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Another year has slipped by and somehow we have forgotten to update our Blah Blah. Seems normal.
Anyways, things here ar VB Warren, a comic have been well, with most of the years comics drawn, staged and waiting to be released. That really takes the stress off the artist.
So, another feastival year is in the works, with Labor Day and the Annual visit from our spokesman, BawBag the Clown. He had a riot scaring adults and entertaining the kiddies. Strange, at what age do you decide clowns are no longer funny?
That would be a retorical question, cause I really don't care. We had fun scaring people and making some of them laugh so hard they blew tea thru their nose.
Sweet. Mission complete.
The summer was great for our lawn here at the Warren, but sucked for the heat.
We miss the heat.
So here we sit, not too happy about the upcoming fall and winter, since BawBag says it's going to be an early fall and a hard winter.
Not Happy.
Work has been up and down, with this being a down time, so yard work it is.

Hi Everybunny,
Well, it's October and the end to another Festival year. It was fun. All of us here at VB Warren, a comic really enjoyed seeing all our old friends that we miss out seeing last year since Mike and Warren were overseas.
We had our Nth Annual Vorpal Pot Luck Feast the second to last Saturday of the festival run. It was a great time that was had by all. The variety of vikoon dishes was excellent and delicious. Thanks to all that contributed.
The Nth Annual Vorpal Yule Feast has been scheduled for Dec. 1st, so mark your calendar. Again, Mike and Warren were gone last year and really was bummed to have missed it, but not this year.
Anyway, everybunny take care of yourselves and we will spack at you later.
Mike and Warren

Greetings Everybunny,
Well, lets get caught up.
Two weeks ago plus a few days, I finally had enough of the back stabbing, baby bullshit that is Fluor and the way they run their end of LOGCAP. So, on Tuesday, March 6th, 2012, I put in my resignation. That was a huge weight off my shoulders, and a good decision. Since all I would of ever done there was sit on the picnic table, try to look busy whenever some asshole boss would show up, even though they knew there was nothing to do and told me to "Go sit at the picnic table and shut up". Fluor and the Construction Management at FOB SKANK were the biggest bunch of lying sacks of shit I have ever had the displeasure of working for.
The management act like kindergartners and they bully their way thru the day, making everyone under them feel 2 inches tall and treat everyone they don't like like shit. The Construction Electrical department at FOB SKANK was run by two bullies and a suck-up back stabber. I feel sorry for anyone that is assigned there. If you are looking to join Fluor and go to Afghanistan, think long and hard about that decision. The money may be there, and yes, the money was good, but not worth the turmoil you have to go thru.
Living conditions aside, and yes, they are worse than Iraq was, the food sucked, but not as bad as all the dickheads that you have to deal with. Most of my co-workers were fine, with the exception of a few real assholes. One being an avid liar who just had to do things his way, no matter how dangerous it was to his helpers or the personal in the immediate area. And god forbid you say something to the dick that he didn't like, cause he would then threaten you with a fist to the face.
Then there was the suck up, back stabber that somehow managed to get himself in line for leading the men. No loyalty there. Whatever he feels he needs to do to make a name for himself, he would do. The name he got was "POC" (piece of crap) and "Weasel". And he was. This baby would run to the "So called Boss" and rat you out so fast, the dust didn't have time to settle before you got yourself in a world of trouble for trying to do your job. The only hope I have is that his little world will fall down around him, just hope it doesn't take the rest of the good guys with him.
Bagram was terrible, with too many people moving in and out, they lost track of any compassion they may have started out with.
Once in a while you would meet someone while moving from base to base that was still not effected by the bullshit called "Fluor". Those were the ones that usually ended up getting shafted somehow and going home.Yes, I sound disgruntle because I am. I had intended on doing a year, but was not able to deal with the petty bullshit that was a way of life in FOB SKANK. Everyone I would talk to there felt the same, saying how fucked up the place was and had nothing good to say about Fluor and the way they were handling LOGCAP. These were people that I spent time with in Iraq or had done a few tours before, with KBR, and had not one good thing to say about Fluor, well, except the paycheck was always there. But the way they would demean and condescend, it was a personal choice as to whether or not it was worth it.
I didn't think so, after dealing with it for 6 months.
So, without letting anyone here know that I was coming home, and after a few days of travel, a 16 hour flight from Dubai, UAE to Dulles Airport in DC, and then a 2 hour hop to Detroit, I arrived back home at around 1330 on Sunday 11 March 2012. Of course no one was home, so I had to wait for Cheryl to get home from being out with the neighbors. Surprised the hell out her, that's for sure.
Now, after two weeks of being home, I am just about ready to get back to work. Still having issues, but that was to be expected after 6 months of being treated like shit.
Anyway, life goes on, the comics keep rolling and there is Guinness and weed to be had. And I intend on having it all, or at least what I can handle without getting myself in a world of trouble.
Thanks everybunny for all the support that I received while over there. It was really appreciated and probably got me thru a lot further than if it wasn't there.
Thanks again and look for more posts.

Update time.
Sitting in Fob Shank (Skank) as we loving call it here, which is outside Kabul, Afghanistan. Doing another tour for the military, only this time for Fluor. I signed on as a Master Electrician / Supervisor, but so far have not done anything close to the job description. Seems I am over qualified for the job and everyone here is afraid of my abilities. So I go sit at the picnic table with the journeyman and shut up. Pretty much the attitude here. It's a shame, but that is the way it is.
So, I will do this for only the year contract, then I am done. No more of this military side work.
The comics were coming hot and heavy for a few months back when I was in a holding pattern waiting for all this to happen. Now, with doing the 12 hour plus days, I haven't had a chance to get back to it. But, with many sitting ready to go, it's not imperative that I do them on a daily basis. The only one I have to worry about is the one for Christmas, which I really need to get to soon.
On the short list for R&R, with travel scheduled for December 1st to Bagram and then on to Dubai on the 2nd. I have to take a "Fit for Duty" medical exam on the 3rd, and if I pass that, then I come back here. The only thing I worry about is my hearing. Everyone is saying that it is a tough test and if you have any issues with your hearing, you will not pass. I can get a waiver, but what a pain in the ass. Since I passed it to get here, I should pass it to stay, but they say its a corrupt system and be prepared.
But, if I pass, then I stay in Dubai for 3 more days of R&R. I already booked the hotel and plan on drinking Dubai dry of Guinness.
Warren is here with me again, as he said there was no way he was going to let me come back over without him to watch my back.
Good thing too, cause this is the biggest bunch of girlie boys I have ever had the displeasure to work with.
It is coming up on the 3 month, 90 day mark, and I am missing home and Mrs. Vorpal Master very much. Thank goodness for cell phones and the daily early morning call to her. Finally got a few photos of her to help make it thru, but not enough.
The food here is a bit worse than it was in Iraq, and the living conditions are much worse. I live in a tent with 9 other guys, and I have a bunk and 3 ft. of floor space that I can call my own for the duration.
I am on a list to get a room, which will be 8 x 10, but that list moves slow. And by the time it hits, I will be ready to finish this cluster fuck.
On top of that, they plan on moving me around from base to base, since I ended up in the construction end of this. I just got back a few days ago from FOB Airborne, a small base that we support. There were a few projects going on there that I helped to complete. It was definately better than here, but it still sucked. The shower and toilet facilities were almost as bad as using a little blue box all the time. But, those are the conditions, and what I have to deal with to make the money.
For now, I will deal with this. It is only another 9 months, and it may go quickly if I can keep myself busy.
The Annual Vorpal Yule Feast is scheduled for this coming weekend back home at the homestead. Mrs. Vorpal Master is setting it up with Bill, Scott and others. I hope it goes well for them.
Another Christmas away from home.
More Later

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