May in History  
 May 25
Claude [Marion] Akins - Actor
BJ & Bear, Movin' On, Lobo, Battle for the Planet of the Apes
May. 25, 1918Born: Nelson, GA,
Jan. 27, 1994Died of cancer at 67

Dixie [Virginia] Carter - Actress
Designing Women, Edge of Night
May. 25, 1939Born: McLemoresville, Tenn
Apr. 10, 2010Died from complications from endometrial cancer at 70

Ian [Murray] McKellen - Actor
Keep, Plenty, Scarlet Pimpernel, X Men, Lord of the Rings
May. 25, 1939Born: Burnley, Lancashire, England

Karen Valentine - Actress
Love American Style, Room 222, Gidget Grows Up
May. 25, 1947Born: Sebastopol, California

Connie Selleca [Concetta Sellecchia] - Actress
Hotel, Captain America II
May. 25, 1955Born: Bronx, NY,

Mike [Michael John] Myers - Comedian
SNL, Wayne's World, Austin Powers
May. 25, 1963Born: Scarborough, Ontario

Donald [George William] Crisp - Actor
How Green Was My Valley, Pollyana
Jul. 27, 1880Born: London, England
May. 25, 1974Died due to complications from a series of strokes at 91

 May 24
'Tommy' [Thomas B. Kin] Chong - Comedian/actor
Cheech & Chong
May. 24, 1938Born: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Bob Dylan [Robert Allen Zimmerman] - Singer/songwriter
Blowin' in the Wind
May. 24, 1941Born: Duluth, MN,

Gary [Rich] Burghoff - Actor
Radar on 'MASH'
May. 24, 1943Born: Bristol, CT,

Priscilla [Ann Beaulieu Wagner] Presley - Actress
Jenna on 'Dallas', Naked Gun
May. 24, 1945Born: Brooklyn, NY,

Bill [William] Hobbel - aka Kurgus
Ren Fester, CEO of 'NavG Corp', best bud of 'The Vorpal Master'
May. 24, 1969Born: Detroit, Michigan

'Duke' [Edward Kennedy] Ellington
Apr. 29, 1899Born: Washington DC,
May. 24, 1974Dies of cancer at 75

Barry Atwater - Acto
Star Trek TOS as 'Surak', The Twilight Zone, Perry Mason
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
May. 16, 1918Born: Denver, Colorado
May. 24, 1978Died from a stroke shortly after his 60th birthday

Edward Mulhare - Actor
Ghost & Mrs Muir, Knight Rider
Apr. 8, 1923Born: Carrigaline, Cork, Ireland
May. 24, 1997Dies of lung cancer at 74

 May 23
Boonie and Clyde - Bank Robbers
Ambushed and killed on a rural road in Bienville Parish, Louisiana
May. 23, 1934Died from being shot by a posse of four Texas officers using 130 rounds

Douglas Fairbanks Sr. [Douglas Elton Ullman] - Actor
Zorro, 3 Musketeers, Robin Hood
May. 23, 1883Born: Denver, CO,
Dec. 12, 1939Died from a a heart attack at 56

'Scatman' [Benjamin Sherman] Crothers - Actor
Chico and the Man, Zapped, The Shining, Jazz on 'Transform
May. 23, 1910Born:Terre Haute, IN,
Nov. 22, 1986Died of pneumonia from being a long time smoker

Betty Garrett - Actress
Irene on 'All in the Family', Laverne and Shirley
May. 23, 1919Born: St Joseph, MO,
Feb. 12, 2011Died of an aortic aneurysm at 91

Joan [Henrietta] Collins - Actress
Edith Keeler in 'Star Trek TOS', Alexis Colby on 'Dynasty'
May. 23, 1933Born: London, England

Drew [Allison] Carey - Actor/comedian
Drew on 'The Drew Carey Show', Whose Line Is It Anyway?
May. 23, 1961Born: Cleveland, OH.

 May 22
Arthur [Ignatius] Conan Doyle - Author
Sherlock Holmes
May. 22, 1859Born: Edinburgh, Scotland
Jul. 7, 1930Died of a heart attack at the age of 71

Laurence [Kerr] Olivier - Acto
Hamlet, Richard III
May. 22, 1907Born: Dorking, Surrey, England
Jul. 11, 1989Died at 82

Harry Ritz [Joachim] - Comic
The Ritz Brothers in 'Life Begins in College', 'Never a Dull Moment',
May. 22, 1907Born: Brooklyn, NY
Mar. 29, 1986Died at the age of 78

'Johnny' [John Leonard] Olson - TV announcer
Price is Right
May. 22, 1910Born: Windom, Minnesota
Oct. 12, 1985Died from a cerebral hemorrhage at 75

Michael Constantine [Constantine Joanides] - Actor
Room 222, Don't Drink the Water
May. 22, 1927Born: Reading, PA,

Loch Ness Monster
May. 22, 19331st reportedly sighted by John Mackay

Richard Benjamin - Director/actor
Goodbye Columbus, Catch-22 , Westworld, He & She
May. 22, 1938Born: New York, NY,

Susan [Elizabeth] Strasberg - Actress
In Praise of Older Women, Manitou
May. 22, 1938Born: New York, NY,
Jan. 21, 1999Died at the age of 60

Michael [Jacques Michel André] Sarrazin - Actor
Seduction, They Shoot Horses Don't They
May. 22, 1940Born: Quebec City, Quebec, Canada
Apr. 17, 2011Died after a brief battle with cancer at 70

Paul [Edward] Winfield - Actor
Star Trek II, Star Trek TNG, Huckleberry Finn, Mars Attacks
May. 22, 1941Born: Los Angeles, CA,
Apr. 7, 2004Died of a heart attack at the age of 64

'Joan' [Madonna Josephine] Davis - Actress
I Married Joan
May. 22, 1961Died of a heart attack at 53

Mister Rogers Neighborhood -
Children's television series
May. 22, 1967Debuts on NET (now PBS)

John Derek [Derek Delevan Harris] - Actor/director
10, Annapolis Story
Aug. 12, 1926Born: Los Angeles, CA,
May. 22, 1998Died at 72

 May 21
Plato - Ancient Greek Philosopher / Mathematician
Student of Socrates
May. 21, 427Born: Athens, Greece
Jan. 14, 347Died in Athens, Greece

Alexander Pope
Regarded as the greatest English Poet of the early 18th century
May. 21, 1688Born: London, England
May. 30, 1744Died at the age of 56

'Robert' [Henry] Montgomery - Actor/director
Night Must Fall, Private Lives, Robert Montgomery Presents
May. 21, 1904Born: Beacon, NY
Sep. 27, 1981Died of cancer at age 77

Dennis Day [Owen Patrick Eugene McNulty] - Irish tenor/comedian
Jack Benny Show, Danny Boy
May. 21, 1917Born: New York, NY
Jun. 22, 1988Died of Lou Gehrig's disease at 72

Raymond [William Stacey] Burr - Actor
Rear Window, Perry Mason, Ironsides, Godzilla, Airplane II
May. 21, 1917Born: New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada
Sep. 12, 1993Died of cancer at age 76

'Peggy' [Mary Margaret] Cass - Actress/TV panelist
To Tell the Truth, Auntie Mame
May. 21, 1924Born: Boston, MA
Mar. 8, 1999Died of heart failure at the age of 74

Rick Jason [Richard Jacobson] - Actor
May. 21, 1926Born: New York, NY
Oct. 16, 2000Died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound at 77

Kay Kendall [Justine Kendall McCarthy] - Actress
Genevieve, Les Girls
May. 21, 1927Born: Withernsea, East Riding of Yorkshire, England
Sep. 6, 1959Died from myeloid leukemia at age 33

Richard Libertini - Actor
Soap, Fletch, Ghost, The In-Laws, Star Trek DS9
May. 21, 1933Born: Cambridge, MA

David [Lawrence] Groh - Actor
Joe on 'Rhoda', Don on 'Another Day'
May. 21, 1939Born: Brooklyn, NY
Feb. 12, 2008Died Died of kidney cancer at 68

Richard [Lawrence] Hatch - Actor
Battlestar Galactica, The Streets of San Francisco
May. 21, 1945Born: Santa Monica, CA,

'Al' [Alan Stuart] Franken - Comedian/writer/actor
Saturday Night Live, Stuart Saves His Family
May. 21, 1951Born: New York, NY

Mr T [Laurence Tureaud] - Actor
A-Team, Rocky III, T & T
May. 21, 1952Born: Chicago, IL

'Judge' [Edward Ernest] Reinhold - Actor
Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Beverly Hills Cop
May. 21, 1957Born: Wilmington, DE,

'Nick' [Nicholas David Rowland] Cassavetés - Actor
Rosemary's Baby, Quiet Cool, The Wraith
May. 21, 1959Born: New York, NY.

Lisa Edelstein - Actress
Dr. Lisa Cuddy on House
May. 21, 1967Born: Boston, Massachusetts

Eric Nies - Actor
MTV Real World, Grind
May. 21, 1971Ocean Township, New Jersey

Alejandro Rey - Actor
Carlos on 'The Flying Nun'
Feb. 8, 1930Born: Buenos Aires, Argentina
May. 21, 1987Dies at 57

'Lash' [Alfred] LaRue - Cowboy actor
Lash of the West
May. 21, 1996Dies at 78

 May 20
Socrates - Philosopher
sentenced to death
May. 20, 467Born: Athens, Greece
Feb. 15, 399Died by drinking a mix of the poisonous hemlock at 71

'Jimmy' [James Maitland] Stewart - Actor
Mr Smith Goes to Washington, It's a Wonderful Life
May. 20, 1908Born: Indiana, PA,
Jul. 2, 1997Died from a pulmonary embolism at 89

George [Leslie] Gobel - Comedian/TV personality
The George Gobel Show, Hollywood Squares, Harper Valley PTA
May. 20, 1919Born: Chicago, IL,
Jan. 24, 1991Dies of a heart attack at 71

Earl of Iveagh
created in the Peerage of the United Kingdom.
May. 20, 1919The recipient, Edward Guinness,

[Albert] David Hedison - Actor
Colbys, Voyage to Bottom of Sea
May. 20, 1927Born: Providence, RI,

Danny [Louis] Aiello - Actor
Moonstruck, Do the Right Thing, Hudson Hawk
May. 20, 1933Born: New York, NY,

Anthony [Jared] Zerbe - Actor
Harry O, Centennial, They Call Me Mr Tibbs, Star Trek: Insurrection
The Matrix Reloaded
May. 20, 1936Born: Long Beach, CA,

'Joe' [John Robert] Cocker - Rock vocalist
You are so Beautiful, Little Help From My Friends
May. 20, 1944Born: Sheffield, England

Cher [Cherilyn Sarkisian LaPierre] - Rocker/actress
I Got You Babe, Jack Lalane, Mask
May. 20, 1946Born: El Centro, CA,

'Dave' [David] Thomas - Comedian
SCTV, Grace Under Fire
May. 20, 1949Born: St Catharines, Ontario

Bronson [Alcott] Pinchot - Actor
Perfect Strangers, Beverly Hills Cop
May. 20, 1959Born: New York, NY,

Mindy [Melinda] Cohn - Actress
Natalie Green on 'Facts of Life', Velma Dinkley in 'What's New Scooby-Doo'
May. 20, 1966Born: Los Angeles, CA,

George Memmoli - Actor
Earl on 'Hello Larry'
Aug. 3, 1938Born: New York, NY,
May. 20, 1985Died at the age of 47

Gilda [Susan] Radner - Comedienn
Roseanne Roseannadanna on 'Saturday Night Live', The Woman in Red
Haunted Honeymoon
Jun. 28, 1946Born: Detroit, MI,
May. 20, 1989Dies of ovarian cancer at 42

 May 19
Bruce Bennett [Harold Herman Brix] - Actor
The New Adventures of Tarzan, Before I Hang, Sahara
May. 19, 1909Born: Tacoma, WA
Feb. 24, 2007Died of complications from a broken hip at 100

David McLean - Actor
Tate on 'Tate', Marlboro television and print ads
May. 19, 1922Born: Akron, OH
Oct. 12, 1995Died of lung cancer at the age of 73

David [Downs] Hartman - TV personality
Good Morning America
May. 19, 1935Born: Pawtucket, Rhode Island

Marilyn Chris - Actress
Wanda Wolek on 'One Life to Live', The People Next Door , The Honey Moon Killers
May. 19, 1938Born: Brooklyn, NY

Nancy Kwan - Actress
Flower Drum Song, World of Suzie Wong
May. 19, 1939Born: Hong Kong

'James' [William] Fox - Actor
Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines, King Rat , Greystoke
May. 19, 1939Born: London, England

Peter [Dennis Blandford] Townshend - Rock guitarist/vocalist/composer
The Who - Tommy
May. 19, 1945Born: Chiswick, England

Grace Jones [Mendoza] - Singer/actress
May. 19, 1948Born: Spanishtown, Jamaica

Steven [Meigs] Ford - Actor / Son of President Gerald Ford
When Harry Met Sally, Young & Restless
May. 19, 1956Born: East Grand Rapids, MI

'Bill' [William] Laimbeer - NBA center
Cleveland Cavaliers, Detroit Pistons
May. 19, 1957Born: Boston, Massachusetts

Sophia [Matilda] Crawford - Actress
'Chameleon', one of the fighters on WMAC Masters
May. 19, 1966Born: Hammersmith, London, England

 May 18
'Frank' [Francesco Rosario] Capra - Movie director
It's a Wonderful Life, Arsenic & Old Lace
May. 18, 1897Born: Palermo, Sicily, Italy
Sep. 3, 1991Died of a heart attack in his sleep at the age of 94

'Perry' [Pierino Ronald] Como - Singer/TV host
Perry Como Show
May. 18, 1912Born: Canonsburg, PA,
May. 12, 2001Died in his sleep at the age of 88

James Donald - Actor
Bridge on River Kwai, Vikings
May. 18, 1917Born: Aberdeen, Scotland
Aug. 3, 1993Died at the age of 76

Bill Macy [Wolf Marvin Garber] - Actor
Walter on 'Maude', Oh! Calcutta
May. 18, 1922Born: Revere, MA,

Priscilla Pointer - Actress
Rebecca on 'Dallas', Call to Glory, Twilight Zone: The Movie
May. 18, 1924Born: New York, NY,

Pernell [Elvin] Roberts - Actor
Adam Cartwright on 'Bonanza', Trapper John MD
May. 18, 1928Born: Waycross, GA,
Jan. 24, 2010Died from pancreatic cancer at 81

Robert Morse - Actor
That's Life, Jack Frost
May. 18, 1931Born: Newton, MA,

Dwayne Hickman - Actor
Dobie Gillis, How to Stuff a Wild Bikini
May. 18, 1934Born: Los Angeles, CA,

Diane McBain - Actress
Surfside Six, Spinout, Donner Pass, Maverick, Batman
and The Man from U.N.C.L.E.
May. 18, 1941Born: Cleveland, OH,

'Reggie' [Reginald Martinez] Jackson - Baseball rightfielder
Yankees, A's
May. 18, 1946Born: Wyncote, Pennsylvania

Rick [Richard Christopher] Wakeman - Rocker / Keyboard
May. 18, 1949Born: Perivale, London

Mount St Helens
an active stratovolcano
May. 18, 1980Blows its top in Washington State killing 60

'Daws' [Charles Dawson] Butler - Cartoon voice
Yogi Bear, Huckleberry Hound
Nov. 16, 1916Born: Toledo, Ohio
May. 18, 1988Dies at 71

Jill [Dorothy] Ireland - Actress
Carry on Nurse, Family, Star Trek TOS
Apr. 24, 1936Born: London, England
May. 18, 1990Dies of cancer at 54

Elisha [Vanslyck] Cook Jr - Actor
Maltese Falcon, Shane, Star Trek TOS
Dec. 26, 1903Born: San Francisco, California
May. 18, 1995Dies at 91

Elizabeth [Victoria] Montgomery - Actress
Apr. 15, 1933Born: Los Angeles, CA,
May. 18, 1995Dies of colorectal cancer at 62

 May 17
Maureen [Paula] O'Sullivan - Actress
Tarzan, Pride & Prejudice
May. 17, 1911Born: Boyle, County Roscommon, Ireland
Jun. 23, 1998Died of complications from heart surgery at 87

Dennis [Lee] Hopper - Actor
True Grit, Blue Velvet, Easy Rider
May. 17, 1936Born: Dodge City, KS,
May. 29, 2010Died due to complications from prostate cancer at 74

Bill Paxton - Actor
Brain Dead, Next of Kin, Indian Summer, True Lies
May. 17, 1955Born: Fort Worth, Texas

Bob [Robert Lane] Saget - Comedian/actor
Danny on 'Full House', America's Funniest Home Videos
May. 17, 1956Born: Philadelphia, PA,

Lawrence Welk - Bandleader
Lawrence Welk Show
Mar. 11, 1903Born: Strasburg, ND,
May. 17, 1992Dies of pneumonia at 89

Henry [Burk] Jones - Actor
Phyllis, Falcon Crest, Gun Shy, Alfred Hitchcock Presents
Aug. 1, 1912Born: Philadelphia, PA,
May. 17, 1999Died at 86

Frank [John] Gorshin - Impressionist/actor
Riddler on 'Batman'
Apr. 5, 1933Born: Pittsburgh, PA,
May. 17, 2005Died from lung cancer, emphysema and pneumonia

 May 16
Henry [Jaynes] Fonda - Actor
Mr Roberts, On Golden Pond
May. 16, 1905Born: Grand Island, NE.
Aug. 12, 1982Dies at 77 from heart disease

George Gaynes [George Jongejans] - Actor
Henry on 'Punky Brewster', Police Academy
May. 16, 1917Born: Helsinki, Finland

Barry Atwater - Acto
Star Trek TOS as 'Surak', The Twilight Zone, Perry Mason
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
May. 16, 1918Born: Denver, Colorado
May. 24, 1978Died from a stroke shortly after his 60th birthday

Liberace [Wladziu Valentino Liberace] - Pianist
Liberace Show, Evil Chandell on 'Batman'
May. 16, 1919Born: West Allis, Wisconsin
Feb. 4, 1987Died at the age of 67

Jack Dodson - Actor
Howard Sprage on 'Andy Griffith Show' and 'Mayberry R.F.D'
May. 16, 1931Born: Pittsburgh, PA,
Sep. 16, 1994Died from heart failure at age 63

Yvonne [Joyce] Craig - Actress
Batgirl on 'Batman', Star Trek TOS, Kissin Cousin, In Like Flint
May. 16, 1937Born: Taylorville, IL,

Bill Smitrovich [William S. Zmitrowicz] - Actor
Crime Story, Miami Vice
May. 16, 1947Born: Bridgeport, Connecticut

Pierce [Brendan] Brosnan - Actor
Remington Steele, James Bond-Golden Eye
May. 16, 1953Born: Navan County, Meath, Ireland

[Mary] Debra Winger - Actress
Wonder Woman, Urban Cowboy, Officer & Gentleman
May. 16, 1955Born: Cleveland Heights, OH,

Mary [Megan] Winningham - Actress
St Elmo's Fire, Turner & Hooch
May. 16, 1959Born: Phoenix, AZ,

Janet [Damita Jo] Jackson - Singer
May. 16, 1966Born: Gary, IN,

Tracey Gold [Tracey Claire Fisher] - Actress
Carol on 'Growing Pains', Incredible Sunday
May. 16, 1969Born: New York, NY,

'Jim' [James Maury] Henson - Muppeteer
Sesame Street, Muppet Show
Sep. 24, 1936Born: Leland, Miss.
May. 16, 1990Dies of pneumonia at 53

'Sammy' [Samuel George] Davis Jr - Entertainer
Golden Boy, Candy Man, All in the Family
Dec. 8, 1925Born: New York City, New York
May. 16, 1990Dies from throat cancer at 64

 May 15
Joseph [Cheshire] Cotten - Actor
3rd Man, Airport 77, Hearse, Alfred Hitchcock Presents
May. 15, 1905Born: Petersburg, VA,
Feb. 6, 1994Died of pneumonia, a complication of throat cancer at the age of 88

James [Neville] Mason - Actor
Lolita, Bloodline, Boys From Brazil
May. 15, 1909Born: Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England
Jul. 27, 1984Died as a result of a heart attack

Constance Cummings [Constance Halverstadt] - Actress
John & Julie, 7 Sinners, Glamour
May. 15, 1910Born: Seattle, WA,
Nov. 23, 2005Died at the age of 95

Bill Williams [Hermann Katt] - Actor
Starlit Time, Date With the Angels, The Adventures of Kit Carson
May. 15, 1916Born: Brooklyn, NY,
Sep. 21, 1992Died of a brain tumor at age 77

Joseph Wiseman - Actor
Dr No, MacGyver, L.A. Law, and Law & Order
May. 15, 1918Born: Montréal, Canada
Oct. 19, 2009Died at the age of 91

 May 14
Richard Deacon - Actor
Mel on 'Dick Van Dyke Show', Leave It to Beaver, B.J. and the Bear
May. 14, 1921Born: Philadelphia, PA,
Aug. 8, 1984Dies at 62

Kay Elliot - Actres
Star Trek TOS, Bewitched, The Man from U.N.C.L.E. , Gomer Pyle
May. 14, 1929Born: Chicago, Illinois
Dec. 3, 1982Died at the age of 53

George [Walton] Lucas Jr. - Director
Star Wars, Indiana Jones
May. 14, 1944Born: Modesto, CA,

'Billie' [Mary William Ethelbert Appleton Burke] Burke - Actress
Glinda on 'The Wizard of Oz', Dinner at Eight
Aug. 7, 1884Born: Washington, DC
May. 14, 1970Died at 85

Hugh [Emrys] Griffith - Actor
Ben Hur, Mutiny on the Bounty, Oliver!
May. 30, 1912Born: Anglesey, Wales
May. 14, 1980Died from a heart attack at 67

[Eugene] Hugh Beaumont - Actor
Ward on 'Leave it to Beaver', Mannix, The Virginian
Wagon Train and Petticoat Junction
Feb. 16, 1909Born: Lawrence, Kansas
May. 14, 1982Dies at 73

Franklyn Seales - Actor
Dexter on 'Silver Spoons'
Jul. 15, 1952Born: St. Vincent, Caribbean Islands
May. 14, 1990Died of complications from AIDS at 37

Wendy [Margaret] Hiller - Actress
Major Barbara, David Copperfield, The Elephant Man
Aug. 15, 1912Born: Bramhall, Stockport, Cheshire England
May. 14, 2003Died of natural causes at 90

 May 13
Joe Louis [Joseph Louis Barrow] - World heavyweight boxing champion
May. 13, 1914Born: LaFayette, Alabama
Apr. 12, 1981Died of a heart attack

'Bea' Arthur [Bernice Frankel] - Actress
Maude, Dorothy on 'Golden Girls'
May. 13, 1923Born: New York, NY.
Apr. 25, 2009Died from cancer at 86

Zohra Lampert - Actress
Doctor's Hospital, Let's Scare Jessica to Death
May. 13, 1937Born: New York, NY,

Harvey Keitel - Actor
Taxi Driver, Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs
May. 13, 1939Born: Brooklyn, NY,

Ritchie Valens [Richard Steven Valenzuela] - Singer
Donna, La Bamba
May. 13, 1941Born: Los Angeles, CA,
Feb. 3, 1959Died in a plane crash

Zoe Wanamaker - Actress
Raggedy Rawney, Madam Hooch
May. 13, 1949Born: New York, NY.

Stevie Wonder [Stevland Hardaway Judkins ] - Singer/songwriter
I Just Called To Say I Love You
May. 13, 1950Born: Saginaw, MI,

'Gary' [Frank James] Cooper - Actor
Sergeant York, High Noon, For Whom the Bell Tolls
May. 7, 1901Born: Helena, MT,
May. 13, 1961Died at the age of 60

Dan Blocker - Actor
Hoss on 'Bonanza'
Dec. 10, 1928Born: De Kalb, Texas
May. 13, 1972Dies at 43

Selma Diamond - Actress/comedienne
Selma on 'Night Court'
Aug. 5, 1920Born: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
May. 13, 1985Dies of cancer at 64

 May 12
Florence Nightingale - Nurse
Crimean War
May. 12, 1820Born: Florence, Italy
Aug. 16, 1910Died at the age of 90 peacefully in her sleep

Goofy, aka Dippy Daw
Disney cartoon
May. 12, 19321st appears in 'Mickey's Revue' by Walt Disney

George [Denis Patrick] Carlin - Comedian
7 words you can't say on television, AM & FM, Carwash
May. 12, 1937Born: Bronx, NY,
Jun. 22, 2008Died of heart attack at 71

Susan Hampshire [Lady Kulukundis] - Actress
Vanity Fair, Living Free
May. 12, 1938Born: London, England

Linda Carlson - Actress
Bev on 'Newhart', Katie on 'Kaz'
May. 12, 1945Born: Knoxville, TN,

Emilio Estevez - Actor
Breakfast Club, St. Elmo's Fire, Repo Man, Young Guns, Mighty Ducks
May. 12, 1962Born: New York, NY,

Kim [Victoria] Fields - Actress
Tootie on 'Facts of Life', Regine on 'Living Single'
May. 12, 1969Born: Los Angeles, CA,

MacKenzie [Alexander] Astin - Actor
Facts of Life, Garbage Pail Kids
May. 12, 1973Born: Los Angeles, CA,

Robert Reed [John Robert Rietz] - Actor
Brady Bunch
Oct. 19, 1932Born: Highland Park, Illinois
May. 12, 1992Dies of AIDs at 59

'Perry' [Pierino Ronald] Como - Singer/TV host
Perry Como Show
May. 18, 1912Born: Canonsburg, PA,
May. 12, 2001Died in his sleep at the age of 88

 May 11
Irving Berlin [Isadore Balin] - Composer
White Christmas, Alexander's Ragtime Band.
May. 11, 1888Born: Temum, Siberia, Russia
Sep. 22, 1989Died in his sleep at the age of 101

Phil Silvers [Philip Silver] - Comedian
Sergeant Bilko on 'Phil Silvers Show'
May. 11, 1911Born: Brooklyn, NY,
Nov. 1, 1985Died of a heart attack in his sleep

Foster Brooks - Comedian/actor
Miles on 'Mork & Mindy'
May. 11, 1912Born: Louisville, KY.
Dec. 20, 2001Died at 89

Denver [Dell] Pyle - Actor
Dukes of Hazzard, Code 3, Tammy, Doris Day Show.
May. 11, 1920Born: Bethune, CO,
Dec. 25, 1997Died of lung cancer

Doug [Douglas Osborne] McClure - Actor
Checkmate, Virginian, Roots
May. 11, 1935Born: Glendale, CA,
Feb. 5, 1995Died from lung cancer at 59

Eric [Victor] Burdon - Rocker
Animals - House of the Rising Sun
May. 11, 1941Born: Walker-on-Tyne, Northumberland, England

'Terry' [Terence] McGovern - Actor
Jim on 'Charlie & Company', Nine Months
May. 11, 1942Born: Berkley, CA,

Martha Quinn - Actress
Tracey on 'Bradys'
May. 11, 1959Born: Albany, NY,

Natasha [Jane] Richardson - Actress
Gothic, Handmaid's Tale
May. 11, 1963Born: London, England
Mar. 18, 2009Died from a head injury during a skiing lesson

'Bob' [Robert Nesta] Marley
Reggae singer
Feb. 5, 1945Born: Nine Mile, Saint Ann Parish, Jamaica
May. 11, 1981Dies of brain & lung cancer at 36

 May 10
Fred Astaire [Frederick Austerlitz] - Tap dancer/actor
Easter Parade, Swingtime
May. 10, 1899Born: Omaha, NE,
Jun. 22, 1987Dies at Century City Hospital in LA at 88

Nancy Walker [Anna Myrtle Swoyer] - Actress
Rhoda, McMillan & Wife
May. 10, 1922Born: Philadelphia, PA,
Mar. 25, 1992Died from lung cancer

Gary Owens [Gary Altman] - Disc jockey/TV host
Laugh In, Gong Show
May. 10, 1936Born: Mitchell, SD,

'Meg' [Megan] Foster - Actress
Sunshine, Cagney & Lacey, Star Trek DS9
May. 10, 1948Born: Reading, PA,

Michael [Gerard] Hagerty - Acto
Star Trek TNG, Friends, Lucky Louie
May. 10, 1954Born: Chicago, Illinois

Joan Crawford [Lucille Fay LeSueur] - Actress
Mildred Pierce, Sally, Irene and Mary, The Unknown
Mar. 23, 1908Born: San Antonio, TX,
May. 10, 1977Dies at 69

Craig Stevens [Gail Shikles, Jr] - Actor
Craig on 'Dallas', Peter Gunn
Jul. 8, 1918Born: Liberty, Mo.
May. 10, 2000Died from cancer at 81

Deborah Walley - Actress
Beach Blanket Bingo , Mothers-in-Law
Aug. 12, 1943Born: Bridgeport, Ct,
May. 10, 2001Dies of esophageal cancer at 57

 May 9
'Mike' [Myron Leon] Wallace - Newscaster
Biography, 60 Minutes
May. 9, 1918Born: Brookline, MA,
Apr. 7, 2012Died at 93

Albert Finney - Actor
Dresser, Under the Volcano, Murder On The Orient Express
May. 9, 1936Born: Salford, Lancashire, UK,

Glenda [May] Jackson - Actress
Women in Love, A Touch of Class, Mary, Queen of Scots
May. 9, 1936Born: Birkenhead, The Wirral, Cheshire, England

Michael [George] Stroka - Actor
Aristede on 'Dark Shadows'
May. 9, 1938Born: Passaic, New Jersey
Apr. 16, 1997Dies of cancer at 57

Candice [Patricia] Bergen - Actress
You Bet Your Life, Carnal Knowledge, Murphy Brown
May. 9, 1946Born: Beverly Hills, Ca.

'Billy' [William Joseph Martin] Joel - Singer/songwriter/piano player
Piano Man, Captain Jack, Bridge
May. 9, 1949Born: Bronx, NY,

John [Joseph] Corbett - Actor/singer
Chris on 'Northern Exposure'
May. 9, 1962Born: Wheeling, West Virginia

Michael Bernard Barcello [Guthrie] - Son of D. Mike Guthrie - Actor/singer
Chris on 'Northern Exposure'
May. 9, 1982Born: Millington, Tn.

Edmond O'Brien - Actor
Sam Benedict, Johnny Midnight, Fantastic Voyage, The Wild Bunch
Sep. 10, 1915Born: New York, NY,
May. 9, 1985Died at 70

Margaret Lindsay [Margaret Kies] - Actress
Take a Guess, Scarlet Street, The House of the Seven Gables
Sep. 19, 1910Born: Dubuque, Iowa
May. 9, 1989Dies at 70

Lena [Mary Calhoun] Horne - Singer
Stormy Weather
Jun. 30, 1917Born: Brooklyn, NY,
May. 9, 2010Died of heart failure at 92

 May 8
'Don' [Donald Jay] Rickles - Comedian
Don Rickles Show, CPO Sharkey
May. 8, 1926Born: Queens, NY,

David Hurst - Acto
Star Trek TOS, Mission: Impossible, The Mod Squad
May. 8, 1926Born: Berlin, Germany

James Darren [James William Ercolani] - Actor
Time Tunnel, Star Trek DS9
May. 8, 1936Born: Philadelphia, PA,

'Rick' [Eric Hilliard] Nelson - Actor/ rock star
Hello Mary Lou, It's Late, Garden Party
May. 8, 1940Born: Teaneck, NJ,
Dec. 31, 1985Died in a plane crash

David [Lemuel] Keith - Actor
Back Roads, Firestarter
May. 8, 1954Born: Knoxville, TN,

Stephen Furst [Steven Nelson Feuerstein] - Actor
Animal House, Elliot on 'St Elsewhere',Babylon 5
May. 8, 1955Born: Norfolk, VA,

Melissa [Ellen] Gilbert - Actress
Little House on the Prairie
May. 8, 1964Born: Los Angeles, CA,

'Dolph' [Adolphus Jean] Sweet - Actor
Gimme a Break, Trials of O'Brien
May. 8, 1985Died from cancer at 64

Robert [Anson] Heinlein
Sci-fi writer
Jul. 7, 1907Born: Butler, Missouri
May. 8, 1988Dies of heart failure at 80

George Peppard - Actor
Breakfast at Tiffanys, A-Team
Oct. 1, 1928Born: Detroit, Mich,
May. 8, 1994Died of pneumonia at 65

Dana [Michelle] Plato - Actress
Kimberly on 'Diff'rent Strokes'
Nov. 1, 1963Born: Maywood, California
May. 8, 1999Died drug overdose ruled a suicide at 35

 May 7
Robert Browning - Poet
The Pied Piper
May. 7, 1812Born: Camberwell, England

Johannes Brahms
May. 7, 1833Born: Hamburg, Germany

Peter [Pyotr] Ilyich Tchaikovsky - Composer
The Nutcracker, Swan Lake, 1812 Overture
May. 7, 1840Born: Votkinsk, Russia

'Gary' [Frank James] Cooper - Actor
Sergeant York, High Noon, For Whom the Bell Tolls
May. 7, 1901Born: Helena, MT,
May. 13, 1961Died at the age of 60

Jon Lormer - Acto
Star Trek TOS, Creepshow, Perry Mason
May. 7, 1906Born: Canton, Ohio
Mar. 19, 1986Died at the age of 79

Edwin [Herbert] Land - Inventor
instant photography (Polaroid
May. 7, 1909Born: Bridgeport, Connecticut
Mar. 1, 1991Died at the age of 81

David Tomlinson - Actor
Mary Poppins, Helter Skelter
May. 7, 1917Born: Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire, England

Darren McGavin [William Lyle Richardson] - Actor
Night Stalker, Tribes, Turk 182
May. 7, 1922Born: Spokane, WA,
Feb. 25, 2006Died at the age of 83

Anne Baxter - Actress
Myra on 'Marcus Welby', Victoria on 'Hotel'
May. 7, 1923Born: Michigan City, IN,
Dec. 12, 1985Died from a brain aneurysm

Guy Williams [Armand Joseph Catalano] - Actor
Zorro, Lost in Space
Jan. 14, 1924Born: New York City, New York
May. 7, 1989Dies at 65

 May 6
Sigmund [Sigismund Schlomo] Freud
Father of psycho analysis
May. 6, 1856Born: Freiberg Moravia, Austria

Rudolph Valentino [Rodolfo Alfonso Raffaello Piero Filiberto Guglielmi] - Actor
May. 6, 1895Born: Castellaneta, Italy

Bill Quinn - Acto
The Rifleman, The Odd Couple, Star Trek V
May. 6, 1912Born: New York, New York

Stewart Granger [James Lablache Stewart] - Actor
Prisoner of Zenda
May. 6, 1913Born: London, England

[George] Orson Welles - Actor
Citizen Kane, War of the Worlds
May. 6, 1915Born: Kenosha, WI,
Oct. 10, 1985Died from a heart attack at 70

Willie [Howard] Mays
Hall of Fame baseball centerfielder, nicknamed The Say Hey Kid
May. 6, 1931Born: Westfield, AL,

Bob [Robert Clark] Seger - Rocker
Silver Bullet Band-Shake Down
May. 6, 1945Born: Dearborn, MI,

Richard Cox - Acto
Star Trek TNG,The Rockford Files, Murder, She Wrote, L.A. Law, Law & Order
May. 6, 1948Born: New York, New York

Lynn Whitfield - Actress
Josephine Baker, Equal Justice
May. 6, 1953Born: Baton Rouge, LA.

Aidan Quinn - Actor
Avalon, Crusoe, Desperately Seeking Susan
May. 6, 1959Born: Rockford, Ill.

Roma Downey - Actress
1 Life to Live, Touched by an Angel
May. 6, 1961Born: Derry, Ireland

George [Timothy] Clooney - Actor
Dr Douglas Ross on 'ER', Batman
May. 6, 1961Born: Lexington, KY,

'Monty' [Edgar Montillion] Wooley - Actor
Pied Piper, Man Who Came to Dinner
Aug. 13, 1888Born: New York, NY,
May. 6, 1963Died due to complications with kidney and heart ailments at 74

Dana Hill [Dana Lynne Goetz] - Actress
2 of Us, Shoot the Moon
May. 6, 1964Born: Van Nuys, CA,

Charles Farrell - Actor
Vern-My Little Margie
Aug. 9, 1901Born: Onset Bay, Massachusetts
May. 6, 1990Died from a heart attack at 88

 May 5
Today is Cinco de Mayo
A celebration of Mexican heritage and pride
May. 5

Karl [Heinrich] Marx - Philosopher
Communist Manifesto, Das Kapital
May. 5, 1818Born: Trier, Germany

Tyrone [Edmund] Power Jr - Actor
Mark of Zorro, Alexander's Ragtime Band
May. 5, 1914Born: Cleveland, OH,

Ann [Bradford] Davis - Actress
Bob Cummings Show, Brady Bunch
May. 5, 1926Born: Schenectady, NY,

'Marc' [Michael Joseph] Alaimo - Acto
Gul Dukat on Star Trek: DS9
May. 5, 1942Born: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Michael [Edward] Palin - Comedian
Monty Python, Fish Called Wanda
May. 5, 1943Born: Broomhill, Sheffield, Yorkshire, England

John Rhys Davies - Actor
Sir Edward on 'The Quest', Professor Maximillian Arturo 'Sliders'
Lord of the Rings
May. 5, 1944Born: Salisbury, Wiltshire, England

Nicholas [Haden] Guest - Acto
Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, Trading Places
May. 5, 1955Born: New York, New York

Tina Yothers - Actress
Jennifer on 'Family Ties'
May. 5, 1973Born: Whittier, CA,

Dana [Dagmar] Wynter - Actress
Airport, Invasion of the Body Snatchers
Jun. 8, 1931Born: Berlin, Germany
May. 5, 2011Died from congestive heart failure at 79

 May 4
Audrey Hepburn [Edda Kathleen van Heemstra Hepburn Ruston] - Actress
Breakfast at Tiffany's, My Fair Lady
May. 4, 1929Born: Brussels, Belgium

Paul [Xavier] Gleason - Actor
Breakfast Club, Die Hard
May. 4, 1939Born: Jersey City, NJ,

Moe Howard [Moses Harry Horowitz] - Comedian
3 Stooges
Jun. 19, 1897Born: Bensonhurst, New York
May. 4, 1975Dies at 77

Diana Dors [Diana Mary Fluck] - Actress
Berserk!, Steaming
Oct. 23, 1931Born: Swindon, England
May. 4, 1984Died of ovarian cancer at 52

Cathryn [Lee] Damon - Actress
Mary Campbell on 'Soap'
Sep. 11, 1930Born: Seattle, Washington
May. 4, 1987Dies at 56

'Alvy' [Jack Alvin] Moore - Actor/producer
Mr Kimball on 'Green Acres'
Mar. 5, 1958Dies at 75
May. 4, 1997Dies at 75

'Dom' [Dominick] DeLuise - Comedian, actor
End, Cannonball Run, Fatso
May. 4, 2009Died in his sleep around 6 p.m.

 May 3
Beulah Bondi - Actress
It's a Wonderful Life
May. 3, 1888Born: Chicago, IL,

'Bing' [Harry Lillis] Crosby - Crooner/actor
White Christmas, Going My Way
May. 3, 1903Born: Tacoma, WA,
Oct. 14, 1977Died suddenly from a massive heart attack after a round of 18 holes of golf

Mary Astor [Lucile Vasconcellos Langhanke] - Actress
Maltese Falcon, Dinky, Across the Pacific
May. 3, 1906Born: Quincy, IL,
Sep. 25, 1987Died of respiratory failure due to pulmonary emphysema

Pete Seeger
Singer / Songwriter
May. 3, 1919Born: Patterson, NY
Jan. 27, 2014Died New York, NY

Jeanne Bal - Actres
Star Trek TOS in 'The Man Trap', I Spy, Perry Mason, The Fugitive
May. 3, 1928Born: Santa Monica, California
Apr. 30, 1996Died of breast cancer

Alex Cord [Alex Viespi] - Actor
Brotherhood, Fire, Street Asylum, Airwolf
May. 3, 1933Born: Floral Park, Long Island, New York

James [Joseph] Brown - Singer / Godfather of Soul
Papa's Got a Brand New Bag, I Got You (I Feel Good
May. 3, 1933Born: Barnwell, SC
Dec. 25, 2006Died of pneumonia at 73

Engelbert Humperdinck [Arnold George Dorsey] - Singer
After The Lovin', Release Me, Quando Quando Quando
May. 3, 1936Bron: Madras, India

Frankie Valli [Francis Stephen Castelluccio] - Singer
Four Seasons - 'Sherry'
May. 3, 1937Born: Newark, NJ,

'Samantha' [Victoria Louise Samantha Marie Elizabeth Therese] Eggar - Actress
Anna and the King, Star Trek TN
May. 3, 1939Born: London, England

Jack Weston [Morris Weinstein] - Actor
4 Seasons, Rad, Wait Until Dark,The Cincinnati Kid
Aug. 21, 1924Born: Cleveland, OH,
May. 3, 1996Died of lymphoma at the age of 71

 May 2
Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci
May. 2, 1519Dies in a duel

Tyrone Power Sr [Frederick Tyrone Edmond Power] - Actor
Alexanders Ragtime Band
May. 2, 1869Born: London, England

'The Red Baron' [Manfred Albrecht Freiherr von Richthofen]
German WWI ace
May. 2, 1892Born: Breslau, Silesia, Germany

A Trip To The Moon [Le Voyage Dans La Lune]
The screen's first science fiction story
May. 2, 1902Created by imaginative French director and master magician Georges Melies

Benjamin [McLane] Spock - Pediatrician/author
Common Sense Book of Baby Care
May. 2, 1903Born: New Haven, CT,

Pinky Lee [Pincus Leff] - Children's show host
Pinky Lee Show
May. 2, 1907Born: St. Paul, Minnesota

Theodor [Meir] Bikel - Acto
Star Trek TNG as Warfs' father, The African Queen, The Defiant Ones
May. 2, 1924Born: Vienna, Austria

Don Marshall [Donald James - Actor
Star Trek TNG, Land of the Giants
May. 2, 1936Born: San Diego, California

Jo Ann Pflug - Actress
MASH, Candid Camera, Rituals
May. 2, 1947Born: Atlanta, GA,

Jenna Von Oy - Actress
Six LeMeure on 'Blossom'
May. 2, 1977Born: Connecticut

Gene Raymond [Raymond Guion] - Actor
Paris 7000, Fireside Theater
Aug. 13, 1908Born: New York, NY,
May. 2, 1998Died of pneumonia at 89

 May 1
Louis Nye [Louis Neistat] - Comedian
Steve Allen, Happy Days
May. 1, 1913Born: Hartford, CT,
Oct. 9, 2005Died of lung cancer

'Glenn' [Gwyllyn Samuel Newton] Ford - Actor
Cade's County, Big Heat, Midway
May. 1, 1916Born: Portneuf, Québec, Canada
Aug. 30, 2006Died at the age of 90

Jack [Harold] Parr - TV host
Jack Paar Show
May. 1, 1918Born: Canton, OH,
Jan. 27, 2004Died at the age of 85

Dan O'Herlih - Actor
Fail Safe, Last Starfighter, Robocop
May. 1, 1919Born: County Wexford, Ireland
Feb. 17, 2005Died at the age of 86

Art Fleming [Fazzin] - TV host
May. 1, 1924Born: Bronx, NY,
Apr. 25, 1995Dies at 74

'Harry' [Harold George] Belafonte - Calypso singer
The Banana Boat Song
May. 1, 1927Born: Harlem, New York, NY,

Joan [Ann] Hackett - Actress
Defenders, Another Day
May. 1, 1933Born: East Harlem, New York, NY,
Oct. 8, 1983Died of ovarian cancer

Batman & Robin
Comic strip
May. 1, 1939Premieres in newspapers

Joy [Patricia] Harmon - Actress
Cool Hand Luke
May. 1, 1943Born: St Louis, MO,

Joanna [Lamond] Lumley - Actress
Ab Fab, On Her Majesty's Secret Service
May. 1, 1946Born: Kashmir, India

Douglas Barr - Actor
Howie-The Fall Guy
May. 1, 1949Born: Cedar Rapids, IA,

Bebe - AKA Flipper
May. 1, 1997Dies at 40

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