December in History  
 December 17
Richard Long - Actor
Professor-Nanny & the Professor
Dec. 17, 1927Born: Chicago, Illinois

Tommy Steele [Thomas Willam Hicks] - Singer/actor
½ a Sixpence, Finian's Rainbow
Dec. 17, 1936Born: Bermondsey, London, England

Christopher Cazenove - Actor
Dec. 17, 1943Born: Hampshire, England

Bernard Hill - Actor
Bellman & True, New World, Bounty, The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
Dec. 17, 1944Born: Manchester, England

Ernie Hudson - Actor
Ghostbusters, Weeds
Dec. 17, 1945Born: Benton Harbor, Michigan

Eugene Levy - Comedian/writer
Dec. 17, 1946Born: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Marilyn Hassett - Actress
Bell Jar, Other Side of Mountain
Dec. 17, 1947Born: Los Angeles, CA.

'Wes' [Wesley] Studi - Actor
Last of the Mohicans
Dec. 17, 1947Born: Nofire Hollow, Oklahoma

Barry Livingston - Actor
Ernie on 'My 3 Sons'
Dec. 17, 1953Born: Los Angeles, CA.

Bill Pullman - Actor
Sommersby, League of their Own, Independence Day, Ruthless People
Dec. 17, 1953Born: Hornell, New York

[Antonino] Giovonni Ribisi - Actor
Cory on 'My 2 Dads', New Leave it To Beaver
Dec. 17, 1974Born: Los Angeles, CA.

Milla Jovovich [Milica Nataša Jovović] - Actress
Return to Blue Lagoon, Chaplin, Resident Evil Series
Dec. 17, 1975Born: Kiev, Ukraine

Jaimee Foxworth - Actor
Judy Winslow on 'Family Matters', Crave
Dec. 17, 1979Born: Belleville, Illinois

Janet Margolin - Actress
Take the Money & Run, David & Lisa
Jul. 25, 1943Born: Los Angeles, CA,
Dec. 17, 1993Died of ovarian cancer at the age of 50

 December 16
St Patrick
Patron St of Ireland
Dec. 16, 385Born: Roman Britain
Mar. 17, 493Dies in Saul (according to legend)

Noel [Peirce] Coward - Actor/Playwright
In Which We Serve-1942 Academy Award
Dec. 16, 1899Born: Teddington, Middlesex, England

Hardie Albright [Hardie Albrecht] - Actor
Bewitched, Bambi, Gunsmoke
Dec. 16, 1902Born: Charleroi, Pennsylvania

Arthur C. [Charles] Clarke - Sci-fi author
2001, 2010, Childhood's End
Dec. 16, 1917Born: Somerset, England

Terry Carter [John E. DeCoste] - Actor
McCloud, Battlestar Galactica
Dec. 16, 1928Born: Brooklyn, New York

Thelma [Alice] Todd - Actress
Monkey Business, Horse Feathers, Dangerous Female, Devil's Brother
Jul. 29, 1906Born: Lawrence, Massachusetts
Dec. 16, 1935Died from accidental carbon monoxide poisoning, but was probably murdered.

Joyce Bulifant - Actress
Marie on 'Mary Tyler Moore Show'
Dec. 16, 1937Born: Newport News, Virginia

Liv [Johanne] Ullman - Actress
Cries & Whispers, 40 Carats
Dec. 16, 1938Born: Tokyo, Japan

Patti Deutsch - Comedienne
Ace Trucking Co, Laugh-in
Dec. 16, 1945Born: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

'Ben' [Harry Bernard] Cross - Actor
Chariots of Fire, Far Pavillions
Dec. 16, 1947Born: London, England

Terence Knox [Terry Davis] - Actor
Peter on 'St Elsewhere', Tour of Duty
Dec. 16, 1952Born: Richland, Washington

Alison La Placa - Actress
Duet, Catherine-John Larroquette Show
Dec. 16, 1959Born: Newark, New Jersey

Maruschka Detmers - Actress
Devil in the Flesh
Dec. 16, 1962Born: Schoonebeek, Netherlands

Benjamin Bratt - Actor
Detective Reynaldo Curtis on 'Law & Order'
Dec. 16, 1963Born: San Francisco, California

Gail Harris [Gail Robyn Thackray] - Actress
Virtual Desire
Dec. 16, 1964Born: Dewsbury, England

Moses Gunn - Actor
Amityville II, Good Times, Shaft
Oct. 2, 1929Born: St. Louis, MO.
Dec. 16, 1993Died from the complications of asthma at 64

Madlyn Rhue [née Madeleine Roche] - Actress
Bracken's World, Executive Suite,Star Trek TOS
Dec. 16, 2003Died from pneumonia at 68

 December 15
Frank Vosper - Actor
Man Who Knew Too Much
Dec. 15, 1899Born: London, England

Jeff Chandler [Ira Grossel] - Actor
Broken Arrow, Away All Boats
Dec. 15, 1918Born: Brooklyn, New York

'Alan' [Albert James] Freed
DJ, accepted payola / Introduced term "rock-n-roll"
Dec. 15, 1922Born: Johnstown, Pennsylvania

'Tim' [Thomas Daniel] Conway - Comic
McHale's Navy, Carol Burnett Show
Dec. 15, 1933Born: Willoughby, Ohio

Karen Morrow - Actress
Aunt Minerva on 'Tabitha', Jim Nabors Hour
Dec. 15, 1936Born: Chicago, Illinois

Geoffrey Davies - Actor
Doctor at Sea, Doctor on the Go
Dec. 15, 1942Born: Yorkshire, England

Thaao Penghlis - Actor
Mission Impossible, Tony-Days of our Life
Dec. 15, 1945Born: Sydney, Australia

'Don' [Donnie Wayne] Johnson - Actor
A Boy and His Dog, Miami Vice, Harrad Experiment
Dec. 15, 1949Born: Flat Creek, Missouri

Melanie Chartoff - Actress
Fridays, Parker Lewis
Dec. 15, 1954Born: New Haven, Connecticut

Marta Dubois - Actress
Tales of the Gold Monkey, Silk Stockings, McBride, Star Trek TNG
Dec. 15, 1957Born: David, Panama

Heidi Bohay - Actress
Megan on 'Hotel'
Dec. 15, 1959Born: Somerset, New Jersey

Don Franklin - Actor
Seaquest 2032, Noah Dixon-The Young Riders
Dec. 15, 1960Born: Chicago, Illinois

Charles Laughton - Actor
Mutiny on the Bounty
Jul. 1, 1899Born: Scarborough, Yorkshire, England
Dec. 15, 1962Died at the age of 63

Helen [Rachel] Slater - Actress
Supergirl, Billie Jean, Ruthless People
Dec. 15, 1963Born: Massapequa, New York

'Walt [Walter Elias] Disney - Animator
Mickey Mouse
Dec. 15, 1966Died of cardiac arrest at 65

Garrett [Richard] Wang - Actor
Star Trek Voyager
Dec. 15, 1968Born: Riverside, California

Chill [Theodore] Wills - Actor
Fronteir Circus, Rounders, Francis the Mule, Giant
Jul. 18, 1903Born: Seagoville, Texas
Dec. 15, 1978Died of cancer at 76

 December 14
[Michel de] Nostradamus
French astrologer/physician/prophet
Dec. 14, 1503Born: Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, France
Jul. 2, 1566Dies in Salon at 63

George Washington - 1st American President
Feb. 22, 1732Born: Westmoreland County, Va.
Dec. 14, 1799Died at 67

Frances [Elizabeth] Beauvier - Actress
Aunt Bea on 'Andy Griffith Show'
Dec. 14, 1902Born: New York City, New York

Guy Middleton [Powell] - Actor
Gentlemen Marry Brunettes
Dec. 14, 1907Born: Hove, England

Morey Amsterdam - Comedian
Buddy on 'Dick Van Dyke Show'
Dec. 14, 1908Born: Chicago, Illinois
Oct. 27, 1996Died of a heart attack at 87

Laurence Naismith - Actor
Judge Fulton-Persuaders
Dec. 14, 1908Born: Surrey, England

'Dan' [Daniel James] Dailey - Dancer/actor
Governor Drinkwater on 'Governor & JJ'
Dec. 14, 1913Born: New York City, New York

Elyse Knox [Elsie Lillian Kornbrath] - Actress
Hit the Ice, Black Gold
Dec. 14, 1917Born: Hartford, Connecticut

[Israel] Sully Boyar - Actor
Car Wash
Dec. 14, 1923Born: Brooklyn, New York

George Furth [George Schweinfurth] - Actor/director
Tammy, Good Guys, Dumplings
Dec. 14, 1932Born: Chicago, Illinois

Barbara Leigh Hunt - Actress
Search for the Nile
Dec. 14, 1935Born: Bath, England

Lee [Ann] Remick - Actress
Anatomy of a Murder
Dec. 14, 1935Born: Quincy, Massachusetts
Jul. 2, 1991Dies at 55 from cancer

Lewis [Michael] Arquette - Actor
Horror Show, Book of Love
Dec. 14, 1935Born: Chicago, Illinois

Marilyn Cooper - Actress
Broadway Bound, Survivors
Dec. 14, 1936Born: New York City, New York

Janette Scott - Actress
Day of the Triffids
Dec. 14, 1938Born: Morecambe, Lancashire, England

Hal Williams - Actor
Pvt Benjamin, 227, Sanford & Son
Dec. 14, 1938Born: Columbus, Ohio

'Patty' [Anna Marie] Duke - Actress
Miracle Worker
Dec. 14, 1946Born: Elmhurst, Queens, New York

Jane [Mallory] Birkin - Actress
Mrs Don Juan, Dark Places, Dust
Dec. 14, 1946Born: London, England

Dee Wallace Stone [Deanna Bowers] - Actress
Critters, Secret Admirer, 10
Dec. 14, 1948Born: Kansas City, Missouri

Vicki Michelle - Actress
Virgin Witch, Allo Allo
Dec. 14, 1950Born: Chigwell, Essex, England

Celia Weston - Actress
Jolene on 'Alice'
Dec. 14, 1951Born: Spartanburg, South Carolina

'T K' [Thomas Kent] Carter - Actor
Mike on 'Punky Brewster', Just our Luck
Dec. 14, 1956Born: Monrovia, California

Verna Felton - Actress
Hilda on 'December Bride'
Jul. 20, 1890Born: Salinas, Calif.
Dec. 14, 1966Died at 76

Noelle Beck - Actress
Trisha on 'Loving', Fletch Lives
Dec. 14, 1968Born: Baltimore, Maryland

Myrna Loy [Myrna Adele Williams] - Actress
Rebound, Emma
Aug. 2, 1905Born: Radersburg, Montana
Dec. 14, 1993Died at 88

 December 13
Norman Foster [Norman Hoeffer] - Actor
Skyscraper Souls, Charlie Chan
Dec. 13, 1900Born: Richmond, Indiana

'Van' [Emmett Evan] Heflin - Actor
Great Adventure, Madame Bovary
Dec. 13, 1910Born: Walters, Oklahoma

Lillian Roth [Rutstein] - Singer/actress
Animal Crackers
Dec. 13, 1910Born: Boston, Massachusetts

'Mark' [Richard William] Stevens - Actor
Big Town, Martin Kane, The Street with No Name
Dec. 13, 1916Born: Cleveland, Ohio

Don Taylor - Actor
Father's Little Dividend
Dec. 13, 1920Born: Freeport, Pennsylvania

'Dick' [Richard Wayne] Van Dyke - Actor
Rob Petrie on 'Dick Van Dyke Show'
Dec. 13, 1925Born: West Plains, Missouri

Eve Meyer [Turner] - Playboy Playmate/actress
Immoral Mr Teas
Dec. 13, 1928Born: Atlanta, GA
Mar. 27, 1977Dies in a plane crash at 46

'Christopher' [Arthur Christopher Orme] Plummer - Actor
Sound of Music, Doll's House
Dec. 13, 1929Born: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Robert Prosky [Robert Joseph Porzuczek] - Actor
Christine, Sergeant Jablonski on 'Hill Steet Blues'
Dec. 13, 1930Born: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Thelma Todd - Actress
Dangerous Female, Devil's Brother
Dec. 13, 1935She was found dead in her car inside her garage, by carbon monoxide poisoning at 29

John [Hamilton] Davidson - TV host
Hollywood Squares, That's Incredible
Dec. 13, 1941Born: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Anouska Hempel [Anouska Geissler] - Actress
Tiffany Jones
Dec. 13, 1941Born: Wellington, New Zealand

'Kathy' [Kathleen Marie Allison] Garver - Actress
Cissy on 'Family Affair'
Dec. 13, 1947Born: Long Beach, Calif,

'Ted' [Theodore] Nugent - Guitarist
Cat Scratch Fever, Damn Yankees
Dec. 13, 1948Born: Detroit, Michigan

Robert Lindsay [Stevenson] - Actor
Strike it Rich, King Lear
Dec. 13, 1949Born: Ilkeston, Derbyshire, England

Heather North [Kenney] - Actress
The Barefoot Executive
Dec. 13, 1950Born: Pasadena, California

Wendie Malick - Actress
Just Shoot Me
Dec. 13, 1950Born: Buffalo, New York

Steve [Vincent] Buscemi - Actor
Fargo, Reservoir Dogs, Con Air
Dec. 13, 1957Born: Brooklyn, New York

Lynn Holly Johnson - Actress
Ice Castles
Dec. 13, 1958Born: Chicago, Illinois

Jamie Foxx [Eric Marlon Bishop] - Comedian
In Living Color
Dec. 13, 1967Born: Terrell, Texas

Peter [Lawrence] Boyle - Actor
Joe, Candidate, Young Frankenstein, Taxi Driver, Everybody Loves Raymond
Oct. 18, 1935Born: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Dec. 13, 2006Died from multiple myeloma and heart disease.

 December 12
Douglas Fairbanks Sr. [Douglas Elton Ullman] - Actor
Zorro, 3 Musketeers, Robin Hood
May. 23, 1883Born: Denver, CO,
Dec. 12, 1939Died from a a heart attack at 56

Laura Hope Crews - Actress
Camille, Gone with the Wind
Dec. 12, 1879Born: San Francisco, California

Owen Moore - Actor
She Done Him Wrong
Dec. 12, 1886Born: Fordstown Crossroads, County Meath, Ireland

Edward G Robinson [Emanuel Goldenberg] - Actor
10 Commandments
Dec. 12, 1893Born: Bucharest, Romania

Eve Lister - Actress/singer
No Limit, Hyde Park
Dec. 12, 1913Born: Brighton, Sussex, England

'Frank' [Francis Albert] Sinatra - Singer/actor
Rat Pack
Dec. 12, 1915Born: Hoboken, New Jersey

'Bob' [Robert William] Barker - Game show emcee
Price is Right
Dec. 12, 1923Born: Darrington, Washington

'Ed' [Edward Irving] Koch -
Mayor-D-NY, 1977-89/judge (People's Court
Dec. 12, 1924Born: New York City, New York

Honor Blackman - Actress
Pussy Galore on 'Goldfinger'
Dec. 12, 1926Born: London, England

Brandon Maggart [Brandon Roscoe] - Actor
George on 'Jennifer Slept Here'
Dec. 12, 1933Born: Carthage, Tennessee

Connie Francis [Concetta Rosa Maria Franconero] - Singer/actress
Where the Boys Are
Dec. 12, 1938Born: Newark, New Jersey

[Marie] Dionne Warwick - Singer
Solid Gold, Way to San Jose
Dec. 12, 1940Born: East Orange, New Jersey

Tim Hauser - Jazz singer
Manhattan Transfer-Tuxedo Junction
Dec. 12, 1941Born: Troy, New York

Caren Kaye - Actress
My Tutor, Blansky's Beauties
Dec. 12, 1951Born: New York City, New York

Sarah Douglas - Actress
Conan, Superman II, Falcon Crest
Dec. 12, 1952Born: Stratford-on-Avon, Warwickshire

Ana Alicia [Ana Alicia Ortiz] - Actress
Melissa on 'Falcon Crest'
Dec. 12, 1956Born: Mexico City, Mexico

Sheree J Wilson - Actress
Our Family Honor, Dallas
Dec. 12, 1958Born: Rochester, Minnesota

Jennifer [Lynn] Connelly - Actress
Labyrinth, Rocketeer
Dec. 12, 1970Born: Catskill Mountains, New York

Madchen Amick - Actress
Shelly Johnson on 'Twin Peaks'
Dec. 12, 1970Born: Sparks, Nevada

'Missy' [Melissa Ann] Francis - Actress
Little House on the Prairie
Dec. 12, 1972Born: Los Angeles, CA.

Mayim [Hoya] Bialik - Actress
Blossom, Beaches
Dec. 12, 1975Born: San Diego, California

Roland Mapes Jr - Ren Fester, Vorpal Holder, Friend - Actress
Blossom, Beaches
Dec. 12, 1981Born: Rochester, MI

Anne Baxter - Actress
Myra on 'Marcus Welby', Victoria on 'Hotel'
May. 7, 1923Born: Michigan City, IN,
Dec. 12, 1985Died from a brain aneurysm

George Montgomery [Letz] - Actor
Battle of Bulge, Hallucination
Aug. 29, 1916Born: Brady, Montana
Dec. 12, 2000Died at 84

[Charles] Van Johnson - Actor
Brigadoon, A Guy Named Joe, Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo, Batman, Here's Lucy
The Love Boat
Aug. 25, 1916Born: Newport, Rhode Island
Dec. 12, 2008Died of natural causes at 92

 December 11
Jean [Alfred Villain] Marais - Actor
Eternal Return, Beauty & the Beast, The Storm Within, Donkey Skin
Dec. 11, 1913Born: Cherbourg, Manche, France

Marie Windsor [Emily Marie Bertelson] - Actress
Queen of the "B's", Cat-Women of the Moon, Double Deal
Dec. 11, 1919Born: Marysvale, Piute County, Utah

Betsy Blair [Elizabeth Winifred Boger] - Actress
Dec. 11, 1923Born: Cliffside Park, New Jersey

Jean Louis [Trintignant] - Actor/director
Man & A Woman, Z
Dec. 11, 1930Born: Piolenc, France

Rita Moreno [Rosa Dolores Alverio] - Actress
West Side Story
Dec. 11, 1931Born: Humacao, Puerto Rico

Ron Carey [Ronald Joseph Cicenia] - Actor
Barney Miller, Montefuscos, High Anxiety
Dec. 11, 1935Born: Newark, New Jersey

Tom Fuccello - Actor
Dave on 'Dallas'
Dec. 11, 1936Born: Newark, New Jersey

Donna Mills [Jean Miller] - Actress
Knots Landing, Incident
Dec. 11, 1942Born: Chicago, Illinois

Lynda Day George - Actress
Casey on 'Mission Impossible'
Dec. 11, 1944Born: San Marcos, Texas

Teri [Ann] Garr - Actress
Mr Mom, Young Frankenstein
Dec. 11, 1946Born: Lakewood, Ohio

'Bess' [Elizabeth Key] Armstrong - Actress
Julia on 'On Our Own', 4 Seasons, Jaws
Dec. 11, 1953Born: Baltimore, Maryland

Ken Wahl [Anthony Calzaretta] - Actor
Wanderers, Wise Guys
Dec. 11, 1954Born: Chicago, Illinois

Peter Isacksen - Actor
CPO Sharkey, Jessie
Dec. 11, 1954Born: Fullerton, California

Isabella Hoffmann - Actress
Kate on 'Dear John'
Dec. 11, 1958Born: Chicago, Illinois

Rider [King] Strong - Actor
Shawn Hunter on 'Boy Meets World'
Dec. 11, 1979Born: San Francisco, California

Betty [Mae] Page - Playmate
January 1955 / Model (Dark Angel
Apr. 22, 1923Born: Kingsport ,TN,
Dec. 11, 2008Died at 85

 December 10
Ray [Bidwell] Collins - Actor
Halls of Ivy, Perry Mason
Dec. 10, 1889Born: Sacramento, California
Jul. 11, 1965Dies at 75

Una Merkel - Actress
42nd Street, Abraham Lincoln
Dec. 10, 1903Born: Covington, Kentucky

Dorothy Lamour [Mary Leta Dorothy Slaton] - Actress
Road to Bali, Greatest Show on Earth
Dec. 10, 1914Born: New Orleans, Louisiana

Anne Gwynne - Actress
Ride 'em Cowboy, House of Frankenstein
Dec. 10, 1918Born: Waco, Texas

Harold Gould [Harold V. Goldstein - Actor
He & She, Martin on 'Rhoda', Big Bus
Dec. 10, 1923Born: Schenectady, New York

John Colicos - Actor
Star Trek TOS, Battlestar Galactica
Dec. 10, 1928Born: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Dan Blocker - Actor
Tiny-Cimarron City, Hoss-Bonanza
Dec. 10, 1928Born: De Kalb, Texas
May. 13, 1972Dies at 43

Fionnula Flanagan - Actress
Rich Man Poor Man, Star Trek TNG, DS9, ENT
Dec. 10, 1941Born: Dublin, Ireland

'Tommy' [Thomas Noel] Rettig - Actor
Jeff on 'Lassie'
Dec. 10, 1941Born: Queens, New York

'Tommy' [Thomas Lee] Kirk - Actor
Old Yeller, The Shaggy Dog, Swiss Family Robinson, The Absent-Minded Professor
Dec. 10, 1941Born: Louisville, Kentucky

'Teddy' [Theodore] Wilson - Actor
That's My Mama, Sanford Arms
Dec. 10, 1943Born: New York City, New York

Tisha Sterling - Actress
Coogan's Bluff
Dec. 10, 1944Born: Los Angeles, CA.

Susan [Hallock] Dey - Actress
1st Love, Partridge Family, LA Law
Dec. 10, 1952Born: Pekin, Illinois

Kenneth [Charles] Branagh - Actor/director
High Season, Dead Again
Dec. 10, 1960Born: Belfast, Ireland

Nia Peeples [Vernia] - Actress/dancer/singer/host
Fame, Party Machine
Dec. 10, 1961Born: Hollywood, California

Otis [Ray] Redding - Singer
Sittin' on the Dock of the Bay.
Sep. 9, 1941Born: Dawson, Georgia
Dec. 10, 1967Died in a plane crash at 26

Richard [Salvatore] Castellano - Actor
Godfather, Lovers & Other Strangers
Sep. 4, 1933Born: Bronx, NY,
Dec. 10, 1988Died from a heart attack at the age of 55

Shirley [Ann] Hemphill - Actress
What's Happening
Jul. 1, 1947Born: Asheville, NC,
Dec. 10, 1999Died of kidney failure at 52

 December 9
Hermione [Ferdinanda] Gingold - Actress
Gigi, Music Man
Dec. 9, 1897Born: London, England

Margaret Hamilton - Actress
Wicked Witch-Wizard of Oz
Dec. 9, 1902Born: Cleveland, Ohio

Douglas [Elton] Fairbanks Jr - Actor
Ghost Story
Dec. 9, 1909Born: New York City, New York

[William] Broderick Crawford - Actor
All the King's Men, Highway Patrol, Hunter, Liar's Moon
Dec. 9, 1911Born: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Kirk Douglas [Issur Danielovitch Demsky] - Actor
Gunfight at the OK Corral, 7 Days in May
Dec. 9, 1918Born: Amsterdam, New York

Redd Foxx [John Elroy Sanford] - Comedian
Sanford & Son, Redd Foxx Show
Dec. 9, 1922Born: St. Louis, Missouri
Oct. 11, 1991Died heart Failure at 69

Dina Merrill [Nedenia Marjorie Hutton] - Actress
Operation Petticoat, Butterfield 8
Dec. 9, 1925Born: New York City, New York

Dick Van Patten - Actor
Tom Bradford on '8 is Enough'
Dec. 9, 1928Born: Queens, New York

John [Nicholas] Cassavetes - Actor
Dirty Dozen, Rosemary's Baby
Dec. 9, 1929Born: New York City, New York

Buck Henry [Zuckerman] - Screenwriter/comedian
Saturday Night Live, Get Smart
Dec. 9, 1930Born: New York City, New York

Judi [Olivia] Dench - Actress
As Time Goes By, 007's 'M'
Dec. 9, 1934Born: York, North Yorkshire, England

'Beau' [Lloyd Vernet] Bridges - Actor
Hotel New Hampshire, 5th Musketeer
Dec. 9, 1941Born: Los Angeles, CA.

Laird Cregar - Actor
Charley's Aunt, Hangover Square
Dec. 9, 1944Died of a heart attack at 31

Michael Nouri - Actor
Beacon Hill, Bay City Blues
Dec. 9, 1945Born: Washington, DC.

Ron Vawter - Actor
Philadelphia, Empire City, Twister
Dec. 9, 1948Born: Latham, New York

Michael Dorn - Actor
Worf on Star Trek TNG, DS9
Dec. 9, 1952Born: Luling, Texas

John [Gavin] Malkovich - Actor/director
Killing Fields
Dec. 9, 1953Born: Christopher, Illinois

Pamela M Brooks [Guthrie]
Child trouble maker, Adult beer drinker
Dec. 9, 1955Born: Detroit, Michigan

Joe Lando - Actor
Byron Sully on 'Dr Quinn'
Dec. 9, 1961Born: Prairie View, Illinois

Brad Savage - Actor
Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice
Dec. 9, 1965Born: Livonia, Michigan

Allison Smith - Actress
Jennie-Cagney & Lacey, Kate & Allie
Dec. 9, 1969Born: New York City, New York

Star Trek Next Generation
Dec. 9, 2340Born: Qo'noS

 December 8
Frank Faylen [Frank Ruf] - Actor
Herbert Gillis on 'Dobie Gillis'
Dec. 8, 1905Born: St. Louis, Missouri

Lee J Cobb [Leo Jacoby] - Actor
Virginian, 12 Angry Men, On the Waterfront
Dec. 8, 1911Born: New York City, New York

Terence [Ivan Grant] Morgan - Actor
Adventures of Sir Francis Drake
Dec. 8, 1921Born: London, England

'Sammy' [Samuel George] Davis Jr - Singer/dancer/actor
Ocean's 11, Candy Man
Dec. 8, 1925Born: New York City, New York
May. 16, 1990Dies from throat cancer at 64

'Flip' [Clerow] Wilso - Comic
The Flip Wilson Show
Dec. 8, 1933Born: Jersey City, NJ

'David' [John Arthur] Carradine - Actor
Kung-Fu, Boxcar Bertha, Young Guns
Dec. 8, 1936Born: Hollywood, California

James [Gordon] MacArthur - Actor
Dano Williams on 'Hawaii 5-0'
Dec. 8, 1937Born: Los Angeles, CA.

Jenny Linden - Actress
Hedda, Dr Who & the Daleks
Dec. 8, 1939Born: Worthing, Sussex, England

'Jim' [James Douglas] Morrison - Rocker
Dec. 8, 1943Born: Melbourne, Florida
Jul. 3, 1971Dies of heart failure in Paris

Mary Woronov - Actress
Eating Raoul, Terror Vision
Dec. 8, 1943Born: Brooklyn Heights, New York

[Samuel] Laird Cregar - Actor
Charley's Aunt, Hangover Square
Jul. 28, 1916Born: Philadelphia, PA,
Dec. 8, 1944Died of a heart attack at 31

John [Arthur] Rubinstein - Actor/composer
Family, Boys from Brazil
Dec. 8, 1946Born: Los Angeles, CA.

Belinda Balaski - Actor
Cannonball, Proud Men, Howling
Dec. 8, 1947Born: Inglewood, California

'Kim' [Kimila Ann] Basinger - Actress
9½ Weeks, Batman
Dec. 8, 1953Born: Athens, Georgia

'Sam' [Samuel Burl] Kinison
Dec. 8, 1953Born: Yakima, Washington
Apr. 10, 1992Dies in a car crash at 38

Teri [Lynn] Hatcher - Actress
Lois Lane on 'Lois & Clark'
Dec. 8, 1964Born: Sunnyvale, California

John [Winston] Lennon - Beatle
Oct. 9, 1940Born: Liverpool, England
Dec. 8, 1980Died :assassinated at 40 in New York by Mark David Chapman

Slim Pickens [Louis Burton Lindley, Jr] - Actor
Dr Strangelove, Blazing Saddles
Jun. 29, 1919Born: Kingsburg, Calif,
Dec. 8, 1983Died from a brain tumor at the age of 64

 December 7
Fay [Okell] Bainter - Actress
Jezebel, Our Town, State Fair
Dec. 7, 1893Born: Los Angeles, CA.

Jack Pennick - Actor
Lady From Louisiana
Dec. 7, 1895Born: Portland, Oregon

Rod Cameron [Nathan Roderick Cox] - Actor
City Detective, State Trooper
Dec. 7, 1910Born: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Eli [Herschel] Wallach - Actor
Magnificent 7, Misfits, People Next Door
Dec. 7, 1915Born: Brooklyn, New York

Ted Knight [Tadeusz Wladyslaw Konopka] - Actor
Mary Tyler Moore Show
Dec. 7, 1923Born: Terryville, Connecticut
Aug. 26, 1986Dies at 62

Ellen Burstyn [Edna Rae Gillooly] - Actress
Exorcist, Alice Doesn't Live Here
Dec. 7, 1932Born: Detroit, Michigan

Mike Minor [Michael Fedderson] - Actor
Steve on 'Petticoat Junction', All My Children
Dec. 7, 1940Born: San Francisco, California

Attack on Pearl Harbo
ttack on Pearl Harbor
Dec. 7, 1941was a surprise military strike by the Japanese navy against the United States naval base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii

Harry [Forster] Chapin - Singer/Songwriter
Taxi, Cat's in the Craddle
Dec. 7, 1942Born: New York City, New York
Jul. 16, 1981Died at 39

Julie Halston [Julie Abatelli] - Actress
Juror, Drunks, Addams Family Values
Dec. 7, 1954Born: Long Island, New York

Priscilla Barnes - Actress
License to Kill, Three's Company
Dec. 7, 1955Born: Fort Dix, New Jersey

Michael [Robert] Healy - (Child trouble maker, adult upstart) - Actress
License to Kill, Three's Company
Dec. 7, 1957Born: Detroit, Michigan

C [Christopher] Thomas Howell - Actor
Red Dawn, Tank, Soul Man
Dec. 7, 1966Born: Los Angeles, CA.

Harry Morgan [Harry Bratsburg] - Actor
December Bride, Dragnet, MASH
Apr. 10, 1915Born: Detroit, MI,
Dec. 7, 2011Died at the age of 96

 December 6
Agnes [Robertson] Moorehead - Actress
Twilight Zone, Endora on 'Bewitched'
Dec. 6, 1906Born: Clinton, Massachusetts
Apr. 30, 1974Dies from cancer at 67

'Wally' [Wallace Maynard] Cox - Actor
Mr Peepers, Hollywood Squares
Dec. 6, 1924Born: Detroit, Michigan

King Moody - Actor
Shtarker on 'Get Smart'
Dec. 6, 1929Born: New York City, New York

David Ossman - Comedian
Firesign Theater
Dec. 6, 1936Born: Santa Monica, Calif

James Naughton - Actor
Trauma Center, Making the Grade, Stranger is Watching
Dec. 6, 1945Born: Middletown, Connecticut

[Margaret] JoBeth Williams - Actress
Kramer vs Kramer, Poltergeist
Dec. 6, 1948Born: Houston, Texas

Gina Hecht - Actress
Melanie-Hizzoner, Mork & Mindy
Dec. 6, 1953Born: Winter Park, Florida

Thomas Hulce - Actor
Amadeus, Equus, Echo Park
Dec. 6, 1953Born: Whitewater, Wisconsin,

Steven [Alexander] Wright - Comedian
Steven Wright Live
Dec. 6, 1955Born: Burlington, Massachusetts

Janine Turner [Janine Loraine Gauntt ] - Actress
Maggie on 'Northern Exposure'
Dec. 6, 1963Born: Lincoln, Nebraska

Spanky Marcus - Actor
Sigmund and the Sea Monsters, Jimmy Joe on 'Mary Hartman'
Dec. 6, 1967Born: Hollywood, California

Don Ameche [Dominic Felix Amici] - Actor
Cocoon, Trading Places
May. 31, 1908Born: Kenosha, WI,
Dec. 6, 1993Died at the age of 85

 December 5
Walter [Elias] Disney - Animator
Mickey Mouse
Dec. 5, 1901Born: Chicago, Illinois

Margaret Hayes - Actress
Robert Montgomery Presents, Blackboard Jungle
Dec. 5, 1916Born: Baltimore, Maryland

'Alvy' [Jack Alvin] Moore - Actor
Mr Kimball on 'Green Acres'
Dec. 5, 1921Born: Vincennes, Indiana
May. 4, 1997Dies at 75

George [Demosthene] Savalas - Acto
Kelly's Heroes, Kojak
Dec. 5, 1924Born: Bronx, New York

Randy Kirby - Actor
Randy-Girl From UNCLE
Dec. 5, 1942Born: Chicago, Illinois

Jeroen [Aar] Krabbé - Actor
Dec. 5, 1944Born: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Lewis Arlt - Actor
Littlest Victims, Ken-Another World
Dec. 5, 1949Born: Kingston, New York

Morgan Brittany [Suzanne Cupito] - Actress
Katherine on 'Dallas'
Dec. 5, 1951Born: Los Angeles, CA.

Connie Needham [Connie Marie Bowen] - Actress
Elizabeth on '8 is Enough'
Dec. 5, 1959Born: Anaheim, California

Carrie Hamilton - Actress
Dec. 5, 1963Born: New York City, New York

Lisa Marie [Smith] - Actress
Mars Attacks
Dec. 5, 1968Born: Piscataway, New Jersey

'Margaret' [Moran] Cho - Actress/comedienne
Face/Off, Lost Room
Dec. 5, 1968Born: San Francisco, California

Ross [Elliot] Bagley - Actor
Nicky on 'Fresh Prince Of Bel Air'
Dec. 5, 1988Born: Los Angeles, CA.

Beverly Garland [Beverly Lucy Fessenden] - Actress
Swamp Women, Not of This Earth, My 3 Sons, Twilight Zone
Oct. 17, 1926Born: Santa Cruz, California
Dec. 5, 2008Died at 82

 December 4
Buck Jones [Charles F Gebhart] - Actor
War Horse
Dec. 4, 1889Born: Vincennes, Indiana

'Jimmy Jewel' [James Arthur Thomas J. Marsh] - Comedia
Nearest and Dearest,Spring and Autumn
Dec. 4, 1909Born: Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England

Michael Bates - Actor
Clockwork Orange, Patton
Dec. 4, 1920Born: Jhansi, British India

Deanna Durbin [Edna Mae Durbin] - Actress/vocalist
100 Men & a Girl
Dec. 4, 1921Born: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Gérard Philipe - Actor
Caligula, Le Diable au Corps
Dec. 4, 1922Born: Cannes, France

Dena Dietrich - Actress
Ethel on 'The Ropers', Chiffon margarines' "Mother Nature".
Dec. 4, 1928Born: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Horst [Werner] Buchholz - Actor
Magnificent 7, Raid on Entebbe, Sahara
Dec. 4, 1933Born: Berlin, Germany

Victor [Edwin] French - Actor
Highway to Heaven
Dec. 4, 1934Born: Santa Barbara, California
Jun. 15, 1989Dies at 54 of cancer

'Wink' [Winston Conrad] Martindale - TV host
Tic-Tac-Dough, Can You Top This
Dec. 4, 1934Born: Jackson, Tennessee

Donnelly Rhodes - Actor
Dutch on 'Soap', Double Trouble, Battlestar Galactica
Dec. 4, 1937Born: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

'Max' [Maximilian Adalbert] Baer Jr - Actor
Jethro on 'Beverly Hillbillies'
Dec. 4, 1937Born: Oakland, Calif.

'Jeff' [Jeffrey Leon] Bridges - Actor
Stay Hungry, Jagged Edge, Against All Odds
Dec. 4, 1949Born: Los Angeles, CA.

Pamela Stephenson - Actress
Superman 3, Sat Night Live, Not the Nine O'Clock News
Dec. 4, 1949Born: Takapuna, Auckland, New Zealand

Patricia Wettig - Actress
Nancy Weston-30 Something
Dec. 4, 1951Born: Cincinnati, Ohio

Marisa Tomei - Actress
My Cousin Vinny
Dec. 4, 1964Born: Brooklyn, New York

Chelsea Noble [Nancy Mueller] - Actress
Kate on 'Growing Pains'
Dec. 4, 1964Born: Buffalo, New York

Tyra [Lynne] Banks - Model/actress
Higher Learning, Fresh Prince of Bel Air
Dec. 4, 1973Born: Los Angeles, CA.

Frank [Vincent] Zappa - Music/composer
Mothers of Invention
Dec. 21, 1940Born: Baltimore, Maryland
Dec. 4, 1993Died of prostate cancer at 52

 December 3
Isabelle Harriet Lucas - Actress/singer
Outland, Comics
Dec. 3, 1927Born: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

'Andy' [Howard Andrew] Williams - Singer
Moon River, Andy Williams Show
Dec. 3, 1930Born: Wall Lake, Iowa

'Jaye P' [Mary Margaret] Morgan - Singer/actress
Gong Show, Night Patrol
Dec. 3, 1931Born: Mancos, Colorado

Nicolas Coster - Actor
Lionel on 'Santa Barbara', Robert Delaney on 'Another World', Electric Horse
Dec. 3, 1934Born: London, England

'Ozzy' [John Michael] Osbourne - Rock vocalist
Black Sabbath-Bark at the Moon
Dec. 3, 1948Born: Aston, Birmingham, England

Heather Menzies - Actress
Jessica-Logan's Run
Dec. 3, 1949Born: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Melody Anderson - Actress
Natalie Dillon-All My Children, Flash Gordon, Brooke-Manimal
Dec. 3, 1955Born: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Hart [Matthew] Bochner - Actor/director
Rich & Famous
Dec. 3, 1956Born: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Daryl [Christine] Hannah - Actress
Splash, Blade Runner
Dec. 3, 1960Born: Chicago, Illinois

Julianne Moore [Julie Anne Smith] - Actress
Lost World, 9 Months
Dec. 3, 1960Born: Ft. Bragg, Fayetteville, North Carolina

Brendan [James] Fraser - Actor
School Ties, 20 Bucks, The Mummy
Dec. 3, 1968Born: Indianapolis, Indiana

Anna Chlumsky - Actress
My Girl
Dec. 3, 1980Born: Chicago, Illinois

Brian Bonsall - Actor
Family Ties, Star Trek Next Generation
Dec. 3, 1981Born: Torrance, California

Kay Elliot - Actres
Star Trek TOS, Bewitched, The Man from U.N.C.L.E. , Gomer Pyle
May. 14, 1929Born: Chicago, Illinois
Dec. 3, 1982Died at the age of 53

Anne Francine - Actress
Harper Valley PTA
Aug. 8, 1917Born: Atlantic City, NJ
Dec. 3, 1999Died at 82

Madeline Kahn [Madeline Gail Wolfson] - Actress
Young Frankenstein, High Anxiety
Sep. 29, 1942Born: Boston, Massachusetts
Dec. 3, 1999Died from ovarian cancer at 57

 December 2
Frank Reicher - Actor
King Kong, Son of Kong
Dec. 2, 1875Born: Munich, Germany

William Gaxton [Arturo Antonio Gaxiola] - Actor
Destry, Convoy
Dec. 2, 1893Born: San Francisco, California

Warren William [Krech] - Actor
Cæsar-Cleopatra, Morgan-Go West Young Man
Dec. 2, 1894Born: Aitkin, Minnesota

Amanda Randolph -Actress
Danny Thomas, Amos n Andy
Dec. 2, 1896Born: Louisville, KY.
Aug. 24, 1967Died at 65 from stroke

Robert F Simon - Actor
Custer, MASH, Man Who Shot Liberty Valance
Dec. 2, 1908Born: Mansfield, Ohio

Rufe Davis - Actor
Cocoanut Grove, Trail Blazers, Gangs of Sonora, Petticoat Junction
Dec. 2, 1908Born: Vinson, Oklahoma

Robert Paige [John Arthur Page] - Actor
Colgate Comedy Hour
Dec. 2, 1910Born: Indianapolis, Indiana

'Ray' [Herman] Walston - Actor
My Favorite Martian, Damn Yankees, Star Trek TNG, VOY
Dec. 2, 1914Born: New Orleans, Louisiana
Jan. 1, 2001Died after a 6 year battle with lupus

Bill Erwi - Actor
Glenn on 'Struck by Lightning', Star Trek TNG
Dec. 2, 1914Born: Honey Grove, Texas

John Bentley - Actor
The Chair, Hammer the Toff
Dec. 2, 1916Born: Sparkhill, Birmingham, England, UK

Leo [Vincent] Gordon - Actor
Circus Boy, Enos, Winds of War
Dec. 2, 1922Born: New York City, New York

Jonathan [Herbert] Frid - Actor
Barnabas Collins on 'Dark Shadows'
Dec. 2, 1924Born: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Julie [Ann] Harris - Actress
Bell Jar, East of Eden
Dec. 2, 1925Born: Grosse Pointe Park, Michigan

Cathy Lee Crosby - Actress
That's Incredible, Wonder Woman
Dec. 2, 1944Born: Los Angeles, CA.

Keith Szarabajka - Actor
Nightlife, The X-Files, Star Trek VOY
Dec. 2, 1952Born: Oak Park, Illinois

'Dan' [Daniel Eugene] Butler - Actor
Bob "Bulldog" Briscoe-Frasier
Dec. 2, 1954Born: Fort Wayne, Indiana

Dennis Christopher - Actor
Breaking Away, California Dreaming, Star Trek DS9
Dec. 2, 1955Born: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Steven Bauer [Esteban Echevarria] - Actor
Scarface, Thief of Hearts
Dec. 2, 1956Born: Havana, Cuba

Rena Sofer - Actress
Eve-Melrose Place, Rocky-Loving, Lois Cerullo-General Hospital
Dec. 2, 1968Born: Arcadia, California

Britney [Jean] Spears - Singer
Baby One More Time, You Drive Me Crazy, Oops I Did It Again
Dec. 2, 1981Born: Kentwood, Louisiana

'Marty' [Martin Alan] Feldman - Comedian
Young Frankenstein
Jul. 8, 1933Born: London, England,
Dec. 2, 1982Died of a heart attack at 49

Desi Arnaz [Desiderio Alberto Arnaz y de Acha III] - Singer/actor
Ricky Ricardo on 'I Love Lucy'
Mar. 2, 1917Born: Santiago, Cuba,
Dec. 2, 1986Died from lung cancer at 69

Robert Cummings [Charles Clarence Robert Orville Cummings] - Actor
Love that Bob, Dial M For Murder
Jun. 9, 1908Born: Joplin, Mo,
Dec. 2, 1990Died at the age of 80

Roxie Roker - Actress
Helen on 'Jeffersons', Roots
Aug. 28, 1929Born: Miami, FL,
Dec. 2, 1995Died of breast cancer at the age of 66.

Gail Fisher - Actress
Peggy on 'Mannix'
Aug. 18, 1935Born: Orange, NJ,
Dec. 2, 2000Died of kidney failure and emphysema brought on by heavy smoking at age 65.

 December 1
Cyril [Trimnell] Ritchard - Actor
Peter Pan, Hans Brinker
Dec. 1, 1897Born: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Joel Fluellen - Actor
Burning Cross, Learning Tree
Dec. 1, 1907Born: Monroe, Louisiana

Mary [Virginia] Martin - Actress
Peter Pan
Dec. 1, 1913Born: Weatherford, Texas

William Tracy - Actor
The Shop Around the Corner, To the Shores of Tripoli
Dec. 1, 1917Born: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Ralph Manza - Actor
Banacek, Mama Malone, Newhart
Dec. 1, 1921Born: San Francisco, California

Paul Picerni - Actor
Agent Lee Hobson on 'The Untouchables'
Dec. 1, 1922Born: New York City, New York

Dick Shawn [Richard Schulefand] - Actor
Producers, Maid to Order, Angel
Dec. 1, 1923Born: Buffalo, New York

David [Fitzgerald] Doyle - Actor
John Bosley on 'Charlie's Angels'
Dec. 1, 1925Born: Omaha, Nebraska

Allyn Ann McLerie - Actress
Tony Randall Show, Thorn Birds
Dec. 1, 1926Born: Grand-Mère, Québec, Canada

Robert Symonds - Actor
Robert E Lee on 'Blue & Gray'
Dec. 1, 1926Born: Bristow, Oklahoma

Keith [Joseph] Michell - Actor
Six Wives of Henry VIII
Dec. 1, 1928Born: Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

'Lou' [Louis Allen] Rawls - Singer
Dean Martin's Gold-diggers, Natural Man
Dec. 1, 1933Born: Chicago, Illinois

Woody Allen [Allen Stuart Konigsberg] - Actor/ Director
Zelig, Annie Hall
Dec. 1, 1935Born: Brooklyn, New York

Richard [Franklin Lennox Thomas] Pryor - Comedian/actor
Lady Sings the Blues, Stir Crazy
Dec. 1, 1940Born: Peoria, Illinois

Bette [Davis] Midler - Singer/Actress
Beaches, First Wives Club
Dec. 1, 1945Born: Honolulu, Hawaii

Richard Keith [Keith Thibodeaux] - Actor
Little Ricky on 'I Love Lucy'
Dec. 1, 1950Born: Lafayette, Louisiana

[Richard] Treat Williams - Actor
Flashpoint, Hair, Dead Heat
Dec. 1, 1951Born: Norwalk, Connecticut

'Bob' [Robert Kuehl] Goen - TV host
Wheel of Fortune, Entertainment Tonight
Dec. 1, 1954Born: Long Beach, Calif,

Charlene Tilton - Actress
Lucy Ewing on 'Dallas'
Dec. 1, 1958Born: San Diego, California

Matthew Laborteaux - Actor
Killing Stone, Deadly Friend
Dec. 1, 1966Born: Los Angeles, CA

Nestor [Gastón] Carbonell - Actor
Luis-Suddenly Susan
Dec. 1, 1967Born: New York City, New York

Jack Colvin - Actor
Jack on 'Incredible Hulk'
Oct. 13, 1932Born: Lyndon, Kansas
Dec. 1, 2005Died at 73

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