February in History  
 February 14
Today is Valentines Day
Feb. 14Traditional day on which lovers express their love for each other.

John [Sidney Blyth] Barrymore - Actor
Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde, The Tempest, Beloved Rogue
Feb. 14, 1882Born: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Jack Benny [Benjamin Kubelski] - Comedian
The Jack Benny Program
Feb. 14, 1894Born: Chicago, Illinois

Nigel Bruce [William Nigel Ernle Bruce] - Actor
Son of Lassie, Spider Woman, Dr. Watson in Sherlock Holmes
Feb. 14, 1895Born: Ensenada, Mexico

Thelma Ritter - Actress
Miracle on 34th Street, All about Eve, Rear Window, The Mating Season
Feb. 14, 1902Born: Brooklyn, New York

Stu Erwin - Actor
Stu Erwin Show
Feb. 14, 1903Born: Squaw Valley, California

Florence Rice - Actress
Double Wedding, Riding on Air
Feb. 14, 1911Born: Cleveland, Ohio

Edward Platt - Actor
Rebel Without a Cause, Chief on 'Get Smart'
Feb. 14, 1916Born: Staten Island, New York
Mar. 19, 1974Dies at 58

Peg Murray - Actress
Me & Mrs C, All My Children
Feb. 14, 1925Born: Denver, Colorado

Lois Maxwell [Lois Ruth Hooker] - Actress
Miss Moneypenny in 'James Bond Series'
Feb. 14, 1927Born: Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

St Valentine's Day Massacre -
Chicago, IL
Feb. 14, 19297 gangsters killed

'Vic' [Victor] Morrow - Acto
Combat, Roots,Twilight Zone: The Movie
Feb. 14, 1929Born: Bronx, NY,

Brian Kelly - Actor
Flipper, Straightaway
Feb. 14, 1931Born: Detroit, Michigan
Feb. 12, 2005Died Died of pneumonia at 74

Florence [Agnes] Henderson - Actress/singer
Carol on 'Brady Bunch'
Feb. 14, 1934Born: Dale, IN,

Andrew Prine - Actor
V, WEB, Wide Country, Star Trek TNG / DS9
Feb. 14, 1936Born: Jennings, Florida

Lee Chamberlin - Actress
Electric Company, Viper
Feb. 14, 1938Born: New York City, New York

Alan [William] Parker - Actor
Bugsy Malone, Evita
Feb. 14, 1944Born: Islington, London, England

Gregory [Oliver] Hines - Actor/dancer
White Nights, Taps, The Cotton Club
Feb. 14, 1946Born: New York City, New York

'Tim' [Timothy Charles] Buckley - Singer
Blood, Sweat & Tears - 'When I Die'
Feb. 14, 1947Born: Washington, DC,

'Teller' [Raymond Joseph Teller] - Magician
Penn & Teller
Feb. 14, 1948Born: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Ewa Aulin - Actress
Candy, Fiorina LeVacca
Feb. 14, 1950Born: Landskrona, Skĺne län, Sweden

Meg Tilly [Margaret E. Chan] - Actress
Big Chill, Impulse
Feb. 14, 1960Born: Long Beach, California

'Zach' [Zachary Wolfe] Galligan - Actor
Gremlins, Star Trek VOY
Feb. 14, 1964Born: New York City, New York

[Joshua] Andrew Koenig - Actor
Boner on 'Growing Pains', Star Trek DS9
Aug. 7, 1968Born: Los Angeles, CA,
Feb. 14, 2010Died by committing suicide at the age of 41

 February 13
Jean Muir Fullarton - Actress
Route 66, Naked City
Feb. 13, 1911Born: Suffern, New York

Margaretta Scott - Actress
Crescendo, Where's Charley, Counterblast, All Creatures Great and Small
Feb. 13, 1912Born: London, England

Sharon Wyatt - Actress
Tiffany on 'General Hospital', The Mating Habits of the Earthbound Human
Feb. 13, 1913Born: Lebanon, Tennessee

Lyle Betther - Actor
Harry on 'Grand Jury', Lone Ranger, Hawaii Five-O, Rawhide, Bonanza
Feb. 13, 1915Born: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

James Griffith - Actor
Sheriff of Cochise, Gunsmoke, Emergency, B.J. and the Bear
Feb. 13, 1916Born: Los Angeles, California

Tennessee Ernie Ford [Ernest Jennings Ford] - Country singer/actor
The Ford Show, Sixteen Tons
Feb. 13, 1919Born: Bristol, Tennessee

'Chuck' [Charles Elwood] Yeager - Test pilot
1st man to break sound barrier
Feb. 13, 1923Born: Lincoln County, West Virginia

Geoff [Geoffrey Oswald] Edwards - Actor
Jeff on 'Petticoat Junction', Jackpot
Feb. 13, 1931Born: Westfield, New Jersey

Susan Oliver [Charlotte Gercke] - Actress
Star Trek in 'The Cage', Ann on 'Peyton Place'
Feb. 13, 1932Born: New York City, New York

Caroline Blakiston - Actress
At Bertram's Hotel, Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi
Feb. 13, 1933Born: London, England

'Kim' [Marilyn Pauline] Novak - Actress
Vertigo, Of Human Bondage
Feb. 13, 1933Born: Chicago, Illinois

George Segal - Actor / Banjo player
Carbon Copy, Fun with Dick & Jane, Just Shoot Me
Feb. 13, 1934Born: Great Neck, Long Island, New York

Oliver Reed - Actor
Big Sleep, The Three Musketeer, Gladiator
Feb. 13, 1938Born: Wimbledon, London, England

Peter Tork [Peter Halsten Thorkelson] - Actor /Singer
Monkees-Last Train to Clarksville
Feb. 13, 1942Born: Washington, DC

Carol Lynley [Carole Ann Jones] - Actress
Night Stalker, Fantasy Island, Immortal
Feb. 13, 1942Born: New York City, New York

'Jerry' [Gerald Norman] Springer - Hate / Discontent monger under the guise of a talk show
Jerry Springer Show
Feb. 13, 1944Born: London, England

Stockard Channing [Susan Antonia Williams Stockard] - Actress
Grease, The Big Bus, Without a Trace
Feb. 13, 1944Born: New York City, New York

'Bo' [Boris Lee Holder] Svenson - Actor
North Dallas 40, Walking Tall
Feb. 13, 1944Born: Gothenburg, Västra Götalands län, Sweden

Peter [Brian] Gabriel - Rock vocalist
Genesis, In Your Eyes
Feb. 13, 1950Born: Chobham, Surrey, England

David [Walsh] Naughton - Actor
My Sister Sam, Seperate Vacations, An American Werewolf in London
Feb. 13, 1951Born: Hartford, Connecticut

Richard Eden - Actor
Brick-Santa Barbara, Solar Crisis, Robocop, Earth: Final Conflict
Feb. 13, 1959Born: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Matt Salinger - Actor
Captain America, Deadly Deception
Feb. 13, 1960Born: Windsor, Vermont

Stephen Manley - Actor
Donny on 'Married the 1st Year'
Spock at 17 in 'Star Trek III: The Search for Spock'
Feb. 13, 1965Born: Los Angeles, California

Tally Chanel - Actress
Warrior Queen
Feb. 13, 1966Born: Tel Aviv, Israel

David Janssen [David Harold Meyer] - Acto
The Fugitive, The Green Berets
Mar. 27, 1931Born: Naponee, Nebraska
Feb. 13, 1980Died at the age of 49 from a heart attack

 February 12
Betty Garrett - Actress
Irene on 'All in the Family', Laverne and Shirley
May. 23, 1919Born: St Joseph, MO,
Feb. 12, 2011Died of an aortic aneurysm at 91

Abraham Lincoln - 16th President
R (1861-65
Feb. 12, 1809Born: Hodgenville, KY

Charles [Robert] Darwin - Discovered evolution
Origin of species
Feb. 12, 1809Born: Shrewsbury, England

Ludwig Stossel - Actor
Man With a Camera. Casablanca
Feb. 12, 1883Born: Léka, Hungary, Austria-Hungary

Max Terhune - Actor
Arizona Stagecoach, Hit the Saddle, Range Justice
Feb. 12, 1891Born: Anderson, Indiana

Wallace Ford [Samuel Jones Grundy] - Actor
The Deputy
Feb. 12, 1898Born: Bolton, Lancashire, England

Fred Emney - Actor
Let the People Sing, Lilac Domino
Feb. 12, 1900Born: London, England

Harry Bellaver - Actor
Sergeant Arcaro on 'Naked City', From Here to Eternity, The House on 92nd Street
Feb. 12, 1905Born: Hillsboro, Illinois

Ernest Clark - Actor
Doctor in the House, All Creatures Great and Small
Feb. 12, 1912Born: London, England

Lorne Greene [Lyon Chaim Green] - Actor
Peyton Place, Bonanza, Battlestar Galactica
Feb. 12, 1915Born: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Forrest [Meredith] Tucker - Actor
O'Rourke - F Troop, Dusty Trail
Feb. 12, 1919Born: Plainfield, Indiana

Anne Gillis - Actress
Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Little Men, 2001: A Space Odyssey
Feb. 12, 1927Born: Little Rock, Arkansas

Lincoln Kilpatrick - Actor
Soylent Green, BJ on 'Leslie Uggams Show'
Feb. 12, 1932Born: St. Louis, Missouri

Annette Crosbie - Actress
Six Wives of Henry VIII, One Foot in the Grave
Feb. 12, 1934Born: Gorebridge, Midlothian, Scotland

Paul Shenar - Actor
Carrington on 'Roots', Scarface, The Night That Panicked America
Feb. 12, 1936Born: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Joe Don Baker - Actor
Eischied, Walking Tall, Fletch
Feb. 12, 1936Born: Groesbeck, Texas

John D Hancock - Actor/director
Black Marble, Traxx, Houston Knights
Feb. 12, 1939Born: Kansas City, Missouri

The Adventures of Superman -
Feb. 12, 1940Premier

Cliff [Tobin] De Young - Actor
F/X, Hunger, Shock Treatment, Star Trek DS9
Feb. 12, 1945Born: Los Angeles, California

Maud Adams [Maud Solveig Christina Wikström] - Actress/ Bond Girl
Octopussy, The Man with the GoldenRollerball
Feb. 12, 1945Born: Luleĺ, Sweden

Lillian Lehman - Actress
Tenafly, Fay, Sunset Beach
Feb. 12, 1947Born: Selma, Alabama

'Michael' [Frederick Reginald] Ironside - Actor
Scanners, Starship Troopers, V, Sam Fisher on 'Splinter Cell'
Feb. 12, 1950Born: Toronto, Ontario

Simon [Charles Prendered] MacCorkindale - Actor
Counterstrike, Falcon Crest, Manimal, Jaws 3D
Feb. 12, 1952Born: Cambridgeshire, England

Joanna Kerns [Joanne Crussie DeVarona] - Actress
Maggie on 'Growing Pains'
Feb. 12, 1953Born: San Francisco, California

Arsenio Hall - Comedian
Alan Thicke, Arsenio, Coming to America
Feb. 12, 1955Born: Alexander City, Alabama

Sigrid Thornton - Actress
Amelia Lawson on 'Guns of Paradise'
Feb. 12, 1959Born: Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia

Raphael Sbarge - Acto
Glenn on 'Risky Business', Sherman on 'My Science Project', Brian on Better Days'
Star Trek VOY
Feb. 12, 1964Born: New York, New York

Josh Brolin - Actor
Johnny on 'Private Eye', Jimmy Hickok on 'Young Riders'
Feb. 12, 1968Born: Los Angeles, California

Christopher [Lee] Pettiet - Actor
Young Riders, SeaQuest DSV, Star Trek: TNG, Chicago Hope
Feb. 12, 1976Born: Los Angeles, California

Sarah [Beth] Lancaster - Actress
Rachel on 'Saved By Bell: The New Class', Scrubs
Feb. 12, 1980Born: Kansas City, Kansas

Christina Ricci - Actress
Wednesday on 'Addams Family Values', Mermaids, Casper
Feb. 12, 1980Born: Santa Monica, California

Charles [Monroe] Schulz - Cartoonist
Nov. 26, 1922Born: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Feb. 12, 2000Died of a heart attack at 78

Brian Kelly - Actor
Flipper, Straightaway
Feb. 14, 1931Born: Detroit, Michigan
Feb. 12, 2005Died Died of pneumonia at 74

David [Lawrence] Groh - Actor
May. 21, 1939Born: Brooklyn, NY
Feb. 12, 2008Died Died of kidney cancer at 68

 February 11
Thomas Alva Edison [The Wizard of Menlo Park] - Inventor
Held 1093 US patents
Feb. 11, 1847Born: Milan OH,

Rex Lease - Actor
Fast Bullets, Sunny Skies, Custer's Last Stand
Feb. 11, 1903Born: Central City, West Virginia

'Max' [Maximilian Adelbert] Baer - Boxing Cham
1934-35 'The Livermore Larruper' /Actor (The Prizefighter and the Lady
Feb. 11, 1909Born: Omaha, Nebraska

Eva Gabor - Actress
Lisa on 'Green Acres', Gigi, The Rescuers, The Rescuers Down Under
Feb. 11, 1919Born: Budapest, Hungary

Billy Halop - Actor
Dead End Kids, Bert Munson on 'All in the Family'
Feb. 11, 1920Born: New York City, New York

Kim Stanley [Patricia Beth Reid] - Actress
narrator in 'To Kill a Mockingbird', Cat on a Hot Tin Roof , Right Stuff
Feb. 11, 1925Born: Tularosa, New Mexico

Leslie [William] Nielsen - Actor
Forbidden Planet, Airplane! , Police Squad, Naked Gun trilogy
Feb. 11, 1926Born: Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

Conrad Janis - Actor
Mork & Mindy, Quark, Bonino
Feb. 11, 1928Born: New York City, New York

Tina Louise [Tina Blacker] - Actress
Ginger on 'Gilligan's Island', Julie on 'Dallas'
Feb. 11, 1934Born: New York, NY,

'Burt' [Burton Leon] Reynolds - Actor
Deliverance, Cannonball Run, Smoky and the Bandit
Feb. 11, 1936Born: Lansing, Michigan

John Fink - Actor
Dr Adam Hudson on 'Nancy', Batman Forever, Batman & Robin
Feb. 11, 1940Born: Detroit, Michigan

Catherine Hickland - Actress
Capitol, Knight Rider
Feb. 11, 1956Born: Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Carey Lowell - Actress
Me & Him, Guardian, Dangerously Close, Licence to Kill
Feb. 11, 1961Born: Huntington, New York

Scott Kolden - Actor
Scott on 'Me & the Chimp', Sigmund and the Sea Monsters
Feb. 11, 1962Born: Torrance, California

Jennifer Aniston - Actress
Rachel on 'Friends', Bruce Almighty, Office Space, Along Came Polly
Feb. 11, 1969Born: Sherman Oaks, California

[James] Brice Beckham - Actor
Wesley on 'Mr Belvedere'
Feb. 11, 1976Born: Long Beach, Calif,

Matthew [William] Lawrence - Actor
Matthew on 'Gimme a Break'
Feb. 11, 1980Born: Abington, Pennsylvania

Frank [Patrick] Herbert - Sci-fi writer
Oct. 8, 1920Born: Tacoma, Washington
Feb. 11, 1986Died of pancreatic cancer at 65

William Conrad [William Cann] - Actor
Cannon, narrated Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, Jake and the Fatman
Sep. 27, 1920Born: Louisville, Kentucky
Feb. 11, 1994Dies of a heart attack at 73

Don Porter - Actor
Russ Lawrence on 'Gidget', Ann Sothern Show, White Line Fever
Sep. 24, 1912Born: Miami, OK.
Feb. 11, 1997Died at 84

Caroline McWilliams - Actress
Sal on 'Soap', Marcy on 'Benson'
Apr. 4, 1945Born: Seattle, WA,
Feb. 11, 2010Died from multiple myeloma

Whitney [Elizabeth] Houston - Singer
One Moment in Time
Aug. 9, 1963Born: Newark, NJ,
Feb. 11, 2012Died at the age of 48

 February 10
Today is Chinese New Yea
hinese New Year
Feb. 10Year of the Snake - 2013

Olin Howlin - Actor
Swifty on 'Circus Boy', Little Women, The Blob
Feb. 10, 1886Born: Denver, Colorado

Roy D'Arcy [Roy Giusti] - Actor
Warning Shadows, Revolt of Zombies
Feb. 10, 1894Born: San Francisco, California

Robert Keith [Rolland Keith Richey] - Actor
Battle Circus, Branded, Wild One, The Twilight Zone 'The Masks'
Feb. 10, 1896Born: Fowler, Indiana

Judith Anderson [Frances Margaret Anderson Anderson] - Actress
Laura, Rebecca, Tycoon
Feb. 10, 1897Born: Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

Stella Adler - Actress
My Girl Tisa, Shadow of the Thin Man
Feb. 10, 1901Born: New York City, New York

John Dierkes - Actor
Daughter of Dr Jekyll, Hanging Tree
Feb. 10, 1905Born: Cincinnati, Ohio

Erik Rhodes [Ernest Sharpe] - Actor
Top Hat, Night at the Ritz
Feb. 10, 1906Born: El Reno, Oklahoma

Lon Chaney Jr [Creighton Tull Chaney] - Actor
Dracula vs. Frankenstein, The Phantom, Hawkeye, Pistols 'n' Petticoats
Feb. 10, 1906Born: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Joyce [Irene] Grenfell - Actress
Pickwick Papers, Americanization of Emily
Feb. 10, 1910Born: London, England

Douglas Spencer - Actor
Thing, This Island Earth, River of No Return
Feb. 10, 1910Born: Princeton, Illinois

Philippa Bevans - Actress
Notorious Landlady, World of Henry Orient
Feb. 10, 1913Born: London, England

Neva Patterson - Actress
The Buddy Holly Story, Governor & JJ, Doc Elliot, Nichols, V
Feb. 10, 1922Born: Nevada, Iowa

Robert [John] Wagner - Actor
It Takes a Thief, Hart to Hart
Feb. 10, 1930Born: Detroit, Michigan

Tom & Jerry -
created by Hanna & Barbera
Feb. 10, 1940Debut by MGM

Sharon [Vonne] Stone - Actress
Basic Instinct, Total Recall
Feb. 10, 1958Born: Meadville, PA,

Francesca Neri - Actress
Ages of Lulu
Feb. 10, 1964Born: Trento, Italy

Laura [Elizabeth] Dern - Actress
Blue Velvet, Mask, Small Talk, Jurassic Park
Feb. 10, 1967Born: Los Angeles, California

Stephen James Barcello [Stephen James Guthrie] - (son of D. Mike Guthrie - Vorpal Master) - Actress
Blue Velvet, Mask, Small Talk, Jurassic Park
Feb. 10, 1984Born: Southfield, Michigan

'Jim' [James Albert] Varney - Actor
Ernest Goes to Jail
Jun. 15, 1946Born: Lexington, KY,
Feb. 10, 2000Died from lung cancer at 50

Roy [Richard] Scheider - Acto
French Connection, Jaws, All That Jazz, 2010: The Year We Make Contact
Nov. 10, 1932Born: Orange, New Jersey
Feb. 10, 2008Died From Immunitary cancer staph infection

'Steve' [Stephen Ross] Gerber - Comic Book Writer/Artis
Howard the Duck, Stewart the Rat
Feb. 10, 2008Died Died of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis at 60

Shirley [Jane] Temple - Actress
Heidi / Ambassador (UN
Apr. 23, 1928Born: Santa Monica, CA,
Feb. 10, 2014Died of natural causes at the age of 85

 February 9
'Peggy' [Mary Margaret] Wood - Actress
Sound of Music, Dr. Kate Nolan on 'One Life to Live', Mama
Feb. 9, 1892Born: Brooklyn, New York

'Brian' [Waldo Bruce] Donlevy - Actor
Barbary Coast, Glass Key, Wake Island, Dangerous Assignment
Feb. 9, 1901Born: Cleveland, Ohio

Heather [Grace] Angel - Actress
Informer, Last of Mohicans
Feb. 9, 1909Born: Oxford, England

Carmen Miranda [Maria do Carmo Miranda da Cunha] - Actress/Vocalist
Copacabana, Date With Judy
Feb. 9, 1909Born: Marco de Canaveses, Portugal

Kathryn Grayson [Zelma Kathryn Elisabeth Hedrick] - Actress/Vocalist
Anchors Aweigh, Kiss Me Kate
Feb. 9, 1922Born: Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Jane Ross - Actress
Star Trek TOS, Audrey on 'Phyllis', Coed Fever
Feb. 9, 1932Born: Spokane, Washington

Ronnie Claire Edwards - Actress
Corabeth-Waltons, 8 Seconds, Sweet Bird of Youth
Feb. 9, 1933Born: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Clive Swift - Actor
Frenzy, Passage to India, Doctor Who
Feb. 9, 1936Born: Liverpool, Merseyside, England

Janet Suzman - Actress
Dry White Season, Nuns on the Run
Feb. 9, 1939Born: Johannesburg, South Africa

Sheila [James] Kuehl - Actress / Politician
Trouble with Father, Zelda on 'Dobie Gillis'
Feb. 9, 1941Born: Tulsa, Oklahoma

Carole King [Carol Klein] - Pianist/singer
Feb. 9, 1942Born: Brooklyn, NY

Squire Fridell - Actor
Rosetti & Ryan
Feb. 9, 1943Born: Oakland, California

'Joe' [Joseph Frank] Pesci - Actor
Half Nelson, Goodfellas, Lethal Weapon II & III
Feb. 9, 1943Born: Newark, NJ

Mia Farrow [Maria de Lourdes Villiers Farrow - Actress
Rosemary's Baby, Purple Rose of Cairo
Feb. 9, 1945Born: Los Angeles, CA,

Judith Light [Judith Ellen Licht] - Actres
Angela on 'Who's the Boss', One Life to Live
Feb. 9, 1949Born: Trenton, NJ,

Penny Peyser - Actress
Crazy Like a Fox, Rich Man Poor Man, Knots Landing
Feb. 9, 1951Born: Irvington, New York

Charles [George Patrick] Shaughnessy - Actor
Maxwell Sheffield on 'The Nanny', Shane on 'Days of our Lives'
Feb. 9, 1955Born: London, England

'Jim J' [James Jackson] Bullock - Actor
Monroe on 'Too Close for Comfort'
Feb. 9, 1955Born: Casper, Wyoming

1st appearence on The Ed Sullivan Show
Feb. 9, 196473.7 million viewers

Sharon Case - Actress
Sharon Collins on 'Young & Restless'
Feb. 9, 1971Born: Detroit, Michigan

Jason [Winston] George - Actor
Michael Bourre on 'Sunset Beach', Stargate SG-1
Feb. 9, 1972Born: Virginia Beach, Virginia

Amber [Evangeline] Valletta - Actress / Model
Face, House of Style, Bazaar
Feb. 9, 1974Born: Phoenix, Arizona

 February 8
Mary Stuart - Queen of Scots
Feb. 8, 1587Beheaded at 44

Jacques Cassini - Astronomer
rings of Saturn
Feb. 8, 1677Born: Paris, France

'Charlie' [Charles Sherman] Ruggles - Actor
The Ruggles, Aesop on 'Bullwinkle Show'
Feb. 8, 1886Born: Los Angeles, California

Edith [Mary] Evans - Actress
Tom Jones, David Copperfield
Feb. 8, 1888Born: London, England

Lyle Talbot [Lisle Henderson] - Actor
Glen or Glenda, Batman, The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet
Feb. 8, 1902Born: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Myron McCormick - Actor
Hustler, Jolson Sings Again
Feb. 8, 1908Born: Albany, Indiana

Betty Field - Actress
Of Mice and Men, Kings Row, Bus Stop
Feb. 8, 1913Born: Boston, Massachusetts

'Lana' [Julia Jean Mildred Frances] Turner - Actress
Survivors, Falcon Crest
Feb. 8, 1921Born: Wallace, Idaho

'Jack' [John Uhler] Lemmon - Actor
Days of Wine & Roses, Missing, Some Like It Hot, The Apartmen, Mister Roberts
Feb. 8, 1925Born: Newton, Massachusetts

Audrey Meadows [Audrey Meadows Cotter Six] - Actress
Alice on 'Honeymooners', Too Close for Comfort, The Simpsons
Feb. 8, 1926Born: Wu-ch'ang, China

[William] Stanley Baker - Actor
Concrete Jungle, Zorro, Zulu
Feb. 8, 1927Born: Ferndale, Rhondda Valley, Wales, UK

Alejandro Rey - Actor
Carlos-Flying Nun
Feb. 8, 1930Born: Buenos Aires, Argentina
May. 21, 1987Dies at 57

James [Byron] Dean - Actor
Giant, Rebel Without a Cause
Feb. 8, 1931Born : Marion IN

Jack Larson - Actor
Jimmy Olsen on 'Superman'
Feb. 8, 1933Born: Los Angeles, California

'Nick' [Nicholas King] Nolte - Actor
48 Hours, North Dallas 40
Feb. 8, 1940Born: Omaha, Nebraska

'Ted' [Edward James] Koppel - Newscaster
ABC Nightline
Feb. 8, 1940Born: Lancashire, England

Robert Klein - Comedian/actor
Hooper, Deadly Rivals
Feb. 8, 1942Born: New York City, New York

Louis Giambalvo - Actor
Fade To Black, Robert on 'Oh Madeline', Star Trek VOY
Feb. 8, 1945Born: Brooklyn, New York

Brooke Adams - Actress
Cynthia on 'OK Crackerby', Body Snatchers
Feb. 8, 1949Born: New York City, New York

Mary Steenburgen - Actress
Parenthood, Time After Time
Feb. 8, 1953Born: Newport, Arkansas

Ethan Phillips - Actor
Benson, Neelix on ' Star Trek VOY'
Feb. 8, 1955Born: Garden City, Long Island, New York

Mathilda May [Karima Mathilda Haim] - Actress
Feb. 8, 1965Born: Paris, France

Gary [Wayne] Coleman - Actor
Arnold on 'Diff'rent Strokes'
Feb. 8, 1966Born: Zion, Illinois

Mary [Catherine] McCormack - Actress,
Murder One, Private Parts
Feb. 8, 1969Born: Plainfield, New Jersey

Marvin Miller [Mueller] - Actor
Space Patrol, Millionaire, Voice of Robbie the Robot
Jul. 18, 1913Born: St Louis, Mo.
Feb. 8, 1985Died from a heart attack at 71

 February 7
Charles [John Huffam] Dickens - Novelist
Oliver Twist, Tale of 2 Cities
Feb. 7, 1812Born : Portsea,England

'Buster' [Clarence Linden] Crabbe - Actor
Tarzan the Fearless, Flash Gordon / Swimmer (Olympics-gold-1932
Feb. 7, 1908Born: Oakland, California

Derek Farr - Actor
8 O'Clock Walk, Doctor at Large
Feb. 7, 1912Born: London, England

'Eddie' [Edward Vincent] Bracken - Actor
Summer Stock, Young & Willing
Feb. 7, 1915Born: Astoria, New York

Jock Mahoney [Jacques O'Mahoney] - Actor
Range Rider, Yancy Derringer, Day of Fury
Feb. 7, 1919Born: Chicago, Illinois

'Hattie' [Josephine Edwina] Jacques - Actress
Carry on Doctor
Feb. 7, 1922Born: Sandgate, Kent, England

Keefe Brasselle - Actor
Be Our Guest
Feb. 7, 1923Born: Elyria, Ohio

Dora Bryan [Dora Mary Broadbent] - Actress
Taste of Honey
Feb. 7, 1924Born: Southport, Lancashire, UK

Romolo Valli - Actor
Bobby Deerfield, Fistful of Dynamite, La Viaccia
Feb. 7, 1925Born: Reggio nell'Emilia, Italy

Felix the Cat -
Cartoon Character by Otto Messmer
Feb. 7, 1936Debut

Pinocchio -
Walt Disney's 2nd feature length movie
Feb. 7, 1940Premieres in New York, NY

Gary Bond - Actor
Outback, Zulu, Anne of Thousand Days
Feb. 7, 1940Born: Liss, Hampshire, England

Pete [William] Postlethwaite - Actor
The Boxer, Animal Farm
Feb. 7, 1945Born: Warrington, England

Miguel [José] Ferrer - Actor
Robocop, Star Trek III: The Search for Spock
Feb. 7, 1955Born: Santa Monica, Calif

James [Todd] Spader - Actor
Endless Love, Wall St, Mannequin, Stargate
Feb. 7, 1960Born: Boston, Massachusetts

'Ash' [Jason] Adams - Actor
Ryan's Hope, Nightmare on Elm Street
Feb. 7, 1963Born: Los Angeles, California

Jason Gedrick [Jason Michael Gedroic] - Actor
Heavenly Kid, Class of '96
Feb. 7, 1965Born: Chicago, Illinois

'Chris' [Christopher Julius] Rock - Comedian
Saturday Night Live, CB4, Boomerang
Feb. 7, 1966Born : Georgetown, SC

Nick Adams [Nicholas Aloysius Adamshock] - Actor
Johnny Yuma on 'The Rebel'
Jul. 10, 1931Born: Nanticoke, Pa.
Feb. 7, 1968Died of paraldehyde and promazine intoxication (suicide) at 38

Blazing Saddles -
by Mel Brooks
Feb. 7, 1974Opens in movie theaters

Tina [Marie] Majorino - Actress,
Waterworld, When a Man Loves a Woman, Napoleon Dynamite
Feb. 7, 1985Born: Westlake, California

Dale Evans [Frances Octavia Smith] - Cowgirl
Roy Rogers Show
Oct. 31, 1912Born: Uvalde, Texas
Feb. 7, 2001Died Heart Failure 89

 February 6
'Babe' [George Herman] Ruth - Baseball great
Feb. 6, 1895Born : Baltimore MD

Ronald [Wilson] Reagan - Actor
Bedtime for Bonzo / 40th President (R (1981-89
Feb. 6, 1911Born: Tampico, Illinois
Jun. 5, 2004Died at 93

John Lund - Actor
Wackiest Ship in the Army
Feb. 6, 1913Born: Rochester, New York

'Zsa Zsa' [Sári] Gábor - Actress
Queen of Outer Space
Feb. 6, 1917Born: Budapest, Hungary

[Daniel] Patrick MacNee - Actor
Jonathan Steed on 'The Avengers'
Feb. 6, 1922Born: London, England

Rip Torn - Actor
Coma, Summer Rental, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
Feb. 6, 1931Born: Temple, Texas

Mamie Van Doren [Joan Lucille Olander] - Actress
Navy vs Night Monsters
Feb. 6, 1931Born: Rowena, South Dakota

Mike Farrell - Actor
BJ Honeycutt on 'MASH', Battered
Feb. 6, 1939Born: St. Paul, Minnesota

'Tom' [Thomas John] Brokaw - News anchor
NBC Nightly News
Feb. 6, 1940Born: Webster, South Dakota

Gigi Perreau [Ghislaine Elizabeth Marie ThĂ©rèse Perreau Saussine] - Actress
Journey to Center of Time
Feb. 6, 1941Born: Los Angeles, California

'Fabian' [Fabiano Anthony Forte] - Singer
Turn Me Loose, Tiger
Feb. 6, 1943Born: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Gayle Hunnicutt - Actress
Legend of Hell House, Dallas
Feb. 6, 1943Born: Fort Worth, Texas

Michael Tucker - Actor
Stuart Markowitz on 'LA Law'
Feb. 6, 1944Born: Baltimore, Maryland

'Bob' [Robert Nesta] Marley - Reggae vocalist
Bob Marley & Wailers-Roots Rock Reggae
Feb. 6, 1945Born :Nine Miles, St. Ann,Jamaica

Natalie Cole [Stephanie Natalie Maria Cole] - Snger
Unforgettable, Pink Cadillac, Miss You Like Crazy
Feb. 6, 1950Born: Los Angeles, California

Jon Walmsley - Actor
Daniel Boone , Combat, Jason on 'The Waltons'
Feb. 6, 1956Born: Blackburn, Lancashire, England

Robert Townsend - comedian/actor
Hollywood Shuffle, Ratboy
Feb. 6, 1957Born: Chicago, Illinois

Kathy [Ann] Najimy - Actress
Sister Act, Veronica's Closet, Peggy Hill on 'King of the Hill'
Feb. 6, 1957Born: San Diego, California

Barry Miller - Actor
Fame, Peggy Sue Got Married
Feb. 6, 1958Born: Los Angeles, California

Megan Gallagher - Actress
Slap Maxwell, Millennium, Star Trek DS9 / VOY
Feb. 6, 1960Born: Reading, Pennsylvania

'Axl' [William Bailey] Rose - Rocker
Guns & Roses
Feb. 6, 1962Born : Lafayette IN

Guy Madison [Robert Ozell Mosely] - Actor
Wild Bill Hickok
Jan. 19, 1922Born: Bakersfield, California
Feb. 6, 1966Died from emphysema at 74

April Lerman - Actress
Lila - Charles in Charge
Feb. 6, 1969Born: Chicago, Illinois

Danny Thomas [Amos Alphonsus Muzyad Yakhoob] - Comedian/actor
Jazz Singer
Feb. 6, 1991Dies of a heart attack at 76

Joseph [Cheshire] Cotten - Actor
3rd Man, Airport 77, Hearse, Alfred Hitchcock Presents
May. 15, 1905Born: Petersburg, VA,
Feb. 6, 1994Died of pneumonia, a complication of throat cancer at the age of 88

Carl [Dean] Wilson - Rock vocalist
Beach Boy
Feb. 6, 1998Dies of lung cancer at 51

 February 5
'Belle' [Myra Maybelle Shirley Reed] Starr - Female outlaw
wild west
Feb. 5, 1848Born: Carthage, Missouri

'John' [Richmond Reed] Carradine - Actor
Grapes of Wrath, Howling
Feb. 5, 1906Born: Greenwich Village, New York

Willard Parker - Actor
Kiss Me Kate, What A Woman, Tales of the Texas Rangers
Feb. 5, 1912Born: New York City, New York

Red Buttons [Aaron Chwatt] - Comedian, Acto
The Red Buttons Show
Feb. 5, 1919Born: Lower East Side New York, NY

'Tim' [Charles John] Holt - Actor
Treasure of Sierra Madre, Stagecoach, Hitler's Children
Feb. 5, 1919Born: Beverly Hills, California

Readers Digest -
Feb. 5, 19221st published

'Val' [Albert Valéry] Dufour - Actor
Eugenie Grandet, Another World
Feb. 5, 1927Born: New Orleans, Louisiana

Stuart Damon [Stuart Michael Zonis] - Actor
Alan Quartermaine on 'General Hospital'
Feb. 5, 1937Born: New York City, New York

David [ Lynn] Selby - Actor
Falcon Crest, Flamingo Road
Feb. 5, 1941Born: Morgantown, West Virginia

'Bob' [Robert Nesta] Marley
Reggae singer
Feb. 5, 1945Born: Nine Mile, Saint Ann Parish, Jamaica
May. 11, 1981Dies of brain & lung cancer at 36

Charlotte Rampling - Actress
Zardoz, Night Porter, Verdict
Feb. 5, 1945Born: Sturmer, Essex, England

David Ladd - Actor
Raymie, Catlow, Misty, Deathline
Feb. 5, 1947Born: Los Angeles, California

Christopher [Haden] Guest - Actor
Saturday Night Live, Heartbeeps, This is Spinal Tap, Princess Bride
Feb. 5, 1948Born: New York City, New York

Peter Pan -
Film by Walt Disney
Feb. 5, 1953Opens at Roxy Theater, NYC

Jennifer Jason Leigh [Jennifer L. Morrow] - Actress
Single White Female
Feb. 5, 1962Born: Hollywood, California

The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour
Feb. 5, 1967Premieres on CBS (later ABC, NBC)

Marcus Redman - Actor
Raymond-Doogie Howser
Feb. 5, 1971Born: New York City, New York

Apollo 14 -
Astrounauts Shepard, Mitchell, & Stuart Roosa
Feb. 5, 1971Lunar Module 'Antares' lands on Moon (3rd moon landing in the Apollo program)

Doug [Douglas Osborne] McClure - Actor
Checkmate, Virginian, Roots
May. 11, 1935Born: Glendale, CA,
Feb. 5, 1995Died from lung cancer at 59

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi [Mahesh Prasad Varma] -
Guru to the Beatles who introduced the West to transcendental meditation
Feb. 5, 2008Died Natural causes

 February 4
Charles [Augustus] Lindbergh - Pilot
1st to fly solo across Atlantic
Feb. 4, 1902Born: Detroit, Michigan

Eddie Foy Jr [Edwin Fitzgerald] - Actor
Eddie on 'Fair Exchange'
Feb. 4, 1905Born: New Rochelle, NY.

Robert Coote - Actor
Timmy on 'Rogues', Theodore on 'Nero Wolfe'
Feb. 4, 1909Born: London, England

James Craig - Actor
Devil & Daniel Webster, Cyclops
Feb. 4, 1912Born: Nashville, Tennessee

Rosa [Louise McCauley] Parks
Civil rights activist
Feb. 4, 1913Born: Tuskegee, Alabama

William [Whitney] Talman - Actor
Hamilton on 'Perry Mason'
Feb. 4, 1915Born : Detroit, Michigan

Ida Lupino - Actress
Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, Jennifer
Feb. 4, 1918Born: Camberwell, London, England

Conrad [Stafford] Bain - Actor
Maude, Diff'rent Strokes
Feb. 4, 1923Born: Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada

Dave Ketchum - Actor
Agent 13-Get Smart
Feb. 4, 1928Born: Quincy, Illinois

Gary Conway [Gareth Monello Carmody] - Actor
Burke's Law, Land of the Giants
Feb. 4, 1936Born : Boston, Massachusetts

Collin Wilcox - Actres
To Kill a Mocking Bird
Feb. 4, 1937Born: Highlands, North Carolina

John Schuck - Actor/comedian
McMillan & Wife, Holmes & Yo-Yo
Feb. 4, 1940Born: Boston, Massachusetts

George [Andrew] Romero - Actor/director
Creepshow, Martin, 2 Evil Eyes
Feb. 4, 1940Born: New York City, New York

Marie Masters - Actress
Susan-As the World Turns
Feb. 4, 1941Born: Cincinnati, Ohio

Cheryl Miller - Actress
Paula-Daktari, Born Free
Feb. 4, 1943Born: Sherman Oaks, California

David Brenner - Comedian/TV talk show host
Feb. 4, 1945Born: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Jeannie Wilson - Actress
Simon & Simon, Stir Crazy
Feb. 4, 1947Born: Memphis, Tennessee

Alice Cooper [Vincent Furnier] - Rocker
School's Out, 18
Feb. 4, 1948Born : Detroit, Michigan

Michael Beck [John Michael Beck Taylor] - Actor
Hans Helms on 'Holocaust'
Feb. 4, 1949Born: Memphis, Tennessee

Pamela Franklin - Actress
Satan's School for Girls
Feb. 4, 1950Born: Yokohama, Japan

Lisa Eichhorn - Actress
Cutter's Way, Yanks
Feb. 4, 1952Born: Reading, Pennsylvania

Pamelyn Ferdin - Actress
Star Trek TOS, Happy Birthday Wanda June, Tool Box Murders
Feb. 4, 1959Born: Los Angeles, California

Gabrielle Anwar - Actress
Body Snatchers
Feb. 4, 1970Born: Laleham, Middlesex, England

Michael Goorjian - Actor
Party Of Five
Feb. 4, 1971Born: Oakland, California

Hagar The Horrible -
Comic Strip
Feb. 4, 1973Debuts

Roger Livesey - Actor
Drums, Life & Death of Col Blimp
Jun. 25, 1906Born: Barry, South Wales
Feb. 4, 1976Died from colorectal cancer at the age of 69

Liberace [Wladziu Valentino Liberace] - Pianist
Liberace Show, Evil Chandell on 'Batman'
May. 16, 1919Born: West Allis, Wisconsin
Feb. 4, 1987Died at the age of 67

George Nader - Actor
Robot Monster, Away All Boats
Oct. 19, 1921Born: Pasadena, California
Feb. 4, 2002Died of heart Failure at 81

 February 3
Today is The Day the Music Died
Feb. 3Plane crash killing musicians Buddy Holly, The Big Bopper and Richie Valens

Norman [Percevel] Rockwell - Artist/illustrator
Sat Evening Post covers
Feb. 3, 1894Born: New York City, New York

Doris Speed - Actress
Annie on 'Coronation Street'
Feb. 3, 1899Born: Manchester, England

Bibi Osterwald - Actress
Bridget Loves Bernie
Feb. 3, 1918Born: New Brunswick, New Jersey

Joey Bishop [Joseph Abraham Gottlieb] - Comedian/talk show host
Joey Bishop Show
Feb. 3, 1918Born: Bronx, New York

John Fiedler - Actor
Mr Peterson on 'Newhart', Star Trek TOS
Feb. 3, 1925Born: Platteville, Wisconsin

Shelley Berman - Actor/comedian
Son of the Blob, Love American Style
Feb. 3, 1926Born: Chicago, Illinois

Peggy Ann Garner - Actress
Little Women, Daisy Kenyon
Feb. 3, 1932Born: Canton, Ohio

Victor Buono - Actor
King Tut on 'Batman', Man from Atlantis, Untouchables
Feb. 3, 1938Born: San Diego, California

Bridget Hanley - Actress
Here Come the Brides
Feb. 3, 1941Born: Seattle, Washington

Blythe [Katharine] Danner - Actress
Butterflies are Free, Brighton Beach Memoirs
Feb. 3, 1943Born: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

'Trisha' [Patricia Ann Ruth] Noble - Actress
Deadline, Strike Force, Executive Suite
Feb. 3, 1944Born: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Stephen McHattie - Actor
Call Me, Death Valley, StarTrek DS9
Feb. 3, 1947Born: Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada

Brenda Dickson - Actress
Young & Restless, Deathmaster, Taxi Driver
Feb. 3, 1949Born: Long Beach, Calif,

Morgan Fairchild [Patsy Ann McClenny] - Actress
Falcon Crest, Flamingo Road
Feb. 3, 1950Born : Dallas TX

'Nathan' [Joseph] Lane - Actor
Birdcage, Timon on 'Lion King', Mouse Hunt, One of the Boys, Frankie & Johnnie
Feb. 3, 1956Born: Jersey City, New Jersey

Richie Valens [Ricardo Steven Valenzuela] - Singer
La Bamba
Feb. 3, 1959Dies in plane crash in Iowa at 17

Ritchie Valens [Richard Steven Valenzuela] - Singer
Donna, La Bamba
May. 13, 1941Born: Los Angeles, CA,
Feb. 3, 1959Died in a plane crash

The Big Bopper [Jiles Perry Richardson] - Singe
Chantilly Lace
Feb. 3, 1959Dies in a planein Iowa crash at 28

Thomas Calabro - Actor
Michael Mancini on 'Melrose Place'
Feb. 3, 1959Born: Brooklyn, New York

'Buddy' [Charles Hardin] Holly - Singe
That'll be the Day
Feb. 3, 1959Dies in a plane crash in Iowa at 22

Keith Gordon - Actor
Dressed to Kill, Legend of Billie Jean
Feb. 3, 1961Born: New York City, New York

Michele Greene - Actress
Abbie Perkins on 'LA Law'
Feb. 3, 1962Born: Las Vegas, Nevada

Maura [Lynn] Tierney - Actress
Lisa on 'Newsradio', ER
Feb. 3, 1965Born: Boston, Massachusetts

Kathleen Kimont [Katheen Kinmont Smith] - Actress
Fraternity Vacation, Renegade, Matrix Revolutions
Feb. 3, 1965Born: Los Angeles, California

Maitland Ward [Ashley Maitland Welkos] - Actress
Jessica on 'Bold & Beautiful', Boy Meets World
Feb. 3, 1977Born: Long Beach, Calif,

Nancy [Jane] Kulp - Actress
Miss Jane on 'Beverly Hillbillies'
Aug. 28, 1921Born: Harrisburg, Pa.
Feb. 3, 1991Died of cancer at the age of 69

 February 2
Today is Groundhog Day
Feb. 2A cross-quarter day

Today is Imbolc -
Candlemas, Wicca
Feb. 2Celebrate the first stirrings of spring. Light some candles.

James [Augustine Aloysius] Joyce - Novelist/poet
Dubliners, Ulysses, Finnigan's Wake
Feb. 2, 1882Born: Rathgar, Dublin, Ireland

Charles [James ] Correll - Actor
Andy on 'Amos & Andy' radio program
Feb. 2, 1890Born: Peoria, Illinois

Benny Rubin - Actor/comedian
Benny Rubin Show
Feb. 2, 1899Born: Boston, Massachusetts

'Connie' [Rose Constance] Gilchrist - Actress
Cry Havoc, Letter to 3 Wives
Feb. 2, 1901Born: Brooklyn, New York

Frank McGrath - Actor
Wagon Train
Feb. 2, 1903Born: Mound City, Missouri

Frank Albertson - Actor
Psycho, Alice Adams
Feb. 2, 1909Born: Fergus Falls, Minnesota

Stefan Schnabel - Actor
Anna, Dracula's Widow, Firefox
Feb. 2, 1912Born: Berlin, Germany

Bonita Granville - Actress
Hitler's Children, Lone Ranger
Feb. 2, 1923Born: Chicago, Illinois

James [Lafayette] Dickey - Author/poet/actor
Feb. 2, 1923Born: Atlanta, Georgia

Elaine Stritch - Actress
My Sister Eileen, Company
Feb. 2, 1925Born: Detroit, Michigan

Robert Mandan - Actor
Chester on 'Soap', James on '3's a Crowd', 'Kotan PaDar' on Star Trek DS
Feb. 2, 1932Born: Clever, Missouri

'Tommy' [Thomas Bolin] Smothers -Comedian
Smother Brother Show, Serial
Feb. 2, 1937Born: New York, NY

Bo Hopkins - Actor
Dynasty, Doc Elliot, Rockford Files
Feb. 2, 1942Born: Greenville, South Carolina

Farrah [Ferrah Leni] Fawcett - Actress
Charlie's Angels, Burning Bed
Feb. 2, 1947Born: Corpus Christi, Texas

Brent [Jay} Spiner - Actor
Data on 'Star Trek the Next Generation'
Feb. 2, 1949Born: Houston, Texas

Christie Brinkley [Christie Lee Hudson] - Model/actress
Sports Illustrated, Vacation
Feb. 2, 1954Born: Monroe, Michigan

Michael Talbott - Actor
Stan on 'Miami Vice', M*A*S*H, Sanford and Son, The Jeffersons
Feb. 2, 1955Born: Waverly, Iowa

Kim Zimmer - Actress
Guiding Light, Doctors, One Life to Live
Feb. 2, 1955Born: Grand Rapids, Michigan

Eric Shea - Actor
Castaway Cowboy, Yours, Mine and Ours, The Poseidon Adventure
Feb. 2, 1960Born: Los Angeles, California

Michael [Terry] Weiss - Actor
Jarod on 'Pretender', Dr Michael Horton on 'Days of our Lives'
Feb. 2, 1962Born: Chicago, Illinois

Stephen McGann - Actor
Catherine the Great
Feb. 2, 1963Born: Liverpool, England

Pebbles Flintstone -
Fictional character on "The Flintstones"
Feb. 2, 1963Born : Bedrock

GI Joe
Action figure
Feb. 2, 1964Debuts

Boris Karloff [William Henry Pratt] - Actor
Feb. 2, 1969Dies at 81

Midnight Special
Rock music show
Feb. 2, 1973Debuts on NBC-TV

Sid Vicious [John Simon Ritchie] - Bassist
Sex Pistols
Feb. 2, 1979Died of a heroin overdose at 31

Bert Parks [Bert Jacobson] - TV host
Miss America Pageant
Feb. 2, 1992Died at 77

Donald [Henry] Pleasence - Actor
Fantastic Voyage, Halloween
Oct. 5, 1919Born: Worksop, Nottinghamshire, England,
Feb. 2, 1995Died from complications from heart valve replacement surgery

'Gene' [Eugene Curran] Kelly - Dancer/actor
An American in Paris, Going My Way
Aug. 23, 1912Born: Pittsburgh, PA,
Feb. 2, 1996Died after suffering two strokes, at the age of 83.

Android character on Star Trek TNG
Feb. 2, 2338Activated: Omicron Theta

 February 1
[William] Clark Gable - Actor
Gone With the Wind
Feb. 1, 1901Born: Cadiz, Ohio
Nov. 16, 1960Died the result of a fourth heart attack at 59

'S J ' [Sidney Joseph] Perelman - Author/humorist
Around the World in 80 Days
Feb. 1, 1904Born: Brooklyn, New York

Helen Chandler - Actress
Christopher Strong, Dracula
Feb. 1, 1906Born: Charleston, South Carolina

Michael Kanin - Director/writer/actor
Woman of the Year
Feb. 1, 1910Born: Rochester, New York

Peter Sallis - Actor
Taste the Blood of Dracula
Feb. 1, 1921Born: Twickenham, Middlesex, England

Stuart [Maxwell] Whitman - Actor
Captain Apache, Ransom, Cimarron Strip, Revenge
Feb. 1, 1926Born: San Francisco, California

Garrett [Gonzalez] Morris - Actor/comedian
Saturday Night Live, Martin, Carwash
Feb. 1, 1937Born: New Orleans, Louisiana

Sherman [Alexander] Hemsley - Actor
All in the Family, Jeffersons, Amen
Feb. 1, 1938Born: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Bibi Besch - Actress
Star Trek 2, The Beast Within
Feb. 1, 1940Born: Vienna, Austria

'Terry' [Terence Graham Parry] Jones - Actor/comedian
Monty Python's Flying Circus
Feb. 1, 1942Born: Colwyn Bay, Wales, UK

Leo Burmester - Actor
Flo, Chiefs, The Abyss, Odd Jobs
Feb. 1, 1944Born: Louisville, Kentucky

Don Amendolia - Actor
Emory Battis on 'Twin Peaks', Dino on 'Mama Malone'
Feb. 1, 1945Born: Woodbury, New Jersey

'Bart' [Bartley Louis] Braverman - Actor
Bobby on 'Vega$', Roy on 'New Odd Couple'
Feb. 1, 1946Born: Los Angeles, California

Brandis Kemp - Actress/comedienne
Feb. 1, 1951Born: Palo Alto, California

'Billy' [Charles William] Mumy - Actor
Will Robinson on 'Lost in Space', Dear Brigitte, Babylon 5
Feb. 1, 1954Born: San Gabriel, California

Secret Storm
Feb. 1, 19541st TV soap opera premieres

Kaitlin Hopkins - Actress
Kelsey on 'Another World'
Feb. 1, 1964Born: New York City, New York

Sherilyn [Ann] Fenn - Actress
2 Moon Junction, Twin Peaks
Feb. 1, 1965Born: Detroit, Michigan

Brandon [Bruce] Lee - Actor
Showdown in Little Tokyo
Feb. 1, 1965Born: Oakland, California

William Harrigan - Actor
Affair of Three Nations, Cabaret
Mar. 27, 1893Born: New York, NY
Feb. 1, 1966Died at the age of 73

'Buster' [Joseph Frank] Keaton - Actor
The Navigator, Steamboat Bill, Jr
Feb. 1, 1966Died of lung cancer at 70

Laura [Elizabeth] Dern - Actress
Blue Velvet, Mask, Smooth Talk
Feb. 1, 1967Born: Los Angeles, California

'Pauly' [Paul Montgomery] Shore - Comedian
Totally Pauly, Encino Man
Feb. 1, 1968Born : Hollywood, Calif.

Lisa Marie Presley
Feb. 1, 1968Born : Memphis, Tennessee

Brian [Jeffrey] Krause - Actor
December, Sleepwalkers, Return to Blue Lagoon, Charmed
Feb. 1, 1969Born: El Toro, California

'Jim' [James Douglas] Morrison
Feb. 1, 1969Arrested for exposing himself in concert
Jul. 3, 1971Dies of heart failure in Paris

Jennifer [Ann] Lien - Actress
Hannah Moore on 'Another World', Kes on 'Star Trek Voyager'
Feb. 1, 1974Born: Chicago, Illinois

Good Times -
Spinoff from Maude
Feb. 1, 1974Premieres on CBS TV

Late Night With David Letterman
Feb. 1, 1982Debuts on NBC-TV

Marjorie Reynolds [Marjorie Goodspeed] - Actress
Peggy on 'Life of Riley'
Aug. 12, 1917Born: Buhl, Idaho
Feb. 1, 1997Died at 80

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