movie
Apr. 10, 1933Born: Maui, Hawaii

John [Earl] Madden - NFL coach
Oakland Raiders / Sports commentator (CBS, FOX
Apr. 10, 1936Born: Austin, Minnesota

Steven Seagal - Actor
Above the Law, Hard to Kill
Apr. 10, 1951Born: Lansing, MI,

Peter MacNicol - Actor
John Cage on 'Ally McBeal', Alan Birch on 'Chicago Hope', Dragonslayer, Soph
Apr. 10, 1954Born: Dallas, TX,

Julie Fulton - Actress
Buffy the Vampire Slayer, ER, Lime Steel
Apr. 10, 1960Born: Evanston, IL

Olivia [Margarette] Brown - Actress
Detective Trudy Joplin on 'Miami Vice', Designing Women
Apr. 10, 1961Born: Livonia, Michigan

Billy Jacoby [William Jacoby] - Actor
Brad on 'Silver Spoons', Maggie
Apr. 10, 1969Born: Flushing, NY

Marjorie Main [Mary Tomlinson] - Actress
Ma and Pa Kettle
Feb. 24, 1890Born: Acton, Indiana
Apr. 10, 1975Dies at 85

Natalie Schafer - Actress
Lovey on 'Gilligan's Island'
Nov. 5, 1900Born: Red Bank, New Jersey
Apr. 10, 1991Dies at 90 from cancer

Kevin Peter Hall - Actor
Harry and the Hendersons, Star Trek TNG, Night Court, Predator and Predator 2
Apr. 10, 1991Dies of AIDS at 35

Natalie Schafer - Actress
Lovey on 'Gilligan's Island'
Nov. 5, 1900Born: Red Bank, New Jersey
Apr. 10, 1991Died of cancer at 90

'Sam' [Samuel Burl] Kinison
Dec. 8, 1953Born: Yakima, Washington
Apr. 10, 1992Dies in a car crash at 38

'Larry' [Lawrence Lavonne] Linville - Actor
Frank Burns on 'M*A*S*H', Blue Movie
Sep. 29, 1939Born: Ojai, California
Apr. 10, 2000Died of pneumonia at 60

 April 9
Allen Jenkins [Alfred McGonegal] - Actor
Hey Jeannie, Top Cop, Girl Habit
Apr. 9, 1900Born: Staten Island, NY

Ward [Edwin] Bond - Actor
Quiet Man, Fort Apache, Seth on 'Wagon Train'
Apr. 9, 1903Born: Benkelman, NE

Lyle Latell - Actor
Not of the Earth, Sky Dragon
Apr. 9, 1904Born: Elma, IA

Robert [Murray] Helpmann - Actor
Second Time Lucky
Apr. 9, 1909Born: Mount Gambier, Australia

Frankie Thomas - Actor
Boys' Town , Tom Corbett Space Cadet
Apr. 9, 1921Born: New York, NY

Hugh [Marston] Hefner - Magazine publisher
Apr. 9, 1926Born: Chicago, IL,

Gian Maria Volont [John Welles] - Actor
Fistful of Dollars
Apr. 9, 1933Born: Milan, Italy

Jean Paul Belmondo - Actor
Casino Royale, Magnifique
Apr. 9, 1933Born: Paris, France

Avery Schreiber - Comedian
My Mother the Car
Apr. 9, 1935Born: Chicago, IL,
Jan. 7, 2002Died of a heart attack

Michael Learned - Actress
Olivia on 'The Waltons', Nurse
Apr. 9, 1939Born: Washington, DC

Brandon De Wilde - Actor
Jamie, Wild in the Sky
Apr. 9, 1942Born: Brooklyn, NY

Bob Hope [Leslie Townes] - Entertainer/comedian
My Favorite Brunette
Apr. 9, 19501st TV appearance

Nathan Cook - Actor
Milton on 'White Shadow', Billy on 'Hotel'
Apr. 9, 1950Born: Philadelphia, PA

TV Guide -
weekly magazines about television programming
Apr. 9, 1953publishes 1st issue

Dennis [William] Quaid - Actor
Big Easy, Dreamscape, Right Stuff
Apr. 9, 1954Born: Houston, TX,

Frank Lloyd Wright
Master Builder / Architect
Jun. 8, 1867Born: Richland Center, Wisc,
Apr. 9, 1959Died at the age of 91

Cynthia [Ellen] Nixon - Actress
Addams Family Values, Pelican Brief, Sex and the City
Apr. 9, 1966Born: New York, NY,

[Jeffrey] Austin Peck - Actor
Austin Reed on 'Days of Our Lives'
Apr. 9, 1971Born: Hawaii

Keshia Knight Pulliam - Actress
Rudy on 'Crosby'
Apr. 9, 1979Born: Newark, NJ

 April 8
Mary Pickford [Gladys Louise Smith] - Actress
Poor Little Rich Girl, Daddy Long Legs
Apr. 8, 1893Born: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Sonja Henie - Actress / Ice skater
Apr. 8, 1912Born: Oslo, Norway

Alfie Bass [Abraham Basalinksy] - Actor
Moonraker, Are You Being Served
Apr. 8, 1921Born: London, England

Edward Mulhare - Actor
Ghost & Mrs Muir, Megaforce and Out to Sea, Knight Rider
Apr. 8, 1923Born: Carrigaline, Cork, Ireland
May. 24, 1997Dies of lung cancer at 74

Shecky Greene [Sheldon Greenfield] - Comedian/actor
Love Machine, Combat
Apr. 8, 1925Born: Chicago, IL,

Eric [Richard] Porter - Actor
Antony & Cleopatra, 39 Steps
Apr. 8, 1928Born: London, England

John Gavin [John Anthony Golenor Pablos] - Actor
Back Street, Psycho, Murder for Sale
Apr. 8, 1928Born: Los Angeles, CA

Dorothy Tutin - Actress
Importance of Being Earnest, Cromwell
Apr. 8, 1930Born: London, England

Hywel [Thomas] Bennett - Actor
Doctor Who, Family Way, Shelley
Apr. 8, 1944Born: South, Wales

Stuart Pankin - Comedian
Striptease, Congo, as Earl Sinclair on Dinosaurs, Not Necessarily the News
Apr. 8, 1946Born: Philadelphia, PA

Cindy Pickett - Actress
Guiding Light, St Elsewhere
Apr. 8, 1947Born: Sand Springs, OK,

Michael Spound - Actor
Dave on 'Hotel'
Apr. 8, 1957Born: Santa Monica, CA

John [Richard] Schneider - Actor
Bo on 'Dukes of Hazzard', Smallville
Apr. 8, 1960Born: Mount Kisco, NY,

[John Charles] Julian Lennon - Singer
Too Late for Goodbyes / Subject of Beatles' "Hey Jude"
Apr. 8, 1963Born: Liverpool, England

Robin Wright Penn [Robin Gayle Wright] - Actress
Jenny on 'Forrest Gump', Kelly on 'Santa Barbara', Princess Bride
Apr. 8, 1966Born: Dallas, TX,

Patricia Arquette - Actress
Ed Wood, Nightmare on Elm Street 3
Apr. 8, 1968Born: Chicago, Illinois

Taran Noah Smith - Actor
Mark Taylor on 'Home Improvement'
Apr. 8, 1984Born: San Francisco, CA

Ben Johnson - Actor
Chisum, Battle Force, Dillinger
Jun. 13, 1918Born: Foraker, Okla,
Apr. 8, 1996Died from a heart attack at 77

 April 7
'R G' [Robert Golden] Armstrong - Actor
T.H.E. Cat, Hawaii Five-O, Starsky and Hutch
Apr. 7, 1917Born: Birmingham, AL

Ronald Howard - Actor
Naked Edge, Cowboy in Africa
Apr. 7, 1918Born: Norwood, England

James Garner [James Scott Bumgarner] - Actor
Rockford Files, Bret Maverick
Apr. 7, 1928Born: Norman OK,

Andrew Sachs [Andreas Siegfried Sachs] - Actor
Manuel on 'Fawlty Towers'
Apr. 7, 1930Born: Berlin, Germany

Wayne Rogers - Actor
MASH, House Calls, Chiefs
Apr. 7, 1933Born: Birmingham, AL,

Yvonne Lime - Actress
Father Knows Best, Dobie Gillis
Apr. 7, 1938Born: Glendale, CA,

Francis Ford Coppola - Film maker
Godfather, Apocalypse Now, American Graffiti
Apr. 7, 1939Born: Detroit, MI,

Roberta Shore [Roberta Jymme Schourop] - Actress/singer
Virginian, The Shaggy Dog, Playhouse 90, The Donna Reed Show
Apr. 7, 1943Born: Monterey Park, CA

Stan Winston - Special effects / Make-up artist, Director
Terminator series, Jurassic Park series, Aliens
Apr. 7, 1946Born: Arlington, Virginia
Jun. 15, 2008Died At 62, after suffering for seven years with multiple myeloma

Jackie Chan - Actor
Rumble in the Bronx
Apr. 7, 1954Born: Hong Kong

Alexandra Neil - Actress
Rose on 'Guiding Light'
Apr. 7, 1958Born: Boston, MA

Elaine Miles - Actress
Marilyn on 'Northern Exposure'
Apr. 7, 1960Born: Pendleton, Oregon

Bill Bellamy - Actor
Fled, How to be a Player, Joey Breaker
Apr. 7, 1968Born: Newark, New Jersey

Brenda Benet [Brenda Ann Nelson] - Actress
Track of Thunder
Apr. 7, 1982Commits suicide by gun at 36

Beatrice [Whitney] Straight - Actress
Poltergeist, Nun's Story
Aug. 2, 1914Born: Old Westbury, NY.
Apr. 7, 2001Died at 86

Paul [Edward] Winfield - Actor
Star Trek II, Star Trek TNG, Huckleberry Finn, Mars Attacks
May. 22, 1941Born: Los Angeles, CA,
Apr. 7, 2004Died of a heart attack at the age of 64

'Mike' [Myron Leon] Wallace - Newscaster
Biography, 60 Minutes
May. 9, 1918Born: Brookline, MA,
Apr. 7, 2012Died at 93

 April 6
Walter Huston - Actor
Maltese Falcon, Treasure of Sierra Madre
Apr. 6, 1884Born: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Joi Lansing [Joyce Rae Brown] - Actress
Bob Cummings Show, Singin' in the Rain, I Love Lucy, The Beverly Hillbillies
Apr. 6, 1928Born: Salt Lake City, UT

Hostess Twinkie -
Golden Sponge Cake with Creamy Filling
Apr. 6, 1930Invented by bakery executive James Dewar

Ivan [Nathaniel] Dixon - Actor
Car Wash, Hogan's Heroes
Apr. 6, 1931Born: New York, NY,

'Billy Dee' [William December] Williams - Actor
Lady Sings the Blues, Chiefs, Empire Strikes Back, Double Dare
Apr. 6, 1937Born: Harlem, New York, NY.

Roy Thinnes - Actor
Invaders, Falcon Crest, General Hospital
Apr. 6, 1938Born: Chicago, IL

Phil Austin - Comedian
Firesign Theater
Apr. 6, 1942Born: Denver, Colorado

Judith McConnell - Actress
Sophia-Santa Barbara
Apr. 6, 1944Born: Pittsburgh, PA

John [Deszo] Ratzenberger - Actor
Cliff Clavin on 'Cheers'
Apr. 6, 1947Born: Bridgeport, CT,

Jane Actman - Actress
Barbara-Paul Lynde Show
Apr. 6, 1949Born: New York, NY

Marilu [Lucy] Henner - Actress
Taxi, Man Who Loved Women, Evening Shade
Apr. 6, 1952Born: Chicago, IL,

Judi Bowker - Actress
Clash of the Titans
Apr. 6, 1954Born: Shawford, England

TV Dinner -
frozen dinner
Apr. 6, 19541st put on sale by Swanson & Sons

Ari Meyers [Ariadne Meyer] - Actress
Emma McArdle on 'Kate & Allie'
Apr. 6, 1969Born: San Juan Puerto, Rico

Jason [Robert] Hervey - Actor
Wayne Arnold on 'Wonder Years'
Apr. 6, 1972Born: Los Angeles, CA,

Candace [Helaine] Cameron Bure - Actress
DJ Tanner on 'Full House'
Apr. 6, 1976Born: Panorama City, CA

Matthew Thomas Carey - Actor
Once You Meet a Stranger
Apr. 6, 1980Born: Denver, Colorado

Isaac Asimov - Science fiction writer
I Robot
Jan. 2, 1920Born: Petrovichi, Russian
Apr. 6, 1992Dies from kidney failure at 72

[Eileen Evelyn] Greer Garson - Actress
Pride & Prejudice
Sep. 29, 1904Born: London, England
Apr. 6, 1996Died Heart Failure at 92

Corin [William] Redgrave - Actor
Excalibur, Man For All Seasons
Jul. 16, 1939Born: London, England
Apr. 6, 2010Died at the age of 70

 April 5
Spencer [Bonaventure] Tracy - Actor
Father's Little Dividend, Adam's Rib
Apr. 5, 1900Born: Milwaukee, WI,
Jun. 10, 1967Died of a heart attack

Melvyn Douglas [Melvyn Edouard Hesselberg] - Actor
As You Desire Me, Ninotchka, Two Faced Woman, Hud
Apr. 5, 1901Born: Macon, Georgia
Aug. 4, 1981Dies at 80

'Bill' [Carl William] Raisch - One armed actor
Fred Johnson on 'Fugitive'
Apr. 5, 1905Born: North Bergen, New Jersey

'Bette' [Ruth Elizabeth] Davis - Actress
Of Human Bondage, Jezebel, Gone with the Wind
Apr. 5, 1908Born: Lowell, MA,
Oct. 6, 1989Died at 81

Grady Sutton - Actor
Pruitts of South Hampton
Apr. 5, 1908Born: Chattanooga, TN

Gordon Jones - Actor
Mike the Cop on 'Abbott & Costello'
Apr. 5, 1911Born: Alden, IA

[Eldred] Gregory Peck - Actor
To Kill a Mockingbird, MacArthur
Apr. 5, 1916Born: La Jolla, CA,
Jun. 12, 2003Died from bronchopneumonia

Christopher Hewett - Actor
Mr Belvedere, The Producers
Apr. 5, 1922Born: Worthing, Sussex, England,

Gale Storm [Josephine Owaissa Cottle] - Actress
My Little Margie, Gale Storm Show
Apr. 5, 1922Born: Bloomington, TX

Michael [Vincente] Gazzo - Actor
Cookie, Fear City
Apr. 5, 1923Born: Hillside, NJ

Roger [William] Corman - Producer / Director
Little Shop of Horrors
Apr. 5, 1926Born: Detroit, Michigan

Michael Bryant - Actor
Sakharov, Girly
Apr. 5, 1928Born: London, England

Chao Li Chi - Actor
Falcon Crest
Apr. 5, 1929Born: Shanghai, China

Nigel [Barnard] Hawthorne - Actor
Tartuffe, Pope John Paul II
Apr. 5, 1929Born: Coventry, Warwickshire, England

Frank [John] Gorshin - Impressionist/actor
Riddler on 'Batman'
Apr. 5, 1933Born: Pittsburgh, PA,
May. 17, 2005Died from lung cancer, emphysema and pneumonia

Michael Moriarty - Actor
Ben Stone on 'Law & Order', Bang the Drum Slowly, Q, Stuff
Apr. 5, 1941Born: Detroit, MI,

Max Gail - Actor
Barney Miller, Whiz Kids, DC Cab, Normal People
Apr. 5, 1943Born: Detroit, MI,

Tasia Valenza - Actress
Dottie Thornton Martin on 'All My Children'
Apr. 5, 1968Born: New York, NY

Kurt [Donald] Cobain - Grunge rocker
Apr. 5, 1994Commits suicide by gun at 27

Charlton Heston [John Charles Carter] - Actor
10 Commandments, Ben Hur, Planet of the Apes, The Omega Man
Oct. 4, 1924Born: St. Helen, Michigan
Apr. 5, 2008Died Died at 83

Earth's 1st contact -
by extra terrestrials, Vulcan
Apr. 5, 2063according to Star Trek

 April 4
Samuel [Southery] Hinds - Actor
The Bribe, The Egg and I, The Great Alaskan Mystery
Apr. 4, 1875Born: Brooklyn, NY

Bea Benaderet - Actress
Kate on 'Petticoat Junction'
Apr. 4, 1906Born: New York, NY
Oct. 13, 1968Died of lung cancer

Rosemary Lane - Actress
The Lane Sisters, 4 Mothers, Harvest Melody
Apr. 4, 1913Born: Indianola, IA

Richard Coogan - Actor
Captain Video
Apr. 4, 1914Born: Short Hills, NJ

David White - Actor
Larry Tate on 'Bewitched'
Apr. 4, 1916Born: Denver, Colorado
Nov. 27, 1990Died of a heart attack

Peter Vaughan [Peter Olm] - Actor
Haunted Honeymoon, Die Die My Darling
Apr. 4, 1924Born: Wem, Shropshire, England

Elizabeth Wilson - Actor
Doc, East Side/West Side
Apr. 4, 1925Born: Grand Rapids, MI

Maya Angelou [Marguerite Johnson] - Actress
Nyo-Roots / Poet (I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings
Apr. 4, 1928Born: St Louis, MO

Anthony Perkin - Actor
Psycho, Fear Strikes Out, Pretty Poison
Apr. 4, 1932Born: New York, NY,
Sep. 12, 1992Died from complications of AIDS

'Michael' [Harry Samuel] Parks - Actor
Then Came Bronson, Twin Peaks
Apr. 4, 1938Born: Corona, CA

Caroline McWilliams - Actress
Sal on 'Soap', Marcy on 'Benson'
Apr. 4, 1945Born: Seattle, WA,
Feb. 11, 2010Died from multiple myeloma

Walter Charles - Actor
Fletch Lives, Weeds
Apr. 4, 1945Born: East Strousberg, PA

Craig T Nelson [Craig Richard Nelson] - Actor
Chief Jack Mannion on 'The District', Hayden Fox on 'Coach', Poltergeist
Apr. 4, 1946Born: Spokane, WA,

Luke Halpin - Actor
Sandy Ricks on 'Flipper'
Apr. 4, 1947Born: Astoria, NY,

Christine Lahti - Actress
Dr Kathryn Austin on 'Chicago Hope', Harvey Korman Show, Swing Shift
Apr. 4, 1950Born: Birmingham, MI,

Julie Carmen - Actress
Gloria, Last Plane Out, Fright Night II
Apr. 4, 1954Born: Mount Vernon, NY

Ava Fabian - Playmate
August 1986/actress (Cafe Nostra
Apr. 4, 1962Born: Brewster, NY

Anthony Clark - Comedian
Boyd Pritchett on 'Boston Common', Yes Dear
Apr. 4, 1963Born: Lynchburg, Virginia

'Robbie' [Robert Anthony] Rist - Actor
Oliver on 'Brady Bunch'
Apr. 4, 1964Born: Woodland Hills, California

Robert [John] Downey Jr - Comedian/actor
Larry Paul-Ally McBeal, Saturday Night Live, Less than Zero, Back to School
Apr. 4, 1965Born: New York, NY,

Nancy [Justine] McKeon - Actress
Jo Polniazek on 'Facts of Life'
Apr. 4, 1966Born: Westbury, NY,

Martin Luther King Jr - Reverend
Civil rights leader
Apr. 4, 1968Assassinated in Memphis at 39

Byron Foulger - Actor
Engineer Wendell Gibbs on Petticoat Junction
Aug. 22, 1899Born: Ogden, Utah
Apr. 4, 1970Dies at 70

[William] Edgar Buchanan - Actor
Uncle Joe on 'Petticoat Junction'
Mar. 20, 1902Born: Humansville, MO,
Apr. 4, 1979Dies at 77

Gloria [Mae Josephine] Swanson - Actress
Sadie Thomson, Queen Kelly
Mar. 27, 1899Born: Chicago, IL
Apr. 4, 1983Died from a heart ailment at age 84

Priscilla Lane - Actres
Varsity Show, Million Dollar Baby, Arsenic and Old Lace
Jun. 12, 1915Born: Indianola, Iowa
Apr. 4, 1995Died at the age of 79

Faith Domergue - Actress
House of 7 Corpses
Jun. 16, 1924Born: New Orleans, LA.
Apr. 4, 1999Died from cancer, aged 74

 April 3
Leslie Howard [Stainer] - Actor
Ashley Wilkes on 'Gone With the Wind'
Apr. 3, 1893Born: London, England

'Dooley' [Arthur] Wilson - Actor
Bill on 'Beulah', Sam on 'Casablanca'
Apr. 3, 1894Born: Tyler, TX

Iron Eyes Cody [Espera de Corti] - Actor
Black Gold, Ernest Goes to Camp
Apr. 3, 1904Born: Tulsa, OK,

Harry Landers - Actor
Ted Hoffman on 'Ben Casey', Star Trek TOS
Apr. 3, 1921Born: New York, NY

Jan Sterling [Adriance] - Actress
1st Monday in October, HS Confidential
Apr. 3, 1923Born: New York, NY

Marlon Brando - Actor
Superman, Godfather
Apr. 3, 1924Born: Omaha, NE,

Doris Day [Doris Mary Ann von Kappelhoff - Actress
Pillow Talk
Apr. 3, 1924Born: Cincinnati, OH

Andrew Keir [Buggy] - Actor
Rob Roy, Absolution, Blood Hunt, Catholics
Apr. 3, 1926Born: Shotts, North Lanarkshire, Scotland

William [Charles Anthony] Gaunt - Actor
The Champions
Apr. 3, 1937Born: Leeds, England

Philippe Wynne - Soul Singer
Spinners, Parliament, Ghetto Child
Apr. 3, 1938Born: Detroit, Michigan

Marsha Mason - Actress
Blume in Love, Cinderella Liberty, Goodbye Girl
Apr. 3, 1942Born: St Louis, MO,

Jonathan Lynn - Writer/actor
Greedy, Bar Mitzvah Boy
Apr. 3, 1943Born: Bath, England

Anne De Salvo - Actress
Compromosing Positions
Apr. 3, 1949Born: Philadelphia, PA

John Laughlin - Actor
White Shadow
Apr. 3, 1955Born: Memphis, TN

Alec Baldwin [Alexander Rae Baldwin III - Actor
Joshua on 'Knots Landing', Beetlejuice
Apr. 3, 1958Born: Massapequa, Long Island, New York

David Hyde Pierce - Actor
Niles Crane on 'Fraiser'
Apr. 3, 1959Born: Saratoga Springs, NY,

'Eddie' [Edward Regan] Murphy - Actor
Saturday Night Live, 48 Hours, Beverly Hills Cop, Raw
Apr. 3, 1961Born: Brooklyn, NY,

Melissa [Lou] Etheridge - Rock guitarist/vocalist
Come to My Window
Apr. 3, 1961Born: Leavenworth, Kansas

Shelley Michelle - Actress
Golden Eye
Apr. 3, 1966Born: Hollywood, CA

'Jennie' [Jennifer Eve] Garth - Actress
Kelly Taylor on 'Beverly Hills 90210'
Apr. 3, 1972Born: Urbana, IL

Warren [Mercer] Oates - actor
East of Eden, Stoney Burke
Jul. 5, 1928Born: Depoy, Ky,
Apr. 3, 1982Died of a sudden heart attack at 53

 April 2
'Buddy' [Christian Ludolf] Ebsen - Actor
Beverly Hillbillies, Barnaby Jones
Apr. 2, 1908Born: Belleville, IL,
Jul. 6, 2003Died of pneumonia at age 95

Alec Guinness [de Cuffe] - Actor
Colonel Nicholson on 'Bridge on River Kwai', Obi-Wan Kenobi on 'Star Wars'
Apr. 2, 1914Born: London, England,
Aug. 5, 2000Died from liver cancer at age 86

'Dabbs' [Robert William] Greer - Actor
Gunsmoke, Little House on Prairie
Apr. 2, 1917Born: Fairview, MO,
Apr. 28, 2007Died after a battle with renal failure and heart disease at 90

'Jack' [John Randolph] Webb - Actor
Joe Friday on 'Dragnet'
Apr. 2, 1920Born: Santa Monica, CA,
Dec. 23, 1982Died of a heart attack at 62

Elena Verdugo - Actress
Consuelo on 'Marcus Welby MD'
Apr. 2, 1926Born: Hollywood, CA,

Rita Gam - Actress
Distortions, Hannibal, Sierra Baron, Mohawk
Apr. 2, 1928Born: Philadelphia, PA.

Brian Glover - Actor
Apr. 2, 1934Born: Barnsley, Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Sharon Acker - Actress
Star Trek TOS as 'Odana', Della Street on 'The New Perry Mason'
Apr. 2, 1935Born: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Marvin Gaye [Marvin Pentz Gay, Jr.] - Rocker
Sexual Healing
Apr. 2, 1939Born: Washington, D.C.

Penelope Keith [Penelope Hatfield] - British actress
Norman Conquests, Priest of Love
Apr. 2, 1940Born: Sutton, Surrey, England

Linda Hunt - Actress
Bostonians, Eleni, Silverado
Apr. 2, 1945Born: Morristown, NJ,

Pamela Reed - Actress
Grand, Kindergarten Cop, Home Court
Apr. 2, 1949Born: Tacoma, WA

Debralee Scott - Actress
Cathy on 'Mary Hartman', Angie
Apr. 2, 1953Born: Elizabeth, NJ,

Ron Palillo - Actor
Arnold Horshack on 'Welcome Back Kotter'
Apr. 2, 1954Born: Cheshire, CT,

Sam Anderson - Actor
Sam Gorpley on 'Perfect Strangers', Star Trek TNG
Apr. 2, 1955Born: Wahpeton, ND

'Buddy' [Bernard] Rich - Drummer/orchestra leader
Away We Go
Sep. 30, 1917Born: Brooklyn, NY,
Apr. 2, 1987Dies at 69

 April 1
Today is April Fools' Day - All Fools' Day
April Fools' jokes also called "April Fools"
Apr. 1Are only made before midday.

Edward Austin Abbey - US, painter
Quest of the Holy Grail
Apr. 1, 1852Born: Philadelphia, PA,

Edmond [Eugne Alexis] Rostand - Poet / Playwright
Cyrano de Bergerac
Apr. 1, 1868Born: Marseille, France

Sergei [Vasilyevich] Rachmaninov - Composer
Prelude in C# Minor
Apr. 1, 1873Born: Semyonovo, Novgorod, Provine, Russia

'Lon' [Leonidas Frank] Chaney - Man of 1000 faces, Actor
High Noon, Phantom of Opera
Apr. 1, 1883Born: Colorado Springs, CO,

Mary Miles Minter [Juliet Reilly]
Silent screen star
Apr. 1, 1902Born: Shreveport, Louisiana

Bobby Jordan - Actor
Bowery Champs, Kid Dynamite, Flying Wild
Apr. 1, 1923Born: Harrison NY,

Jane Powell [Suzanne Lorraine Burce] - Singer/actress
7 Brides for 7 Brothers
Apr. 1, 1928Born: Portland, OR,

Michael O'Herlihy - Directo
Star Trek TOS, Gunsmoke, The Man from U.N.C.L.E
Apr. 1, 1929Born: Wexford, Ireland

Grace Lee Whitney [Mary Ann Chase] - Actress / Singe
Yeoman Rand on 'Star Trek', Some Like it Hot
Apr. 1, 1930Born: Ann Arbor, MI,

Debbie [Mary Frances] Reynolds - Actress
Singin' in the Rain
Apr. 1, 1932Born: El Paso, TX,

Gordon Jump - Actor
Arthur Carlson on 'WKRP', Growing Pains
Apr. 1, 1932Born: Centerville, OH,
Sep. 22, 2003Died from pulmonary fibrosis at 71

Ali MacGraw - Actress
Love Story, Goodbye Columbus
Apr. 1, 1939Born: Pound Ridge, NY,

Heather Young [Patricia Kay Petersen] - Actress
Betty on 'Land of Giants'
Apr. 1, 1945Born: Bremerton, WA,

Annette O'Toole - Actress
Cat People, Superman III
Apr. 1, 1954Born: Houston, TX,

[David] Michael Guthrie
Artist/Electrician/Party Head/Vorpal Master at www.vbwarren.com
Apr. 1, 1957Born: Detroit, Michigan

Rae Norman - Actres
Star Trek TNG
Apr. 1, 1958Born: Pryor, Oklahoma

Jessica Collins - Actres
Star Trek VOY
Apr. 1, 1971Born: Schenectady, New York

Marvin Gaye [Marvin Pentz Gay, Jr.] - Rocker
Sexual Healing
Apr. 2, 1939Born: Washington, D.C.
Apr. 1, 1984Shot dead by his father at 45

Gene Evans - Actor
My Friend Flicka, Matt Helm, Alamo
Jul. 11, 1922Born: Hollbrook, Az,
Apr. 1, 1998Died at the age of 75

'Carrie' [Caroline] Snodgress - Actress
Diary of Mad Housewife
Apr. 1, 2004Died of heart and liver failure at 57

John Forsythe [John Lincoln Freund] - Actor
Bachelor Father, Charlie's Angels, Dynasty
Jan. 29, 1918Born: Penns Grove, New Jersey
Apr. 1, 2010Died from pneumonia at 92

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