November in History  
 November 28
Gloria Grahame [Gloria Hallward - Actress
Sue on 'Rich Man, Poor Man'
Nov. 28, 1923Born: Los Angeles, CA.

Virginia Hewitt - Actress
Carol on 'Space Patrol'
Nov. 28, 1925Born: Shreveport, Louisiana

Hope [Elise Ross] Lange - Actress
Ghost & Mrs Muir
Nov. 28, 1931Born: Redding Ridge, Connecticut

Gloria Winters - Actress
Babs on 'Life With Riley', Sky King
Nov. 28, 1932Born: Los Angeles, CA.

Laura Antonelli [Laura Antonaz] - Actress
Wifemistress, Divine Nymph
Nov. 28, 1941Born: Pola, Italy

Paul [Allen Wood] Shaffer - Orchestra leader
SNL, David Letterman
Nov. 28, 1949Born: Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

'Ed' [Edward Allen] Harris - Actor
Right Stuff, Swing Shift, Walker, Coma
Nov. 28, 1950Born: Tenafly, New Jersey

Judd [Asher] Nelson - Actor
St. Elmo's Fire, Breakfast Club
Nov. 28, 1959Born: Portland, Maine

Jane [Moore] Sibbett - Actress
The Famous Teddy Z, Herman's Head, The Resurrected
Nov. 28, 1962Born: Berkeley, California

Anna Nicole Smith [Vickie Lynn Marshall]
Playmate, Actress
Nov. 28, 1967Born: Houston, Texas

Rosalind Russell - Actress
Mame, Take a Letter Darling
Jun. 4, 1907Born: Waterbury, Conn.
Nov. 28, 1976Died after a long battle with breast cancer

Natalie Wood [Natalia Nikolaevna Zakharenko] - Actress
Gypsy, Rebel Without a Cause, Brainstorm
Nov. 28, 1981Drowned at 43

Christopher [John] George - Actor
Rat Patrol, Immortal
Feb. 25, 1929Born: Royal Oak, Michigan
Nov. 28, 1983Died of a heart attack at 54

 November 27
Mona Washbourne - Actress
Stevie, Billie Liar, Driver's Seat
Nov. 27, 1903Born: Birmingham, England

Michael Tolan [Seymour Tuchow] - Actor
Nurses, Senator
Nov. 27, 1925Born: Detroit, Michigan

[James] Marshall Thompson - Actor
Bog, To Hell & Back, Daktari
Nov. 27, 1925Born: Peoria, Illinois

Bruce Lee [Léih Síulùhng] - Karate star/actor
Enter The Dragon, Green Hornet
Nov. 27, 1940Born: San Francisco, California

'Jimi' [Johnny Allen] Hendrix
Rock guitarist,
Nov. 27, 1942Born: Seattle, Washington
Sep. 18, 1970Died at 27 in London

Barbara Anderson - Actress
Eve on 'Ironside', Mission Impossible, Star Trek TOS
Nov. 27, 1945Born: Brooklyn, New York

Curtis Armstrong - Actor
Nov. 27, 1953Born: Detroit, Michigan

Patricia McPherson - Actress
Bonnie on 'Knight Rider', Star Trek TNG
Nov. 27, 1954Born: Oak Harbor, Washington

Fisher Stevens [Steven Fisher] - Actor
My Science Project, Short Circuit
Nov. 27, 1963Born: Chicago, Illinois

Robin [Simone] Givens - Actress
Darlene on 'Head of the Class'
Nov. 27, 1964Born: New York City, New York

Jaleel [Ahmad] White - Actor
Steve Urkel on 'Family Matters'
Nov. 27, 1976Born: Pasadena, California

Lotte Lenya [Karoline Wilhelmine Charlotte Blamauer] - Actor/singer
Appointment, From Russia with Love, Semi Tough
Nov. 27, 1981Died from cancer at 83

'John' [Richmond Reed] Carradine - Actor
Grapes of Wrath, Howling
Nov. 27, 1988Died at 82

David White - Actor
Larry Tate on 'Bewitched'
Apr. 4, 1916Born: Denver, Colorado
Nov. 27, 1990Died of a heart attack

 November 26
Frances [Marion] Dee - Actress
Of Human Bondage
Nov. 26, 1909Born: Los Angeles, CA.

Cyril Cusack - Actress
Day of the Jackal
Nov. 26, 1910Born: Natal, South Africa

Adele Jergens - Actress
Dark Past, Fuller Brush Man
Nov. 26, 1917Born: Brooklyn, New York

Charles [Monroe] Schulz - Cartoonist
Nov. 26, 1922Born: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Feb. 12, 2000Died of a heart attack at 78

Betta St John [Betty Jean Striegler] - Actress
Corridors of Blood
Nov. 26, 1929Born: Hawthorne, California

Robert [Gerard] Goulet - Singer/actor
Camelot, The Naked Gun 2½
Nov. 26, 1933Born: Lawrence, Massachusetts

Marian Mercer - Actress/singer
Dean Martin Show, Love, American Style, Archie Bunker's Place, Mama's Family
Nov. 26, 1935Born: Akron, Ohio

Tina Turner [Anna Mae Bullock] - Singer
Proud Mary, Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome
Nov. 26, 1938Born: Nutbush, Tennessee

'Rich' [Richard Caruthers] Little - Impressionist/actor
Love on a Rooftop
Nov. 26, 1938Born: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Olivia Cole - Actress
Roots, The Guiding Light,Roots, Backstairs at the White House
Nov. 26, 1942Born: Memphis, Tennessee

Jamie Rose - Actress
Susan Birch-St Elsewhere, Falcon Crest
Nov. 26, 1959Born: New York City, New York

Rachel Roberts - Actress
Foul Play, Doctor's Wife
Sep. 20, 1927Born: Llanelli, Carmarthenshire, Wales, UK
Nov. 26, 1980Died from an overdose of barbiturates at 53

 November 25
'Father Solanus' [Bernard Francis] Case
Father Solanus' [Bernard Francis] Casey
Nov. 25, 1870Born: Oak Grove, Wisconsin

'Father Solanus' [Bernard Francis] Casey - Pries
Spiritual counselor and intercessor
Nov. 25, 1870Born: Oak Grove, Wisconsin

Steve Brodie [John Stevenson] - Actor
Life & Legend of Wyatt Earp
Nov. 25, 1919Born: West Hills, California

Ricardo Montalban [Ricardo Gonzalo Pedro Montalbán Merino] - Actor
Fantasy Island, Star Trek II, Naked Gun
Nov. 25, 1920Born: Mexico City, Mexico
Jan. 14, 2009Died at 88

Jeffrey Hunter - Actor
Christopher Pike on 'Star Trek TOS: The Cage'
Nov. 25, 1926Born: New Orleans, Louisiana

Jack Hogan - Actor
Combat, Adam 12, Sierra
Nov. 25, 1929Born: Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Kathryn Crosby [Olive Kathryn Grandstaff] - Actress
Mr Cory, Big Circus
Nov. 25, 1933Born: Houston, Texas

Rene Enriquez - Actor
Ray Calletano on 'Hill Street Blues
Nov. 25, 1933Born: San Francisco, CA

John [Bernard] Larroquette - Actor
Dan Fielding on 'Night Court'
Nov. 25, 1947Born: New Orleans, Louisiana

Tracey Walter - Actor
Best of the West
Nov. 25, 1947Born: Jersey City, New Jersey

Ernest Harden Jr - Actor
Nov. 25, 1952Born: Detroit, Michigan

Jory Husain - Actor
Jawaharial-Head of the Class
Nov. 25, 1968Born: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Christine Applegate - Actress
Kelly on 'Married With Children'
Nov. 25, 1971Born: Hollywood, California

Laurence Harvey [Zvi Mosheh Skikne] - Actor
Alamo, Romeo & Juliet
Nov. 25, 1973Died from stomach cancer at 45

'Jack' [Jonathan George] Albertson - Actor
Thin Man, Chico & the Man
Nov. 25, 1981Died from colorectal cancer at 74

 November 24
Cathleen Nesbitt - Actress
Agatha-Farmer's Daughter
Nov. 24, 1888Born: Cheshire, England

Kirby Grant [Kirby Grant Hoon Jr] - Actor
Sky King
Nov. 24, 1911Born: Butte, Montana

Geraldine Fitzgerald - Actress
Pawnbroker, Easy Money
Nov. 24, 1913Born: Greystones, County Wicklow, Ireland

Howard [Green] Duff - Acto
Flamingo Road, Knots Landing and Dallas
Nov. 24, 1913Born: Bremerton, Washington
Jul. 8, 1990Dies at 76 of a heart attack

'Captain Stubby' [Tom C. Fouts] - Actor
Nov. 24, 1918Born: Carroll County, Indiana

Carol Mayo Jenkins - Actress
Nov. 24, 1938Born: Knoxville, Tennessee

'Billy' [William] Connolly - Comedian/actor
Blue Money
Nov. 24, 1942Born: Glasgow, Scotland

[William] Dwight Schultz - Actor
A-Team, Reginald Barclay on 'Star Trek: TNG, VOY'
Nov. 24, 1947Born: Baltimore, Maryland

Damon Evans - Actor
Lionel on 'The Jeffersons'
Nov. 24, 1949Born: Baltimore, Maryland

Denise [Michelle] Crosby - Actress
Tasha Yar on 'Star Trek: TNG'
Nov. 24, 1957Born: Hollywood, California

Lisa Howard - Actress
Days of Our Life, Rolling Vengeance, Earth, Final Conflict
Highlander: The Series
Nov. 24, 1963Born: London, Ontario, Canada

George Raft [George Ranft] - Actor
Each Dawn I Die, Scarface, Some Like It Hot
Nov. 24, 1980Died from leukaemia at 85

Freddie Mercury [Farrokh Bulsara] - Rock vocalist
Queen-We are the Champions
Sep. 5, 1946Born: Stone Town, Zanzibar
Nov. 24, 1991Died of bronchial pneumonia resulting from AIDS at 45

'Pat' [Noriyuki] Morita - Actor
Happy Days, Karate Kid
Nov. 24, 2005Died of kidney failure at 73

 November 23
Boris Karloff [William Henry Pratt - Actor
Nov. 23, 1887Born: East Dulwich, London, England

'Harpo' [Adolph] Marx - Comedian
Marx Bros
Nov. 23, 1888Born: New York City, New York

Victor Jory - Actor
Gone with the Wind, Papillon, Dodge City
Nov. 23, 1902Born: Dawson City, Yukon Territory, Canada

Ellen Drew [Esther Loretta Ray - Actress
Isle of Dead
Nov. 23, 1915Born: Kansas City, Kansas

John Dehner [Forkum] - Actor
Big Hawaii, Bare Essence
Nov. 23, 1915Born: Staten Island, New York

Michael Gough - Actor
Search for the Nile, Alfred in Batman Movies
Nov. 23, 1917Born: Malaysia

George O'Hanlon - Actor
Calvin on 'Life of Riley', George Jetson
Nov. 23, 1917Born: Brooklyn, New York

Don Gordon [Donald Walter Guadagno] - Actor
Bullitt, Papillon and The Towering Inferno, Omen III: The Final Conflict
Nov. 23, 1926Born: Los Angeles, CA.

Susan Anspach - Actress
Grace-Yellow Rose, Blume in Love
Nov. 23, 1942Born: New York City, New York

Steve Landesberg - Comedian/actor
Barney Miller
Nov. 23, 1945Born: Bronx, New York

David [Stephen]Rappaport - 3'11" actor
Wizard, Time Bandits
Nov. 23, 1951Born: London, England

David Wallace - Actor
General Hospital, Babysitter, Humongus
Nov. 23, 1957Born: Miami, Florida

Maxwell Caulfield - Actor
Miles on 'The Colbys'
Nov. 23, 1959Born: Glasgow, Scotland

Boyd Kestner - Actor
Nov. 23, 1964Born: Manassas, Virginia

'Marie' [Katherine Elisabeth] Wilson - Actress
My Friend Irma
Aug. 19, 1916Born: Anaheim, Calif.
Nov. 23, 1972Died from cancer at age 56

Constance Cummings [Constance Halverstadt] - Actress
John & Julie, 7 Sinners, Glamour
May. 15, 1910Born: Seattle, WA,
Nov. 23, 2005Died at the age of 95

 November 22
'Scatman' [Benjamin Sherman] Crothers - Actor
Chico and the Man, Zapped, The Shining, Jazz on 'Transform
May. 23, 1910Born:Terre Haute, IN,
Nov. 22, 1986Died of pneumonia from being a long time smoker

Lee Patrick - Actress
Henrietta on 'Topper', Maltese Falcon
Nov. 22, 1901Born: New York City, New York

Roland Winters [Roland Winternitz] - Actor
Charlie Chan, Citizen Kane, Bewitched
Nov. 22, 1904Born: Boston, Massachusetts

Mary Jackson - Actress
Nov. 22, 1910Born: Milford, Michigan

Rodney Dangerfield [Jacob Cohen] - Comedian
Caddyshack, Back to School
Nov. 22, 1921Born: Babylon, New York
Oct. 5, 2004Died at 83

Geraldine [Sue] Page - Actress
Interiors, Trip to Bountiful
Nov. 22, 1924Born: Kirksville , Missouri

Robert [Francis] Vaughn - Actor
Napoleon Solo on 'Man from UNCLE', I Spy
Nov. 22, 1932Born: New York City, New York

Michael Callan [Martin Harris Calinieff] - Actor
Peter on 'Occasional Wife'
Nov. 22, 1935Born: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Allen Garfield [Allen Goorwitz] - Actor
Candidate, Beverly Hills Cop II
Nov. 22, 1939Born: Newark, New Jersey

'Terry' [Terrence Vance] Gilliam - Comedy writer-animator
Monty Python
Nov. 22, 1940Born: Medicine Lake, Minnesota

'Tom' [Thomas] Conti - Actor
Reuben, Reuben
Nov. 22, 1941Born: Paisley, Scotland

Jamie Lee Curtis - Actress
Anything But Love, Halloween
Nov. 22, 1958Born: Los Angeles, CA.

Mariel [Hadley] Hemingway - Actress
Manhattan, Personal Best
Nov. 22, 1961Born: Mill Valley, California

Brian Robbins [Brian Levine] - Actor
Eric on 'Head of the Class'
Nov. 22, 1963Born: Brooklyn, New York

John F. [Fitzgerald] Kennedy
35th U.S. President
May. 29, 1917Born: Brookline, MA,
Nov. 22, 1963Died :shot dead in Dallas, Texas ( by Lee Harvey Oswald ?? )

Stephen Geoffreys [Stephen Geoffrey Miller] - Actor
Faternity Vacation
Nov. 22, 1964Born: Cincinnati, Ohio

Nicholas [James Sebastian] Rowe - Actor
Young Sherlock Holmes
Nov. 22, 1966Born: Edinburgh, Scotland

'Mae' [Mary Jane] West
Actress, Playwright, Screenwriter, and Sex symbol
Nov. 22, 1980Died of a stoke at 87

Michael Conrad - Actor
Delvecchio, Hill St Blues
Oct. 16, 1925Born: New York City, New York
Nov. 22, 1983Died at 58

Mark Lenard [Leonard Rosenson] - Actor
Sarek on 'Star Trek'
Oct. 15, 1924Born: Chicago, Illinois
Nov. 22, 1996Died of multiple myeloma at 72

 November 21
William Beaumont - Surgeon
studied digestion
Nov. 21, 1785Born: Lebanon, Connecticut

Charles Korvin [Geza Korvin Karpathi] - Actor
Berlin Express, Ship of Fools
Nov. 21, 1907Born: Piestany, Hungary

Eleanor [Torrey] Powell - Actress/tap dancer
Broadway Melody
Nov. 21, 1912Born: Springfield, MA.

Ralph Meeker [Ralph Rathgeber] - Actor
Anderson Tapes, Night Stalker
Nov. 21, 1920Born: Minneapolis, Mn.

Vivian Blaine [Vivian Stapleton] - Actress
Guys & Dolls, Skirts Ahoy
Nov. 21, 1921Born: Newark, New Jersey

Joseph Campanella - Actor
Dr Steffen on 'The Nurses', Lou on 'Mannix'
Nov. 21, 1933Born: New York City, New York

Laurence [George] Luckinbill - Actor
Delphi Bureau, Ike
Nov. 21, 1934Born: Fort Smith, Arkansas

'Marlo' [Margaret Julia] Thomas - Actress
That Girl!, Jenny
Nov. 21, 1937Born: Detroit, Michigan

Robert Drivas [Robert Choromokos] - Actor
Cool Hand Luke, Illustrated Man
Nov. 21, 1938Born: Chicago, Illinois

Juliet [Maryon] Mills - Actress
Nanny & the Professor, QB VII
Nov. 21, 1941Born: London, England

Goldie [Jean] Hawn - Actress
Laugh-in, Private Benjamin
Nov. 21, 1945Born: Silver Spring, Maryland

Deborah Shelton - Actress
Dallas, Ocean Kill, Body Double
Nov. 21, 1948Born: Norfolk, Virginia

Lorna Luft - Singer/actress
Where the Boys Are
Nov. 21, 1952Born: Santa Monica, Calif

Terri Welles [Terri Knepper] - Actress/Playmate of the year
Dec, 1980
Nov. 21, 1956Born: Santa Monica, Calif

Cherie Johnson - Actress
Cherie-Punky Brewster
Nov. 21, 1975Born: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

'Jack' [Jonathen George] Albertson - Actor
Thin Man, Chico & the Man
Jun. 16, 1907Born: Malden, Mass,
Nov. 21, 1981Died from colorectal cancer at 74

'Bill' [Wilfred Bailey] Bixby - Acto
Incredible Hulk, My Favorite Martian
Nov. 21, 1993Died from complication from prostate cancer at 59

 November 20
Edwin [Powell] Hubble - Astronomer
Discoverer of galaxies, red shift
Nov. 20, 1889Born: Marshfield, Missouri

Chester Gould - Cartoonist
Dick Tracy
Nov. 20, 1900Born: Pawnee, Oklahoma

Fran Allison - Actress
Kukla, Fran & Ollie
Nov. 20, 1907Born: LaPorte City, Iowa

'Judy' [Juliette] Canova - Comedienne/actress
Nov. 20, 1913Born: Waldo, Florida

Evelyn [Louise] Keyes - Actress
Adventure of Martin Eden
Nov. 20, 1919Born: Port Arthur, Texas

Gene [Eliza] Tierney - Actress
Laura, Razor's Edge, Ghost & Mrs Muir
Nov. 20, 1920Born: Brooklyn, New York

Phyllis [St. Felix] Thaxter - Actress
Nora, Fort Worth, Superman the movie
Nov. 20, 1921Born: Portland, Maine

Kaye Ballard [Catherine Gloria Balotta] - Actress/comedienne
Kaye on 'Mothers-in-Law'
Nov. 20, 1926Born: Cleveland, Ohio

Estelle [Margaret] Parsons - Actress
Rachel Rachel, Bonnie & Clyde
Nov. 20, 1927Born: Marblehead, Massachusetts

Franklin [Edward] Cover - Actor
Tom-The Jeffersons
Nov. 20, 1928Born: Cleveland, Ohio

Rex Reason - Actor
Man Without a Gun, Roaring 20s
Nov. 20, 1928Born: Berlin, Germany

Richard Dawson [Colin Lionel Emm] - Actor
Hogan's Heroes, Family Feud
Nov. 20, 1932Born: Gosport, England

'Dick' [Richard Remick] Smothers - Comedian
Smother Brothers' Show
Nov. 20, 1939Born: New York City, New York

'Bob' [Robert] Einstein - Comedian
Super Dave Osborne, Officer Judy on 'The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour'
Nov. 20, 1942Born: Los Angeles, CA.

Norman Greenbaum - Folk singer
Spirit in the Sky
Nov. 20, 1942Born: Malden, Massachusetts

Veronica Hamel - Actress
Joyce-Hill St Blues, 79 Park Ave
Nov. 20, 1943Born: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

[Howard] Duane Allman - Rocker
Allman Brothers-Jessica, Ramblin' Man
Nov. 20, 1946Born: Nashville, Tennessee

Samuel E Wright - Actor
Enos, Ball Four, Voice of Sebastian in 'The Little Mermaid'.
Nov. 20, 1946Born: Camden, South Carolina

'Joe' [Joseph Fidler] Walsh - Guitarist/rocker
Eagles-Take it Easy
Nov. 20, 1947Born: Wichita, Kansas

Richard Masur - Actor
David on 'One Day at a Time', The Thing
Nov. 20, 1948Born: New York City, New York

Bo Derek [Mary Cathleen Collins] - Actress
10, Tarzan the Ape Man
Nov. 20, 1956Born: Long Beach, Calif,

[Mary] Sean Young - Actress
Dune, Young Doctor in Love
Nov. 20, 1959Born: Louisville, Kentucky

Ned Vaughn - Actor
The Rescuer, China Beach, The Hunt for Red October, Star Trek TNG
Nov. 20, 1964Born: Huntsville, Alabama

Marisa Ryan - Actress
Major Dad, Sex and the City, Law & Order, New York Undercover
Nov. 20, 1974Born: New York City, New York

Robert [Bernard] Altman - Director
Nashville, MASH
Feb. 20, 1925Born: Kansas City, Missouri
Nov. 20, 2006Died of complications from leukemia at 81

 November 19
Nancy Carroll [Ann Veronica Lahiff] - Actress
Alice on 'The Aldrich Family'
Nov. 19, 1903Born: New York City, New York

'Tommy' [Thomas Francis] Dorsey - Orchestra leader
Stage Show, Mahogany
Nov. 19, 1905Born: Shenandoah, Pennsylvania

'Alan' [Angus] Young - Actor
Time Machine, Wilbur Post on 'Mr Ed'
Nov. 19, 1919Born: North Shields,Tyne and Wear, England

Larry King [Lawrence Harvey Zeiger] - Radio talk show host
Larry King Show
Nov. 19, 1933Born: Brooklyn, New York

'Dick' [Richard Alva] Cavett - Talk show host
Dick Cavett Show
Nov. 19, 1936Born: Gibbon, Nebraska

'Ted' [Robert Edward] Turner
Broadcasting Mogul / Owns Atlanta Braves / Won America's Cup
Nov. 19, 1938Born: Cincinnati, Ohio

Dan Haggerty - Actor
Grizzly Adams
Nov. 19, 1941Born: Hollywood, California

Kathleen [Denise] Quinlan - Actress
Rose Garden, Twilight Zone
Nov. 19, 1954Born: Pasadena, California

Meg Ryan [Margaret Mary Emily Hyra] - Actress
When Harry Met Sally, As the World Turns
Nov. 19, 1961Born: Fairfield, Connecticut

'Jodie' [Alicia Christian] Foster - Actress
Taxi Driver, Accused
Nov. 19, 1962Born: Los Angeles, CA.

'Terry' [Theresa Lee] Farrell - Actress
Laurie on 'Paper Dolls', Star Trek DS9
Nov. 19, 1963Born: Cedar Rapids, Iowa

 November 18
Imogene [Fernandez de] Coca - Comedienne
Your Show of Shows, Grindl
Nov. 18, 1908Born: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Arthur Peterson - Actor
Major on 'Soap', Crisis
Nov. 18, 1912Born: Mandan, North Dakota

Jocelyn Brando - Actress
Ugly American
Nov. 18, 1919Born: San Francisco, CA

Mickey Mouse - Cartoon
Steamboat Willie
Nov. 18, 1928Cartoon strip debuts

Brenda [Buell] Vaccaro - Actress
Cactus Flower, Sara, Paper Dolls
Nov. 18, 1939Born: Brooklyn, New York

David Hemmings - Actor
Blow-up, Barbarella
Nov. 18, 1941Born: Guildford, Surrey, England

Susan [Michaela] Sullivan - Actress
Having Babies, Falcon Crest
Nov. 18, 1942Born: New York City, New York

Linda Evans [Evanstad] - Actress
Dynasty, Big Valley, Beach Blanket Bingo
Nov. 18, 1942Born: Hartford, Connecticut

[Francis] Jameson Parker - Actor
American Justice, Simon & Simon
Nov. 18, 1947Born: Baltimore, Maryland

Andrea [Louisa] Marcovicci - Actress
Gloria on 'Berrengers', Fran on 'Trapper John'
Nov. 18, 1948Born: New York City, New York

Elizabeth Perkins - Actress
About Last Night, Big
Nov. 18, 1960Born: Queens, New York

Fritz Feld [Feilchenfeld] - Actor
Jack Benny Show, At the Circus
Nov. 18, 1993Died at 93

James [Harrison] Coburn - Actor
Our Man Flint, Magnificent Seven
Aug. 31, 1928Born: Laurel, Nebraska
Nov. 18, 2002Died suddenly from a heart attack, at the age of 74

 November 17
Sara Haden - Actress
A Family Affair
Nov. 17, 1899Born: Galveston, Texas

Mischa Auer [Mikhail Semyonovich Unskovsky] - Actor
My Man Godfrey
Nov. 17, 1905Born: St. Petersburg, Russia

Archie Campbell - Comedian
Hee Haw
Nov. 17, 1914Born: Bulls Gap, Tennessee

Rock Hudson [Roy Harold Scherer, Jr.] - Actor
MacMillian & Wife
Nov. 17, 1925Born: Winnetka, Illinois

Robert Brown - Actor
Here Come The Brides, Primus, Star Trek TOS
Nov. 17, 1927Born: Trenton, New Jersey

Peter [Edward] Cook - Actor/comedian
Nov. 17, 1937Born: Shearbridge, Middle Warberry Road, Torquay, Devon, UK

Gordon [Meredith] Lightfoot - Folksinger
Sundown, The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald
Nov. 17, 1938Born: Orillia, Ontario, Canada

'Lauren' [Mary Laurence] Hutton - Model
American Gigolo, Lassiter
Nov. 17, 1943Born: Charleston, South Carolina

'Danny' [Daniel Michael] De Vito - Actor
Taxi, Ruthless People, Twins
Nov. 17, 1944Born: Neptune, New Jersey

Dean Paul Martin - Actor
Billy on 'Misfits of Science'
Nov. 17, 1951Born: Santa Monica, Calif
Mar. 21, 1987Dies at 35

Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio - Actress
Color of Money
Nov. 17, 1958Born: Lombard, Illinois

William [Remington] Moses - Actor
Cole on 'Falcon Crest'
Nov. 17, 1959Born: Los Angeles, CA.

Sophie Marceau [Sophie Danièle Sylvie Maupu] - Actress
La Boum, L'Amour Braque
Nov. 17, 1966Born: Paris, France

Brandon [Spencer Lee] Call - Actor
Baywatch, Blind Fury, Step by Step
Nov. 17, 1976Born: Torrance, California

Esther Rolle - Actress
Florida on 'Good Times', Maude
Nov. 8, 1920Born: Pompano Beach, Florida
Nov. 17, 1998Died due to complications from diabetes at 78

 November 16
[Oliver] Burgess Meredith - Actor
Mr Novak, Penguin-Batman, Rocky
Nov. 16, 1907Born: Cleveland, Ohio
Sep. 9, 1997Died of Alzheimer's disease and melanoma at 89

'Daws' [Charles Dawson] Butler - Cartoon voice
Elroy Jetson, Yogi Bear, Huckleberry Hound
Nov. 16, 1916Born: Toledo, Ohio
May. 18, 1988Dies at 71

Royal Dano - Actor
Red Badge of Courage, Cocaine Wars, House II
Nov. 16, 1922Born: New York City, New York

'Clu' [William Martin] Gulager - Actor
Virginian, Survivors, Tall Man
Nov. 16, 1928Born: Holdenville, Oklahoma

Guy Stockwell - Actor
Chris on 'Adventures in Paradise'
Nov. 16, 1933Born: New York City, New York

Donna McKechnie - Actress/dancer
Nov. 16, 1942Born: Pontiac, Michigan

Joanna Pettet [Joanna Jane Salmon] - Actress
Knots Landing, Cry of the Innocent
Nov. 16, 1942Born: London, England

'Steve' [Stephen Hall] Railsback - Actor
Blue Monkey, Green Monkey, Escape 2000
Nov. 16, 1948Born: Dallas, Texas

David Leisure - Actor
Joe Isuzu, Airplane, Charley-Empty Nest
Nov. 16, 1950Born: San Diego, California

Griff Rhys Jones - Humorist/actor
Morons From Outer Space
Nov. 16, 1953Born: Cardiff, Wales, UK

'Dan' [Daniel] Shor - Actor
Blue & Gray, Cagney & Lacey
Nov. 16, 1956Born: New York City, New York

'Marg' [Mary Margaret] Helgenberger - Actress
China Beach, Ryan's Hope, CSI
Nov. 16, 1958Born: Fremont, Nebraska

[William] Clark Gable - Actor
Gone With the Wind
Feb. 1, 1901Born: Cadiz, Ohio
Nov. 16, 1960Died the result of a fourth heart attack at 59

Tricia Cast - Actress
Amanda-Bad News Bear, Young & Restless
Nov. 16, 1966Born: Medford, New York

Lisa Bonet [Lisa Michelle Boney] - Actress
Cosby Show, Different World, Angel Heart
Nov. 16, 1967Born: San Francisco, CA

Martha [Campbell] Plimpton - Actress
Goonies, Mosquito Coast
Nov. 16, 1970Born: New York City, New York

Edward [Albert Arthur] Woodward - Actor
Breaker Morant, Wickerman
Jun. 1, 1930Born: Croydon, Surrey, England
Nov. 16, 2009Died at the age of 79

 November 15
Lewis [Shepard] Stone - Actor
Prisoner of Zenda
Nov. 15, 1879Born: Worcester, Massachusetts

Carol Bruce [Shirley Levy - Actress
Lillian Carlson on 'WKRP', Planes, Trains, & Automobiles
Nov. 15, 1919Born: Great Neck, Long Island, New York

Joseph [Albert] Wapner - Judge
People's Court
Nov. 15, 1919Born: Los Angeles, CA.

[Yitzhak] Edward Asner - Actor
Mary Tyler Moore Show, Lou Grant
Nov. 15, 1929Born: Kansas City, Kansas

John Kerr - Actor
South Pacific, Peyton Place, Pit & Pendulum
Nov. 15, 1931Born: New York City, New York

Jack Burns - Comedian
Warren Ferguson on 'The Andy Griffith Show', Burns & Schreiber
Nov. 15, 1933Born: Boston, Massachusetts

Joanna Barnes - Actress
13th Jane on 'Tarzan, the Ape Man', Parent Trap, Spartacus, Goodbye Charlie
Nov. 15, 1934Born: Boston, Massachusetts

Yaphet [Frederick] Kotto - Actor
Brubaker, Alien, Raid on Entebbe
Nov. 15, 1937Born: New York City, New York

Thalmus Rasulala [Jack Crowder] - Actor
Blacula, Roots
Nov. 15, 1939Born: Miami, Florida

'Sam' [Samuel Atkinson] Waterston - Actor
Law & Order, Capricorn One, Heaven's Gate
Nov. 15, 1940Born: Cambridge, Massachusetts

Beverly D'Angelo - Actress
Vacation, European Vacation
Nov. 15, 1951Born: Columbus, Ohio

James Widdoes - Actor
National Lampoon's Animal House, Delta House, Charles in Charge
Nov. 15, 1953Born: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Oliver Conant - Actor
Summer of '42, Class of '44
Nov. 15, 1955Born: New York City, New York

Enid Markey - Actress
Jane in Tarzan Movies, Aunt Violet on 'Bringing Up Buddy'
Feb. 22, 1894Born: Dillon, Colorado
Nov. 15, 1981Died at 87

Enid Markey - Actress
Jane in Tarzan Movies, Aunt Violet on 'Bringing Up Buddy'
Feb. 22, 1894Born: Dillon, Colorado
Nov. 15, 1981Died at 87

Dorothy Loudon - Actress
Garbo Talks, Garry Moore Show
Sep. 17, 1933Born: Boston, Massachusetts
Nov. 15, 2003Died of cancer at the age of 70

 November 14
'Dick' [Richard Ewing] Powell - Actor
42nd Street, Christmas in July
Nov. 14, 1904Born: Mountain View, Arkansas

[Mary] Louise Brooks - Silent screen star
American Venus, Pandora's Box
Nov. 14, 1906Born: Cherryvale, Kansas

Rosemary DeCamp - Actress
Love That Bob, That Girl
Nov. 14, 1910Born: Prescott, Arizona

Veronica Lake [Constance Frances Marie Ockelman] - Actress
I Wanted Wings, Hold Back the Dawn
Nov. 14, 1919Born: Brooklyn, NY,
Jul. 7, 1973Dies at 58

Brian Keith [Robert Keith Richey, Jr.] - Actor
Bill on 'Family Affair', Loneliest Runner
Nov. 14, 1921Born: Bayonne, New Jersey
Jun. 24, 1997Died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound at 75

Kathleen Hughes - Actress
It Came From Outer Space
Nov. 14, 1928Born: Hollywood, California

[Edgar] McLean Stevenson - Actor
M*A*S*H, Hello Larry
Nov. 14, 1929Born: Normal, Illinois
Feb. 15, 1996Dies at 66

Robert Ginty - Actor
Paper Chase, White Fire
Nov. 14, 1948Born: New York City, New York

'Maggie' [Mary Margaret Nena] Roswell - Actress/singer
Tim Conway Show
Nov. 14, 1952Born: Los Angeles, CA.

Paul McGann - Actor
Dr Who
Nov. 14, 1959Born: Surrey, England

Letitia [Mary Margaret Nena] Dean - Actress
Sharon Watts on 'EastEnders'
Nov. 14, 1967Born: Potters Bar, Hertfordshire, England

David [Raphael] Moscow - Actor
Nov. 14, 1974Born: New York City, New York

 November 13
Hermione [Youlanda Ruby Clinton] Baddeley - Actress
Mary Poppins, The Belles of St. Trinians, Camp Runamuck, Maude
Nov. 13, 1906Born: Broseley, Shropshire, England
Aug. 19, 1986Dies at 79 of a stroke

Robert Sterling [William Sterling Hart] - Actor
George Kirby on 'Topper'
Nov. 13, 1917Born: New Castle, Pennsylvania

'Jack' [William Scott] Elam - Actor
The Dakotas, East Street, Rio Lobo
Nov. 13, 1918Born: Miami, Arizona

Oskar Werner [Oskar Josef Bschließmayer] - Film actor/director
Shoes of the Fisherman, Das Ekel
Nov. 13, 1922Born: Vienna, Austria

Madeleine Sherwood [Madeleine Louise Hélène Thornton] - Actress
Mother Superior on 'Flying Nun'
Nov. 13, 1922Born: Outremont, Quebec

Linda Christian [Blanca Rosa Welter] - Actress
Casino Royale, Athena, VIPs, Battle Zone
Nov. 13, 1924Born: Tampico, Tamaulipas, Mexico

Whitman Mayo - Actor
Grady on 'Sanford & Son'
Nov. 13, 1930Born: New York City, New York

Richard Mulligan - Actor
Soap, Empty's Nest, Big Bus
Nov. 13, 1932Born: New York City, New York
Sep. 26, 2000Died of cancer at 67

Adrienne Corri [Adrienne Riccoboni] - Actress
A Clockwork Orange, River, Dr Zhivago
Nov. 13, 1933Born: Glasgow, Scotland

'Tom' [Thearon] Atkins - Actor
Lt Diehl on 'Rockford Files'
Nov. 13, 1935Born: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Jean [Dorothy] Seberg - Actress
Breathless, Paint Your Wagon
Nov. 13, 1938Born: Marshaltown, Iowa

Daniel Pilon - Actor
Nick on 'Hamptons'
Nov. 13, 1940Born: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Dack Rambo [Norman Rambo] - Actor
Guns of Will Sonnett, Dallas
Nov. 13, 1941Born: Earlimart, California

'Joe' [Joseph Anthony] Mantegna - Actor
House of Games, Weeds
Nov. 13, 1947Born: Chicago, Illinois

Whoopi Goldberg [Caryn Elaine Johnson] - Actress
Color Purple, Burglar
Nov. 13, 1955Born: New York City, New York

Tracy Scoggins - Actress
Dynasty, Colbys, Gumshoe Kid
Nov. 13, 1959Born: Dickinson, Texas

Wally Brown - Actor
Jed Fame-Cimarron City
Oct. 9, 1904Born: Malden, Massachusetts
Nov. 13, 1961Died at 57

 November 12
Jack Oakie [Lewis Delaney Offield] - Actor
Great Dictator, 1974 Photoplay Award
Nov. 12, 1903Born: Sedalia, Missouri

Richard Quine - Actor
Clay Pigeon
Nov. 12, 1920Born: Detroit, Michigan

Kim Hunter [Janet Cole] - Actress
Planet of the Apes, Lilith
Nov. 12, 1922Born: Detroit, Michigan

Grace [Patricia] Kelly - Actree/ Princess of Monac
Dial M for Murder, Rear Window, High Society
Nov. 12, 1929Born: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Sep. 14, 1982Died at 52 in a car crash

Mary Louise Wilson - Actress
Ginny on ' One Day at a Time'
Nov. 12, 1932Born: New Haven, Ct.

Charles [Milles] Manson - Criminal
Tate-Labianco murders
Nov. 12, 1934Born: Cincinnati, Ohio

Ina Balin [Ina Rosenberg] - Actress
Danger in Paradise
Nov. 12, 1937Born: Brooklyn, New York

Neil [Percival] Young - Singer/songwriter
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
Nov. 12, 1945Born: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Megan Mullally - Actress
Molly on 'Ellen Burstyn Show'
Nov. 12, 1958Born: Los Angeles, CA.

Angela [Christine] Watson - Actress
Karen Foster on 'Step by Step'
Nov. 12, 1975Born: Danville, Illinois

William Holden [William Franklin Beedle Jr] - Actor
Stalag 17, Bridge Over the River Kwai, SOB
Apr. 17, 1918Born: O'Fallon, IL,
Nov. 12, 1981Died fram a severely lacerated forehead and bled to death

Eve Arden [Eunice Quedens] - Actress
Connie on 'Our Miss Brooks'
Apr. 30, 1912Born: Mill Valley, CA,
Nov. 12, 1990Died of advanced colorectal cancer and heart disease at 82

Penny Singleton [Marianna Dorothy Agnes Letitia McNulty] - Voice
Jane Jetsons/actress (Blondie
Sep. 15, 1908Born: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Nov. 12, 2003Died following a stroke at the age of 95

Jonathan [Gregory] Brandis - Actor
Lucas Wolenczak on 'SeaQuest DSV', Never Ending Story II
Apr. 13, 1976Born: Danbury, CT,
Nov. 12, 2003Died from injuries he suffered after he hanged himself

 November 11
'Pat' [William Joseph Patrick] O'Brien - Actor
Knute Rockne, Angels with Dirty Faces
Nov. 11, 1899Born: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Robert [Bushnell] Ryan - Actor
Billy Budd, Dirty Dozen, Longest Day
Nov. 11, 1909Born: Chicago, Illinois

'Patric' [Reginald Lawrence] Knowles - Actor
Big Steal, Chisum, The Wolf Man , Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman
Nov. 11, 1911Born: Horsforth, Yorkshire, England

Stubby Kaye [Bernard Sholm Kotzin] - Actor
Guys & Dolls, Lil' Abner, Cat Ballou
Nov. 11, 1918Born: New York City, New York

Kurt Vonnegut Jr - Author
Slaughterhouse Five, Sirens of Titan
Nov. 11, 1922Born: Indianapolis, Indiana

Jonathan [Harshman] Winters - Comedian
J Winters Show, Mork & Mindy
Nov. 11, 1925Born: Dayton, Ohio

'Bibi' [Birgitta] Andersson - Actress
Scenes From a Marriage
Nov. 11, 1935Born: Stockholm, Sweden

Susan Kohner - Actress
Imitation of Life, Gene Krupa Story
Nov. 11, 1936Born: Los Angeles, CA.

Anne Marie Martin [Edmonda Benton] - Actress
Dori Doreau-Sledge Hammer
Nov. 11, 1957Born: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Rocky & His Friends
1st episode airs
Nov. 11, 19591959 – 1961

Demi Moore [Demetria Gene Guynes] - Actress
7th Sign, Blame it on Rio
Nov. 11, 1962Born: Roswell, New Mexico

Philip McKeon - Actor
Tommy-Alice, Return to Horror High
Nov. 11, 1964Born: Westbury, New York

Leonardo [Wilhelm] DiCaprio - Actor
Luke on 'Growing Pains'
Nov. 11, 1974Born: Los Angeles, CA.

Roger C Carmel - Actor
Mudd-Star Trek, Mothers-in-Law
Sep. 27, 1932Born: Brooklyn, New York
Nov. 11, 1986Died of congestive heart failure at 54

Dayton Allen - Comedian
Steve Allen Show
Sep. 24, 1919Born: New York City, New York
Nov. 11, 2004Died at 85

Keith Andes [John Charles Andes] - Actor
Farmer's Daughter, Away All Boats
Jul. 12, 1920Born: Ocean City, NJ
Nov. 11, 2005Died by committing suicide by asphyxiation

Ronnie Stevens - Actor
Rodney in 'Dick and the Duchess', The Avengers
Sep. 2, 1925Born: London, England,
Nov. 11, 2006Died at the age of 81

 November 10
[William] Claude Rains - Actor
Invisible Man, Casablanca
Nov. 10, 1889Born: Camberwell, London, England
May. 30, 1967Died from an internal haemorrhage at 77

Jane Froman - Singer
Jane Froman's USA Canteen
Nov. 10, 1907Born: University City, Missouri

'Harry' [Henry Stewart Fleetwood] Andrews - Actor
Equus, Man of La Mancha
Nov. 10, 1911Born: Tonbridge, Kent, England

George [Watt] Fenneman - TV announcer
You Bet Your Life
Nov. 10, 1919Born: Peking, China

Richard Burton [Richard Walter Jenkins Jr] - Actor
Nov. 10, 1925Born: Pontrhydyfen, Port Talbot, England
Aug. 5, 1984Dies at 58 of cerebral hemorrhage

Roy [Richard] Scheider - Actor
All That Jazz, Jaws, 2010: The Year We Make Contact.
Nov. 10, 1932Born: Orange, New Jersey
Feb. 10, 2008Died From Immunitary cancer staph infection

Albert [Pass] Hall -Actor
Trouble in Mind, Ryan's 4, Star Trek TNG
Nov. 10, 1937Born: Boothton, Alabama

Alaina Reed - Actress
Rose Lee Holloway-227
Nov. 10, 1946Born: Springfield, Ohio

Ann Reinking - Dancer/actress
All the Jazz, Micki & Maude
Nov. 10, 1949Born: Seattle, Washington

Jack Scalia - Actor
Berrengers, Hollywood Beat
Nov. 10, 1951Born: Brooklyn, New York

Sinbad [David Adkins] - Comedian/actor
Different World, At the Apollo
Nov. 10, 1956Born: Benton Harbor, Michigan

[Laura] MacKenzie Phillips - Actress
Julie on '1 Day at a Time'
Nov. 10, 1959Born: Alexandria, Virginia

Sesame Street
Nov. 10, 1969Premieres on PBS TV

Brittany Murphy - Actres
Just Married, Clueless, Girl, Interrupted, 8 Mile, Sin City
Nov. 10, 1977Born: Atlanta, Georgia
Dec. 20, 2009Died Unknown Causes at 32

'Chuck' [Kevin Joseph Aloysius] Connors - Actor
Rifleman, Branded, Cowboy in Africa
Apr. 10, 1921Born: Brooklyn, NY,
Nov. 10, 1992Died of pneumonia stemming from lung cancer

Jack Palance [Volodymyr Palahnyuk] - Actor
Shane, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Dracula, Attila the Hun, City Slickers
Feb. 18, 1919Born: Hazle Township, Pennsylvania
Nov. 10, 2006Died of natural causes at 87

 November 9
Clifton Webb [Webb Parmelee Hollenbeck] - Actor
Sitting Pretty, Mr Belvedere Goes to College
Nov. 9, 1889Born: Beech Grove, Indiana

Hedy Lamarr [Hedwig Eva Maria Kiesler] - Actress
Ecstacy, Samson & Delilah
Nov. 9, 1913Born: Vienna, Austria

Severn Darden - Actor
Popesco-Mary Hartman, Second City
Nov. 9, 1929Born: New Orleans, LA,

Carl [Hedwig Eva Maria Kiesler] Sagan - Astronomer/ Author/ Professor
Cosmos, Broca's Brain
Nov. 9, 1934Born: New York City, New York

Sadie Hawkins Day
Nov. 9, 1938Created by Al Capp, Cartoonist of Lil' Abner

Charles Robinson - Actor
Mac-Night Court, Buffalo Bill
Nov. 9, 1945Born: Houston, Texas

'Lou' [Louis Jude] Ferrigno - Body builder/ Actor
Incredible Hulk
Nov. 9, 1951Born: Brooklyn, New York

Dah ve Chodan - Actress
Tia-Uncle Buck
Nov. 9, 1974Born: Alta Loma, California

Victor Sen Yung - Actor
Bonanza, Bachelor Family
Oct. 18, 1915Born: San Francisco, CA
Nov. 9, 1980Died as a result of accidental asphyxiation

Priscilla Morrill - Actress
Edie Grant on 'Mary Tyler Moore'
Jun. 4, 1927Born: Medford, Mass.
Nov. 9, 1994Died of complications of a kidney infection

Ralph Michael - Actor
Quest, Doctor in the House
Sep. 26, 1907Born: London, England
Nov. 9, 1994Died at 87

'Art' [Arthur William Matthew] Carney - Actor
Ed Norton-Honeymooners
Nov. 9, 2003Died of natural causes at 85

 November 8
[John] Duns Scotus
Theologian, philosopher, and logician
Nov. 8, 1308Died buried alive after suffering from a coma and believed dead.

Robert Strauss - Actor
Stalag 17, Sgt Gruzewsky-Mona McCluskey
Nov. 8, 1913Born: New York City, New York

Norman Lloyd - Actor
Auschlander-St Elsewhere
Nov. 8, 1914Born: Jersey City, New Jersey

June Havoc [Ellen Evangeline Hovick] - Actress
Willy, Panic, GE Theater
Nov. 8, 1916Born: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Esther Rolle - Actress
Florida-Good Times, Maude
Nov. 8, 1920Born: Pompano Beach, Florida
Nov. 17, 1998Died due to complications from diabetes at 78

Gene Saks - Actor/director
Barefoot in the Park, One & Only, Prisoner of 2nd Ave
Nov. 8, 1921Born: New York City, New York

Joe Flynn - Actor
McHale's Navy, Rear Window
Nov. 8, 1924Born: Youngstown, Ohio
Jul. 19, 1974Dies at 59

Darla [Jean] Hood - Actress
Little Rascals,
Nov. 8, 1931Born: Leedey, Oklahoma
Jun. 13, 1979Dies at 58

Alain Delon - Actor
Honor Among Thieves
Nov. 8, 1935Born: Sceaux, Hauts-de-Seine, France

Bonnie [Lynn] Raitt - Singer/guitarist
Green Light, The Glow, Thing Called Love
Nov. 8, 1949Born: Burbank, California

Rickie Lee Jones - Singer
Chuck E's in Love
Nov. 8, 1954Born: Chicago, Illinois

Randy [Randolph Frederick] Brooks - Actress
Man With 2 Brains, Tightrope
Nov. 8, 1956Born: New York City, New York

Leif Garrett [Leif Per Nervik] - Singer/actor
Devil x 5, 3 for the Road
Nov. 8, 1961Born: Hollywood, California

Courtney Thorne Smith - Actress
Day by Day, Lucas, Summer School
Nov. 8, 1967Born: San Francisco, CA

 November 7
[Ira] Dean Jagger - Actor
Albert Vane on 'Mr Novak', Elmer Gantry
Nov. 7, 1903Born: Columbus Grove, Ohio

Gloria LeRoy - Actress
Hot L Baltimore, Kaz
Nov. 7, 1931Born: Bucyrus, Ohio

Barry [Foster] Newman - Actor
Amy, Deadline, Petrocelli
Nov. 7, 1931Born: Boston, Massachusetts

James Houghton - Actor
Code R, Kenny-Knots Landing
Nov. 7, 1948Born: Los Angeles, CA.

Christopher Daniel Barnes - Actor
Ross-Day by Day, As World Turns
Nov. 7, 1972Born: Portland, Maine

[Terence] Steve McQueen - Actor
Wanted, Dead or Alive, Blob, Bullitt
Nov. 7, 1980Died of a heart attack following cancer surgery at 50

 November 6
'Francis' [František] Lederer - Actor
Diary of a Chambermaid
Nov. 6, 1899Born: Prague, Czech Republic

Juanita Hall [Juanita Long] - Actress
Capt Billy
Nov. 6, 1901Born: Keyport, New Jersey

Butch Cassidy [Robert Leroy Parker] - Outlaw
Wild Bunch Gang
Apr. 13, 1866Born: Beaver, Utah
Nov. 6, 1908Died by being shot by Bolivian Police

Sally [Margaret] Field - Actress
Gidget, Flying Nun
Nov. 6, 1946Born: Pasadena, California

Sal Viscuso - Actor
Mash, Soap, Montefuscos
Nov. 6, 1948Born: Brooklyn, New York

'Brad' [Robert Creel] Davis - Actor
Roots, Chiefs
Nov. 6, 1949Born: Tallahassee, Florida

[Richard] Ernest Thompson - Actor
Sierra, Westside Medical
Nov. 6, 1949Born: Bellows Falls, Vermont

Lori [Jacqueline] Singer - Actress
Fame, V, Footloose
Nov. 6, 1957Born: Corpus Christi, Texas

Lance Kerwin -
James at 15, The Lonliest Runner
Nov. 6, 1960Born: Newport Beach, California

Peter [John] DeLuise - Actor
Free Ride, SeaQuest DSV
Nov. 6, 1966Born: New York City, New York

Rebecca [Lucile] Schaeffer - Actress
Patti on 'My Sister Sam'
Nov. 6, 1967Born: Eugene, Oregon

Kelly [Deane Melissa] Rutherford - Actress
Nov. 6, 1968Born: Elizabethtown, Kentucky

Ethan [Green] Hawke - Actor
Dad, Dead Poets Society, Explorers
Nov. 6, 1970Born: Austin, Texas

Jack Kelly - Actor
Bart-Maverick, Get Christie Love
Sep. 16, 1927Born: Astoria, Queens, New York
Nov. 6, 1992Died of a stroke at 65

 November 5
Natalie Schaeffer - Actress
Lovey Howell on 'Gilligan's Island'
Nov. 5, 1900Born: Red Bank, New Jersey

Natalie Schafer - Actress
Lovey on 'Gilligan's Island'
Nov. 5, 1900Born: Red Bank, New Jersey
Apr. 10, 1991Dies at 90 from cancer

Joel [Albert ] McCrea - Actor
Marshal on 'Wichita Town'
Nov. 5, 1905Born: South Pasadena, California

Roy Rogers [Leonard Franklin Slye] - Cowboy
Happy Trails, Roy Rogers Show
Nov. 5, 1911Born: Cincinnati, Ohio

John [Irwin] McGiver - Actor
Patty Duke Show, Jimmy Stewart Show
Nov. 5, 1913Born: New York City, New York

Vivian Leigh [Vivian Mary Hartley] - Actres
Gone with the Wind, Streetcar Named Desire
Nov. 5, 1913Born: Darjeeling, India
Jul. 8, 1967Dies at 53

Herb Edelman - Actor
Good Guys, Strike Force, 9 to 5
Nov. 5, 1933Born: Brooklyn, New York

'Dick' [Richard] Davalos - Actor
Jeff on 'The Americans'
Nov. 5, 1935Born: Bronx, New York

Elke Sommer [Elke Schletz] - Actress
Oscar, 10 Little Indians
Nov. 5, 1940Born: Berlin, Germany

Art [Ira] Garfunkel - Snger/actor
Sounds of Silence, Carnal Knowledge
Nov. 5, 1942Born: Queens, New York

Jon Erik Hexum - Actor
Voyagers, Cover-up
Nov. 5, 1957Born: Tenafly, NJ.

Tatum [Beatrice] O'Neal - Actress
Paper Moon, Little Darlings
Nov. 5, 1963Born: Los Angeles, CA

Andrea McArdle - Actress
Annie, Beauty and the Beast
Nov. 5, 1963Born: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Lloyd Corrigan - Actor
Papa Dodger on 'Willy', Prof McKillup on 'Hank'
Oct. 16, 1900Born: San Francisco, CA
Nov. 5, 1969Died at 69

Corin Nemec [Joseph Charles Nemec] - Actor
Tucker, Parker Lewis
Nov. 5, 1971Born: Little Rock, Arkansas

'Fred' [Fredrick Martin] MacMurray - Actor
Caine Mutiny, My 3 Sons
Nov. 5, 1991Died of pneumonia at the age of 83

'Andy' [Andrew Aitken] Rooney - News correspondent
60 Minutes
Jan. 14, 1919Born: Albany, New York
Nov. 5, 2011Died at the age of 92

 November 4
'Will' [William Penn Adair] Rogers
Nov. 4, 1879Born: Oologah Indian Territory (Oklahoma)

Gig Young [Byron Elsworth Barr] - Actor
They Shoot Horses Don't They
Nov. 4, 1913Born: St. Cloud, Minnesota

Walter [Leland] Cronkite - News anchor
CBS Evening News 1962-81
Nov. 4, 1916Born: St. Joseph, Missouri

'Art' [Arthur William Matthew] Carney - Actor
Ed Norton on 'Honeymooners'
Nov. 4, 1918Born: Mount Vernon, New York

Cameron Mitchell [Cameron MacDowell Mitzel] - Actor
Buck on 'High Chaparral'
Nov. 4, 1918Born: Dallastown, Pennsylvania

Martin [Henry] Balsam - Actor
Murray on 'Archie Bunker's Place', Catch 22
Nov. 4, 1919Born: Bronx, New York

Kate [Daphne] Reid - Actress
Heaven Help Us
Nov. 4, 1930Born: London, England

Doris Roberts [Doris May Metzler] - Actress
Angie, Maggie, Emmy 1983
Nov. 4, 1930Born: St. Louis, Missouri

Noam Pitlik - Actor/director
Sanford & Son, Bob Newhart
Nov. 4, 1932Born: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Loretta Swit - Actress
Hotlips Houlihan-M*A*S*H
Nov. 4, 1937Born: Passaic, New Jersey

'Markie' [Marjorie Armstrong] Post - Actress
Fall Guy, Christine on 'Night Court'
Nov. 4, 1950Born: Palo Alto, California

Ralph [George] Macchio - Actor
Karate Kid, 8 is Enough
Nov. 4, 1962Born: Huntington, New York

 November 3
Bert Freed - Actor
Nov. 3, 1919Born: Bronx, New York

Charles Bronson [Charles Dennis Buchinsky] - Actor
Death Wish, Dirty Dozen
Nov. 3, 1922Born: Ehrenfeld, Pennsylvania
Aug. 30, 2003Died pneumonia while suffering from Alzheimer's disease at 81

Leonard Stone - Actor
Doc-Camp Runamuck
Nov. 3, 1923Born: Salem, Oregon

Monica Vitti [Maria Luisa Ceciarelli] - Actress
Tigers in Lipstick
Nov. 3, 1931Born: Rome, Italy

Jeremy Brett [Peter Jeremy William Huggins] - Actor
Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
Nov. 3, 1933Born: Berkswell Grange, Warwickshire, England

'Ken' [Kenneth Ronald] Berry - Actor
F Troop, Mayberry RFD, Mama's Family
Nov. 3, 1933Born: Moline, Illinois

Aneta Corsaut - Actress
Helen Crump on 'Andy Griffith'
Nov. 3, 1933Born: Hutchinson, Kansas

Lulu [Marie McDonald McLaughlin Lawrie] - Singer/actress
To Sir With Love
Nov. 3, 1948Born: Glasgow, Scotland

Roseanne [Cherrie] Barr - Comedienne/TV star
Nov. 3, 1952Born: Salt Lake City, Utah

Dennis Miller - Comedian/TV host
SNL, Dennis Miller Show
Nov. 3, 1953Born: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

'Dolph' [Hans] Lundgren - Actor
Rocky 4, Masters of the Universe
Nov. 3, 1957Born: Stockholm, Sweden

Timothy Patrick Murphy - Actor
Dallas, Glitter
Nov. 3, 1959Born: Hartford, Connecticut

Kari Michaelsen [Kari Markusen] - Actress
Katie on 'Gimme a Break'
Nov. 3, 1961Born: New York City, New York

Philip J Amelio II - Actor
Kevin-Life With Lucy
Nov. 3, 1977Born: Sharon, Connecticut

John [Rollin] Lupton - Actor
Tom on 'Broken Arrow', Man with a Gun
Aug. 23, 1928Born: Highland Park, Ill,
Nov. 3, 1993Died at 65

Ian Bannen - Actor
Eye of the Needle, Gorky Park
Jun. 29, 1928Born: Airdrie, North Lanarkshire, Scotland
Nov. 3, 1999Died in a car accident at 71

 November 2
Martha Vickers [MacVicar] - Actress
Alimony, Man I Love, Ruthless
May. 28, 1925Born: Ann Arbor, MI,
Nov. 2, 1971Died of esophageal cancer at 46

Paul Ford [Weaver] - Actor
Phil Silvers Show
Nov. 2, 1901Born: Baltimore, Maryland

James [Howard] Dunn - Actor
Uncle Earl in 'It's a Great Life'
Nov. 2, 1905Born: New York City, New York

'Burt' [Burton Stephen] Lancaster - Actor
From Here to Eternity, Elmer Gantry
Nov. 2, 1913Born: East Harlem, New York City, New York

Warren Stevens - Actor
Richard Boone Show, Forbidden Planet, Star Trek TOS
Nov. 2, 1919Born: Clark's Summit, Pennsylvania

[Therese] Ann Rutherford - Actress
Return to Vienna, Leave it to the Girls
Nov. 2, 1920Born: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Rachel Ames - Actress
Line Up, Audrey-Gen Hospital
Nov. 2, 1929Born: Portland, Oregon

Stefanie Powers [Stefania Zofia Federkiewicz] - Actress
Girl From UNCLE, Hart to Hart
Nov. 2, 1942Born: Hollywood, California

Alfre [Ette] Woodard - Actress
St Elsewhere
Nov. 2, 1952Born: Tulsa, Oklahoma

Danny Cooksey - Actor
Sam-Diff'rent Strokes
Nov. 2, 1975Born: Moore, Oklahoma

'Paul' [Solomon Hersh] Frees - Animation voice
Nov. 2, 1986Died heart failure at 66

 November 1
Betsy Palmer [Patricia Betsy Hrunek] - Actress
Mr Roberts, Friday the 13th
Nov. 1, 1926Born: East Chicago, Indiana

Barbara Bosson - Actress
Fay-Hill St Blues, Hooperman, Star Trek DS9
Nov. 1, 1939Born: Charleroi, Pennsylvania

Robert Foxworth - Actor
Chase on 'Falcon Crest', Frankenstein, Star Trek
Nov. 1, 1941Born: Houston, Texas

Marcia [Joan] Wallace - Actress
Carol-Bob Newhart Show
Nov. 1, 1942Born: Creston, Iowa

'Belita' [Aurabela] Moreno - Actress
Lydia Markham on 'Perfect Strangers'
Nov. 1, 1952Born: Dallas, Texas

Rachel Ticotin - Actress
Grace-For Love & Honor
Nov. 1, 1958Born: Bronx, New York

Dana [Michelle] Plato - Actress
Kimberly on 'Diff'rent Strokes'
Nov. 1, 1963Born: Maywood, California
May. 8, 1999Died drug overdose ruled a suicide at 35

Phil Silvers [Philip Silver] - Comedian
Sergeant Bilko on 'Phil Silvers Show'
May. 11, 1911Born: Brooklyn, NY,
Nov. 1, 1985Died of a heart attack in his sleep

Noah [Lindsey] Beery Jr - Actor
Rockford Files, Sergeant York, Quest, Doc Elliot
Aug. 10, 1913Born: New York, NY,
Nov. 1, 1994Died of a cerebral thrombosis at 81

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